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A guy fucked my sisters

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My sisters got fucked in front of me. Rosy is 18, I’m 16 and Valerie is 12

So when my sisters and I went to a park one hot day there was a guy looking at my sisters asses. As the time past we were walking only as three and the guy about 6 feet away from us. Then about five mins later he touched my sisters ass and said “nice big asses” then he said ” I would love to fuck you two”. After he said that he told us to come with them so we did and he brought us to his van. After we got to his van he told them to get naked and told me to get my dick out and jerk off while he licks Valerie and Rose sucking his huge dick then after that he fucked Rose in a doggy position and while he finger Valerie.Then he fucked Valerie in the doggy position while he licks Rose pussy after a bit I cum. Then after seven min he cum in my sister’s mouth and on their faces and they swallowed his cum. If anyone wants part two comment down below and I will make part as fastest it could. Also thank you to all for reading my first story and I’ll make more stories. Have a great day or night bye.

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  • Reply Bb ID:7z8arj5rqk

    Can’t wait to hear more hopefully you join in

  • Reply Kim ID:2kyee16thi

    I agree

  • Reply Anna ID:rz5vjb0c

    How could you leave a guy to fuck your sisters, infact you are a fool

    • Jv ID:1coxofc8pudm

      He should have joined in fucked his sisters too. Your pussies were already. And he could’ve got his dick sucked to.

    • John ID:cxsien5zrc

      Keep the story going

    • Daddy ass ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Anna, re-read it I wonder about it, he said them like that there was more than one, get me wonder how much is true. [email protected] if you want to talk