What schoolboys talk about

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After school, John(1) white and Jerome(2) black both 14yrs old discuss their R. E. lesson

J1: So what the fuck was all that crap? As far as I can see, Jesus was just a cocksucking faggot!

J2: Yeah, I bet he sucked all those queer boy disciples – even Judas.

J1: Especially Judas. I bet he loved big bad boy cock!

J2: And what about his fucking mum? The so-called Virgin Mary. What a fucking slag! Cheating on Joseph behind his back. Immaculate Conception, my black arse!!

J1: Yeah, right after Jesus’ birth, she was probably fucked by the 3 kings, the shepherds and most of the animals in that shithole of a stable.

J2: Bet she straddled that manger, so the mixed cock and cunt cream dropped on baby Jesus’ face!

J1: Mind you, I can put up with hearing all this all this religious bullshit when it’s being taught by Miss Carter with that magnificent rack! Her tits are like fucking basketballs!

J2: But come on, the only female member of staff in an all boys school? She’s just getting off on being around 14yr old boys.

J1: Yeah, thinking about our cocks and imagining us wanking all over her. I’d like to rape her on the classroom floor.

J2: I’d squat over her and make her sniff and lick my black asshole!

J1: You know she teaches biology as well. Apparently she’s giving us a SexEd lesson next week. I hope we get to discuss rape and sex abuse instead of all this Consent bollocks!

J2: And all this shit about keeping ourselves safe online by not posting nude selfies.

J1: Yeah, don’t these fucking twats realise that’s why we post nude selfies? To get all the pervs and pedos worked up and spunking all over their keyboards!

J2: Anyway, I’m going home and I’m gonna be watching lots of fucking porn tonight, man!

J1: Me too, bro. Thinking about Miss Carter, the fucking whore!

J2: Slag!

J1: Cunt!

J2: Skank!

Then, as the boys are about to walk away, they look at each other’s crotches. They smile broadly,as they see they’ve both cum in their pants!!

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  • Reply Amy14 ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    If that’s what boys talk about, I’ll stick to girls this story sucks

  • Reply Kathy ID:7ylren4oic

    I agree jan.you going to jack off to your own bull shit ass sniffer.you write a comment to every story in here.and some of the comments you put people did not like you low life fuck.get a life ass sniffer.

  • Reply Jan ID:1e42llfmxpen

    What a load of rubbish. You really need to find a hobby