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Twincest in the Making

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A nosy brother decides to show his sister what happens when you can’t control urges. Listening at the door can turn into discovering what’s behind it.

Charlie is walking down the hall towards his room while his parents are out for the night. As he continues, he hears noises coming from his twin sister’s room. He quietly opens the door, to find her on the bed with her legs open and a toy deep inside her bare pussy.
He knows he shouldn’t watch, but seeing the toy go in and out of his sister’s tight little hole, he can’t help it. He feels the blood rush to his cock, stiffening in his jeans. As he watches and hears her heavy breathing, he rubs his hard cock through his jeans.
He then carefully unzips and pulls out his stiff cock. He begins to jerk off while his eyes are fixed on her open legs. He slowly approaches her bed and his eyes are burning with a need to taste her.
He hears her breathing become more rapid and her moans are frequent. He knows she’s close, from hearing her previous times. He gets closer to her and carefully gets on his knees. He is eye level with her pussy, hypnotized at the sight of her juices glistening on her small lips. Her clit is inviting him, taunting his tongue.
Before his sister can get herself to the edge, his mouth is on her little hood. His tongue and lips squeezing it and licking as much as possible. He feels her shake and hears her moans of pleasure. He grabs her toy and fucks her, lapping up the juices that flow from her cunt. Her legs tremble as she cums hard on his tongue and chin. Before she can react, his cock replaces the toy ashe buries himself deep inside her. That thrust sends her into a frenzy and she finds herself back on the edge.
He pulls out and turns her over, slamming his cock back into her tight hole. She feels his hands on her hips as he thrusts deeper and deeper. She cums again and again all over his cock. Her juices make her slippery, but he keeps going. He feels his release coming and doesn’t prevent it.
He slams his hips into her ass, filling her with his seed. She follows with her own release, moaning and shaking from head to toe. She falls onto the bed, drained and too tired to respond. He gets dressed and leaves, a smile staining his face.

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