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Turkish Delight

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My respectable wife involved in minor accident in Turkey gets used under sedation.

I had rented a scooter from a shop in Bodrum, Turkey. I had ridden one in my twenties, but that was quite a few years back now. Sarah, my wife, had enjoyed it at the time, but she was really nervous this day and to be honest, so was I. It was really hair-raising on the busy roads, with buses, cars, lorries and hundreds of really crazy scooter riders weaving all around us.

I had set off that morning with a plan to go down to a town called Turgutreis so we could visit the big market there, but I was starting to regret it. It was completely crazy on the roads and dangerous for someone as out of practice as I was.

I was doing reasonably OK at first on the straight roads outside the town, but then suddenly we were in a small, busy, place. I was looking around and only saw the big dog in the road at the last second. The next moment, we were on the road,with the scooter sliding on its side. I was up immediately, but to my shock, saw that Sarah was laid in the road. She was holding her leg just below her knee. I ran to her and several local men also stepped off the roadside to stop traffic and assist. Sarah wasn’t screaming or making a drama, she just looked a bit shaken up and shocked. I lifted her hand, and saw there was just a slight graze, but I also saw that the helmet she had fortunately insisted on wearing, had a scrape on the side.

A man wearing grubby, oily, overalls had run from a building close by, it looked like a scooter repair place, but he was pointing at the front of a building a little further down the road and saying

“Doctor!! ”

He and another man helped to lift and carry Sarah to the door of the building and I followed

The man in the overalls opened the door and I heard a bell ring, like they used to have in shops, a long time ago. The men helped Sarah inside and I stepped in behind them.

An old man was sitting on a wooden chair. He looked quite startled, like he had been interrupted in daydream, but then stood up quickly. The guy in the overalls spoke quickly in Turkish and the old looked at Sarah, then at me. He also had only basic English language, so I will write how it sounded to me. He said

“I exameen”

pointing at Sarah.

“ Thirty Euro”.

I shook my head and said

“No Euro. Turkish lira? ”

He nodded and held up his index finger and middle finger, bent,

“One fifty Lira!! ”

I nodded. The bartering was obviously satisfactory and I moved to take Sarah’s right arm, while the guy in the overalls got on her left. The old man, who I presumed was a doctor, led the way down a passageway. And opened the door at the end. We helped Sarah inside.

The room was almost antique, like a set for a period drama. Shelves lined the walls, with bottles and boxes of tablets on them and in the middle was a very old, wooden, examination couch. The place stank of disinfectant, kind of strong, carbolic, almost overpowering. The old doctor took over from me and he and the other stranger helped Sarah get onto the couch and laid her on her back. It was the first time I could take a look at the old man properly. He looked as old as his surgery.

He was a thin man with white, grey, hair slicked down with oil. He had a full moustache, looking too black, as though dyed. His trousers were years out of fashion. Baggy and loose, with stripes and large turn ups. He was wearing an off white shirt that once, a long time ago might have been pure white and a big, brown, kipper, tie.

I quickly got the impression that this was definitely a man’s world. The doctor spoke with me, not Sarah

Sarah still had the crash helmet on. The doctor unfastened the strap. He looked at me, pointing at the said

“ Mmmm.Maybe her concuss!!!”

Sarah seemed a little shaken up, but it didn’t seem like she was suffering a head injury to me. I just wanted the doctor to look at her leg, maybe put a dressing on and let us get on our way. The old man took the helmet off and handed it to me. He moved Sarah’s hair around, looking at her scalp. After a good look and feeling with his long, bony, fingers, he moved down to look at her legs. Sarah wearing short, shorts and the old doctor was almost staring at her slim, tanned legs. He examined the graze, then got a swab. He poured something from a bottle and wiped the area. Sarah winced as it stung her. I looked at the scrape and it didn’t look anything to worry about, which was a relief. The doctor poured, iodine on a dressing and then applied a dressing and stuck it on with tape. I thought that would be it and so did Sarah. The doctor said


He went to a shelf, searched, then found what he was looking for. He opened a pill bottle, shook two capsules into Sarah’s hand and got her a bottle of water. She tipped them into her mouth and swallowed them She began to sit up. The doctor put a hand on her upper chest and made her lie back again. He made a motion with his hands to get her to unfasten her top. Sarah has always been the type to do what the doctor says and did as he asked. The old man examined her tummy, prodding and pushing with his fingers. He turned to me and said

“Posseeeble hurt internal. I check!!!”

There was a definite atmosphere in the room as he examined her. I could see his hand was shaking. At first I thought he was nervous, but suddenly just the way he was acting and how much time he was spending, I suddenly realized touching Sarah was arousing the randy, old, pervert. I got a surge of butterflies in my stomach. He was excited and I realized that was also getting me going. I looked around and saw that the man who had helped get Sarah into the surgery, was behind me looking on. When he saw me looking he started for the door. I walked over and shook his hand., thanking him for his help. The man gave a kind of evil grin, which confused me. He spoke rapidly and it sounded like he was asking the old doctor something. The doctor responded and nodded his head as if to confirm an arrangement. The doctor came across and said to me

“Seet down” pointing to a stool “ I be few minute.”

He left with the other man and was kind of muttering to him as he closed the door. After it closed I said to Sarah

“Hell this is weird, isn’t it? I am really sorry for crashing the bike love.”

Sarah seemed very relaxed, a bit too relaxed considering things, I said

“Never mind darling. You relax … Have a little rest for a minute.”

Before long she was breathing slowly and deeply. I looked down at my wife and thought how pretty she was with her hazel, brown, hair and smooth, pale, skin. At thirty six, she was in good shape and she looked sexy in her short shorts and she looked so vulnerable and innocent with her short sleeved shirt unbuttoned, and lacy, white bra on show. Her pert nipples were showing through the thin material. The doctor was away for about fifteen minutes and I just spent the time looking at stuff around the surgery. The natural light wasn’t too great.There was only one window at the rear with just a gap in the wooden shutters, but there was a big examination light over the couch which made the room a little brighter. The door opened and the old man came back in. He approached the couch, reached and gave Sarah a shake. She moaned and he shook her again,
He spoke to her in Turkish. She partly opened her eyes and said something unintelligible. The doctor turned to me and said

“Maybe she concuss. She need relax. I give injeection. She sleep maybe two hour.”

I knew Sarah wasn’t concussed. He must have given her some kind of sedative drug, not antibiotics. The old bugger must have though I was stupid and easy to fool. I knew he must have something planned and he wanted to give Sarah more sedative drugs, I could guess what it was. Without waiting for a reply, the old guy found a syringe, opened a box of glass vials with liquid in and drew up the fluid into the syringe. I am not proud of it, but for a long time I had been having secret fantasies about other men with Sarah, often masturbating with a powerful, satisfying cum at the end. The doctor’s hands were shaking again as he squirted a jet of fluid out of the tip of the hypodermic needle. I could sense his excitement and arousal. I don’t think he realized how excited I was feeling as well. He unfastened the waist button on Sarah’s tight shorts and pulled the zip down. He got me to help roll her onto her side. She didn’t react or speak as pulled her panties down to expose the top of her left buttock. He wiped a small swab on her smooth skin and jabbed the needle in.

Again Sarah didn’t wince or make any sound. He injected whatever the drug was into her bum and withdrew the needle, then wiped her with the swab again. He disposed of the syringe in a box, then turned to me. His eyes were shifty and I could see beads of sweat on his forehead,, He said

“ She sleep now.

He held first two the three fingers up

“ She sleep two, maybe three hours. You go, eat food, take tea.”

He pointed to his watch, it showed just after twelve. “
Pointing at the numbers he said

“Wife sleep. You come here three. She wake and OK, you take to hotel. Not OK she go hospeetal”.

Then as if suddenly having another think. The old doctor said.

“No is dangerous to travel if wife has head injury. I think she need overnight here to observe. You get hotel here and come back in morning. She be fine here”.

He gave me an unconvincing smile, which was supposed to be reassuring.

He guided me out into the passageway and opened the outside door in the front room. The bell clanged at the top of the door, then clanged again as he closed it behind and I was outside in the street. put an elastoplast on at home and shrugged it off. Now I was on my own in a busy street in a foreign country and Sarah was laid, passed out on a couch with a guy we knew nothing about. The doctor must have not been able to believe his luck. Here in small town Turkey, he would not be all to be alone with a woman, even to take her pulse, without a female chaperone from her family.
Now he had a vulnerable, attractive, English wife out for the count in his own surgery room.

I tried to go back to see what was going on. I got to the door and gently turned the handle. I didn’t want to push it open, because I knew the bell would ring and warn of my approach. The door was locked. I walked a few yards back down the street. There was a tiny alley between two buildings. It had plants and bushes growing in it, so obviously wasn’t in regular use. I looked both ways, then set off down it. The alley led onto another one which was parallel to the street, I picked my way along and peered into the yards behind the buildings. After moving a few more yards. I saw the shutter of the examination room. I was certain, as it was the same green colour I had noticed from inside. I climbed the low wall of the yard and picked my way through the plants, rocks and discarded rubbish. I moved as quietly as possible towards the window. I could feel my heart thumping as I approached. I stood to the side of the window and slowly leaned to get a look into the room through the gap in the shutters. My imagination was giving me anxiety, I was half expecting the old doctor to be looking out at me.

I need not have worried, he was much too interested in what he was doing. He was at the bottom of the examination couch kneeling on a rug. Sarah was laid flat on her back, He had taken her shorts and panties off and her legs were dangling on each side of the examination couch. The doctor’s face was buried between her thighs. His head was bobbing and moving as he licked and probed her tight pussy with his tongue. He had obviously not waited a second after getting me out of the place. He must have felt completely secure and safe, with the door locked and the bell to give warning. It must have been like a dream come true when I left, leaving him alone to enjoy a pretty English woman. I could imagine him thinking to himself, imagining she was asking for it. These European women, all sluts, showing their legs and bare arms to the men in the streets and even more flesh on the beaches Not even covering their hair like a good Muslim woman would be sure to do. After all, didn’t the Koran say all unbeliever, infidel women were permitted to any man? ”

I reached down and unzipped my flies as I watched the old pervert spend the next few minutes licking and sucking Sarah’s pussy lips and clitoris. She was completely out and not responding in any way, which must have been a relief to the doctor. After a while he stood up and leaned over Sarah. He slid a long finger inside her, then two, exploring her vagina deeply, He reached down and unfastened his baggy trousers with his other hand and let them drop, then tugged his underpants down to his knees. His cock was stiff and hard, but not erect and I guessed that must have been due his age. His cock was longer than mine but thinner and I noted, as he was Muslim, he was circumcised. He shuffled forwards holding the shaft of his prick and I knew then, it wasn’t just going to be a crafty touch and lick. He was going to fuck Sarah and have her properly, without protection. He realized the couch was too low and turned a wooden handle to raise it, so that his groin was level with Sarah’s pussy. He then guided the brown, swollen, engorged tip of his cock between Sarah’s pussy lips and nudged between them. His buttocks tensed as he pushed. I knew the exact moment of penetration by his facial expression. A look of concentration as he felt Sarah’s opening, then a look of pleasure and satisfaction as he pushed into her warmth and I knew he was inside her. He pushed another couple of times to penetrate her fully and his head arched back in pleasure as he began to slide in and out of her tight pussy.

I was wanking as I peeped into the room. I suddenly realized I was holding my breath. I kind of felt the old man would sense my eyes staring and I was tensed up. I sucked air into my lungs and continued to stroke my cock. Apart from the risk of not knowing what drug the doctor had injected into Sarah and the possibility she might wake up, there were other things to think about. The old man was fucking Sarah without using a condom. She might catch something, also I had gone for a vasectomy after our second daughter was born, so Sarah wasn’t using any contraception.

The doctor was obviously relishing every feeling and moment of this experience. He was raping a helpless woman, but this wasn’t the type of quick, energetic, forceful rape that might happen with a younger man. He was taking his time savouring the feeling of his prick, stretching Sarah’s vagina as he pushed forward. He was going so deep, I knew he would be feeling the sensitive, mushroom-like tip of his glans, sliding against the entrance of her womb. I was so aroused by these thoughts, I almost ejaculated and had to slow my stroking. Obviously I knew what might happen if the doctor was still fertile and lots of men over seventy still are, look at Jagger for example, but at that moment I didn’t care. I was excited by the idea. I wanted to watch him cum in Sarah’s pussy … I was massively aroused by the thought of him ejaculating into Sarah’s helpless, unconscious, body, laid open and spread wide for him on the examination couch and maybe giving her his baby. I was so turned on being able to watch a total stranger, taking advantage of my wife like that and being able to be as intimate as a man can be with a woman. What excited me even more was the feeling of power. I had the option to prevent it, but she couldn’t. I knew in conscience, I should bang on the window or do something to stop him, but I didn’t want to stop it. I wanted it to happen. I wanted him to finish raping Sarah. I wanted him to fertilize her and get her pregnant.

I didn’t have long to wait. The old man leaned forward and was sucking Sarah’s nipples alternately and thrusting his cock into her at the same time, getting quicker and quicker all the time. He straightened and was standing upright. I could see his wiry thin buttocks tightening and relaxing each time he pushed his pelvis forward, driving his penis as deep as he possibly could. His head was arched back and I noticed how his large, pointed Adam’s apple was sticking out from the loose, whiskery skin on his throat. He was moaning and kind of making a sighing noise at the same time. Suddenly he was thrusting really fast, his strong, thin, fingers gripping Sarah’s hips, so he could get his cock even deeper into her pussy. Then his buttocks were tensing and twitching rapidly. The old doctor’s mouth was open wide, his eyes screwed tightly shut and I knew his warm, slippery. semen was splashing into Sarah’s tight vagina, all over her unprotected cervix. He gave about eight or ten hard thrusts, paused as he fought to get his breath. Then he kind of shuddered and gave a few more jerking, quick thrusts to make sure every drop of his seed got into Sarah’s fertile vagina.

The doctor leaned over Sarah, still inside her, gasping for air. He obviously softened and as he stood up straight, his now flaccid penis, slid out of Sarah. He reached and lifted each of her eyelids.
He reached for a plastic mask and turned on the valve of a large anesthetic gas bottle. He placed the mask on Sarah’s face and let her breathe the gas for a minute or two, then removed it.

Satisfied she was still heavily sedated, he reached down and pulled his underpants and baggy trousers up zipping and fastening them. I thought he would clean Sarah and replace her panties and shorts, but instead he picked his phone up from the desk and tapped a couple of time. He spoke very briefly then left the room. After a minute or two, I faintly heard the front door bell clang. Then the doctor walked back into the surgery room and the mechanic guy followed him in. His eyes immediately fell upon Sarah, still laid exposed and spread on the examination couch. He gave a low whistle and said something to the doctor. There was an exchange of words and the old man left the room, closing the door behind him.

The mechanic immediately unfastened the buttons which ran all the way down the front of his overalls.He shrugged them off his broad shoulders and pulled them down to his knees. I was staring. He was like a gorilla. His back was a mat of thick, black, hair. He was wearing a pair of oil stained underpants and as he pulled those down, I saw that the black, wiry, hair continued all the way down, covering his buttocks and thighs too. He stood at the bottom of the couch and slid a large, grubby, hand under each of Sarah’s knees. He bent and lifted her legs before shuffling forwards. The guy’s cock was again, not hugely long, but thick girthed and circumcised as I expected. In seconds he had guided the big tip between Sarah’s legs and he pushed it into her pussy. As he did so I heard him make a grunting sound, then gave a kind of relieved, satisfied, sigh. He pushed again. Sarah was already lubricated with the old doctor’s semen and the younger Turk, who was probably in his mid forties, penetrated her firmly and fully. I watched intently, wanting to see everything. I knew I should be feeling anger or ashamed of myself, but I didn’t. Even later once it was all over, it was more the fear that Sarah was pregnant that I worried about, more than the shame of standing watching and getting off on it, in the most intense way possible … In my mind a voice was saying.
“ Oh yes. Go on my man. Screw the little slut. Fill her. Go on. Give her a baby.”
I had no thoughts of the consequences or problems that would certainly come if that happened. I was locked in the moment, masturbating hard, enjoying the crazy, unexpected, spectacle of two men I had never even met thirty minutes previously, have full and thorough, penetrative, sex with my unconscious, wife, with the full knowledge that Sarah was fertile and had no contraceptive protection of any kind.

The Turk was in a steady rhythm now, his pelvis moving back and forth, driving his stiff, fat, hairy, cock up Sarah’s tight, wet, cunt and making that almost animal, grunting, noise again. I knew he was massively excited and that he wouldn’t last long and I didn’t ‘t want him to. I knew Sarah was completely out, but I was still worried she might suddenly come round and somehow stop him and I didn’t want that. I wanted him to finish and cum inside her, A few moments later he did just that. The Turks hairy buttocks clenched together as the first powerful jet of his sperm spurted into Sarah’s pussy. Then he was thrusting firmly and quickly, squirting the rest of his seed, deep into Sarah’s womb as her passive body jerked and quivered on the couch with the force of his eager thrusts. After finishing he took a couple of paces backwards and his cock slid out of Sarah’s pussy, giving me the most incredible and arousing view. I could see Sarah’s pussy lips splayed apart and the men’s semen running out of her pussy.

The hairy Turk squatted and took hold of his overalls, then pulled them up and twisted to put his arms back into the sleeves. The old doctor must have been listening at the door, because he immediately came back into the room and closed the door behind him. The two men chatted in their own language. The tone of their speech, grins and the harsh, almost triumphant laughs they shared, made it easy for me to understand, how lucky and fortunate they were feeling to get an opportunity like this, to fuck an attractive woman. The doctor looked at his watch and I knew the men were talking about how much time they had left before my expected return. They must have thought that even if I did return early, there would be no way I could enter the building and catch them, which gave them lots of time to continue enjoying themselves and was going to enjoy the next hour or two very much as well.

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