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Training young Valerie #4

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I was so lucky to wake up with this sexy little young girl laying next to me. Her hand laid on my chest as I felt her hot young firm body next to mine

How lucky I feel to wake up next to this sexy young girl. I was watching her shallow breathing as she slept next to me. I could feel the hot skin of her naked body against my side. Her hand rested on my chest as she slept. I scooted down and moved between her slender legs and pushed them wide apart. My mouth found her hot cunt, soon she was wet and wiggling her tight small ass about under me. She began moaning loudly, then twisting wildly on the sheet she came as my tongue was deep in her.
I worked her little clit back and forth in my mouth causing her to scream and grip my head. She held me tight and grounded her little cunt tight against my face. I sat up and positioned myself so my hard cock pressed against her wet entrance. I looked down at her face, she had that little girl look of getting of something wonderful . She wrapped her arms around my neck and locked her mouth against mine. As her tongue went into mine I pressed firmly in to her. Val was so fucking hot and tight, I could feel her vagina walls vibrating as I slowly sank in. Valerie held me tight as my cock sank further and further opening her vagina wide.
I scooped my arms under her legs lifting them up over her head. I soon found myself pressing against her hard cervix. Val tensed up from the pressure, I pulled back and thrusted hard hitting her tender opening. Valerie let out a loud yell and I began fucking her as hard as I could. My balls slapped against her wet ass as I worked to get all 9 inches into her abused cunt. Her slender young legs shook against my shoulders as I fucked in and out. I could feel her insides spasming and contracting around my cock. She wildly began to shake and I started to come. My sperm sprayed deep up into her fertile womb. Val feel the hot fluid filling her insides . As I continued fucking her, sperm began to squeeze out and run down her ass. Val’s eyes rolled back in her head as I steadily continued to fuck her. Her body was exhausted and limp from our sex, she laid there lifeless until I had finish with her. We both laid there exhausted for a hour, then I carried her off to the bath room so that we could clean up .
After our showers I let Val soak in the tub until I had made her a big breakfast. I brought it up to my bed room and the two of us sat naked and ate. We talked a a long length with me answering most of her little confused questions. She knew enough about sperm that she was really concerned with me coming in her. I gave her a morning after pill and she would not need to worry. Then she was concerned about my wife and her mom. I told her not to worry that they did not need to know what the two of us did or would be doing from now on. I sat the dishes off the bed and pull Val over next to me.
Ok little girl time for another lesson. Holding her pony tail I lowered her face towards my cock. I told her to open her mouth and take the head of my cock in . I showed her how to run her hands up and down as she sucked. It did not take her long to get the hang of it. As she got better I worked more of it in until she started to gag. She was a fast learner and would get better the more she did that . Valerie continued sucking and pumping my cock, she did not want to disappoint me so she kept it up. She was really getting into it , she got real horny with this action and got a big surprise when I started to come. I held her head still so that she could not move and I shot a thick load of my sperm into her mouth .
Val was not happy and started to spit it out until she tasted it. She then settled down then began kissing and sucking my spent cock until it became hard again finding that she liked this. I rolled her up on top of me and let her move my cock into her wet entrance. She sat back letting it slowly sink up into her. I grabbed both of her tight ass cheeks and moved her up and down my shaft. Val began to moan and soon felt her vagina grip my cock tighter and tighter . She began fucking me as I thrusted up to meet her . I was hitting her hard cervix again, I soon rolled her over on her back, scooped up both her legs and fucked her hard as I forced most of my 9 inches up into her. Valerie was kissing me as she thrashed about the bed . I could feel her start climaxing and letting go as her body to over. I continued thrusting hard until I to came and shot a good load of my hot sperm deep into her belly.
After both us laid there spent and soon fell asleep for a few hours. There was no hurry to get up , Val’s mom was not to be back home for 4 days and my wife maybe 6. I could fuck this little girl morning noon and night until then. Valerie loved to hold my cock studying its shape and size . She was eager to do anything at all just to please me. We never got dressed that day, I carried her about bouncing on my cock up stairs, down stairs, she was obsess with sex now.

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    Cock to any preteen gets them all hypersexual, and at that young age. You can keep on fucking a lot!

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    More of this type of sexual story please…