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Train my little sister part 3

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Please make sure to read part 1 and part 2!

Train my little sister part 3

I believe it was around 3:00 in the evening when I woke up. Faith was wriggling around, her dirty blonde hair covering her sexy 10 year old face.

“Faith, time to to” I said gently as i shook her little body

“I don’t wanna” she wined half asleep

At her age, I would also sleep all day long if I did as much as she did today.
However, I cannot let her sleep in while I train her.

“How about we go get some ice cream? I did promise you some”

She lunched right out of bed running to grab her clothes

“Yayyyyy” she proclaimed as she found her shirt

“Faith, we have to shower remember?” I said trying to hold back a laugh

“Ohhh yeah, sorry I forgot”

“All good, let’s go” I said

I leaned down and gave her a kiss on her soft little lips. As I walked past her my dick brushed her. Making her blush and lock eyes on it again.

“Hurry! We need to wash off before the ice cream shop closes” I said running my hand through my hair

She shook her hair and ran into the bathroom on ahead of me. She jumped right in the tube turning on the shower.

I walked over, getting in the shower getting with her. I took some shampoo and started to wash her hair.

“God you look beautiful” I said smiling

“Th-hank you” she said face turning bright red

I cupped one hand around her face, slowing pulling her to tippy toes. Kissing her passionately on the lips. Then letting her back down.

“Love you!” She blurted out quickly face turning so red I thought her head would blow off

“You know what!” I said loudly. Making her jolt for a second

“Your now my sisy gf, and I love you mostest”

She smiled ear to ear then moved her little feet around

“But we are brother and sister” she said as she looked at me, Eyes larger

“Siblings date all the time. Besides your beautiful and fun. And one hell of a kisser”

I leaned kissed her again but to my surprise she kissed back more aggressively than normal.

“Okay” she said smiling then leaning in the water washing off her hair

“As my gf I need your help though”

“What’s that?!” asked bouncing foot to foot

“ I slept on my hand last night and it’s very sore. It will heal up soon, but I need you to help clean my cock”

She froze then look at my dick which was rock hard.

“Can’t you wash it” she said eyes locked on it.

“I can wash it, but not shave it”

I explained the process of shaving to her. Telling her if we didn’t it would stink very bad. So when she growers hair to always shave it.

I put some shaving cream on and then took a razor with the plastic left on it so she would think she is shaving me. I was safe from a cut to the dick.

I told her to the tip of my dick with 4 fingers and bend about where it need to go for her to get off the shaving cream.

Fucking god it felt good as she grabbed the tip of my dick with her small soapy hands. I honestly could cum in 5 mins this was.

She started “shaving” focusing very hard on the task at hand. Leaning her face right near the tip and ass out. Feet spread apart as not to fall.

She moved around my dick so much she was giving me a tipping handjob. I ran my hands across her ass as if I was washing it clean. Rubbing her clit as much as I could was in this position.

Soon as she finished I was about to come.

“Faith! To the left.” I told her in a commanding tone.

She did as I said cum shooting on her eye and left side of her face.

“Ughhh again” she said rolling her sweet little eyes.

“You need to be milked too” I said

She stood up face turning red

“I just need pee” she said

“Okay but we just showered. So we need to spray as you do so we don’t have to wash you again” I said smiling ear to ear

She noded and began to open her legs trying to pee. As she did I took the shower head and slammed it right into her pussy full power

She started to squirm and try to push it back so I grab her by the throat. Wanting to do so much more to her. But holding her there as she tried to pull back.

“We got to hurry if you want ice cream” I said.

She still pulled a little but didn’t try very hard as started to lean back. As she trembled on her tippy toes, I saw her body shiver and curl more than I would have expected.

“I-I am peeing” she exclaimed as her fluid ran down her little legs

She stood there panting and leaned on the shower wall to catch her breath.

“Well, we need to make sure you drink some of my milk before then end of the day. We want you to be beautiful and healthy as you grow up” I said as I stepped out of the shower.

I grab a towel and dried both of us off. We then went into the laundry room to grab our clothes.

“Now that your a big girl you want need those baby clothes underneath your clothes”

She looked at me blue eyes shining smiling ear to ear. Happy to hear that I’m acknowledging her as a “big girl”

“Okay!” She yelled as she quickly got her clothes on.

As soon as we were dressed we went to my car outside and went up town to go shopping.

We went to the mall because there were a few things I need to pick up to get her set on the right path to be my gf.

“Okay I will be right back. You can play some games on my phone until I get back.” I told her as I hand her my phone

“ ughhhhhh! I want icecreammmmm!” She pouted as she yanked my phone from my hands

“Soon I promise, I’m so proud of you and love you for waiting” I said as I kissed her on the cheek

She smiled sitting up straight. As I looked into her eyes I could see she didn’t understand much about this new “love” we had but she was wanting more of it. I was homeschooled and so was she. Growing up in that life style you don’t understand much about love other than family love. You don’t have the chance to get much attention or make many friends. Much less understanding in when someone is lying or using you. I plan on using every bit of that to my advantage.

I went into an “ Adult” store and bought a few bags worth. I had them put them in some bags that wouldn’t be obvious what was in them. I told them I’m new to the thing and me and my gf wanted to try it. The women who was at the checkout counter gave me a one side grin and told me to be careful of kids around the house.
If only she knew I thought in my head.

“Okay! I’m back!!!” I said as I walked back to her

“Whoaaaaaa, that’s a lot of stuff” she said eyes sparkling

“Sure is, most of its grown up stuff you will have to use since your so old now” I said smirking

I convinced her to go back to the car because there was a place with better ice cream across town.

After getting into the car I had an idea

“So, I bet it sucks to pee every hour now that you’re older!” I said laughing

“No? I don’t pee that much” she looked at me confused

Surely this can’t be these easy!!

“You mean you haven’t had to pee every hour?!” I exclaimed trying to make my faces looked worrisome.

“No, is that bad?!” She asked as her face turned into pure panic

I reached my hand into the bags and yanked out a hidden vibrator called “lush 2”

(this is real vibrator and I recommend it for anyone wanting to train girls)

“You need to use the right away! If you don’t pee every hour or so. Your body will get sick and it could make you go to the hospital” I yelled as I ripped apart the case

“How?!” She looked at it puzzled.

“You put it in your pussy”

She blushed but looked at my face seeing I panicked and worried she grabbed it and slipped it in. Her body stiffened for a second then relaxed.

“Like that?!” She asked as she put her knee’s together.

“Yup, I’m so proud of you!!! I love how grown up you are acting”

I leaned over giving her a long kiss and using tongue just a little

“Since we are bf and gf I won’t tell anyone you use it okay?” I said as I learned back to the steering wheel

“Yeah!” She exclaimed pumping her fist into the air.

As we went to leave I got on my phone and turned on the lush. Setting it to a medium level of vibration. She immediately started to squirm around and breathing heavy.

I enjoyed every second of driving over to the ice cream shop and as went through drive through placing our order she tapped on me

“What flavor do you want?” I asked

She stumbled her words bitting her lip and hands held between her legs. But got it out soon enough

“S-str-awberry “ she said whispered.

“I will take two strawberries ice creams” I order

As we started to move in the line she tapped me again kicking her legs

“ im about to peeeeee!!!” She blushed bright red squeaking.

I smiled acting like I wasn’t paying attentionto her but my phone. I turned the vibration all the way up. She started rocking in her seat. Head thrown up trying to hold it.

As we pulled up to the window and the man went to hand us our order. She orgasmed!!!! Her body shaking her knees bent. Both feet kicking. Little body curving and jerking around. This went on for about 10 seconds then stopped falling in her seat. Letting out a sexy moan. Her body covered in sweat from trying to hold it in.

“Is she okay?” The man at the window asked

“Yeah, just extremely excited for ice cream” I said laughing.

I took the ice cream and went to a old store that had closed down in a empty parking lot.

She was in a sexy mess. Legs still shaky, clothes all messed up, hair stuck up everywhere.

“I know you peed…” I said in harsh ton

“I-I’m sorry!” She said panicking to sit up

“You peed in my car!” I said just slightly less harsh

“I won’t again!!” She said about to cry

I sighed, shaking my head then kissed her. I know I must get her into a habit of doing what I say and the only way to do that was to her feel our “love” was truly sincere.

“Well now I won’t have time to milk myself. It’s going to make my dick hurt all day.”

She looked down holding back her tears.

“I’m sorry”

“How about this. You help milk me… your faster then I am and really good at it. You have to do it fast though” I said unzipping my pants

“O-okay, I love you “ she said reaching over making a brave fave

She grabbed it went at the pace I seem to have taught her. As she did I grab her by the back of her hair and started to make out with her. Her little hands felt amazing on my dick. I could feel it throb around each finger with it stroke. I ran my other hand playing and squeezing her ass.

I sighed, “ this is taking to long!” I said as in really I was about to bust.

“I’m trying. Pleaseeeee” she said feeling like she was at fault.

“You have to lick it. Girls Tongues have special saliva that help milk ducks faster” I told her.

She made a gross face then let me guided her head with my hand onto it licking my dick. I pushed her head gently onto my tip and in 20 seconds I went to bust. She pulled back for air right before I could so I grabbed the ice cream and cummed loads of cum onto hers.

“There! You need some milk today. Remember what I said about being healthy and beautiful.” I said as I handed it to her.

She sat up panting then grabbed it. Poking the cum and giggling.

“Now we have time to clean the car!” She bounced up and down as she took her spoon and started eating her ice cream.

“Wow your good at milking! I love you so much” I said still a kiss from her.

“I love you too!!” She said kicking her legs

We ate our ice cream then we went off to a car wash. Man she really is falling in love with me. There is a good chance that this will be easier than I anticipated!

(Please recommend any ideas you want to see. I have tried to put a few of your ideas into play. I can make this darker or keep it as it is going the choice is yours)

(As for those who have furry fetish or anything animal related. If we get enough people wanting it. I may make a story of turning an innocent preteen girl into a dog.)


Last note, I may set up a way for you to contact me for me to make personal stories for you. Let me know what you think!

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