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The Start of Something New, Chapter Three

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Uncle finally breeds his nephew, starting the process of turning him into the boy slut that he was born to be.

This story is loosely based on the truth. Names have been changed.

This story involves consensual sexual activities between adult males and underage males. If this is not your thing, move on to the next story. I do not condone nor endorse the actions depicted in this story. If this material is illegal to read or view in your area, please leave now.

The Start of Something New, Chapter 3

“Tell your uncle I left and am going to stop at the money machine before I go to Sherrie’s”, my aunt Lena said to me as she put on her coat and grabbed her car keys from the stand. “He should be back soon, will you be ok by yourself for a few minutes?”, she asked.

“Ok, yeah I’ll be fine.” I responded. She nodded and said goodbye as she walked out the door. My uncle had given me instructions before he left, so I had to hurry to be ready for him by the time he got back.
My little body quaked with excitement, I ran down the hall and into the bathroom, stripping off and turning on the shower, moving fast so that I could get super clean like my uncle told me too. I had read stories and chatted with enough older boys online, that I knew how to get properly cleaned up for a man to fuck me. The thought scared the hell out of me, but my excitement won out. I knew to be very clean, I needed to use a douche or enema. I rooted around under the sink and found a disposable douche of my aunts. I opened the box and pulled out the douche, reading the instructions on the outside of the box. I will spare you the details but suffice it to say it was a learning process for me. I finished up and hopped in the shower, lathering up the body wash in my hands and rubbing it all over my body. My hands and fingers explored my cocklett and boy pussy, as I groaned from the pleasure. As much as I wanted to cum, I held off in anticipation of what I hoped would be my first fuck. I finished up in the shower, dried off and put the shorts back on that I had had on earlier. I didn’t bother with putting my underwear or shirt on. I wanted my uncle to have easy access. I wanted him to use
I settled down on the sofa, watching some TV while I waited for Chris to get home. About 15 minutes later, he walked through the door carrying a Walmart shopping bag.

“I got you something I want you to wear for me,” he said as he put the bag down on the stand and pulled out a tiny, light blue jockstrap. It looked funny in his big hands. I had seen pictures online of guys wearing them but was hesitant because I thought it might look ridiculous on me. He walked over to me and looked down at me, holding the jock in his hands.

“Will you wear this for me, please?” He asked. I nodded my head and went to take it from him. He grinned and mussed my hair. “Good boy,” he responded. “I’m going to change too.” He walked out of the living room and down the hall to his room. I stood up and pulled my shorts down and off, arranging the jock so that I could step into it. It was kind of complicated, but I finally got it situated with the bottom straps hugging my boy cheeks. It fit well on my butt, and I was pleased by how my 2” uncut boy dick filled out the front. I started to chub up and soon enough, I had 4” of raging boy meat tucked into the pouch of the jock. I sat back down and pulled the throw blanket over myself. I heard my uncle coming up the hall.

My jaw dropped as he walked into the living room. He was wearing a white T-shirt and loose boxers that had seen better days. They were stretched out and had holes in various places. I watched as his soft cock bounced around under the thin fabric. He saw me looking and grinned at me.

“These are the shorts I wear when I want your aunt to fuck me”, he said. “She’s like you, likes to watch it swing. Gets her hot and wet for me. Seems like they are having the same effect on you.” He grinned at me again and picked up the game controller. “You want to play some more?” He asked.

“Sure. And I do like your shorts unc. They look comfy”, I replied.

“That blanket looks comfy. Mind if I sit by you?” he asked as he sat down close to me on the sofa. He smelled really good. My belly was flipping and flopping, and I was a bit unsure about what might happen next. My throat was still sore from the fucking he’d given it about an hour earlier, but I wanted more. My uncle lifted the blanket and pulled it over himself as he leaned back against the sofa and pressed play on the controller. We played the game for about another hour and a half before I had to pee really bad. My belly flipped as I pulled the blanket off myself and stood up, my perky boy ass on display and framed beautifully by the jockstrap. I walked quickly out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom where I left the door open, lifted the lid and pulled my dickie out. I stood there pissing when I heard my uncle coming down the hall. He stopped in the open doorway and just watched me. I looked over at him as I finished up, shaking my boy bits off, giving him a show. My dick wasn’t very long but it had always been a fat little cock and with my long foreskin, it was a droolworthy site.
“I’m glad I bought that, it looks good on you,” he said as he walked over to the toilet to join me. “I gotta piss too.” He pulled the band of his boxers down, hooking them under his big heavy balls. I just stared at his cock as he let go with a thick stream of piss. I was mesmerized by the sight of his dick; I didn’t think I would ever get used to the sight. I wondered what his piss tasted like. I had long since finished draining my spike, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw my uncle reach behind me and grip my right hip, turning my body so that I was facing away from him. I heard him finish peeing, with a few splashes at the end. His hand was still on my hip where his fingers were running lightly back and forth.

“God damn. You have an ass better than most women I’ve fucked. Here, open.” He said as I felt his left hand snaking around my face and his index finger push against my lips. I did as he said, allowing his finger to slip into my mouth. I tasted liquid as he smeared his finger all over my tongue. The taste was wild, manly, salty but not bad.

“Yeah boy, taste my piss. S’good right?” He murmured in my ear. I felt lightning bolts shoot through me as he pushed up against me. “Did you shower again for me baby? Did you wash good?” He asked as he pressed his hardening cock into my back.

“Yes sir’, I whispered in reply. I moaned as he licked my ear, then down onto my neck and shoulder.

“Good boy. Go back into the living room, get on your knees on the ottoman. I’ll be there in a minute.”
He turned around and walked into his bedroom, closing the door, leaving me standing there in shock at the order he had just given me. I hurriedly washed my hands, my cocklett aching in my jock. I ran to the living room and hopped up on the ottoman on my knees, facing away from the living room entry so that my ass would be the first thing he sees when he comes around the corner. I heard his bedroom door open and then a few seconds later, a sharp intake of breath.

“Oh my god”, he said softly. I turned around and looked at him as he crossed the room and stood behind me. My bubble ass swayed on my knobby knees as he put a hand on the outside of each of my ass cheeks, pulling gently to spread my ass. “Show me your hole baby. Let me see.” He pulled my cheeks apart, revealing my perfect pink boy pussy.

“Mmm fuck yeah. I’m going to make you my special boy that I play special games with. Would you like that?” He asked. His dirty talk was driving me crazy. I was quiet as I wasn’t sure how to respond, then I felt his the rough of his thumb rub across my tiny hole.

“Answer me boy,” he commanded as he rubbed his thumb back and forth, then in circles on my little boy hole.

“Yes unc. Play special games with me. More unc, please, touch it more,” I whined, desperate for the feelings that he was giving me.

“You like this baby? Is your little dick hard?”, he asked as he reached under me and fondled my hard nail. He cupped my boy package, balls and all, in his big hand, and pulled down away from my body. I groaned in appreciation.

“Mmm, you like that?”, he asked. “I know you do. This is what special boys and their uncles do. They make each other feel good. You made me feel good when you throated my dick like a good boy, now it’s my turn. I’m going to taste your pussy baby,” he said hotly as he knelt behind me. Within seconds I felt his big wet tongue slide slowly over my baby hole. He wiggled it against my hole, pushing in, opening my hole. The feelings shooting through my entire body while my uncle fondled my boy dick and ate my ass, were incredible. Electric shocks spasmed through my body, originating inside my pussy where my uncle’s tongue was buried, making circular motions, and grinding deep into my ass tunnel.

“Ohhhh unc. Oh nooooo, I can’t!”, I wailed as I dropped forward, my chest pressed into the ottoman. Chris gripped my hips and held my ass steady as he assaulted it with his tongue. He reached back and slapped one of my ass cheeks, his tongue never stopping its rapid fucking of my virgin boy ass.
“Fuck, you taste good baby. I could cum just from eating you,” he groaned out. I lifted my head and looked around at Chris, amazed by the sight of his face completely buried in my ass. My eyes were drawn downward to where his was rapidly stroking his fat dick through his boxers. The head and about 3 inches were hanging out of one leg while his big balls hung out of the other. I was in love with my uncle’s dick, but man his fat, low hangers really drove me wild. They were the size of tennis balls and rested in a big, swinging, shaved sack. The sight made my dick throb even harder in my uncle’s hand.

“Nooooo, don’t cum. I want it in me,” I responded. Chris groaned as he pulled his mouth away from my ass, replacing his tongue with his right index finger. He rubbed around the outside of the hole, then gently inserted his fingertip. I whimpered as I realized that this was the first time someone else’s fingers were inside me. I had played with my hole before, but the feelings had been nothing like this. Chris slowly inserted his finger until it was completely lost in my ass. I felt so full as he wiggled it around, sliding back and pressing upwards. I jerked up as a shock rumbled through my ass.
“Oh! What was that?!” I yelled out. He kept pushing and the rubbing on that spot in my ass and I felt the first tingle which rapidly turned into a torrent of tingles. My body flushed and spasmed as I got really hot. “Oh yesssss unc! It’s happening, I’m going to cum!”, I squealed as the explosions rocked through my body, making my dick pulse and spurt in my jock. Chris rubbed my dick vigorously through the fabric. My fat uncut dicklet jerked like crazy, but sadly, nothing came out. My uncle sunk a second finger deep into my tiny boy hole. Now two fingers were sliding back in forth, slowly twisting and spreading my boy pussy, which was now almost self-lubricating, it was so wet.

“Yes baby, cum for me, are you shooting anything baby?”, he has as he pulled my jock down and ran his fingers inside it, his fingertips grazing the tip of my cock head. “Nope, dry as a bone. Fuck yes. You’re even more of a boy than you should be at this age. “You know that little girl next door, Ashley?” I played with her little pussy a few times. She’s a year or so younger than you. She was fun to play with, but I think I’m going to like you way more. Your ass is much sexier than hers. Tastes better, baby. Nice wet boy pussy for daddy. I’m not your uncle anymore baby, I’m your daddy. I own this ass from now on.” He said all this to me as he inserted a third finger into my ass, stretching me even further. I was gasping and moaning softly at this point, balanced on the very fine line of “oh fuck this feels good” and “fuck, that really hurts”, but it was getting better and starting to feel really good.

“You’re opening up nice for me baby, I think you’re about ready for daddy’s cock. You want daddy’s cock in your boy hole?”, he asked in between the kisses and licks he was lavishing on my round boy butt. He stood up, withdrawing his fingers and replacing them with his fat cock head, the skin pulled back and smeared in his hot precum. His dick was long and thick, his fat nuts swinging back and forth as he gently but forcefully pushed him hard adult cock into my steaming boy cunt. Surprisingly, his cock slid about halfway in before meeting much resistance. It hurt, but mostly I just felt very full. And something else, something even wilder and intense than I had felt ever to that point, that was just starting to build.

“Fuck yes boy. Holy fuck. That is a tight pussy. You’re fucking sucking me in baby, that’s it, take my fucking cock.” He pulled out and pushed back in, spreading me open. “Take it all baby, take your daddy’s dick.” He pushed deep into me until I felt his big sack resting against my boy sack. He ground his dick into my no longer virgin boy pussy, balls deep and bottomed out.

“Oh god.” I moaned, as the intense feelings rocked through me. I felt my uncle slide out and pull back from me, only to quickly push back in, over and over again as he rocked my body that was easily 100 pounds lighter than his. His body dominated mine as he leaned over me, grabbing my hips and pressing his lips onto my right shoulder. I turned my face to the side to look at him. He stretched further and pressed his lips into mine, his mouth opening as his tongue slipped out and into my mouth. My little boy tongue was being dominated by his fat man tongue, almost more than his fat cock was dominating my boy pussy. He kissed me like a grown up while he fucked me like a man, having very little mercy on me. Suddenly he slowed this thrusting to a slow grind, back and forth, side to side as he was stretching me out and opening me up, taking his time with me. My moans were getting louder and more frequent as his thick cock pressed against and massaged the spot in my ass.

“Unc, what is that making me feel like that, in my butt”, I asked, my voice whining and breaking.

“Your prostate baby. It’s the thing God gave little boys to make them have hot little dry cums with their daddies, their uncles, their grandpas, and lots of horny older men. Some people say this is wrong baby, but do you feel wrong right now, or do you feel fucking incredible? Why shouldn’t you have these feelings baby? Feelings that only a man can give to you. Nobody can fuck you like an uncle daddy can fuck you baby.”, he whispered hotly. This diatribe of filth was said with such lust that it triggered a fucking quake to start erupting, deep within the sucking walls of my young pussy. Chris started fucking me harder, grabbing my hips as he furiously hammered into me. He had reached around with one cock on my boy cock and balls, and one hand rubbing back and forth on my nipples. I was going to cum.

“Fuck!”, I squealed as my cock jerked and spasmed with the orgasm that rocketed through my body. I pressed my body deep into the fabric of the ottoman, my sweat seeping into the cloth. My uncle’s big balls slapped against my ass and against my boy cock, intensifying my orgasm even more. I made a mental note to get my mouth and hands on his balls as soon as he was done using my boy pussy.

“I’m going to nut baby, I’m going to cum in your pretty boy pussy!”, he groaned as I felt his cum erupt inside my wet boy pussy, unloading his cock deep into me, overflowing my boy tunnel, his cum leaking out and down his balls. I had no idea how wet it was inside my inexperienced hole until I became cognizant of the wetness running off of his fat ball bag and onto my decently sized boy nuts. I wondered if my balls would be as big as his were. I know my dad also had a big uncut dick and big balls, a discovery I had made years prior when I got up in the middle of the night and saw him passed out on the living room floor, but that’s another story.

My uncle slowly withdrew from my hole, playfully slapping my ass as his cock emerged from my well fucked boy ass. He leaned down and licked all around my hole, sinking his tongue inside me, lapping up all of the cum that leaked out. He groaned as he tasted the mixture of his cum, my ass juice, and my raw boy ass. My uncle had just bred my ass, and now he was spreading my ass wide to suck out all his cum. Satisfied that he had gotten what he was going to get, he pulled back, rubbing his fingers around the rim of my boy pussy, gently caressing the bruised flesh. He grabbed a towel that I didn’t know he had brought with him when he came back from the bathroom. He ran it over my ass and hole, drying me off.

“That was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a fuck that much. I could fuck you ever day.” He said, wadding up the towel and tossing it beside the sofa. “Are you ok?”, he asked, a little guiltily. “I got a little carried away. Are you alright? Did I hurt you?”, he asked as he turned my face to look into my eyes.

“No daddy”, I whispered. “It hurt at first, but the end was like nothing I’ve ever felt. Can we do it again before I go home?”, I asked. My uncle grinned, leaning in to kiss me. Just as his lips met mine, the phone rang. With one hand, he reached back to grab the receiver, reaching to my mouth with his other, running his thumb along my bottom lip.

“Hello”, he answered. “Hey Terrence, what do you want?”, he asked into the receiver. His finger had slipped from my lip down to my right nipple where he rubbed the back of his hand against my pink bud. He pinched my nipple softly between his fingers, gently twisting. He listened for a minute then said, “Yeah, Jr. and I are just playing some games, you’re welcome to come over if you want. “We can all play and you and I can gang up on him”, he laughed into the phone while twisting my nipple a little harder. He grinned down at me. “Ok, see you soon”, he said into the phone, ending the call and tossing it on the sofa.

“Terrence is coming over, go clean up a little bit”, he said as he turned away from me to pull his shorts back on. I stood up, a little disappointed that our fun was over. My uncle noticed my disappointment and laughed, saying, “Don’t worry buddy, we are still going to play. But instead of one big cock stretching your boy ass, you’re going to get two, and the best of both worlds. My dick is long, and Terrence’s is thick. You’ll be well on your way to being the boy slut you were born to be by the time this night is over.”

The new millennium was not even a day old, but I knew this was going to be my day, month, and even my year. Things were about to get very interesting.

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