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The last time I masturbated all year

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Well endowed boy enjoys himself. His mum and dad see and are impressed

The last time I masturbated that year
Jake: I discovered my cock a few weeks ago. Lol, it’s always been there but you know what I mean. It gets hard and big now and feels awesome in my hand. I wonder if mine is normal. It seems to completely fill my boxers … last week after school I took out a wooden ruler. Is eight inches big? Who knows. Maybe I’ll ask dad, I thought.
Dad: Omg. Omg. What a beauty. I stood in the hallway rooted to the spot just outside the bathroom where, through the crack in the slightly open door I saw Jake. Side on, I couldn’t help watching his young hand moving slowly and rhythmically along the gorgeous shaft of his penis. What a beauty. Should I be dad-proud? I think so. Should I be aroused? Probably not.
Jake: God this feels good. Sort of relaxing but exciting. Last week I practised the trick of slowing down and slowing down as I neared my orgasm. That really works. Right at the end I virtually stop, just tickle the head and feel my balls and I explode. Sorry mum but it goes everywhere. I hope I manage to find it all and clean it up.
Dad: Omg that’s a beautiful sight. I’m getting rock hard watching Jake. He’s slowing down … standing there like a Greek statue of perfect Olympian youth, eyes tight closed, cock ready to burst, his hand barely moving.
Mum: what are you doing, Mike? Why are you standing there? Why are your pyjama bottoms bulging? What the!!!?!?
Dad: ssshhh. Look … our little boy … look …
Mum: silence. Dumbstruck. Too amazed to say anything. Wow.
Mum and dad just watched and stared. Held each other’s hand and held their breaths.
The first spurt of virgin semen was modest, but the second, the main event, hit the toilet cistern with an almighty splat. Together they watched, wide eyed and aroused. Their little boy was growing up.
Jake: that was the last time I would need to masturbate all year …
Especially when my little sister joined in …
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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zfik

    Lovely to witness this. I used to enjoy putting my teenage son’s underpants in the washing machine and inspecting and sniffing and yes, sometimes licking the spunk stains.