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The Lady Vanishes — Alternate Ending

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Black & White movie from 1938. Alternate ending of The Lady Vanishes, where Iris (Margaret Lockwood) and the other main female characters get raped.

The following story is a work of FICTION. The author does not condone illegal activities or war crimes such as rape. If you can’t differentiate real life from fiction, don’t read the story.


This alternate version of The Lady Vanishes by Alfred Hitchcock was released in 1938 at about the same time the mainstream movie hit the theatres. It is a rare piece of cinematic history, and the only known footage where actress Margaret Lockwood is seen in the nude. In 2019, a copy of it fetched 1.5 million dollars at an auction in Milan.

The movie is in black and white and runs almost identical to the mainstream version until the final shootout between the enemy soldiers and male passengers defending themselves and the women. For ease of understanding, we’ve included the following summary.

English tourist Iris Henderson and her friends Blanche and Julie are in the fictional European country of Bandrika.

Iris is returning home to get married, but an avalanche has blocked the railway line. The stranded passengers are forced to spend the night at a hotel. In the same predicament are Charters and Caldicott, English cricket enthusiasts anxious to see the last days of the Test match in Manchester, and Miss Froy, a governess and music teacher who is returning home to England. Miss Froy listens to a folk singer in the street; he is strangled to death by an unseen murderer.

That evening, Iris is bothered by a loud noise from the room above hers. She complains to the hotel manager. Finding Gilbert Redman, an ethnomusicologist, playing a clarinet and transcribing folk music of the region whilst three locals dance for him, the manager throws him out of his room. Gilbert gets revenge by staying in Iris’s room until eventually she capitulates and gets the manager to give him back his room.

The next morning at the train station, Iris is walking on the quay, radiant under the sun. The two locomotive operators stare at her, admiring her glamorous beauty and her alluring figure; they tell each other they would love to have sex with her. The first operator says he’d bang her missionary style and fill up her British steamer with foreign currency. The second operator laughs and says he’d take her from behind and fill her up proper. Both men grin and go about their business.

Iris meets Miss Froy and drinks tea with her in the dining car. A foreign Doctor, sitting two tables away, pretends to ask something to the waiter on the menu. As the waiter is explaining three different menu items, the professor slips drug pills in both tea cups.

Also on board are Charters and Caldicott, Gilbert, a lawyer named Eric Todhunter and Margaret, his mistress, who is passing herself off as “Mrs. Todhunter.”

Iris, who haven’t slept much the previous night, dozes off in her compartment and falls sound asleep when the drugs kick in. When she wakes up, Miss Froy has vanished. The other passengers in her compartment deny having seen her. Todhunter, who spoke with Miss Froy earlier, pretends not to remember her to avoid drawing attention to his liaison with his mistress. Iris searches for Miss Froy with Gilbert’s assistance.

Brain surgeon Dr. Hartz says Iris may have experienced a vivid dream while she slept. Charters and Caldicott also claim not to remember Miss Froy because they fear that any delay would make them miss the cricket match. Margaret, Todhunter’s mistress, admits to seeing Miss Froy proving to everyone that she exists.

At the first stop, Dr. Hartz’s patient, covered in bandages from tip to toe and on a stretcher, is brought aboard. Madame Kummer, dressed exactly like Miss Froy, appears in her place, and now scared that she’ll be revealed, Todunter’s mistress says Madame Kummer was Miss Froy. Iris and Gibert continue searching.

They suspect that Dr. Hartz’s patient has been replaced by Miss Froy. Dr. Hartz tells his fellow conspirator, a British woman dressed as a nun, to drug Iris and Gilbert. Then, convinced they will soon be asleep, Hartz admits to them that he is involved in the conspiracy. The false nun does not follow Hartz’s instructions out of loyalty to her fellow countrymen; Gilbert and Iris escape, free Miss Froy and replace her with Madame Kummer.

When the train stops near the border, Dr. Hartz discovers the switch. He has a small part of the train diverted onto a branch line toward a secluded forest, where soldiers wait. In the dining car, Gilbert and Iris inform their fellow passengers what is happening. A tall uniformed officer, Captain Schmitz, boards and requests that they all accompany him. They stun him groggy and take his pistol. Another soldier fires and wounds Charters in the hand. Then a shootout begins.

During the gunfight, Miss Froy tells Gilbert and Iris that she must get away as she is actually a spy. She gives Gilbert a message, in case something happens to her, then slips away into the forest.

The soldiers keep firing at the men defending the dining car from 25-30 yards away, firing from behind their cars or from some bushes under the orders of Captain Schmitz and Dr. Hartz.

Todhunter, the lawyer, attempts to surrender, waving a white handkerchief, and is shot dead by a soldier who’s astonished by his stupidity. Horrified, Margaret flies into Iris’s arms. Gilbert and Caldicott then move to the front of the train and manage to commandeer the locomotive; the train is moving away, but the ten soldiers hop in their cars and give chase.

From there, the movie starts to deviate…

The locomotive has to stop and someone needs to run and switch railroads. The Nun takes off her veil and coif. With her hair freely flowing, she exits the dining car through a side door and runs to the railroad switch lever.

The pursuing soldiers stop their vehicles within pistol range from the dining car and start firing again.

The British false nun is about to reach the railroad switch lever to change the tracks, but two other cars full of reinforcements have arrived from the opposite direction. The soldiers from the first car swarm and capture the Nun while the five soldiers from the second car quickly attack the locomotive from both sides and overrun it. Gilbert manages to wound a soldier by throwing a coal shovel in his face, before being shot dead himself. Caldicott surrenders and gets beaten up.

Near the railroad switch, the false nun is squirming between two jeering soldiers who firmly hold her arms while a Sergeant gropes her all over through her gown as he searches her for hidden weapons. The two other soldiers in his squad make lewd comments about how nuns are all secretly dreaming of getting gang-fucked. The Sergeant says he loves her hair and force-kisses her. The false nun starts to scream and resists as they begin groping her more forcefully.

From the captured locomotive, the officer, a young Lieutenant with a stylish moustache, barks an order at the Sergeant: “Get your men in that dining car from this other side! MOVE!!! You’ll have time to play with women later!”


Inside the dining car, the situation is desperate. Alone against the squad of soldiers and Dr. Hartz, Charters has only one bullet left, which he says he’ll keep for “this spy”.

Sensing the defenders are out of ammo, the soldiers start advancing toward the dining car. Iris watches them approaching with great distress. She desperately calls for Gilbert’s help.

Nothing happens. The train doesn’t move, and the soldiers are about to reach the car’s side doors. Iris and Margaret watch them with increasing dread.

Iris: “Gilbert!… GILBERT!!!…”
‘Mrs.’ Margaret Todhunter: “Why aren’t we going? Why aren’t we going? They said we were going. Why aren’t we?”

Iris is on the verge of tears; Margaret starts bawling.


The dining car is boarded from both sides and is soon filled with soldiers. Mr. Charters surrenders his revolver to Captain Schmitz, who has promised him “on his word of honour” that the prisoners will be treated with respect and dignity.

As soon as Charters has given his revolver to the enemy officer, three soldiers grab Margaret and start groping her; Margaret fills the dining car with shrill screams as she tries in vain to fight off the jeering men. Iris shouts at them to leave her alone, and gets laughed at by the other soldiers, who start catcalling her. She moves to help Margaret, but Captain Schmitz trains his gun on her and orders her to stay where she is.

Other soldiers beat up Charters, knock him down and one of them makes him scream in pain by stepping his boot on his injured hand. Dr. Hartz mocks him and takes his revolver. Upon seeing there’s one bullet remaining, the Doctor announces him that he’ll personally execute him with his own gun.

Dr. Hartz: “But before, my dear Charters, you’ll get to see how real men deal with ladies!”

On that, Dr. Hartz nods at the Captain, who smiles and orders Iris to take off her clothes or they’ll make her. He insists, pointing his gun at her while Margaret is screaming her life out as soldiers urgently remove her long coat, bend her over a table and ragingly pull her skirt down and uncover her gorgeous white butt as they rip off her panties—the camera makes a close-up on Margaret’s alluring butt, her white skin sharply contrasting with the dark background.

The Sergeant from the earlier scene makes a lewd remark about how entertaining this is going to be. Other men make a storm of catcalls.

“You… You have no right to do this!” Iris screams at the Captain, tears welling in her eyes as she tries hard to remain strong in the face of these soldiers, most of whom are staring at her from head to toe.

Dr. Hartz and soldiers laugh at her. They keep eye-raping Iris and grin between themselves. One says he’d always wanted to copulate with a British girl! Another bets she’s still a virgin, then a third soldier says “Not for long!” They all laugh.


Captain Schmitz repeats: “Miss! Take off all your clothes or we’ll force you to!”

Iris: “NO! Never in a hundred years!”

“A God-damned proud British woman!” the Captain jests, making his men laugh. Then he gives them an order that gets them grinning even more…


Iris: “Nooo!!! You have no right! It’s forbidden!!!”

Soldiers immediately rush forward and forcibly grab Iris!

The camera closes up on her distressed face as tears start streaming down her cheeks and she vainly tries to slip away from their grip, then it zooms out to show a soldier who force-kisses Iris while others grope her breasts and her butt through her clothes. Margaret is heard off-screen as she wails and begs her assailants to stop.

The dining car is filled with Iris’s shrill screams as two soldiers forcibly lift her off her feet while a third man roughly clears the wooden surface of a dining table with the back of his hand, sending a small lamp flying down along with some cups and saucers. They roughly lay her down on the cleared table.

Iris is pinned on the tabletop, face up, with her arms restrained above her head by one soldier holding her small wrists. Her high-pitched screams are deafening as she fights to defend the virtue she’s about to lose. Two soldiers grab and restrain her writhing legs.

A soldier: “Come on! Let’s see her titties!”

Iris (sobbing): “No! Please! Stop this!… Pleeee… eeeese…Nooooooooo!!!”

Dr. Hartz and Captain Schmitz look on with joy as the soldiers start assaulting Iris’s clothes. The grinning men ignore her protests and roughly tuck her already-unbuttoned cardigan all the way up her shoulders and arms. Amid her shrill screams, they violently grab the upper hem of her dress and rip it wide open, before pulling it all the way down to her abdomen, snapping off her bra in the process.

The camera zooms in on Iris’s suddenly exposed breasts. Her firm and smooth boobs are moving freely as she keeps squirming in the men’s clutches and filling the car with her screams. Her perky nipples and small areolas offer a subtle contrast against her white flesh. Iris’s jiggling splendour fills up the silver screen.

Then the soldiers urgently pull Iris’s grey dress all the way down! They slide her torn garments along her petite legs, discovering their alluring whiteness since she wasn’t wearing stockings. They quickly pull her shoes from her feet. On the black and white screen, Iris’s bare feet and lower legs are pure white against the dark rug.

The camera zooms in on Dr. Hartz’s face as he licks his lips and intensely looks at Iris while removing his gloves.

The screen shifts to a soldier discarding her dress behind him with one hand and using the other to cup one of her boobs. He says that raping this English Fräulein will be a lot of fun. The camera zooms in on Iris’s wailing face; rivers of tears are streaming down her pretty face as she looks toward the ceiling with despair, her eyes half closed; she then starts to frantically shake her head, making her black hair a blur on the screen.

Iris screams and wails at the top of her voice when a grinning soldier yanks her panties off…

Iris: “NOOOOOOOOO!!! STOP!!! I’M A BRITISH SUBJECT! I’M VIRGIN!!! PLEASE! NOOOOooo!!! NaaaahhhhaaaaaahhhhaaaaAAAAaaaaaaa…”

She then lets out a prolonged shriek of such deafening force and intensity that it sounds like the soldiers are eviscerating her alive. Their gray uniforms starkly contrast with her white skin. Iris is now naked except for the light-coloured cardigan tucked up at her shoulders with its long sleeves covering her arms.

The camera zooms in on her moving cunt as Iris keeps squirming amid the soldiers pinning her down on the table. Iris has a neatly contrasting patch of velvety hair that forms a vee with its lowest tuft guarding her entrance. Her folds and the entrance to her pussy are somewhat visible on this black and white close-up.

Soldiers whistle and lewdly praise the beauty of “the cute little English milady”. Her shrill wails are still louder than their jeers and catcalls.

The men roughly spread Iris’s legs, and Captain Schmitz goes first. Iris keeps screaming her life out with her small fists clenched where a grinning soldier is restraining her wrists. The Captain wedges himself between her spread out legs, unzips his uniform trousers and then pushes his erect cock!

The camera zooms in on the Captain’s dick as he pushes his cock between her labia; after a fleeting moment, he emits a loud groan as he forcefully penetrates Iris, who once more shrieks with a soul-tearing shrill amid the men’s jeers. The zoom-out shows Iris screaming and shaking her head wildly amid the grinning soldiers while Captain Schmitz grabs her small waist and begins pounding her with an expression of intense satisfaction on his face.

The camera closes up on Iris’s breasts, cupped and pressed by soldiers, then moves up to her distorted face while her head is bobbing from the fierce pounding she’s taking. Iris lets out another shrill scream with her mouth wide open and her eyes almost out of their orbits from the horror she is experiencing.

Dr. Hartz smokes a cigarette as he watches Iris getting gang-raped. Farther to his right, other men are having Margaret pinned and bent over another table, where they are taking turns in raping her from behind. Margaret endures the punishment, loudly sobbing and whimpering.

Outside the train, four soldiers are playing with the Nun. They have forcibly taken her gown off and stripped her Eve-naked near a thicket of trees. They are encircling her and holding all her limbs, maintaining her one yard above the ground as they mock her and contemplate her gorgeous white body.

In broad daylight, the Nun’s perky breasts are being cupped and kneaded while a man kneels down in front of her cunt, his head buried between her legs; he is giving her a cunnilingus. Another soldier begins sucking her breasts.

The Nun is moaning loud, making the men laugh. The man pleasuring her cunt begins using his hands to vigorously stroke her hips and butt. The Nun groans and moans out loud against the open sky! The soldier keeps pleasuring her, making the Nun further groan and moan amid thunders of laughter.

Then he gets up, drops his trousers and starts raping the Nun. He pounds her as if his life depended on how hard he’s shaking her. Her breasts are now free and jiggling wildly from this relentless pounding and repeated fury!

The Nun keeps moaning and groaning, begging the men to stop, but she’s no longer resisting. The young man then blows his load inside her and screams his echoing bliss under the silent trees. A second soldier takes his place and also consummates the rape, then a third one announces he’s going to go even rougher. All this time, the Nun keeps moaning.

In the dining room, Iris screams with waning intensity, her pretty face bitterly weeping as her black head of hair keeps relentlessly bobbing amid a forest of hands and grey uniform sleeves; she is still pinned on the table by jeering soldiers, her arms stretched out above her head, yet still covered with her pale cardigan sleeves.

Her petite legs are brushing against the Captain’s flanks, offering a sharp white contrast against his dark grey uniform as he keeps raping Iris, holding her small waist and relentlessly banging her while grunting like a rutting baboon.

Captain Schmitz finally bolts and fills the room with a powerful roar of victory, banging Iris in spasmodic thrusts as he explodes. The camera zooms in to show his face, all his features tensed with animalistic delight as he finishes dumping his load.

The camera shifts down and zooms in on Iris’s face; she is bitterly sobbing, her pretty features deformed as tears are raining down her cheeks. The camera zooms out and shows Dr. Hartz moving in to replace Captain Schmitz.

The tall, dapper Doctor rapes Iris with anger and vengeance. Each of his repeated hip thrusts is loaded with wicked fury!

Dr. Hartz: “You thought you could outsmart me, eh?… hrr, hrrrr… Well take this!… hrrr, hrrr, hhhrrr… This!… And this!… Damned proud English woman!!!…. hrrr… hrrr, hrrr, hrrr!!! Not so proud now, eh?… HRRR, HRRR, HRRRRR!!!…”

Dr. Hartz pounds Iris hard as she keeps wailing and writhing with diminishing energy amid the men. A soldier says it’s a nice weather to rape a virgin girl. They all laugh.

The screen shifts to Margaret, who keeps getting raped from behind and slammed hard against the table amid loud jeers; she is now moaning hard and bobbing her hips back and forth to meet each of her rapist’s dick thrusts. The soldier raping her suddenly drives her against him in repeated spasmodic frenzy and then growls long and hard as he ejaculates.

The screen shifts back to Dr. Hartz as he rapes Iris. It zooms in on his devilish grin and saucer-wide eyes as he intensely looks down on her with an almost demonic gaze. The zoom-out shows him cupping and pressing Iris’s breasts while steadily banging her on the creaking table amid the pack of soldiers.

“No… no… no… no… aaaaaaahh… no,” she feebly repeats, whimpering and weeping as she also begins moaning.

The Doctor grabs Iris’s hips and lifts her butt off the table as he ragingly intensifies the rape, making her body shake like a sail amid a typhoon; her pale cardigan is swinging along below her shoulders as the soldiers restrain her limbs.

The camera zooms in on Iris’s fast-moving face and dishevelled hair, which shakes like a raven blur as she whimpers and moans hard in the same urgent rhythm as the Doctor’s pounding. Then the camera moves down to show a close-up of her wildly jiggling breasts, with hints of her wide-open cardigan.

The camera zooms out. Amid his animalistic grunts, Dr. Hartz suddenly bolts and stands stiff. Then he shoots his load and keeps pounding Iris while groaning and screaming his victory!

Dr. Hartz: GGGGRRRRRHNNNGGGLLFFFGNRrrrrrrrrrnnnhhhrrr!!! AAaahhhh… WE WON!!!

Iris wails in a long plaintive cry as the Doctor fills her up. There’s a close-up on the Doctor’s clenched teeth and crazy eyes as he finishes dumping his load. Then the camera closes up on Iris’s sobbing face, showing her eyes half-closed with tears streaming down her distorted features; her face is still pristine-looking in spite of her intense physical and moral suffering.

As he exits Iris, Dr. Hartz tells her he has been dreaming of this since he first saw her. Then Iris is raped by the rank and file. The first soldier starts by using his hands. He gently, but insistently rubs her cunt. The camera zooms in, showing two fingers entering her vagina.

Iris: “No! Stop this!… No!!!… Nooooooo!!!… ooohhh…”

A soldier: “Come on little brother, make her sing a good tune!”

Another soldier: “Yes, make her sing a nice high-pitched British tune! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Iris is now moaning and crying at the same time. She starts groaning with peculiar high-pitched notes while the soldier relentlessly keeps fingering her. The men keep firmly restraining her as Iris wriggles and starts again to groan and moan, begging them to stop shaming her like that. The soldier keeps fingering her pussy.

Iris: “AAAaaaahhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!… Nooooo!!!… NAAAoooooooo!!! Stop this! Please… Aaaaaaaahhhh Naaaaooooo!!! Aaaaaaaaahhh… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

She then suddenly lets out a loud moan that detonates throughout the dining car; it’s followed with a salvo of extremely high-pitched groans. All the soldiers erupt with laughter.

The camera zooms in, showing Iris’s face, sweating with her mouth wide open, her eyes weeping as she keeps forcefully moaning.

A Soldier: “That’s it, little brother! Now that’s a nice-sounding British tune!”

Other soldiers: “Again! Again! Sing for us Milady!”

The soldier stops fingering Iris. He stands up and unzips his uniform trousers, presenting a fully erect dick of impressive proportions. He then enters Iris, and begins raping her, holding her waist as he bangs her ragingly.

In the same way the Doctor had done, but with even greater strength and fury, the young man lifts Iris clear off the table, and she gets savagely raped, suspended above the table and restrained by several soldiers. He pounds her with such unbridled fury as if he were in a competition to see who bangs her the hardest and longest.

Iris is shaken senseless with her hair flying, her cardigan flapping below her horizontal figure and her breasts jiggling out of control! She starts moaning again and gets a thunder of jeers and laughter from the soldiers.

The Sergeant: “Nice British tune! All paid for in foreign currency! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

A soldier: “It’s a good thing she’s enjoying the ride! She’s going to get all our spunk as a paid tribute to her British beauty!”

A third soldier: “All paid for in foreign currency! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The screen shows Iris being savagely raped amid the jeering circle of soldiers. Dr. Hartz looks on smiling while smoking another cigarette. The camera closes in on her as she looks up at the ceiling, her head furiously rocked back and forth with her hair flying around; she is moaning louder and louder under the relentless pounding.

Iris suddenly emits a new salvo of high-pitched groans, followed with a loud detonating moan that silences every soldier with astonishment.

Shortly after, the soldier raping Iris utters a loud growl and discharges his load, his cap falling down from his head as he keeps banging her all through his intense ejaculation. He exits the sobbing girl and tells his mates that British women are the finest stock!

Another uniformed man immediately replaces him and proceeds to rape her just as savagely, if not even harder, until he too cums inside her. As they all take their turns, the soldiers keep laughing and commenting on how this British Milady loves being roughed up by strong foreign soldiers.

Caldicott and Charters watch Iris’s gang-rape with horror, held in check by grinning soldiers. Both men can’t take their eyes off Iris being constantly defiled by an ever-replaced soldier.

Iris is now letting the last soldiers in the squad take her without resisting; she receives their dicks and cum with quiet whimpers while letting her body move along with their overwhelming power. A soldier is clearly a feet lover; he props her legs all the way up and rapes her with her feet resting on his shoulders. Holding her legs and kissing her feet at times, he bangs her feverishly until he screams his delight.

The screen shifts to Margaret, who is pinned against the wall and savagely banged where she stands. She is groaning loudly and wraps her legs and arms around the young man as he keeps powerfully slamming her against the wall, cupping her butt with his hands. He soon utters a long growl against her face as he concludes with a massive ejaculation.

Another soldier—tall and very handsome—takes his turn. Margaret looks intensely at his youthful features and wraps her legs tightly around him. She moans even louder as she gets bucked once more against the wall. The camera zooms in on Margaret’s face as she moans with increasing intensity and frantically runs her fingers through the lad’s blond hair.

The screen now shifts to the squad having captured the locomotive. They have been standing by in the dining car, near a side door. They have enjoyed the show, smoking cigarettes and helping themselves to the bar. Now they move in to claim their prize.

The moustached Lieutenant presently grabs Iris. Soldiers help him to flip her over. On his order, they swiftly take off her pale cardigan, discarding it and leaving her Eve-nude amid them. Her naked figure gets catcalls and lewd remarks.

The Lieutenant firmly bends Iris over the dining table. His subordinates hold the sobbing girl firmly pinned on the table, this time face down. He slaps her ass and tells her that he loves her nice tight butt.

The camera closes up on Iris’s butt cheeks. Iris has a superbly white butt with firm, nubile curves that appear wide compared to her thin waist. The small crack at the base smoothly widens down south and offers a nice hint of shadowy cunt. The sweeping curves of her hips blend seamlessly into her alluring legs.

The camera moves down her petite legs and shows her feet—just as white and dainty as the rest of her figure—for a fleeting moment, before zooming out and showing the moustached Lieutenant removing one glove. Then he starts to finger Iris from behind while resting his other hand on the small of her back.

Iris: “Nooo!!! STOP!!! Please… Don’t do this again… No… Please…”

Iris’s moans start filling the room once more. The Lieutenant soon stops fingering her and urgently sticks out his dick. He emits a thundering grunt as he penetrates Iris.

He grabs her hips and repeatedly slams her against the creaking table, his men encouraging him and some of them masturbating as they look on. The camera closes up on Iris’s sobbing face as it slides sideways on the glossy tabletop, her shiny hair moving along as a dark dishevelled mass while she is being raped doggystyle. She keeps moaning and whimpering.

The Lieutenant hammers on, holding nothing back. His animalistic grunts fill the dining car as he rapes her in all-out frenzy. Then he lets out a loud, long-sustained growl and blows his load inside the pretty brunette.

A soldier from the Lieutenant’s squad rushes at Iris and urgently rapes her, doggystyle as well. He soon jolts and growls as he victoriously empties his load inside the captive British girl. He is followed with Captain Schmitz, who takes his second turn in the same doggystyle position. Dr. Hartz watches the whole scene while masturbating.

Captain Schmitz uses a different technique. He only penetrates Iris half way, keeping his cock near her entrance while copulating at a frantic pace. The camera closes up on his frantic piston action, showing Iris’s butt and his dick raping her at a nearly blurring speed. As he holds her waist, the Captain’s dark gloves intensify her glamorous whiteness.

Iris is now moaning hard under the frenzied punishment. Captain Schmitz soon screams out and powerfully shoots a rope of glistening semen as he accidentally exits her. The massive load splatters the right side of her butt while the soldiers congratulate their panting officer.

Soldier: “Nice offering, Herr Hauptmann!”

Sergeant: “All this in foreign currency! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Another soldier: “Milady loves her good soldiers! She’s the regiment’s bride! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The Lieutenant: “Gott und Himmel! I didn’t know this was going to be so much fun!”

Then the soldier who just congratulated the Captain replaces him and rapes Iris in the same position, using the same technique.

The camera zooms in and shows Iris’s pretty face with her mouth wide open and frantically moaning and whimpering as her head keeps sliding on the tabletop in the same frenzied pace as the copulating strokes.

Before long, the soldier utters a deafening scream of bliss and powerfully relieves himself.

He is followed by the Sergeant, who says after he had the other whore, it’s time for him to sample this cute raven-haired strumpet. He then slaps her ass and begins raping Iris using the same frenzied strokes.

Iris is now whimpering and moaning out of control as the Sergeant keeps up his relentless pounding. She suddenly emits a new salvo of high-pitched moans that fill the dining car, then reverts to whimpering as the Sergeant groans and spews his load; he keeps hammering her deep as he fills her up.

Iris feebly begs them again to stop, while another soldier takes his turn. The soldiers who have already raped her are farther away, smoking and commenting on her tight vagina. One of them says it would be a great idea to try her mouth too. The Sergeant warns him that this could be dangerous, but the Lieutenant says it will be fine; all they have to do is to tell her they are going to kill her friends if she doesn’t obey like a good girl.

As the last soldier finishes ejaculating inside Iris, Dr. Hartz throws his cigarette away and takes a second go at her, holding her butt between his hands and raping her doggystyle as well. A camera close-up shows his face displaying immense satisfaction as he bangs Iris, who moans and whimpers, face down on the table. Dr. Hartz concludes with a resounding roar that echoes throughout the dining car.

Margaret is presently pinned on a table with a soldier’s face between her spread-out legs. She repeatedly groans, her eyes closed and feebly begging them not to shame her by pleasuring her, but she’s no longer resisting.

While their mate is giving her a forced cunnilingus, two soldiers are restraining Margaret’s arms. They rip her blouse open and urgently yank her bra away. The bra is stretched thin as the soldier pulls, then it snaps broken while the camera zooms in for a frontal close-up of her boobs as they bounce back down and settle in their natural position.

Margaret has full, average-size breasts with puffy nipples that contrast rather sharply with her white flesh. Her curvy orbs cast round lines of shadow. The camera zooms in on a soldier’s mouth approaching and engulfing one of her breasts while cupping the other one.

The screen shifts to Margaret’s sweating face and moaning mouth as tears stream down her cheeks. “Please… stop…,” she feebly whispers. The zoom-out shows a soldier sticking his dick out and rubbing it on her face.

Her rapist stops performing the cunnilingus. As he stands, he is given a beer and takes a large sip to dispel the foul taste; he pours the rest of the beer on Margaret’s boobs. He tells his mates that he sure as hell doesn’t do such a disgusting job every day. Then he sticks his hard cock inside Margaret and begins raping her on the table, grabbing her thighs and banging her vigorously, making her moan loud with her alluring legs brushing his flanks, and keeps going until he cums hard.

The second soldier sucks Margaret’s beer-soaked breasts while gently stroking her medium-dark hair; the third soldier takes the champion’s spot between her legs and starts enjoying his own turn inside her. At one point, Margaret groans repeatedly, almost to the top of her voice, begging them to stop. After this, the Lieutenant walks up to Margaret and pays tribute to her glamorous beauty with a savage rape. Margaret keeps groaning and moaning loud, her body shaken under the barrage of dick thrusts until the Lieutenant screams out his final bliss.

Outside, the Nun is now getting gang-raped standing doggystyle by four men—two soldiers and two local hunters. They all crack jokes in German. One of the hunters is face-raping her. The camera closes in on the Nun as he growls loudly and pollutes her face with glistening cum amid loud cheers from the onlookers.

Inside the dining car, Caldicott and Charters can’t take their eyes off Iris. They keep watching her defilement with a horrified expression on their face.

Iris is presently forced to kneel down and ordered to give fellatio to each and every soldier, starting with Captain Schmitz, then in descending order of rank, from the Lieutenant and the Sergeant down to the rank and file.

The close-up shows her pretty face, with saucer-wide eyes and her mouth full with the Captain’s dick while the tall man grunts and caresses her hair. He keeps telling her they will now go easy on her if she obeys their commands. He then stops speaking and grabs her head as he starts to savagely face-fuck her until he utters an impressive roar and explodes inside her mouth.

He orders Iris to swallow. The zoom-in shows her gagging, on the verge of retching. She spits out some of the load, but then the Lieutenant comes in, his flaccid dick dripping with fresh cum and he orders Iris to suck him clean and hard again, or else they will kill all her friends.

Iris sobs and whimpers in weird muffling sounds as she starts pleasuring the Lieutenant, who orders her to take his dick in “this lovely hand of yours.” She keeps sucking him, her kneeling figure gazed at by all men present while her head relentlessly bobs back and forth with her hand massaging his dick, but it stays flaccid; it just won’t go up.

The angry Lieutenant slaps her hard. Iris yelps and falls to the floor, wailing, as the enraged Lieutenant steps out of the dining cart. The Sergeant gently picks up Iris and tenderly kisses her as if she were his fiancée. Then he kindly asks the frightened girl to kneel down again and pleasure him.

Iris obediently resumes her series of forced oral sex. Soldiers lewdly comment on her whorish prowess. She keeps pleasuring the Sergeant. In the close-up screen, his dick is hard and bulging with veins as her ever-moving mouth keeps coating it with saliva.

The Sergeant is grunting with delight. A camera close-up shows his delighted face as he growls, then the screen quickly shifts down, showing his dick exiting Iris’s mouth and polluting her face with a small load of semen.

Then the sobbing girl from the elite London society starts doing blowjobs for the rank and file. She takes the oldest soldier, who also exits and cums on her, splattering her hair just above her forehead.

Iris Henderson uses her dainty mouth to pleasure each and every soldier, from the Corporals down to the recruits. The growing number of fatigued soldiers are drinking beer and smoking as they watch Iris’s head bobbing away.

The screen shifts back to Iris, who is pleasuring the last three men, all of them recruits aged eighteen or nineteen. Each of these lads has a vigorous hard dick in spite of his previous partaking. Each is very gentle with her.

As Iris gives head to each of them, the foreign lad tells her how beautiful she is. She keeps looking up at his handsome face while actively bobbing her head back and forth as her sealed mouth keeps pleasuring him. She often holds his dick while he always keeps stroking her head.

The camera shows Iris’s kneeling figure, strikingly white against the shadowy mass of the car’s wooden interior and the numerous gray-uniformed soldiers watching her. It zooms in and shows her hips, her butt as it rests on her folded legs, her dainty feet and her lower legs, then moves up her hips, her tiny waist and her perky breasts, now viewed from a three-quarter profile.

Her orbs are nicely defined with smooth shadows; her nipples are gently moving along with her as she gives fellatio to the delighted young soldier. Iris keeps massaging his dick with one hand while resting the other on his upper thigh. The black and white motion picture allows the viewer to see the man’s dick shimmering from the saliva coating it.

When the first young man is about to ejaculate, she takes his dick from her mouth and makes him shoot his cum on her breasts. The camera zooms in to show two glistening puddles of semen just a little above her left nipple, with a stream down her boob curve and a droplet about to fall off her nipple.

Iris then takes the second lad in her mouth and quickly works him to a growling climax. The soldier pulls out and spews a large load that splatters her forehead and some of her midnight-black hair. The third lad follows and Iris treats him the exact same way, but at the end, he cums inside her mouth and she swallows obediently, looking up at him as she does so.

When the recruits are gone, the camera closes up on Iris’s cum-polluted face and mouth. Her eyes are closed in silent surrender as she quietly weeps, her entire body shaken with spasmodic sobs.

Presently, the Lieutenant has an idea. They go fetch the locomotive operators, who have been watching the gang-rapes from outside the dining car. The two operators are middle-aged and overweight; their pudgy faces are dirty with a film of soot. Both are staring very intensely at Iris, who is lying down in the nude near the table where she has been subjected to countless rapes.

The Lieutenant whispers to the Captain’s ear; both officers grin between themselves. The Captain speaks to Iris…


The camera closes in on Iris’s face and shows her fascinated expression as she looks at the locomotive operators, then it zooms out and shows the Lieutenant translating his words to both men, who grin with joy and walk up to Iris.

The middle-aged men take their suspenders off their shoulders and quickly strip naked from the waist down, their dicks gloriously pointing at Iris.

The first locomotive operator lays himself down on top of her; he quickly penetrates Iris and begins fucking her in the missionary style, grunting and groaning like a lewd gorilla as he delightfully pounds her on the floor.

Iris starts moaning and whimpering. She wraps her legs around the operator and crosses ankles above his naked butt, which he keeps powerfully flexing as he pounds her with grunting delight. The camera zooms in on her lower legs, showing her dainty ankles that seamlessly merge into her small feet.

The camera zooms out, showing several soldiers masturbating frantically while Iris keeps whimpering under the operator’s relentless pounding. Two young soldiers rush at her and growl as they dump their loads on Iris’s feet. The camera closes up on her feet, now splattered with glistening deposits of cum.

The screen shifts to a scene from much earlier in the film. It shows Iris, fully clad and walking on the quay and about to board the train, while this same operator is staring at her from the locomotive, along with the second operator; both men comment on how gorgeous this brunette is and how they’d love to have sex with her.

The screen shifts back to the scene where the first locomotive operator is banging Iris on the floor. She whimpers, moans and weeps at the same time while her beautiful head of hair keeps relentlessly bobbing on the rug.

The entire dining car erupts in wild cheers from the soldiers as the elated operator pounds Iris with intensifying frenzy, panting and puffing with some saliva spilling from his mouth. He keeps going until he screams like a banshee and fills up her steamer with a full store of jizz.

As soon as the relieved man is helped back up to his feet by soldiers who pat him on the back, the second locomotive operator rushes at Iris with his dick fully erect. He picks her up, positions her on all fours, grabs her lithe waist and gleefully takes her doggystyle while contemplating the white curves of her protruding butt.

Iris weeps silently as she takes his dick thrusts while supporting her upper body on her elbows, with her face sliding down on the rug in the same rocking motion as her entire body. The camera zooms in on her weeping face, still pretty in spite of her prolonged ordeal. Then the screen shifts to her butt being vigorously slammed with repeated fury against the operator’s flabby lower belly. The man’s savage groans fill the dining car until he soon growls like a wild boar and gives Iris a massive explosion of middle-aged cum.

The locomotive operators quickly get dressed again and leave the car smiling. Iris remains lying down, naked, covered with sweat and cum spots and encircled by the soldiers.

Dr. Hartz speaks to the male prisoners. They are to be executed, but before, he’ll give them one last moment of happiness. Iris turns her cum-polluted face their way and intensely looks at Caldicott.

Charters and Caldicott immediately understand what the evil Doctor has in mind. They both sternly refuse to do such a thing and say they’d rather be shot immediately, but then Caldicott walks up to Iris as soon as he’s unrestrained.

Amid flurries of laughter from the soldiers, Caldicott kneels and hesitantly starts touching Iris, caressing her hair. She takes his hand and kisses his palm and wrist. Soldiers are about to pick her back up and hold her for him, but Iris gets up on her knees and gently kisses Caldicott. She looks down at his crotch.

In his kneeling position, Caldicott unzips his pants and shows her his exceptionally large dick. Then he grabs her ankles and props her feet up on his shoulders. As he sets himself on top of her, he pins her legs up under his arms and finally penetrates Iris, whose feet are now pointing straight at the ceiling.

While she receives his forceful thrusts, Iris and Caldicott look intensely at each other. He ups his tempo, now banging her with unrestrained abandon and contemplating her moving breasts and quivering nipples. Iris passively lets him pound her while she weeps. Caldicott keeps fucking her hard. A zoom-in shows Iris’s face. Her tears streaming down her cheeks follow a pattern that is skewed by the unbridled force of Caldicott’s vigorous strokes.

Finally, Caldicott screams out his intense rush as he blissfully explodes…

The screen shifts to a close-up of Caldicott’s enormous dick as he exits Iris and spews out one last gob of semen that lands smack on her lower abdomen above her cunt hair.

Charters is gazing at the scene with unbelieving eyes. At last, he accepts the Doctor’s final offer and takes his own turn inside Iris. He positions her on all fours and kneels behind her. He sticks out his erect dick, lets out a grunt as he penetrates her. Then he grabs her waist and bucks Iris actively in spite of his wounded hand.

Iris starts whimpering in rhythm with his thrusts as she receives him doggystyle on the floor. Her butt makes repeated smat smat smat smat sounds as their bodies keep colliding. Charters utters grunts that step up in force and frequency as he pounds her with increasing momentum. Suddenly, he bolts and emits an incredibly loud and intense scream!


Charters keeps banging Iris as he loudly relieves himself, looking down at Iris with astonished eyes.

Then, Charters and Caldicott are taken outside, ordered down on their knees and summarily executed. Dr. Hartz shoots Charters himself using Charters’s own revolver. With the last bullet. The shots are fired off-screen. Iris hears the gunshots and collapses on the floor, crying in spasmodic wails.

The soldiers leave the scene with their prisoners. Iris and the Nun are taken downtown to a military brothel, to be inducted to their new life as entertainment for the troops. Margaret is taken to a different brothel that specializes in catering to the needs of men who like glamorous women in their thirties.

Miss Froy makes it safe to London. The spy is devastated when he learns about Gilbert’s death and Iris’s capture. He vows to free her.

Dr. Hartz becomes a regular in the military brothel. He just can’t get enough of Iris.

The last scene ends in a cheaply furnished room, where a naked Dr. Hartz is bucking Iris like he did in the train.

“Do you feel England’s defeat, my dear?” He tells her before growling and spewing his load inside her.

The End

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