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Somebody’s Watching

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I never told this to anyone and I think it’s about time… to tell about my first time. Here we go…

It was the summer of 2015. I was 18 and living in a small Texas town, population of less than ten thousand. I couldn’t wait to leave for college that fall, even if it meant leaving my girlfriend, Casey. Though I had great time with her, I felt I was ready to see the world, experience something new. Casey was very cute: petite, with nice C cup breasts and firm ass, short blonde hair with bangs and crystal blue eyes.

My family home was located close to the local train station. It must sound like the worst location ever, with all the noise. Yes, it was far from ideal, but after a while I sort of got used to it. After all, it’s always been like that for me.

Me and my friends would sometimes hang out at that station, simply because there wasn’t much else to do in our town. We would mostly play trainspotting or joke around with the drunks that would hang out there. Since it was a pretty small station in a small town, there was just one railway cop, mostly there to chase away hobos and addicts. That summer that railway cop was a young woman named Liv. She was around 25, light-skinned Hispanic, tall, fit, with long dark hair and a great ass. She was very attractive, but something about her, in her eyes, always gave me the creeps. Apparently, I was right about that.

One time a stray dog was loose at the station. When Liv tried to chase it away, it barked at her. So she took her baton and beat it to death. Four precise blows, one weak growl and it was over. So much blood. Me and my buddies saw the whole thing. Liv looked up at us and smiled. We took off immediately. We never told anyone. But I’ll get back to Liv later.

By the time July rolled around, my girlfriend Casey and I would make out almost every day, and she even let me feel her up a few times, but we had yet to go all the way. Almost every day, I jerked off thinking about her sweet tits and cute firm ass, imagining her beautiful smile wrapped around my hard cock. I had watched porn for years by that point and I knew all about sex… in theory. But pretty soon, I dropped the porn entirely and only jerked off to Casey. I only needed/wanted her. Occasionally, I would even eat a peach while jerking off, imagining that I was eating Casey’s sweet teen pussy. It sounds so weird and pathetic now, but back then… hormones, I guess.

The day it happened, we were once again making out in my room and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled away and told Casey, as gently as I could, that I wanted to have sex with her. That we should try it at least once before I weby away. I expected her to be hesitant, that it would take some convincing. But then she flashed me a huge smile and said Yes. I couldn’t believe my luck. It started out great, but ended… not so much.

I still remember how sweaty my hands were when I locked the door and even more when I took Casey’s shirt off, and how beautiful her perky tits looked in her blue bra, how my fingers fumbled as I took it off, and how amazing her rack looked bare, exposed. How I could barely stop myself from licking her curves and sucking her hard nipples right away. When my heart thundered against my chest as she took my shirt off and her soft warm hands ran down my chest and abs, a soft moan escaping her lips. How she moaned when I leaned over, kissed her neck and undid a button on her tight red shorts. How I pulled them down, revealing her matching blue panties, glistening with wetness. When I took my pants off and Casey’s beautiful blue eyes widened when my hard cock sprung free, her luscious lips spreading into a lustful grin.

I don’t know why I went down on her right away. I guess I always wanted to taste her virgin cunt. I licked her through her drenched panties a few times, as she moaned and shuddered. I was already feeling dizzy, my cock throbbing madly. I pulled her panties down with my teeth (though it took me a few clumsy attemots to get it right) and inhaled her intoxicating scent. Her clit was standing up like a tiny aroused prick. I licked it madly, tongue fucking her tight, warm hole every now and then. I made sure to look up the whole time, so I could see her naked body writhe in pleasure. The most erotic sight. Her eyes closed, her face flushed, her chest heaving as I ate her out. Every image burned into my mind.

It was my first time so I was worried I wouldn’t do it right. But I got the gist of it quickly and we were both very turned on so it didn’t have to last long anyway. I felt so proud and aroused when Casey came, arching her back up as she cried out, her juices rolling down my tongue. I wanted her to taste her delicious nectar, so I got up and went in for a kiss, her cum glistening on my lips. I expected her to pull away, but she didn’t. She gasped when my wet tongue touched hers and soon our tongues were dipping and exploring, battling for dominance. She bit my lower lip as I pulled away and grinned at me.

I didn’t have to say anything. I lied down on the bed and waited for her. She tried giving me a blowjob, but she would gag every time, so she started jerking me off. Her warm, delicate hand felt so fucking good around my dick. I barely lasted for two minutes before blowing my load.

I asked Casey how it was and she told me it was amazing. We kissed again. It felt so liberating and exciting, being naked and satisfied and all over each other. I told her to sit on my lap and she did. The feel of her hot ass pressed against my crotch sent jolts up my body. She got the hint and started moving slowly, giving me a lapdance, like in porn. I kissed her neck and my hands went up to fondle her tits. I felt her pounding heartbeats under my touch. Pretty soon I was rock hard again. I whispered that I wanted to fuck her.

She lied down on the bed and spread her legs. I asked her if she was sure and she said Yes. I climbed on top of her and pushed in. I felt some barrier at first, but pretty soon it broke. Casey cried out, a single tear rolling down her flushed face. Her warm blood rolled down my cock and it pulsed in response, as her walls tightened around me. I waited for a while. I asked her if it hurt and she just told me to keep going. I was clumsy at first but I soon got a hold of it. Just move in and out. Pretty soon I was thrusting hard, leaning my head down so I could lick and suck on Casey’s tits. I left thick marks of drool on her boobs and sucked on her nipples, now hard buds. Her hands roamed up and down my back and arms as her pussy pulsed around my cock. I heard her say nasty things that I could never imagine my sweet girlfriend saying out loud, and in such a husky voice too. She cried out my name as she came, her nails digging into my back as her pussy convulsed around my cock. I gave her a few more hard thrusts before I came, pleasure washing over me as I filled her teenage cunt with my spunk.

I was breathing heavily when I pulled out, my body covered with sweat. I took some tissues from the bedside drawer and cleaned myself up. Suddenly, Casey froze, her eyes wide. She was staring at the nearby window. I asked her what was wrong. She whispered that she had seen a shadow at the window, and it looked like somebody had been watching us. I felt myself shiver. I looked that way, but there was nobody outside. Then we heard some noise. I quickly pulled my pants up and went to investigate. But before I could leave, the door swung open.

There stood Liv, the railway cop, in uniform and all. Her eyes were glazed over, a nasty grin playing on her lips. Casey gasped and pulled the sheet up to cover herself. I opened my mouth to speak, but Liv pulled our her baton and pointed it at me, lightly tapping my chin. I decided it was better to keep quiet for now. Liv’s gaze landed on Casey and she walked over to her. Casey scooted away, shaking like a leaf. I was absolutely terrified. Liv held her hand out and blew at it. Some dust went up and Casey coughed. Liv’s grin widened. ‘Angel dust,’ she said. ‘It will take you to the moon and back.’

Much of what happened next is a blur. I think Liv reached over and tried to touch Casey, she screamed, I pulled Liv by the collar and dragged her out. She kicked at me a few times and I got a few kicks back. I threw her out through the back door and told her to never come back, threatening to call the police. I guess that’s how she came in, through the back (sliding) door, since the front door was locked. And she must have picked a lock on my room door? I was worried she would put up a fight, but she just spat on the ground and left. By the time I returned to my room, Casey was already dressed. She was crying. I tried to comfort her, but she stormed off. I had a few nasty red bruises on my arms and they burned at the touch.

I barely slept that night. I tried calling Casey, but she wouldn’t answer. I was worried Liv would come back, but she didn’t. It took a few days for Casey to calm down and talk to me again. We eventually had sex again, many times that summer, but only at her house. And I was always quite nervous, it would take me at least ten minutes to get it up. We never told anyone what had happened, we were too scared and ashamed. I also avoided going to that train station since then.

I left for college that fall and I pretty much never returned to my hometown, other than a few very brief times for the holidays. I have met up with Casey a few times since, in different cities, but that’s another story. Til this day, I avoid traveling by train if possible, and whenever I see a railway cop or a subway cop, especially if it’s a young woman, I shit myself (not literally, of course). I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. That is my story.

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    I had been going with this girl for a year. I had tried many times but she stayed a virgin. She had told me that when she graduated from high school the next year, her mother would buy her a ticket so she could come to me and we could get married. I had never proposed but I did give her a ‘friendship ring’ which she said was a promise ring. I was about to leave the state to go to college when she came over. We were alone at my house, up in my room. She said I needed something to remember her by, and she gave me her virginity. I never saw her again.