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She was a very good witch…

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I was in my mid-thirties and had just recently gotten divorced. I had gotten married young so didn’t really have a lot of experience going out to bars and trying to pick up girls. But there was a little bar near where I worked so I started dropping in when I got off work around 10 o’clock at night. It turned out to be a typical dive bar with mostly regulars and it turned out to have a reputation for being a rough place. But at 6′ 6″, 290 lbs and a former Marine I wasn’t really worried about it. I was more interested in all the hotties that were there every night. So before long I was one of the regulars. Most of the crowd there were younger than me, especially the girls. I found out quick, that getting there a little late and sober, was a good thing. A lot of these younger guys would bring a girl, but once they were there they spent all their time with their buddies getting drunk as quick as they could, shooting pool and ignoring their girl.

The girls in turn were drinking and getting pissed off. So if you came in and were sober it was easy to start a conversation with those girls and showing them your undivided attention made you look like the greatest guy they’d ever met. I can’t count the times some of those girls would ask if I’d take them home. But along the way they’d end up coming to my home rather than theirs. Being pissed off at their boyfriend and wanting revenge made it easy to get them in bed. And being experienced in knowing how to really please a woman and fortunate to have been blessed with a nice thick 10 1/2″ cock I’d give them the ride of their life. And in my mid-thirties it was amazing fucking these hot little girls in their late teens & early twenties. So I was like a kid in a candy store. But one night there was a girl closer to my age that really caught my eye, along with every other guy there.

She was about 5′-10″, 125-lbs, 38D-24-36, long jet black hair past her waist, grey eyes and just looked like she could fuck a guy to death. She seemed to be a real ice queen and was making a killing on the pool tables. She was better than anyone, guy or girl I’d ever seen shooting pool. Plus having a tight blouse that only had a couple of buttons closed so when she’d lean over to make a shot her big boobs would almost fall out. Plus her skin tight pants showed off one of the sexiest ass’s I’ve ever seen. I was just sitting back watching enjoying seeing her take guy after guy’s money. Finally when she went over to the bar to get a drink I told the bartender to put it on my tab. I told her I was enjoying watching her take all those cocky young guys to the cleaners. She asked if I wanted to play a game? I told her I’d love to play a couple of games with her, but none of them were pool. I couldn’t believe such a lame line worked. But she sat at a table and motioned for me to join her.

We got to know a little more about each other and I made a date with her for my night off. She looked sexy as hell in a long black dress and black high heel boots. But the first thing I thought when I saw her was if she had a broom and pointed hat she’d be one sexy ass witch. We went out to dinner and a movie and when I took her home I walked her to the door hoping to be invited in, especially during our good night kiss when she stuck her tounge down my throat and groped my cock and stepped back and said wow with a sexy smile on her face. She knew I wanted to come in but she said she would ask me in but she had to get up early, then added that she could assure me it would be worth the wait. We’d already made plans to go out the next week. And she said she was going to show me something she bet would blow my mind. And that she just hoped my mind was open to new things. When I picked her up she was again dressed in black and this was before anyone was thinking about goth.

She had me drive out into the country and just drive around. She said if was very relaxing to her to be out of the city just driving around. Finally I could tell she had me headed to a specific place and when we got there I was pretty sure it was a place I’d heard of before but never been to. As we were going down an off ramp she told me to stop. Then had me put the car in neutural and take my foot off the brake. And just like the rumors I’d heard the car started to roll up hill. I pulled over and got out trying to come up with a reasonable reason for what had happened. Peggy picked up an empty beer can someone had thrown out and laid it on the pavement. A cold chill went through me when the can started to roll up hill. Then she said there was something else she wanted to show me. We went down a side road that had a sign that said dead end and another saying bridge closed.

But as we got to a barricade across the road at the bridge I saw headlights come on from a car on the bridge. They went across the bridge and around the barrier on the other side. She told me to drive out on the bridge. I’d remembered hearing about the bridge being closed and lots of people were upset because they had to drive twice as far to get into town. And it was closed to keep big trucks from going on it. I was a little uneasy but I figured no one was around and I’d seen the other car on the bridge so I drove onto the bridge and halfway across she had me stop and she got out of the car. As if it wasn’t creepy enough it was a full moon and it was very bright. Everywhere I looked were satanic markings. When I turned around she was standing there totally naked. She looked sexy as hell but also I noticed even naked I thought how she looked like a witch. She undressed me and laid my clothes in the car. I was going to turn the headlights off but she said not to.

We were in front of the car and she stooped down and started sucking my cock, then she streatched out with her hands on the hood and had me fuck her from behind. As I was fucking her I saw headlights and she said it’s ok no matter what don’t stop. They stopped at the end of the bridge and after flashing their lights drove onto the bridge. She told me again not to stop, I knew it wasn’t a cop car so I kept fucking her. As the car reached us I could tell she was turned on that they were there watching us. Her huge tits were bouncing around and she was mumbling something I couldn’t understand over and over. I shot my load deep inside her and she was screaming out in pleasure the last five minutes I was fucking her and even louder after I shot off inside her. By then I knew the people in the other car had gotten out and when I looked over the girl was undressing. Like Peggy she was dressed in all black and wasn’t wearing any underwear. Once she was naked Peggy went over to her and they were hugging each other and then touching each other’s tits and pussy while saying something and they kissed. By then the guy was naked and they were having sex in front of their car with the lights on.

We drove to the other side of the bridge and once we were off of the bridge I was going to turn around but she said you couldn’t go back across the bridge. But we stopped a little ways up the road and got out to put our clothes back on. While we were there I saw another car stop on the bridge beside the car we’d left. And they got out and undressed. A few minutes later the other couple left driving past us. Peggy said she couldn’t tell me everything but that this happened every full moon. I kept dating her and she was pretty much living with me. We had wild sex every night and she was really loud. My neighbors got to where when they saw me in the hall they’d get big grins on their faces, and it was mostly young girls who went to a near by college. But we had an older couple move in beside us. One night Peggy was being especially loud and being on the ground floor we heard several cars pulling into the parking lot at once but Peggy was still screaming. Then there was loud banging at the door.

I put on my boxers and answered the door and there was at least half a dozen cops there who rushed in and were saying where’s the girl you were beating up? About then Peggy comes in the room holding a sheet in front of her that she ” Accidentally ” fell to the floor leaving her naked in front of them. They asked if she was ok and she started to turn in circles letting them examine every inch of her body. Then she said, see no bruises and they said someone called and said a woman was being beaten. And that they had heard screaming when they pulled up. I couldn’t believe it when she said if you had his dick inside you you’d be screaming too. Then said but believe me it wasn’t from pain. They all were trying not to laugh and they quickly left. As they were leaving going to the parking lot we could hear them saying did you see the big tits on that girl, and a female officer spoke up and said she wanted to see the size of my dick if it made her scream like that. And they were joking with her saying she probably come back at the end of their shift.

One thing she did that I had never had a girl do before was take her long hair and wrap it around my cock and jerk me off until I shot off in her hair. We stayed at her house a few times but at night she wouldn’t turn any lights on unless she was cooking. She only used candles. And it was a regular thing to go out in the country and get out of the car naked and fuck in someones yard. And every full moon we’d got to that bridge and fuck. Sometimes there would be several people watching us. And as time passed some of the girls she called her sisters would come to her house and we’d have threesomes. But when I asked if she wanted to have 2 guys at once she said no. Though she loved exposing herself to other guys and girls whenever she could. We went to that bar sometimes and the owner was always talking to me about what a hot body she had and one night she’d overheard him and later asked if I’d like for her to let him see her naked? It was as if she was my property. But I said it was up to her. The next time we went she wore a button up dress with nothing underneath and I told him we wanted to talk to him and went into his office. She opened her dress letting him see her sexy body, then took it totally off and turned so he saw everything. He thanked he and she said to thank me, that she did what I wanted.

She stripped for several of my friends after that but wouldn’t agree to a threesome saying I was the only guy who could touch her skin. But we had threesomes with other girls from her little group. Though she never said what exactly it was. But sexually nothing was off limits with her, and she suggested things I’d have never asked such as shooting my cum in her hair. And when we had threesomes I could do anything I wanted with the other girls too. And she said they didn’t have a man to follow so they were mine to do with as I wished. But girls I’d seen with other guys were off limits. This went on for months with some strange stuff like tarot cards and quige boards. Then all of a sudden she gave me my key back and said she had to move. She wouldn’t say why or where to and she just left. Leaving most of her stuff in the house she’d been renting. Later I learned she’d taken her daughter who had been living with her father and step mother after her daughter said he’d been sexually abusing her. But she just dissapeared.

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    Actually a good story I really enjoyed it. I can’t say it is as erotic as I liked but still good.