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Police station rape

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A 15 year old boy was caught with 5Kg of marijuana the day before Christmas. He was high and masturbating in his car when two of the officers found him. The boy was arrested and brought to the police station.
When we called his house, we expected an ugly old lady. But we were wrong. When his mom came to the police station with his 11 year old sister, the whole station knew what was going to happen. A hot milf in her mid thirties with a white complexion and a plump and petite body, she was perfect. She was wearing a white shirt and a jeans when she came. She was unaware of the lusty gazes of police men around her. When I spoke to her, while occasionally staring at her breasts, she told me she wanted to see her son. So I lead her to the cell where he was laying, still High and unconscious. She didn’t notice me locking the cell behind her. She was crying for her son’s misbehaviour. I went behind her and grabbed her boobs from behind. She jumped forward in surprise. “What are you doing?” She asked me in a mourning voice. I pressed her against my body and groped her boobs with all my strength. She struggled against me. My hands went inside her shirt and caressed her smooth navel and grabbed her boobs through her bra. I took her boobs out and pinched her nipples. “Ahhh!!…. Please let me go” she yelled. My hands squeezed her boobs while my fingers pinched her nipples. I was pressing my bulge against her ass. All of the cops came to the cell and didn’t even hesitate to join me. One of them pulled her pants down and started to lick her wet pussy. It was dripping with cum. One came and sucked her boobs while another smooched her lips. I made her bend over and pushed my dick into her pussy. She yelled and cried to stop. I fucked her with all my strength while the one who was licking her pussy pull out his dick and made her suck it. 7 others watched while we screwed her from front and back. I felt her body shaking and cumming hard. Her body went limp after that. One of my seniors came in and pushed me away. “That’s enough…. Now it’s my turn….” He eagerly took his dick out and fucked her harder than ever. I stood there with a throbbing dick and watched my friends and seniors pummeling her pussy and mouth. When I went outside for a smoke, I saw his sister sitting on the desk, waiting patiently for her mother and brother. She was petite and wearing a blue frock. I didn’t even hesitate to grab her in my hands and start to kiss her and grope her body. She was kicking and screaming with all her strength. But I held her in my hands firmly and inserted my dick carefully into her young pussy. Slowly increasing my speed, I was tearing her apart. My dick pummeled into her tight pussy. She seemed like a little fleshlight in my hands. I walked to the cell, still fucking her in my hands and showed her mother what’s her daughters use. I saw her eyes well up. Now, three of her holes are occupied and there was cum all over her body. They slapped the fuck out of her ass and pussy. Her milky white body was red at that moment. Eventually I cummed inside her daughter and gave her to another one. I layed on the floor and watched them getting fucked all over the place

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  • Reply Cunthater ID:2qkz4kdv1

    Would love to hear how the cops gangbanged the sister brutally

    • Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfxzm

      Yeah, and left her lying there in the cell naked, bleeding and dripping cum from her abused twathole!

  • Reply Satanist ID:1c25d7cid9k

    Wow magic cops that can just walk in through a locked door.