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Playing With My Cousin’s Wee Wee

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This is a story about a game my cousin taught me.

This is a story about a game my cousin taught me. When we were little he used to make up a lot of games that involved me touching his wee wee. I think I was 8 when he made up this game called Torpedoes.

We would play this game during sleepovers after his parents had gone to bed. We would take off our pants and underwear and get under the covers and wrestle each other, sliding our wee wee’s all over each other’s bodies. When we played this game, we would call our wee wee’s “torpedoes”, and to win you had to be the first to make their “torpedo” explode.”

I sort of liked this game cuz it made me feel good, but also a little weird in my tummy, but kinda hated it because my cousin would always win. He was way stronger than me and very good at wrestling, and this game would always end with me sucking his wee wee or with him slamming his wee wee up my butt. He would always do this even if started crying, sometimes doing me even harder when if I cried, since his parents never checked in on us and let him keep his door locked.

After it was all over, he would make me hold his milkies inside my butt after his “torpedo” exploded inside me, and wear my undies to bed so that after I went to bed, all his milkies would leak out of me and I’d wake up with soaked undies, as punishment for losing.

My aunt and uncle never noticed a thing and I continue to be my cousins bitch to this day…

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    Do you still play the game with other boys

    • [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

      Sounds lovely. I wish I could play with both of you