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One shot, my mother Carrie, and loads of cum!

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Finding my sexy mother Carrie left naked and tied to her bed was too much of an opportunity for me to ignore!

Before her second husband my mother Carrie’s sex life was just like most parents, occasional and seemingly uneventful, though they loved each other dearly. At some point both my mother and father were cheating on each other at every turn until they came to that enlightened moment of clarity that maybe it was time that they both moved on. They agreed, signed the papers and were amicably divorced to the betterment of both of them. Soon after dad found the company of a few part time wives that never really stuck around for the long haul and mom found a new guy.

Jeff was a nice enough guy I’d say, that mother (I believe) married a bit too soon after her and dad’s divorce. But Jeff had never been married and Carrie had raised me on her own till I moved out at 18 having already done the family thing that Jeff still desired. The one aspect of their windfall marriage was that both of them had an adventurous attitude toward sex so swinging, swapping, cuckholding and gang bangs became a big part of what kept them going longer than expected.

Sadly for both of them Jeff wanted to stop all that and focus on a long life of them solely together sexually that my mother having opened her Pandora’s box no longer desired being that she was still such a beautiful vibrant woman. My mother Carrie had long blond hair that ran to her shoulders, her perfectly svelte figure was always highlighted in tight jeans, loose tops and high heels. She exuded a glowing personality from her pretty smile and flirtatious nature that enticed men and women alike and couldn’t be limited to just one lover after Jeff or dad.

Late one night after getting home I took a shower slipping into a robe where I began relaxing with a few drinks, smoking weed and watching some porno while jerking off then nodded off for a few minutes. I remembered having promised my mother earlier that I would stop by her house that night, that she said “regardless of how late it was” could I please check on her. I went upstairs where I cleaned up and slipped into just a pair of pants, sneakers and shirt, still high and drunk as I was I decided to walk the few blocks rather than drive.

I walked into my Carrie’s home where it was relatively quiet and dark except for the sounds of what seemed like sex coming from upstairs, my first thought was that she had a guy with her. I heard the usual cheesy dialog which told me it was a porno that was turned up really loud, all things considered something didn’t seem right so I carefully made my way upstairs toward her room. The door was ajar enough to see that the room was illuminated only by the tv screen, but still I had not heard an actual sound of a real voice. I moved in closer as my hand hit the door to slowly open it and there on the bed naked was my mother.

Her legs were tied down and parted wide so that I could see her bushy brown pussy, above her head there were two lashings around the spindles of the old headboard that she had freed her hands from it would seem. The shocking part of all this was that her eyes were blindfolded and her ears were covered by a pair of what I assumed were noise canceling headphones. It would seem to me that there might’ve been a guy somewhere in the house as if I’d just walked in as they’d finished or had started some strange sexual scenario, but no one else was there?

I was taken aback by all that I was seeing of my mother’s naked body in this vulnerable pose that she didn’t seem to try and remove the rest of what impaired her as if she was still waiting for something to happen. Careful of how I would approach this I locked the door behind me just in case someone was going to make a return as part of this wild sexual encounter, knowing mother as I have lately anything was possible from her own stories. Not wanting to startle her by removing the things from her head to see her son standing over her I decided to untie her ankles first.

This is where it got weird fast, as I untied the lashings, touching the delicate skin of her ankles while looking up across her naked body was unavoidable. I stared at her small, firm tits and noticed her long nipples were hardened and when mother spoke up with the strangest response as she popped upright saying in a rather loud voice, “where have you been, I told you my son could be here any minute, so now you’ll have to hurry”! Stunned I didn’t know what to say, but what she did next I could’ve never expected as she reached out toward me and her fingers wrapped around the back of my head.

Taking control of my head and hair, in the off-balanced way I was over the end of the bed, as Carrie leaned back my face was being pulled forcefully into her heat of her pussy as she said, “you’ll have to get me wet first”. As I fell my nose and lips buried deep inside the folds of her musky scented juicy cunt as her knees raised and she shifted her hips further down the bed to smother my face. My hands had slipped underneath me around my crotch the way she pulled me forward, cupping my cock and balls.

I gasped to breath and thought of saying something, knowing quite well she would never hear a word of my aversion to what was transpiring at this moment. But as my mouth opened wide, Carrie pressed her hot wet pussy against my lips and along the length of my probing tongue. A taste of her sopping wet cunt made my cock harden in my hands as my shoulders pressed against her inner thighs, I closed my eyes and plunged my hands down my pants to grab my cock.

Carrie moaned as I licked the swollen folds of her pink pussy lips, teasing her clit while she climaxed wildly thrashing against the bed. Her grip on my head tightened while I stroked my cock to a full hard on that at the moment all thoughts of her being my mom made no difference. Mother screamed out “Clive, I want your hard dick!” having learned the name of who she thought was still there made my indiscretion all the more exciting and anonymous in my mind. I made quick work of removing my pants and kneeling in between her outstretched legs, the lips of her creamy pussy glistened in the faint light of the tv screen.

“One good turn deserves another” as they say and while I stroked my cock with one hand the other cradled her neck as I pulled her up onto her gorgeous, tight little ass. Carrie said, “I meant FUCK ME” but ignoring that I looked down upon my mother’s sweet red lips and slipped my cock into her warm wet mouth. She struggled to adjust to the size of my dick and then quickly grabbed both of my ass cheeks as she slid the whole tool down the back of her throat without a gag. I held onto the back of her head as she slobbered all over the length of my shaft, stroking it as she sucked on my balls.

“My you are so much bigger than I remember, but still just as tasty” as she swallowed me up once again. Carrie climbed to her hands and knees without my cock slipping from her mouth, her gorgeous ass in the air turned away from me. I reached over her and guided my fingers down the crack of her ass as I slipped two fingers in her soaking wet twat. Mom’s lips tightened around my shaft as it plunged deep inside her throat while my fingers fucked her slippery cunt to another orgasm. As her head disengaged from my hard cock to scream a rather surprising turn occurred that would escalate this situation into bedlam.

Carrie threw back her head as if to look up at me and with that shifted the headphones that happened to be entangled in the blindfold. They fell away to the bed as she closed her eyes and sucked my cock back deep into her mouth then looked up at me. Her eyes grew large as she realized she had been sucking her own son’s cock, but as she tried to pull away I held her head tight and thrust my dick down her throat. It’s the first time (and last) she gagged a little then settled into the feeling once again of sucking my cock.

We couldn’t deny at this point what we had already done and that we were both now to blame for our own carnal lustful pleasure we were enjoying. Carrie didn’t speak as my cock dripped cum from her lips as she turned kneeling away from me with her ass in my hands, I guided my cock in between her tight pussy lips and thrust deep inside my sexy mother’s sweet wet cunt. Wrapping tightly around my shaft as I plowed her pussy ferociously to her screams of ecstasy as she embraced the situation by saying, “who knew the best and biggest dick would be my son’s fucking me, fuck me harder son”!

Carrie howled as I slammed deep inside her dripping cunt with a raging fury as hard and fast as I could muster. The thoughts in my head of how 18 years ago I came out of this vagina, as my balls tightened and I was going to cum inside the same pussy. I grabbed her hair and leaned back as I thrust wildly into her cunt as streams of hot load burst inside her wet walls and I didn’t stop there. Before either of us could think about what we had done I flipped her over and climbed aboard in a 69, my cock slipping once again in her mouth as I licked her pussy clean of my jizz dripping from her fucked snatch.

We would keep going till the morning without even a mention of our familial connection, just two bodies entwined in various sexual positions. For our last temptation I fucked Carrie’s tight ass till I unloaded another fat load of hot sticky cum inside her asshole as we laid together satisfied and silent agreeing that we would just deal with it at daybreak.

Carrie, UK

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    loved your story and the pic of Carrie she is a gorgous hot and sexy woman I would love to have sex with myself

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    Good times for both

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