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my stepdaddy pounded me

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my mum was out, i didnt realise my stepdad was still in though so i was fingering my pussy in my my bedroom . he came in and i was shocked so tried to put my panties back on but he snatched them off me and said “what are u doing honey, making yourself cum is it?” i nodded and he told me to carry on and show him how i make nyself feel good.
i slid my finger back in my pussy and carried on fingering myself infront of him, i was kinda shy but he seemed to love it so i carried on. he started rubbing ny clit while i fingered myself, my pussy was getting creamy and i felt so good . he layed me down and ate my pussy so good, licking and kissing on my pussy till i begged him to slide his cock in.
his cock was so big and veiny, he rubbed the tip on my clit and slid it in.
he started going really hard, his cock was pretty much balls deep in my tight pussy and he was going so fast and hard, it felt too good and my pussy couldnt take it, i cummed all over stepdaddys cock as he pumped me full of cum , i was a shaking mess snd coukd barely walk.

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    Too short of a story, no details and completely lacks any depth, poor spelling as well

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