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My step daughter took over from her mother

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My wife died in a car crash I was bed bound and my 14 year old daughter took over

I was 31 married to a beautiful 36 year old Japanese woman named Akari she had a daughter from a previous marriage called Hina she was 7 when I first met them now she was 14 .
They are both beautiful slim long black hair, Akari has beautiful body nice smallish tits and perfect shape she would do anything for me, Hina was a good student always doing home work and sports she had a lovely little body.
It was in March when myself and Akari were on our way home from a dinner with friends when we were hit by a drunk driver, we were in hospital for a while but Akari didn’t make it I had 2 broken legs and internal injuries.
When it was time for me to be released I still had both legs in plaster and would for a while as my legs were crushed so I needed help which I got in the form of a nurse/carer from morning till late and after that it was me and Hina she was distraught with the death of her mother as was I and every night she cried to sleep in my bed best to me.
Often I needed getting up to got to the toilet through the night so Hina helped me, one night she said you won’t leave me know my mum is no longer here, I promised her and she cuddled me saying she will help me like her mother did.
A few nights later in bed she asked me if I needed anything I said no it’s OK she said I mean do you want I didn’t understand but she mum used to do things with you I want to do them , I said but your only 14 she replied but then you won’t leave me as her hand reached for my cock she starred wanking and I loved it but said you don’t need to she replied I want to as her little hand moved up and down my cock it felt amazing as she pumped it I was sure when I was going to cum it would be loads and it was it shot everywhere she kept pumping I said you can stop you’ve done it, She kissed me and said I need learn.
The next morning when the carer came she saw the mess on the bed and looked at me and someone been playing with himself at nights I went red Then she said just ask if you need relief I don’t mind it’s not part of the service but I don’t mind .I went even redder it was then Hina came in said ahe was off too school see me later ,as soon as I heard the door close I asked Helen the carer if she meant it she smiled and reached under the covers and gripped my cock she wasn’t great looking but she was in her 20s and not bad body Size 36c tits i found out later she did a good wank and cleaned me up after, she did the house work bed bathed me another wank and made tea for me and Hina .
She left at 6 and I was sitting in the chair legs straight watching tv when Hina asked if I needed anything I asked for adrink then will need help to bed as usual, about a hour later she helped me up to bed this was the first time I had noticed her tits as my hand went round her I groped them she didn’t say anything I got into bed and watched tv in bed she came in a bit later after homework and cuddled up to me and her hand went up to my cock again doing the same, she said As she was wanking me I looked on the Internet it said men like to play with women’s pussies do you want to with mine.(did I of course but not just yet) She wanked me till I cum again this time she licked her hand to taste it, it tastes OK she said do you think you can teach me how to suck you ohh yes I can I thought her tiny mouth on my cock yes please.
Try it now while it’s wet just slide your lips as if a banana and suck and move your head up and down I was hard again as she sucked I looked down it looked like Akari her dark hair bobbing up and down. I didn’t take long to cum not loads as just cum but enough to hear her gulp it . She looked up cum dripping from the side of her mouth as she smiled and I smiled and she lay in my arms .

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  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1ebouqzds2it

    Nicely written story, I hope you eventually fucked her fanny and her arse hole as well…

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zfik

    The daughter and the carer. Almost worth breaking your legs for!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald2

    While not the best English in the world I have read very worse. The story was okay but could of been better but I contribute that to the English barrier. Overall i have always like a good story about young females fulfilling their needs and desires. Always love when the sex switch gets turned on and love juices get to flying especially when they are young. The fact that she was Japanese is even that much better knowing what i know from my service days in Japan with 12 year old Cho, her sister and all her friends.
    To this day not one goes by that I do not think of the wonderful days in Japan and often wonder about if things were different. Japanese females are the best!
    Things will only get better for you so keep on writing.

  • Reply Tom ID:sjguh8r9

    Had a stroke reading this

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    Need the next part