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My neighbor dirty don

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My name is lilly, a hot little sexy bombshell.we have a neighbor we call dirty don.i love getting him all wound up by wearing revealing sexy clothes just for him.especially when im out of school for the summer. I will wear short shorts exposing my ass cheeks for dirty don because i know he is checking me out.one day it was sunny and so dam hot i changed into my leopard bikini and layed out to tan.i would lay on my stomach first so dirty don could stare at my gorgeous ass, hoping he would be staring out the window at me and stroking his cock.then i would lay on my back so he could see how tight the leopard bikini fit over my pussy.i was just hoping dirty don was looking.it actually turned me on to know that dirty don found me hot.i know dirty don was old enough to be my dad and that is what turned me on the most.i want a real man to fuck me and eat my pussy.a real man like dirty don that knows what he is doing, has the experience.i always rub and play with my pussy at night thinking about dirty don eating and eating my pussy until i explode in his face.i want dirty don to fuck me in every position he wants me in.make me your minx lilly.i want to be your baby girl dirty don, your little lilly.i want to lay my head on your chest after a nice long fuck session.so many older guys are checking me out just wishing they could get with lilly.my pussy is only aching for dirty don.good things to those who wait.eventually soon im going to let dirty don fuck my tight little hole, get those mattress springs making all kinds of noise.i want dirty don to fuck my brains loose.i need and want a real man like my neighbor dirty don.

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  • Reply Guyno1 ID:9extr8rd

    Have you always wanted an older man

  • Reply Hi ID:1etw9su0gug3

    How old are you lilly

  • Reply Dave ID:7ylren4oic

    Dam lilly you sound so hot.

  • Reply Dirtydon ID:1dhx45hmccar

    Oh Lilly, you do know what I like, don’t you baby 😉