My little sister

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Growing up it was always just me and my sister. Our mom and dad worked all the time. Being the older brother it was always my job to make sure my little sister was ready for school and had food to eat.

As the years went by it was that way then I ended up moving out on my own. It killed me to leave my little sister all alone. I was always the loner as a child so having her around was always my best friend as a kid. I never had any girlfriends so I would take her out to places. I would take her to the mall and we would have so much fun. A lot of the time it would feel like she was my girlfriend and not my little sister around me.

She did spend more time sleeping in my bed than her bed at night watching movies on tv and she would fall asleep next to me. Most nights she would have one of my t-shirts on a cute pair of pajama shorts or just panties on. A thong or g-string that I got for her. The closest anything that did happen between us was one weekend night. Being three years older then her. I was 18 at the time she was about 15 at the time.

They didn’t have cellphones or internet tv. So we had to rent movies or watch the movies on tv. We did not have a lot of money so most of the time it was tv movies. But this night I did rent a movie from the video store. “What movie did you rent tonight?” she asked me. I couldn’t say a thing. I was just looking at her in her almost see-through purple panties. My dick was so hard just looking at her. “That’s your sister perv,” I said to myself. “Well then fine I will put it in,” she said with a smile turning around and bending over to put the movie in the player. Jumping around and crawling up the foot of my bed to the top of it. The shirt was big on her I could see right down to her developing breasts and she did not have a bra on at the time.

“Oh no,” I thought as the movie started. She put in the wannabe porno movie. “This seems different,” she said looking over at me. “Sorry,” I said “I can change it” I started to get up. “No we can watch this one it’s ok.” Laying there watching the movie as it went on I stopped thinking about the girl in the movie. It was just one of the cheesy wannabe porn movies. As I watched I realized that the girl in the movie looked so much like my sister. It was only about 10 minutes into the movie that she was having sex with some guy. As I watched it.

I started to think about my sister in bed next to me. I am not sure what came over me. I could hear her start to breathe harder. Her knee started to touch my leg. I did not say anything to her. I moved over closer to her and kissed her. Moving my hand over her leg. I moved it up more and more tell I found her hand in her panties. “I want to help you,” I said to her. “Ok” is all she let out. “I want you to take them off,” I said to her. Without any hesitation she pulls them off of her about to drop them on the floor. “ let me have them.” I said to her. “You want them?” Looking at me.”You can have my panties. I am ok with you having them.”

She reached over to me placing her soaking-wet panties on my chest. The blanket still down showing her off. Her shirt is up halfway. I took them in my hand. Placing them up to my nose. Smelling all her glory. “Do guys really like doing that?” She said looking at me. “I am not sure about other guys,” I said looking at her. “But I love the smell. “Have you done that before with mine?” She asked me. “It’s ok if you have I would not be mad at all.” She paused for min. As my finger is rubbing in and out of her. “You like the way that feels?” She closed her eyes “ye yes” she finally lets off her mouth. “You look so beautiful.” My hand was on her mound and a finger between her lips. “I want to make you feel good like you made me feel.” She said looking down at my shorts.

“Ok,” I said. Sliding them down. “I have never seen one in person,” she said looking at my hard dick. “Let me show you.” I took her hand placing it around it. Then moving up and down. “You go like this” telling her at the same time. “Ok,” she keeps going. “ want to watch you smell my panties again.” I didn’t even argue with her about it. “Am I doing it ok?” she asks in her cute almost sexy voice. With saying a word. I reach over and get some of her pussy juice. “What’s that going to do?” She asks me. “ just watch,” I tell her. Rubbing myself smelling her off of her panties. I couldn’t take much more. “It’s about to happen,” I say to her. “What’s about to” is all she can get out when I start to cum. “Wow that’s so much cum.” She said to me. “Yup”. I cleaned myself up. Pulled my shorts. Changed the movie to a comedy. Got back in bed spooned with my sister and went to sleep.

We never talked that night again. Many years later after moving out on my own and having my place to live. I got a call from my sister. Getting out of a really bad relationship she was not that far from my house. “Come over and stay as long as you need love,” I told. I could hear that she was about to cry “thank you”. Hanging up the phone. About 4 hrs later my doorbell rings. Looking at my phone it was 3:45 am. “Who the fuck has the balls to ring my bell this late?” Asking myself. Getting out of bed and going to the door. I look through the peephole. Opening the door. The girl comes in. “What did I do to get a visit from someone as sexy as you?” I asked. “I am your sister stupid,” she said with a laugh. “I know that.” Not sure if it was a joke on my part or if I was just really tired still. “You hungry?” I ask “No, got anything to drink?” I walk over to the fridge passing by her.

Running my hand around her side and the small of her back. Reaching over to the freezer pulling out a full bottle of Jim. Grabbing two glasses and filling them up and drinking some. We start talking and drinking for hrs. Hrs later and being drunk with the sun coming out. Being tired “Ok, I am not sure about you but I am ready to go to the room.” Walking around the counter taking her by the hand and leading her to the room. “What are you doing?” I stop for a second. Stand as still as I can. “Taking you with me,” I replied opening the door. “I have a big bed” pulling off my shirt. Walking over to my dresser. “Want to see something?” Asking her. “Umm ok” open the top of the dresser reaching into the back. “I am sure you remember them.” Opening up a small box. “See,” I said to her. Looking at me holding her panties from so many years ago. “I can’t believe you still have them.” Pulling out a t-shirt of mine and handing it to her. She starts to pull her shorts down and lets them drop to the ground. She had on a red thong. “Do you regret what we did so many years ago?” I asked her. “The only thing that I regret from then was that I wanted you to be my first in bed. I am sad that never happened” she took her top off and dropped it to the floor. Standing in front of me holding my shirt and only having her red panties on.

“What?” she asked. “Well what is it? Never seen a girl just in her panties before?” she said to me. “I have before.” I said with a chuckle. “I want to taste you.” is all I said to her. Walking her backward to the bed. Lowering her down to the bed and pulling her thong off of her. “I want you to keep them.” she said to me. I did not say anything. All I could smell was her. I had to taste it. Opening up her legs. Tasting her hole licking and sucking on her. Taking my finger and slowly pushing it into her asshole. Hearing her moan from me made me suck more and finger her asshole more. “You are going to make me cum.” she let out. “Make love to your sister.” She said as she pulled my head away from her closing her legs on me. “Kiss me.” pulling me up to her and kissing her lips. Feeling her hand grabbing my hard dick. “I am going to put it in you” I said to her. “I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you say I want my brothers hard dick in me.” I ordered her to say. “I want your hard dick in me.” she replied to me. “No, I want you to say your brothers hard dick in me.” I ordered once more. “I want my brother to put his hard cock in my tight pussy.” she said.

With her still sitting on the side of the bed. I got up grabbing her legs holding on to ass with one hand and building my dick in to her pussy. Slowly pushing into her. “Fuck me brother fuck my pussy.” she let out. Pushing my dick in her harder and deeper. “Oh good your such a good brother.” I had to fight to not cum “I’am going to cum sis.” I told her. “Fuck my ass put that cock of yours in my ass. I want it in my ass. Please brother please.” She bagged out loud. “If that’s what my sister wants. I will put in deep in your asshole.” I told her. Taking my dick out of her pussy moving my cock down to her asshole. “I saved that hole just for my brother.” She told me. “Oh god sis it’s so tight. You look so beautiful with my dick in your ass. I said. She lets out a big moan and a scream of joy. “Keep going keep fucking my ass. I am about to cum. I want you to cum as well.” She screamed out to me. As I cum deep in her ass. Getting in to bed and holding her close to me. “I wish we did that stuff as kids. But I hope we get to do this more.” I said to her. “We can if you want.” She replied to me. “Move in with me.” I whispered in her ear. Falling a sleep with her in my arms as my cum drops from her ass.

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    That was hot wow!

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    This was an excellent story – Big Bro actually MADE LOVE to his sister. THAT is so much better than I usually see in BRO-SIS stories, THANK YOU! Now how about a part 2 (sequel)?

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    Part 2

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    Part two please

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    Please let there be a 2nd chapter. Well written and nice plot

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    Nice I really enjoyed that. Hopefully part two, Yes?.