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My little sister (G)

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After I stopped fucking my cousin (A) a couple years passed and I took out my sexual frustration on my sis (G)

3 years passed.. after i stopped visiting my cousins.. I knew i couldn’t fuck my cousin (A) anymore.. I was frustrated.. I jerked off to a lot of porn but it wasn’t enough.. it wasn’t her.

I was 15 at the time I’ve had many girlfriends and we would do many sexual things together but they weren’t compared to my cousin (A) tight pink small pussy.. I can still remember how it felt to be inside her.. how she gripped my cock. I was 12 at the time and she was 8. As I said years passed and I couldn’t see her that much.

There was this one day when the family was going out to shop for some things.. they left me in charge to take care of my baby sis(G).. she just turned 8 yrs old at the time..my family left and I didn’t know how long it would take but.. I remember jerking it a lot at the time and it just didn’t do anything for me anymore

I got up from bed to check on my sis on how she was doing.. till this day I wouldn’t forget the sight. She was wearing a white sorta transparent sleeping gown you can almost see what she was wearing.. the room was bright and I could see her panties.. she was wearing Dora panties. I started to rub my cock because I knew this situation looked familiar. I asked myself “no one is here.. my family left 5 mins ago.. she is sleeping like a baby.. and I am extremely fucking horny” I walked up to the queen size bed and got on and started to size my baby sis.. she was small but man was her ass fat. I pushed her gown up to her chest and spread her legs and started smell her. She smelled like baby shampoo and baby powder and a touch of piss. My cock was throbbing and I knew what I was doing was wrong. I removed my shorts and started to jerk off to my sis. I came INSTANTLY and came all over my sis back. I cleaned her up and went back to my room the rest of the day.

The next day the thought of me beating it to my 8 yr old sis never left my mind. I felt guilt and disgust.. this was my blood sister.. I seen her when she was a baby but.. it’s her fault for wearing such clothing that would turn on a young man as myself.

For the entire week I jerked off to the memory of me coming on my sis , I knew I wanted to try those things again!.

Monday came it was a school day.. they were giving out rewards to those who passed an exam.. I came 4 th place and my reward was a mp4 camera. I was disappointed… what the hell did I need a camera for.. I wanted the 1st price which was a smart watch.. little did I know my price was beyond better then any other fuckers.

I came home to show the family what I won.. they weren’t impressed but I didn’t care.. I explored my mp4 and it had some nice qualities. Then all sudden the idea came to mind.. “what if I took pictures and filmed myself fucking my sister ?.. maybe I won’t have to beat it randoms anymore!” The idea stayed with me each day that gone by until Friday came.. the family went out again. Leaving me in charge of my baby sis only this time.. she wasn’t asleep.

The family left and I immediately rushed to my parents room and saw my sister on her tablet watching some show. Man if only you could see how fat her ass was you too would want to fuck her cunt.

She was wearing a pink shirt and blue kind of loose shorts.. you could see the shorts take the shape of her ass. I laid next to her asking her “ what you up too ?” She replied “I’m watching my favorite show” she didn’t know how to really talk well but I could still understand her. I asked her if she was bored she replied “ a little bit” I asked her if she wanted to do something really fun. Out of excitement she said “yes yes yes! What are we going to do?!” I said “we are going to play mommy and daddy.. you’ll be the mommy and I’ll be the daddy and our job will be to have a family” she didn’t know anything about sex but she played with alot of dolls so she liked the idea of playing “house”.

We did small skits until we got to the part when mommy and daddy had to make babies. I told her “ do you want to have a family with me ?” She replied “yes” not knowing what was going to happen next. I told her “ ok then we have to take our cloths off” she looked at me confused and asked.. “why?” I said “how are we going to make baby’s if we still have our cloths on.. I’ll show you where baby’s come from” she wasn’t sure of herself but she still went along because I was her big brother and I knew things.

She took her shorts off I got up from our parents bed rushed to the living room to check outside if my parent were back.. they weren’t… everything was clear.. I rushed to my room and grabbed my mp4 then went back to my parents room and see my baby sis standing. No shorts just her green and blue panties and her pink shirt.. I got so fucking hard that it was visible to the eye. I took off my shorts and revealed the print of my cock.

She was confused and asked “ is that your thingy?” I said “yes.. this is where baby’s come from” I reach down to grab her pussy and say “and this is where baby’s come out of” she was surprised but was angry at the thought I grabbed her pussy. She told me to stop that she would tell mom. I said “ you won’t tell her shit, because if you do you’ll regret it” she knew she was in Trouble she didn’t like when we raised our voices.

I grabbed her and threw her on the bed she was scared but I was horny.. I brought her close to the edge of the bed and proceeded to take her panties off.. she was kicking me and pushing me.. yelling at me to stop that she didn’t like it that she was scared.. I was caught up in the moment my lust was over the roof my cock was throbbing and precum
Was coming out. I told her to shut up and she still didn’t. I put one hand over her mouth and proceeded to kiss her cheeks and neck and started to caress her small breast and her fat ass cheeks. I could see her start to tear up but she couldn’t do anything about it.

My kisses went from her lips down to her neck down to her stomach until I reached her thighs.. the smell of her pussy was like heaven.. I quickly removed her panties and saw her tight bald pink tush.. she was closing her legs but I was stronger than her so I spread her legs wider. I started to play with her pussy and whisper to her ear “ you like that ? You like when your big brother plays with you down here ?” She was balling her eyes out screaming and telling me to stop that it hurts. But it excited me more!

I went back down and spread her pussy lips and started to tongue fuck the shit out of her pussy.. it was delicious!.. i continued to eat her out and looked up at her to twitch and see her cover her mouth watch her gasp for air.. my tongue went back and forth inside her small hole and her asshole. I knew I didn’t have enough time I knew my family was going to be back. “I told myself it’s time”

I grabbed my mp4 camera and removed my clothing.. I took pictures of me putting the tip of my cock on her pussy then I hit record.. I proceeded to attempt to jam my cock into her small pussy.. she started kicking more.. putting up a fight she said while crying. “ I don’t want to play this game no more i want mom! Stop stop stop!” I grabbed her small face and told her.. “I will stop if you listens to your big brother ! Now shut your mouth and keep your mouth shut like a good girl” she didn’t care neither did I. I spit on my cock and her pussy to use as a lubricant I focused my camera on her pussy and finally with all my strength I gave one heavy push and my whole cock was inside of her.. she let out a loud scream but I quickly covered her mouth.. I was raping my sister but it felt so gooodd.. I thrusted slower and harder watching her roll her eyes back and her gasping for air.

I could see my cock go in and out of her small pussy through my camera. I was balls deep inside of her. I turned her around and laid her on her stomach.. arch her back and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her. She was squirming trying to push me off but she failed to do so.. I took out my cock and spit on her ass hole and put my thumb inside she twitched like crazy. I rubbed my cock around her asshole until I finally Jammed my cock inside her asshole. I took both her pussy and assholes virginity. She wasn’t clean anymore. I gave her 10 good thrusts. I was recording for 20 mins.. the film kept going ass I was finally at my limit is when I decided to have her on top of me and force her to jump on me. She had givin up. I grabbed her ass cheeks and slap them and thrusted my cock deeper and deeper until I finally came inside her. I cleaned her up and told her.. “that is how baby’s are born” she was small she hadn’t gotten her period yet so i knew I didn’t get her pregnant. I promised her if she kept what we did today a secret I would buy her anything she wants. And that did the trick.. she stopped crying and agreed.

Whenever my family left me in charge to take care of her I took the opportunity to fuck her. My sis had gotten use to me being inside her.. at one point I even brought my friend over to have a 3 some with her we both fucked her pussy and asshole .. she was filled with come both inside her pussy and asshole.

We stopped fucking after some time as it gotten riskier. Today my sister knows what we did and she knew I raped her but she doesn’t have any grudge. She liked the feeling back then. She was just confused. Today my sister is 14.. whenever I’m working she sends me nudes of her touching herself or in the shower. And whenever she’s in the mood and when my girlfriend isn’t home. She skips school and comes over and we start to fuck like crazy.

Till this day i believe I still have my mp4 camera.. If I could find it I could access the 27 min video of me raping my 8 yr old sis.

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  • Reply H ID:1d26zt56nllr

    I liked the story. I raped my sister from about 9 to 14. I was 14 to 19. She hates me now. She is a bitch though I don’t regret it. Best sex you ever have.

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      My sister is like that sometimes.. she’s real bitchy but I fuck the bitchy out of her.. I wanna convince my gf to do a 3 some with me and my sis

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      raped my 14yo step sister for years! she was Asian and everyday when i picked her up from school id find a nice quite place to force her naked and rape her up her tight asshole! soon i let my buddies join and we all would gangrape her in every hole while my dad and her mom were traveling. her asshole was our favorite and took dick and cum most of the time! she married my buddy and we still gangrape her often, along with their 13yo daughter!

  • Reply realNstDad32 ID:fx7i91540

    would love to see the video

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      I gotta go through some of my old things to see if I can find it.. I doubt the darn thing would work

  • Reply meilin ID:o6a6nhj

    he was way to gentle to her vagina he should of riped her in to wickerme meilin29

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      Ok then why don’t you fuck her with me and see if you can do a better job

  • Reply Bill ID:7ylren4oic

    Fuck you mr.c, ill knock you the fuck out.hiding behind a sex site with your sick bull shit story.and fuck the ones on here that support this shit.with underage kids, fuckin’g low life ass holes.

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      Haha keep telling yourself that billy your just angry you’ll never get a taste of young pussy

    • Dewbury ID:cq0usmkqk

      Bill fuck off. Just like homosexualism ,sexual love of children has been going on from time immemorial . We are what we are.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1e8me64ymhb5

    Good story. I frequently receive messages to rape my 7-year kid! How good or bad?

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      Go for it! Cum inside her little cunt

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      Contact me.. [email protected]

    • Taboo Master ID:1dv3resa7tga

      You should rape her or find a man willing to rape her for you

  • Reply Shihitthefan ID:5az2i5209

    That’s actually fucked up. How come there was no legal action. How can this story even be up in google. Wtf

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      If you don’t like it then fuck off. We talked about what I did to her, she said I should of waited when she was a little older.. till this day we still fuck

  • Reply Rob rich ID:2e08ka68rd

    So hot I love incest stories message me on Kik to share your incest stories my Kik is robrich9inch

  • Reply Jim ID:71ou0taghl


  • Reply Mike y ID:1ds9mpsjdgl4

    That’s hot wish I could see that

    • Fuckyou ID:5az2i5209