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My fuck with mom

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My mom was beautiful but she started drinking so I decided to blackmail her to get her to fuck me

I was 13 and like every 13 year old watched porn and wanked.
I had a 16 year old sister who I had seen naked and wanked over also my mother was only 34 and I had wanked over her.
My mother was fit she looked after herself long blonde hair slim size 8 10 body small tits and was 5ft 5 tall, around the house she always wore leggings and tshirt, but when she went put with her friends she looked a million dollars and I would have a wank after she had went out.
I always tried to get a look down her top but never saw anything except a bra.
But lately she was drinking more when she went out and drunk when she come home I had sneaked a view of her getting changed in her room drunk and seen her in just her panties and had numerous wanks over the view.
Porn was my way of seeing pussy and I joined sites like MILF, FUCK MY MOM and would look at the forum and join in chats looking at photos of others moms.
A few videos of boys my age doing different stuff with their moms which made me horny towards my mom .
I put a few photos of my mom on only in clothes as that’s all I had but the comments were great.
Well getting back to now it was the Sat and the night she was going out my sister was staying at her friend’s so it was going to be just me, mom made me food before she got ready she came down I looked her up and down she was wearing a denim dress knee length and buttons down the front, black tights and a pair of black boots knee high, she kissed me and left leaving me to do what I always do on my own straight to both their knicker draws and getting a pair out-of each to have a wank over.
Time passes slow but it gets late and its 1 in the morning and I hear a car I look on the cameras on my phone see a taxi outside the driver gets out and opens the passenger door and helps my mom out.
I go down to the front door and still watching on the camera as the taxi driver is feeling up my drunk mom he has his hands on her tits making me hard watching as he gropes her but it’s my mom so I turn in the door light he stops as I open the door ,here’s your drunk mom boy and puts her against the wall I try to help her in she to drunk and I struggle.
I helping her into the house my hands are around her waist and I eventually get her to the lounge but she drops to the floor like a rag doll I try to lift but to heavy so leave her.
I look she on her back dead to the world and my mind thinks of the moms on the site and boys doing things , and here’s me standing in my boxer’s with a hard on, first thing I think of is get my phone to take some photos, I get my phone take photos of her lying then I start to undo her dress buttons 3 buttons down and I see her bra 2 more buttons and see all of her bra, I take photos and have a feel my cock is now pulsing as I undo more buttons until her dress falls open revealing her black panties and her tights were hold up stockings I so wanted to fuck my mom now as I took photos and I pulled her panties down she just grunted I pulled them over her boots and opened her legs, her pussy was shaved smooth as I looked I wondered how it felt as I put my hand between her legs her pussy lips were wet my fingers just slipped in I was fingering my mom with one hand and taking photos with the other my cock wanted some of her and I lay on her my cock between her legs it’s only 4 inches but I guided to her pussy it slid straight in so warm so nice I thrust in and out u was lasting quite long after my 4 wanks,but 30 seconds I was cumming in her pussy it felt so good as I pulled out the cum dripping out of her pussy .
I sat back I wasn’t a virgin anymore as I got my phone and took more photos the cum dripping from her pussy excited me I started putting her panties back on and doing up her dress, then I went to my room and uploaded the photos to the site, ping ping ping the replies come flooding in congratulations to me they .
I was in heaven and sitting with a hard on I wrote on the forum one boy said go wank in your moms mouth another fuck her again, then one said make sure you blackmail her it’s the best he did it 5 years ago and still fucks his mother.
I was excited so went down stairs she had rolled over onto her front and was spread Eagle her dress had rose up her panties covering her pussy and bum, my cock was hard as I bent down and shook her she just mutters rubbish and snores I move her panties across and see her bum hole I put a finger next to I I spit on it I read that makes it easier as I push it in, it went so easy as she was relaxed I wanked as I fingered her bum them I could not help myself and put my cock in it was harder getting in than her pussy but I did and I took photos of my cock half in s I started to thrust she was tight and was dryer so I spat on my cock to lubricate it a bit and after a few thrusts I was all in my balls hitting her as I fucked her bum I could not wait to cum in her bum as I thrust I felt my balls tighten and my spunk shot up her bum I counted 3 shots I was in heaven again as I pulled out I took some photos and a video blackmail was going to happen .
I left her like that and went to my room planning how to blackmail her email I thought.
I set up a new email calling my self Danny B and I knew her email and composed a letter but didn’t send.
The next morning I woke and went down she wasn’t there so at least she got to bed I sat in the lounge playing with my cock when I heard the stairs and pushed it back in my pj’s it was still hard as mom came in, good night was it mom she muttered I think so did you let me in I replied no I heard you and a man so I stayed upstairs .
OK she said but looked confused do you know who it was nope I replied I didn’t look I went back to sleep .
The whole day she was quiet and about dinner time I went up to send the email I had wrote great time last night I got lots of videos and photos and plan to use them. DAN .B I signed.
I heard her phone ping the email had delivered she looked at it read it a few times and her face changed as she wrote back I went upstairs and checked email she had wrote, I do t know who you are what do you mean use ?.
I wrote back you will see I want you to do things in the house for me I will be watching I’ve put hidden cameras in there last night to prove it your in the dinning/kitchen leaning against the unit .Dan.B and sent .
I was back down stairs when I saw my mum looking around wht you doing I asked nothing she said she was looking for cameras.
She sat at the table and wrote again.
I stayed down stairs for a while and then went up and read what it said, I can’t see any cameras it said but what you mean use the videos .
I replied the cameras are there your sitting at the table your son has gone out the room, this is what I want you to do let your son see down your top as he looks a horny age .and I enclosed a photo of her with her dress undone .
DAN.B I sent .
I stayed up see what she would reply .
Straight away it came back I can’t do that she wrote he’s my son.
I wrote back well I want see you and your son together and if I don’t I will send photos daily to all your contacts o took off your phone last night including your son and daughter .
I’m watching
I then went downstairs and mom was still sitting at the table I noticed her top was undone a few buttons I asked you OK mom just hungover she said why don’t you give your mom a cuddle to help me I was straight over as I cuddled her u could see down her top and saw her bra and part of her tits. Heaven again as she was awake now she was wearing a white bra as we cuddled she asked if I wanted a drink before tea ok I said but I needed the toilet.
I raced up and wrote a email that was good but I want your top open show him explain that your lonely and need cuddles and kisses .
Dan.B I sent and went down she had just got it as I came I the room I sat on the sofa and she came over with drink and sat next to me, she cuddled me and I noticed she was undoing her buttons mom your buttons undone, it’s OK she said I’m lonely and you need to learn things like about girls I looked at her bra now her top was fully open my mouth open she then said all girls have these and boys like to feel and suck them you have a feel if you want ,my hand was groping her tits in seconds by now I had a hard on she was red with embarrassment as I groped them under her bra now and I lent in to suck her nipple which was hard I reached with my other hand and rubbed my cock I saw her look then look away as I groped and sucked and I took out my cock wanking it my mother was looking away but kept looking at my cock as I wanked and then I cum shooting my cum on her jeans sorry mom she just looked and smiled it’s OK dis you like that with me .
I was in heaven of course I did and she said don’t tell anyone and you can do again later.
I needed go upstairs cleanup and write a email .
You did well making your son cumbut next time you do it for him and I attached a photo of her with her panties off .
DAN.Bi sent
I came down changed and she was sitting on the sofa top buttons all done up. I smiled thank you mom and kissed her I sat next to her putting my head on her arm and I placed my hand on her leg she jumped a bit, I wondered if I could do something my self and moved my hand up her leg stroking it and getting to her crotch area I stopped left my hand there and kissed her arm I love you mom.
How far would she go to save herself getting embarrassed by the videos and photos .

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  • Reply Vaska ID:1efuv5ojmgik

    Kas see ka verepilastus on kui ma oma emal jalgevahelt lahti lakun.

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    Still waiting for part 2.

  • Reply Kabir ID:1cngmlssomhx

    Good start. I think you should dominate her and then put dog collar around her to show who is boss. I did something similar with Aunt.

  • Reply Mr Johnson ID:19eux46xyuur

    Good story. Looking for part 2

  • Reply Nick ID:3n9wao7bqri

    Nice story hope u do a part 2 or do one like this with a mother in law I really hope u do

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    I liked it. You know she secretly wanted that anyway. Now she’s just being “forced” to do what she’s always wanted. Soon you will be sleeping in her bed every night and doing your sister as well.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:y1rp63v3zwf

    Nice work love this story hope it continues

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    This was amazing definitely need to make it a series

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    Do a part 2

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    Boring as shit.