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My First BJ

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I was a young teen virgin who had a curiosity about sex since watching a couple of my brothers porno dvd’s. I would rub my little virgin hairless pussy and pinch my rose colored nipples as I watched them making myself have multiple orgasms. I had fingered my pussy and even stuck a brush handle up inside me breaking my hymen but giving me lots of pleasure. I had kissed some boys and lately let them feel my nipples as I rubbed their cocks through their pants. I wanted to see a real cock and hold it in my hands but I was scared after all I was only young but figured it looked good on the porno’s.
One night I was down at the park swimming by myself and two older boys showed up and were swimming around splashing me until one grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back and then the other turned me and I kissed him too. After that it was a bunch of grabbing at me and one put my hand under the water right on his bare cock. OMG I was touching a real cock I thought as a thrill ran through me. He grabbed my hand after a few seconds and pulled me towards shore.
The boy kissed me a lot then told me to kneel down on the grass. I didn’t know what he intended but was caught up in the moment and got on my knees as he pulled his trunks down and a big thick cock bobbed in front of my face. I was amazed it was so beautiful my first time seeing a real cock. I reached out and touched it as the other boy shook off his trunks and put my hand on his cock. OMG I had a cock in both hands.
The boy told me to suck it but I told him I had never done that and didn’t know how. He laughed and asked if I was a virgin and I told them yes I was. He said he would teach me and to open my mouth and suck his cock inside it. I did as he told me and after a little bit I was doing pretty good. As I sucked on the one cock the other boy was using my hand to jerk himself off. I loved the feeling of the two cocks, one in my mouth and the other in my hand.
The one in my mouth tasted so good and the other felt so hard and rippling as I stroked it. The boy I was sucking grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock to the back of my throat and suddenly my mouth was filled with thick warm cum shooting from his cock. I chocked and gagged and cum shot out of my nose but then I managed to swallow and felt the cum slide down my throat into my tummy and I orgasmed right there and then. After a sec he pulled out and the other boy stepped in front of me and shoved his swollen hard cock in my mouth and I began to suck him. He didn’t last long before he blasted a huge load into my mouth but this time I was ready and swallowed it all. They both pulled on their trunks and thanked me saying they would see me again as I smiled and tasted the first two loads of many I would have in my mouth.

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  • Reply Cockdrippings ID:n4n7zxw40

    you lovely little slut

  • Reply horny old man ID:n4n7zxw40

    maybe you will want to suck an old mans cock and mine is available

  • Reply Aries ID:1dgivlod6pgj

    What a wonderful coming of age story. About a young girl discovering that sex is great and that sucking cock is fun! Now go on and suck some more cock, you can find horny men that will enjoy fucking your sweet pussy!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2v9k

    Good girl!, I am so proud of you taking responsibility of your sexual needs. There is nothing like hearing of a young girls sexual awakening. Now a days some get their switch turned on so early with no one to guide and teach them, How wrong is that? Every girl in my book should be taught the proper way and I hope you have a wonderful sex life filled with massive orgasms.

  • Reply Mike y ID:1ds9mpsjdgl4

    Remind me of little Lucy when she suck on my pedo cock