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my dad fucks me

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my 14 yr old pussy opens up for my daddy. every time he sticks his big hard cock in and pumps it until i cum on it, i love it.
one time we were fucking on the sofa when my mum was out and i squirted so much from his dick in my pussy and his hand rubbing my clit that we had to lue and say i spilt my drink, he fucked me till i cried thst night as a punishment.
if i been naughty he rapes me till i cant take it. when i been good, he fucks me how i like it. i love when its been a long day and he eats my pussy till its creamy to relax me.
one time he raped me so hard my pussy was uncontrollably squirting and creaming and i couldnt walk for days. i dont complain though.
older men dick is my fav, i love how a man can please my pussy properly and make me make a lil mess for him. my dad loves when i tell him about all the other men i fuck, hes so proud of me and knows he will always be my favourite daddy.

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  • Reply dad4lil ID:1d2i6a81ytpn

    i love stories like this

  • Reply Golden ID:1cqvqtr3ytnj

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  • Reply I'M Carlito ID:1d7m429ywl63

    I thought he was your real dad until I got to the end of the story I don’t like it when girls call other guys daddy if it’s not their Real Dad Is making love or Fucking Or pounding her I was getting happy in the beginning of the story while I was reading it until I got to the end then I got Is sad and disappointed If there’s any females on here that have stories about themselves and they’re real dead I would like to read about it you can send me an invite on my Google chat And my Google chat information is [email protected] I will be waiting for your invite all right Lady’s

  • Reply Zandy ID:5v836p040

    Phoebe step daddy read

  • Reply Yo ID:1cma890auc0s

    Yo hi

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    Wish I was your dad

  • Reply chance ID:5kzl3afuzzc

    Id like to eat cum out of that pussy

  • Reply G.A ID:4rzlsmw41

    You have wrote four stories. Don’t you think it’s time to stop? We don’t deserve this.

    • Fade ID:1edv5bbg5m7r

      I’ve seen you on the last 3 stories I’ve clicked XD. If I see you again I’m giving you my discord and we shall be friends. But yes. All the stories have been bad

  • Reply Spike ID:2a73q4sqri

    Hello Emily how are you care to chat

    • hi! ID:21yyh4kgzm

      i’m 13 and in nyc. would u like to meet? I want a stranger to take my virginty.

  • Reply EmilyG ID:gnrvkr2qi

    I wish I had a dad sometimes.

    • Edward ID:1dqr18jmvg9r

      Morning my sweet lil daughter want t
      o talk to dad about anything

    • Lina ID:58g1hxym2

      Some times i wish i dad to

    • Dadcum ID:1d8utvz7ccop

      Emily And aliña you both need a daddy to share email me [email protected]

  • Reply admirer ID:nh7p92wz

    need email for older guys