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My cousin A

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The story I am about to tell is truth and nothing but the truth.. till this day I wish I can go back in time and do them again..

Through out my whole childhood I would spend most of my time at my cousins house. Sometimes sleeping and other times playing.. it wasn’t until it got to a point when I saw my cousin attractive .. (let’s call her A) I would spend most of my times outdoors with my cousins… I was 12 at the time and she was 8. There was this time when we decided to play hide and seek one of my cousins was counting while me and my cousin A left to hide.. I followed her into her room where she hid in a closet.. my cousin house was quiet big so it was hard to really fine people. We were hiding in her close and until this day I can still see and remember the clothing she wore.. she had pink booty shorts skin tight and a white tank top. Man when I saw her stand infront of me boy did my cock get rock hard.. for an 8 yr old man was her butt plump.

Minutes passed and I could hear the laughter of my other cousins. I really wanted to do something with her.. I build up the courage and I hugged her from the back, she turned around to say “what are you doing ?!” I replied “I’m just trying to keep you safe! You’re to close to the door we gotta hide so they won’t find us!” For some kids we took the game serious. We built a clothing fort to block the entrance and when I knew that the door/exit was secure.. I took the opportunity.

I told her I liked her more then cousins she replied in disgust saying “eww we are like brother and sister” and I said “we are cousins A.. cousins have right to like each other.. it’s okay” I was doing everything I can to convince her she was still unsure.. for me to gain her trust and to let her know I wasn’t bullshitting I leaned foward and gave her a kiss. She was shocked.. she couldn’t believe I took her first kiss. But without second guessing it. She jumped on me wrapped her legs and arms around my body and started kissing me like we were lovers.

I was shocked and happy! I couldn’t believe I was doing these dirty things with my cousin ! As I carried her while kissing her she could feel my hard cock poking her pussy. She said “what’s that?” I said “that is my penis it’s where I pee from AND it’s how we boys make baby’s!” She replied “really ?! It looks funny but it’s chunky and long” as I put her down I told her if she wanted to see it. She said “uh huh!” I whipped out my cock and she gasped as it’s her first time seeing one. Her mouth was open and she told me “can I touch it ?” I instantly said “YES!” She poked it, grabbed it and smelled it.. I had told her “since I showed you my private can you show me yours ?” She was embarrassed she wasn’t sure. She said “I don’t know.. my mom would get mad at me” I replied “she doesn’t have to know.. it would me our secret” she said “fine I pinky promise I will not tell anybody” she removed her pink tight booty shorts and man was the sight beautiful.. she was wearing white pink and blue polka dot panties.. her ass cheeks were eating the panties.. it’s as if she were wearing a thong! My cock was throbbing she would look at my cock jump up and down. She giggled saying my cock looked like her dogs tail. I replied “ my penis is excited A if my penis wasn’t jumping up and down.. it would mean I don’t like you but since it is it means I really really really like you” she blushed and smiled as she pulled me for another kiss… this time it was different

Instead of a small kiss.. we started to make out.. we would bite our lips and put our tongues down each others mouth.. I was extremely horny I was a virgin and so was she. She would push me behind a wall where a pile of dirty clothes laid there, she would then continue to kiss me. I grabbed her hips and stab her on my cock. We were making out like crazy and she was grinding on my cock. She was riding me like a horse. I couldn’t take it anymore.. I couldn’t resist
I got up and laid her on the pile of cloths and spread her legs. She was trying to close them as she covered her face due to embarrassment. I forcefully open them only for her to meet my tongue on her pussy. She was laughing as I was tickling her until i discovered her sweet hole.. her gentle laugh went from a tickling laughter to a soft gasping moan. As I heard that I knew I hit the jackpot I would focus my attention to that spot as she scrunched and shivered from each flick my tongue made. She said “ stop it’s not clean down there.. it’s really nasty” the taste of her pussy was the taste of baby wipe and piss.. I didn’t care i continued to tongue fuck my little cousin she then told me “I feel really weird I feel like I’m going to pee” I continued until she pushed me off… she peed.. or squirted.. she was shaking like a leaf. I knew it was time and that there was a possible chance I wouldn’t get another opportunity.

I grabbed my cock and pointed my tip at her pussy she looked at my cock then looked at me.. saying “what are you going to do with your thingy ?” I replied “don’t worry i seen videos of lovers doing this they call it sex.. this is how boys and girls make baby’s” she was shocked saying “but I don’t want a baby I want to get married first” I replied saying “do you like me A ?” She said “yes ! I really like you” then I said “if you really like me then you would let me do it” she was thinking about it until I teased her with my cock.. rubbing it around her pussy.. hearing her little moans she said “ I really like when you were licking me down there.. is your pp going to feel the same ?” I didn’t know so I shrugged me shoulders. She finally agreed I continued to tease her pussy.. I attempted to penetrate her pussy but she was small and tight! I rubbed my whole entire shaft around her pussy.. using her piss as lubricant finally wet enough i positioned myself good.. grabbed my cock.. and saw how my cock was being swallowed slowly by my little cousins pussy. She let out a scream I quickly covered her mouth.. hoping no one heard.. I looked down only to see her bleeding and her crying. I removed my hand telling her if she was ok.. she replied “It hurts a lot.. I don’t like it ! It doesn’t feel like your tongue TAKE IT OUT!” For a 12 yr old I had a good size cock and at the time it was too much for her to handle.. I promised her I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her that I would go slow. I made her feel safe. Finally she said “ okay please don’t hurt me anymore okay” i thrusted my cock back inside her.. slowly and gently trying not to hurt her.. she bit her lips and closed her eyes tightly. I asked her “ how do you feel A ? Does it hurt ? Do you want to take a break ?” She replied “ it doesn’t hurt that much anymore. I’m okay my stomach just feels hot” I made her feel safe and i asked her “ can I go a little faster ? I’ll go fast and you tell me to go slower or faster okay” she shook her head okay.. I thrusted my cock in and out fast heard her soft moans become loud Moans.. for an 8 yr old boy did my cousin let out lewd moans.. i continued to fuck my cousins we locked eyes and we started to kiss I then removed her white tank top and revealed her small pink nipples.. I started to lick them while fucking her.. she wrapped her legs around my waist and grabbed my head.. we were fucking like horny rabbits. a minute goes by and I feel a strange feeling inside my cock.. it was throbbing like crazy.. my very first nut.. I let out all my cum inside my cousin she gasped and asked me “ did you pee in me ??” I said “ i don’t think so i don’t know” I removed my cock from inside her and inspected her pussy only to see my cum dripping from her pussy. I was excited. My very first time cumming! We quickly got changed as we heard alot of commotion nearby. I made sure I hid her real good and let myself get caught. The game was close to an end.. she was the last one.. I told them to look again down stairs and I would look around the rooms up here.. they left and I looked over to my cousin where she was hiding and gave her a kiss and asked her “ do you want to do this again some other day ?” She replied “ yes it was fun”

Since then whenever we were alone we took the opportunity to fuck, on her bed.. under her bed, In her closet, In her bathroom. In her moms room or brothers room.

Today I am 20 and she’s 17 we rarely see each other or talk to each other but when we have family reunions we would see each other.. we would look at each other and just smile at each other.. I would then remember everything we did together thinking if she was thinking the same exact thing. If she ever wanted to fuck again I know for sure.. this time… I will have her in more sex positions.


Thank you for reading my story, I will upload another story about the time I fucked my sister!

(at the time I didn’t know much about sex.. most of the Time I would watch porn to learn and hear the women moan like crazy)

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

    I have many stories to share, a new one I am writing at the moment is about the time I fucked my sister.. when I couldn’t fuck my cousin anymore a couple years past and my lust grew.. I took my sexual frustration on my sis.

    Click my User to find out about the rest of my story!

  • Reply Bonestt ID:3ynzgpw9499

    i love this stories i have had similar encounters with my cousins at that age too but i was 11 and my cousins was age 9,8 and 6 , 8 and 6 are sisters. one day soon i will write my stories about my life event because its all true

    • Incognito ID:145e615mv9d

      Please telegram me i am almost desperate to hear more. ygo7777

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    You try reconnecting with her and when you do breed her

    • Incognito ID:145e615mv9d

      That is a very hot idea.

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      I barely see her and when I do it’s mostly family reunions..would be bad to get caught but I give 0 shits cause honestly.. I want to be balls deep inside her again

  • Reply Incognito ID:145e615mv9d

    Is this legit? Either way if you have more stories my telegram is ygo7777

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      This is 100% legit.. I left some parts out due to they weren’t that interesting

    • Incognito ID:145e615mv9d

      I would like to hear more would you telegram me?