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Me and My sister

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My sister is just ten months older; it was always a running joke in the family (that my dad couln’t keep it in his pants)! My sister and I have always been very close and share almost everything, especially when we were kids. Due to the timings of our birthdays, we were in the same year at school, my sister was one of the oldest in the class, and I was the youngest.

At age 12, we went through Sex Ed at school like everyone else. When we got home, we spoke about what we had heard, we knew what sex was, but loved hearing about the details. We told each other what we liked hearing about in the class (we also let the other know, we got excited in class). I told her I wish I could see a vagina in real life, and she laughed at me, because she said she wanted to see a penis in real life. We both got quiet because we knew that when we were younger, we had seen each other naked and taken baths together, but we hadn’t done that in a number of years.

My sister got a look in her eyes, you know when someone is thinking about being naughty. She said, “you want to” and I knew exactly what she meant. I just nodded my head, yes. She said you first. I was nervous, but I took my pants and briefs off and lay on the bed. It felt odd to have somebody else look at my dick, and when she touched it, I started to get hard. Her eyes were locked on to my growing dick. She got really close and gently wrapped her fingers around my shaft. As I got hard, I was just a little more than a handful back then. When her fingers ran over the mushroom tip of my cock, I felt an electricity go through my body. Her face and neck were quite red, and her breathing was getting heavy, I thought she was embarrassed, I now know she was getting sexually aroused. She also played with my pubes (we both grew pubic hair early) and commented we had precisely the same color. That is when I asked to see her.

She still had her school uniform on and reached under her skirt, removed her black underwear, and lay on the bed raising her skirt. My first thought was amazement because of the mass of dark brown bush she had; it was way more than I had. She was right, though; it was the same color as mine. But I loved how her pussy lips protruded from all that hairy growth. She had very large lips, they were unfolded and kind of open. Sarah shuddered when I first touched her. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and gazed at the opening to her vagina; I told her I wondered how a penis could fit in such a small opening. My sister said the thought of a baby’s head coming out of it worried her more! I touched her clit (which we learned about in sex ed) and she jumped, the same way I did when she touched the head of my cock. She quietly moaned when I touched it, and asked me to be very gentle when touching it.

Thus started our sexual relationship, and although we never actually had sexual intercourse, we pretty much have done everything else.

We would masturbate together, she would jack me off, and I would finger her. I loved playing with her tits, her nipples were sensitive and she loved them being sucked. Plus we found out we both enjoy anal play. The oral stuff eventually started too. We had both been to a classmate’s sixteenth birthday and had gotten a little drunk. When we got home, our parents were already asleep. So we turned off the lights, turned on the television (I think SNL was on) and we had a lick and suck fest on the couch. We ended up in her bedroom. Sarah’s bedroom had two single beds (and had initially been our bedroom). Our parents never suspected anything when I slept in my old bed. We were on Sarah’s bed, she was jacking me off and next thing I know, she leans down and just puts my dick in her mouth. It was a fantastic feeling, and yes, I did cum in her mouth, which she swallowed (most of it). I then looked at her and said my turn, and she spread her legs and I couldn’t wait to get my first real taste of her pussy (I had of course already tasted my fingers). She had to put a pillow over her face because she was moaning so loudly and was afraid she was going to wake up mom and dad. My sister gets very wet and creamy. Her juices coated my entire face. Yes, I was hooked.

It was soon after that that we tried 69ing (which quickly became our favorite position). This usually resulted in both of us coming. We loved her on top, because she could grind her pussy into my face and control how far my cock would go into her mouth. The closest we came to full-blown sex was when I used to rub my penis through her engorged pussy lips after a particularly active 69 licking and sucking. I’m kind of glad we never went all the way, as I think that could have changed things dramatically. We didn’t consider what we were doing was incest, more experimenting.

One of my favorite memories, was the movie Top Gun. We all went to the movies, but it was full and couldn’t find 4 seats together, so our parents sat in front and just to the side of us. I was sitting next to the wall and Sarah had the next seat in. Halfway through the film, I put my hand on her knee, she put her coat over her lap. Minutes later, I had slipped my hand under her panties and was fingering her pussy while staring at the back of my mom’s head. When Maverick came out earlier this year, we decided to relive the memory. Mom and Dad weren’t there, but it was still a lot of fun. The dumbest thing we ever did, was masturbate each other in the back seat of the car with our parents in the front seat. It was night, we were coming from a family gathering and had a blanket over us. We were older and knew what we were doing. I was fingering her soaking pussy and she was stroking my hard cock. The crazy part is, we never really thought about the smell of sex. We often wonder if our parents knew what we were doing.

We are both married today. We both have kids. We always wonder if our kids are fooling around (wonder, fantasize, hope…). We still find time to 69, but usually we must sneak away from the families to do it. But it is always worth it.

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  • Reply EmilyG ID:2jp99leqrc

    I’m glad you still have fun together! Why didn’t you ever fuck? Heehee!

    • James ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      Id def fuk u and mske u like it.