looking after their daughter

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After 11 years of marriage they go on honeymoon and ask if their daughter can stay with me

My life got ripped apart when my wife who was pregnant with our twin boys died. All she was doing was going to work when a city delivery truck came out of no where and T-boned her car on the drivers side killing her and our babies on impact. The cops said the truck was going 60 plus mph on city streets when he hit my wife’s car. After a year I was rewarded with 4 million for my wife and 2.5 million for each of my boys plus 5 more for a total 14 million. I will say I would give every penny back to have my wife and soon to be born sons back, but that’s not going to happen.
My wife and me befriended a couple she met through her work and they have a little 5 year old daughter called Kara. The first time after the lost of my wife and sons that Kara seen me she put her little arms around my neck telling me not to be sad cause she would take my sadness away. She like always knew how to put a smile on my face. Anytime her parents went some place Kara couldn’t or didn’t want to go she stayed with me.
I just she wasn’t a planned child so with her birth coming they used their honeymoon money on getting things ready for her birth. So when Kara’s dad won a trip they decided they would use it as their missed honeymoon. They asked if I minded having Kara who is now 11 years old for 10 days and I said that I would love having her and if they wanted to go for longer that was fine with me as well. They said that there is a chance they could maybe do 4 more days but would have to see if they could swing it.
They flew out Feb 4th and Kara was so excited to be staying with me that she ran into my house, threw her arms around my neck and started kissing me all over my face, with more than a couple landing on my lips. Her parents were cutting it close on catching their fight so they just dropped her bags and told her to do everything I told her to do no matter what it was as they ran out the door.
The first day was nothing out of the norm, We played games, watched TV and went for a long walk which I do everyday. That night she was looking though my DVDs and found what I had forgot was there. My wife and me at times like to watch porn so I have Deep throat and Debbie does Dallas. Well Kara wanted to watch Debbie does Dallas and I told her that those movies are for adults only and that she was to young to watch something like that. She seemed to understand and picked out one of those dog gets lost and finds it’s way home movies. I thought she would leave those adult movies alone. I guess I should’ve got rid of them or at least put them away.
Well 2 nights later about 3 in the morning I got the feeling something wasn’t right and got up to check. In the den where I have my TV there was Kara watching Debbie does Dallas and from what I could remember of the movie was over halfway through it. When I got to where I could see Kara she had her panties on the floor with her legs opened wide and her hand was very busy playing with her young hairless pussy. She was moaning and her hips began to wiggle as she threw her head back and came. I didn’t know someone that young could have a orgasm but here she is coming on my couch which was very wet from the cum leaking out of her. I didn’t want to just walk in on her cause I was hard as a rock from not only the movie but watching this sweet little green eyed beauty making herself orgasm. I stepped back to where I could watch her enjoying herself. When the movie was getting near the end I decided to go back up stairs and wait to see if she went back to bed. I heard she on the stairs in a short time then when she got to my bedroom door she came in quietly and stood next to my bed for a few minutes before putting her hand under my sheet and over to my manhood which was semi hard as she placed her hand on top of my cock. I thought ok, she’s just curious what a man feels like there. She worked my cock out the front opening on my boxers and began rubbing up and down on me stopping when she got to the top to run a finger across the head then back down again. I felt myself harden totally at her touch and thought if she kept this up much longer I was going to have a mess to clean up. I know there had to be precum leaking out of my cock and just when I was about to blow my load she pull her hand back and as I watched her through slitted eyes she lifted her fingers to her nose. As she smelled my precum she opened her mouth and licked her fingers clean of what had to be not only my precum but her cum as well. I was right on the edge of blowing without even touching myself. Kara then turned and walked out of my bedroom. I tried to think back at that age if I was interested in sex and as I remembered back I remember going into my sister’s panty drawer feeling how different they were from what I wore and I noticed most of mom’s had a reddish stain on them. I remembered that I didn’t understand why them were stained back then.
The next morning Kara was very sleeping and when I asked she said she didn’t sleep very well. I took her to the pool so we could swim and play in the water and I noticed that she looked at my trunks a lot and then in the water I felt her hand, arm or what ever rub against my manhood every chance she got. At one point she was in front of me facing away and she was rubbing her very cute ass against me and she was starting to get me hard. Her one arm disappeared and I swear she had her hand on my hardon. She turned and smiled at me as she moved away. Ok I know I should put a stop to it but hell It’s been years since any female has so much as touched me and I will say I was enjoying it as much if not more then Kara was.
At home that evening we were on the couch watching a movie when she laid her head in my lap with her hand under her head. After a few minutes I felt her fingers touching my manhood through the gym shorts I had on. She ever so slowly bunched my shorts up so she could get her fingers under the leg band. I acted like I didn’t know what she was doing but with me only wearing the gym shorts she soon could see my manhood and I could feel her breathe on it. I could feel myself starting to harden when she turned her head and It felt like she give my cock head a lick. She moved a little more and I knew for sure she was licking my cock at the slit. It was all I could do not to pull her mouth open and face fuck her. She really wasn’t trying to hide what she was doing anymore as she turned her head even more sucking on just the end. By now I was rock hard and leaking precum which she was sucking into her mouth. I slid my hand down to her hip feeling she didn’t have anything on under her nighty. I slid a little more to the edge of her nighty cupping her very firm nicely shaped ass cheek. Kara give a groan that went right through my cock straight to my head. She now had most of the head of my cock in her mouth as my fingers found her wet hairless pussy. She pulled her head back and said “Please” as she pushed her pussy against my fingers. I slid a couple fingers into her wet slit finding her opening and pushing one finger in maybe a half a inch. She was groaning as she sucked my cock head and when I slid my fingers up finding her tiny clit she went wild, taking more of my cock in her mouth than my wife could do as she reached a orgasm. She started sucking hard on me with her hand wrapped around jacking on me at the same time. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth so I pulled her off my cock which she didn’t want to leave and asked if she wanted to sleep in my bed tonight.
We were in my bedroom and both naked in record time. I laid down and got her into 69 and began to eat her tiny hairless pussy. She was squirming on top of me as she sucked on me once again. Soon she lifted her head as her body went ridgid on top of me as her orgasm hit and she squirted out a small amount of cum. She always called me uncle even thou I’m not her uncle and said “Uncle can we do it tonight please? I want to feel it inside of me uncle.” Well I was beyond thinking with my brains just my little head and told her to turn around. I got her above me and once I was against her tiny opening told her that it was up to her but that it would hurt a lot the first time.
She lowered herself a lot more than I thought she would without any signs of pain and she quickly had most of me inside of herself. Ok I loved my wife when she was alive but I never felt anything like this inside of her. Kara was tighter hotter and yes much wetter and just watching her face was almost enough to make me want to cum. I didn’t last long before I give her my cum deep inside of her. She came right along with me.
As we rested I asked about her cherry and she said that her girlfriend and herself decided to break their cherries together about a month ago. She had her head on my chest and moved down to suck on my cock with our mixed cum on it and getting me hard once again. I did the fucking this time and there’s nothing like watching her green eyes flutter as she orgasms her jet black hair around her head made it just picture prefect.
As my orgasm got close she asked if she could see me cum, so I pulled out and moved up telling her to open her mouth. Within seconds I had my cum shooting in her mouth on her chin, neck and her nearly flat chest. Kara made a show of swallowing my cum as she would wipe it up with her fingers and lick it off. She sure did learn a lot watching that movie the night before didn’t she.
I don’t think she’s going to be sleeping in the other bedroom the rest of her stay.

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  • Reply cloudwalker ID:gnrvcvoid

    Thank you JLM. You really got to my kinky kink. Refreshing to read such a well written story.

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    Wow, id love a kara of my own. Goldenbiguy on telegram to chat

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    Can we have a part2?

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    Joe are you on wickr I would love to share stories with you about our daughters. my id on wickr

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    In diesem Alter sind sie noch so schön unschuldig und unverdient es muss eine Freude sein sie zu versauen und zu schlappen zu erziehen

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Breed her

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald2

    Ah!, the joys of teaching an 11 year old the art of sensual sex and foreplay is rivaled by no other. All younger females deserve the finest treatment when they seek out an older cock. What a joy just seeing their faces as they have a massive orgasm squirting all over your face and body. All females no matter what age deserves this treatment as it is their right and privilege as a female sexual human being. My motto is NEVER say no to them and even at this time I have the privilege of teaching a 13 year old and her sister which is 9. All females in that family have started their period’s at just over 9 so i am wondering if I should breed her. I am getting up in age and I would love to hear the pitter patter of a young one’s feet running to great daddy at the door. At 9 she cum’s harder and squirts farther than most woman I have been with and she sucks a cock like a pro after only 6 months of play.
    Anyone that says it is wrong must not have had young pussy before or has been beat with the bible one to many times. All you younger females seek that older cock and be taught like you are suppose to be taught and enjoy your rightful orgasm’s as they were intended……free and flowing!.

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      THAT was an AWESOME story!!!

  • Reply HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

    Her parents raised her right..

  • Reply EmilyG ID:2jp99leqrc

    I loved it! And it was well written and Kara is amazing!

    • JJ ID:1cxhtniwnl3w

      Could not agree more Emily! What a fun story, and wonderfully written too. Kara is amazing, though unfortunate that life never seems like line up that perfectly for too many people. Would be better if more could more fully and openly enjoy their body and learning experiences like Kara

    • Redneck ID:3zxjhzgxt0k

      Emily can u please email me [email protected]

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      i have experience with my daughter and granddaughter email me. [email protected]

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