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Introducing pervy, old, stranger as old family friend

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I introduce an old pervert from a porn site, as an old family friend, to my unaware, respectable, wife Sarah and stepdaughter . He gains their trust.

I get chatting with a guy called Clive, who lives close by. He is interested in everything about Milly, my step daughter and I agree to introduce him as an old family friend, who lives close to where we have moved at Green Hammerton. He starts coming round often and befriends Sarah and Milly, so they are OK with him and trust him as they think I have known him all my life. Sarah’s sister usually sits for Milly when Sarah and I go out or need to be away for any reason. Sarah’s mother sometimes has funny turns, where she gets confused and needs looking after for a while. I imagine it happening when Sarah’s sister is away on holiday and there is no one to watch Milly. Sarah is desperate to get away and I suggest, l Clive . I call him from outside, so Sarah doesn’t hear the conversation. He knows what turns me on and he is more than eager to be with Milly. He wants her really badly.

I tell Clive what has happened and what I have suggested to Sarah about him sitting for Milly while we are away. Having being divorced twice and retired, he has no reason that stops him from being able to drop everything and come straight to the house.
I have to tell him to hold on and start to outline a plan that I know is going to want to be fully involved in.
I have some sedative powder which I have kept in a medicine jar. It is made from some powerful tablets that Sarah’s mother left in our bathroom cabinet when she visited. She was suffering from really severe insomnia and the doctor had prescribed stronger and stronger medication, till she was on stuff that would put an elephant out for the count. I took the tablets and ground them down with a coffee blender till they were a soft powder that mixed easily into water or any liquid.
Not knowing if any of it would ever come off. I gave him the low down on the situation He gave a dirty laugh and a kind of whistle and said “Fuck. Thanks. This is going to be amazing. How long are you and Sarah going to be away ?”
I said “Probably a few days. Don’t worry, there is enough of the stuff in the bottle for dosing 50 cups of hot chocolate and it is tasteless. It lasts for eight to ten hours and causes memory loss. It will be a total blank. Milly will probably feel a bit groggy, but it wears off quickly the next day.

While Sarah is getting a case packed and sorting what we will need l tell Milly what is happening. She is a bit concerned as it will be “Uncle Clive ” minding her instead of her Aunt Sue, but I reassure her and say everything will be fine and that will probably spoil her. Milly is a trusting girl and has come to see him as a kind of adopted uncle figure.
I tell Milly to pop to the village shop to get some milk for her bedtime hot chocolate and she runs off to get some.
While she is away I go to the garage and get the stuff I need. A low light level,video camera and tripod I have hidden behind a tool chest. I go in and get a tube of KY lubricant from the en suite and then go to Milly’s bedroom and put all of the things under the end of her bed out of sight where she won’t look. I consider putting a few condoms with the other stuff but get a huge feeling of butterflies in my stomach as I consciously decide not to.

Things happen quickly. Clive arrives and I chat with him in the kitchen. Just before Sarah comes downstairs, I open the door to the food cupboard and show the container. I whisper
“About half a teaspoon should do it. She will be out till mid morning. You will be able to do anything you want with Milly”.
Clive gave a nasty grin and his voice was sort of gruff.
“Can I fuck her Ray? Shit this is fucking amazing. I haven’t shagged a female for ages and that was old prozzies in Bradford.”
I nodded and winked, just as Sarah came into the kitchen. She said
“Oh Clive . You are a lifesaver. Thank you so much. I don’t know what we would have done without you. At such short notice too. She stepped forward and gave a quick hug. He hugged her back and pulled her a little too close, for just a moment too long. Sarah kind of gave a funny look my way, but didn’t say anything as she moved back and broke the hug.
was flushed and said
“My pleasure to look after Milly.”
I thought,
“Yes I bet it’s going to be!!! ”

Milly came in and Clive reached out, picked her up and spun her round. She looked tiny in the arms of the overweight, balding, man she knew as Uncle Clive . When he put her down his face was red and flushed and his thick, bottleneck glasses had steamed up. It was lucky he had done a good job getting Sarah’s trust, because he looked like a dirty, old, pervert viewing a playground at that moment.
We got out stuff, loaded the car and gave Milly a kiss. The last view I had was her standing on our doorstep, waving with one hand and her other hand gripped in the big hand of the man, who soon would be having sex with her.

I almost turned back, but a deeper, darker part of me was in charge. I was unbelievably excited as I continued driving and my cock was stiff and uncomfortably constrained in my jeans.

We drove the 4 hours to Sarah’s mother’s house. She was in bed and seemed confused after another minor stroke. Sarah fussed around her getting drinks and some lunch. I sat out in the garden. It was March and quite breezy, but it felt good after being cooped up in the car.

I texted Clive about where the camera and tripod were hidden and he asked how long the sedative would take. He told me that Milly had been doing some gymnastic moves in the back room and said he got a hard on, because he could see her camel toe through her tight leotard. I told him that the powder should start working after 20 minutes but to allow 40 minutes before touching Milly, to make sure she was fully out

Sarah went back upstairs to sit with her mother after cooking and eating tea in the dining room. At 7pm my phone pinged. Clive messaged to say that Milly had gone upstairs to shower and get her night clothes on. I loved those too. Milly always looked so innocent and angelic in the pure white nightie that went to just above her lovely, tanned knees. Her periods had started just 3 months ago but she was definitely still more little girl, than young woman in terms of life experience.
Thirty minutes later my phone pinged again. It was Milly, with a joint message to both Sarah and me to say she was OK and watching Coronation Street on the sofa with Uncle Clive and she was saying

“Night, night, Sleep tight.”

and that Uncle Clive was going to make her hot chocolate in a minute.
My heart started to pound in my chest partly with nerves and partly with arousal. It was going to happen!!
My phone pinged again. This time Clive had written
” Fuck she is beautiful in that nightie.”
I knew exactly what he meant. Milly was under 5 feet tall with golden, brown hair just a little more than shoulder length and gorgeous hazel eyes. Her skin was lovely and smooth with the glow of youthful health. Her petite, slim body was perfectly toned, with all her gymnastics and I knew ‘s eyes would be all over Milly’s budding breasts. I knew as well that her puffy nipples showed through the thin cotton of that nightie, beautifully too.

Twenty minutes later, which seemed like an eternity, my phone pinged again. It was Clive . He had given Milly the doctored, hot chocolate. and she was already asleep on the sofa. This meant it had worked, because normally she would have kissed us both goodnight and gone upstairs to her room. I could hardly breathe, waiting for the next message. My phone rang this time. I took the call and immediately got the video from Clive’s phone. Milly was slumped on the sofa, head slightly to one side, eyes closed and breathing slow and deeply. I saw Clive’s hand appear and he shook her shoulder. There was no response from her. He pinched her arm, still nothing. He said
“She is well out Ray. Totally spark out mate.”

I saw him caress her small breasts through her nightie, then he leaned and kissed her on her lips. She slept on.

It was strangely fascinating and quite surreal to be sitting miles from home watching this old man, who none of us had known 3 months ago , kissing and touching Milly intimately. I said
“Go up and get the camera set up . Then carry her up to her bedroom. She isn’t going to wake up till morning.”
Clive just said
His phone clicked off. So Ten minutes later I got the camera view in Milly’s bedroom. The bed was empty. I had paid good money for the video camera and it could access the Internet. I heard noises and then Clive’s fat face appeared close up. He said
“Is it working Ray?”
I said

“Yes it’s perfect.”
He said
“I am going down for Milly now.”
I sat looking at Milly’s room. There was her favourite duvet cover with the Olympic rings pattern on. Milly’s ambition was to do gymnastics at the Olympics. I could see all her old Teddy bears and dolls lined along the wall side of her bed. Everything seemed so normal.
I heard Clive’s feet on the stairs. I didn’t see anything for a minute. Then suddenly he was laying Milly on her back on the bed and it seemed so close.
He was eager and impatient after waiting all these weeks. He got hold of the bottom of Milly’s nightie and pulled it up to her waist. I could see the “Hello Kitty” motif on her panties, just above the mound which was her pubic mound visible through the cotton. Clive was very excited now. It was almost as if he had forgotten I was watching. He was talking as if Milly was awake.

Clive pulled Milly’s panties to the side. I could see her little slit. I was shocked to see a soft, wispy covering of hair on her mound and pussy lips. Not much, but it showed she was maturing fast. leaned and sniffed her scent then he hooked his thumbs into the waist of her panties and pulled them down to her knees. Then off over her feet He pulled her nightie up to her neck and exposed her budding, little tits.
He said gruffly
“Oh you beautiful, little slut. You want fucking don’t you?. Don’t think I don’t know you were teasing me doing all those exercises where I could see you. You were showing me your cunt weren’t you?

Clive moved over Milly. Leaning down he kissed her full on the mouth. From the sounds knew he had pushed his tongue into her small mouth. Then he kissed down her slim, smooth, throat and then moved his mouth onto her puffy nipples, sucking and nibbling them. Milly was heavily sedated and I could see her lovely face, eyes closed and looking so amazingly peaceful as the old pervert molested her. his fat hand slid up her leg, first her knee, then up between her thighs. He suddenly lifted his head and used both hands to spread Milly’s slim, tanned legs. He was whispering, but the microphone picked up even the smallest noises. He was saying
“Mmmm you little fucker. Let Uncle see what you taste like. Taste your sweet, little, cunt.”
He slid his tongue up Milly’s satin, smooth, inner thigh then parted her slit with his thumbs. He and I had a perfect view of her little clitoris.. He moved his mouth onto her.

I watched stiff and throbbing. I knew I would hear Sarah coming down from her mother’s bedroom in plenty of time to adjust things, so I unfastened my flies and released my stiff cock. I stroked, watching ‘s balding grey head bobbing up and down as he licked along Milly’s little slit. He was a bit moaning, enjoying her female taste and scent.
It didn’t last long, he was massively aroused and ready. He suddenly stopped, stood up and quickly unfastened his baggy, pants. He dropped them and I saw he was wearing stained, old fashioned, string underpants. He pulled them down to his knees. The camera lens was only a few inches from his groin as he turned. I got a close up view of his thick, veiny cock. He had a loose foreskin covering his bell end. He reached and pulled it back, exposing his big, engorged, swollen, purple /red glans. He bent and picked up the KY lubricant , opened the tube and squeezed a blob onto his right forefinger. He rubbed it in his palm and moved his hand up and down his cock, getting it good and slippery.

He looked at the camera and it was almost like he could see me, even though I knew he couldn’t. His mouth must have been dry with excitement, because his voice was hoarse. He said.
“Time to fuck the little slut. Ray. Where are the rubbers?”
I hesitated for a few moments. I knew there were some in the

bathroom, hidden in a cupboard and I knew I should tell to get them, especially in view of Milly’s periods starting a little while ago, but I heard myself say.
” I didn’t get any condoms .”
He looked at the camera with a surprised expression that changed to an evil, lustful look. He said
“I hoped you would say that Ray”
Clive didn’t want to get all his weight on Milly’s small body so he got hold of her ankles and pulled her around, so she was sideways across the bed with her little bum on the edge of the mattress and he let her legs drop so her feet were hanging down. He kneeled and spread her legs, shuffling forwards to bring his cock closer to her pussy. He took hold of the shaft of his cock. I could see a shining, clear bead of pre cum oozing from his piss hole. He shuffled another inch or two on his knees and slid his cock tip between Milly cunt lips, smearing his pre cum and the KY between her pink, inner, pussy lips making her slippery. He was ready. He whispered as if she was awake,
“I am going to fuck you now. Right up your tight, little twat Milly.
I watched as he pushed down on the top of his prick to change the angle. He nudged the tip into Milly’s virginal opening and pushed. It was too gentle. He pushed again, harder. penetrating her a little bit and tore her hymen. She made no noise or reaction as he entered her small body. He moaned and pushed again. I knew he was inside her. I watched his buttocks tense several times as he got more and more of his old, veiny cock inside her.

When arse started to move backwards and forwards in rhythm I knew he had got fully into Milly’s tight and vagina. He had a hand gripping the top of each of her thighs as he thrust into her body. I was wanking. I suddenly realized I was watching a 66 year old pervert fucking my step daughter, a man 53 years older than Milly who had fucked dirty, old, prostitutes in a back alley, now pushing his penis into Milly’s unprotected cunt.

I knew he was too aroused to last long, this first time and I didn’t want him too. I wanted to watch him fill her with his spunk. A few moments later it happened. Clive was panting and sweating as he fucked Milly, stretching her internally. He suddenly grabbed her slim hips either side of her body, groaned and the first pulsing jet of his warm, slippery sperm splashed all over the entrance of her unprotected womb, them another and another.

Clive was making an “ugh, ugh, ugh noise as he ejaculated his old, but still fertile semen into Milly’s tight, reproductive, tunnel filling her with his sperm. He leaned forward as he was cumming, forced his mouth on hers and pushed his tongue inside. As his fat, thick tongue pushed into her mouth his stiff cock pushed into her vagina. It was like he was possessing her fully. He finished with a few twitching thrusts, got the last few drops of his seed deeply inside her then moved back, sliding out of her. I leaned forwards staring at my phone screen. I could see his spunk dripping out of her and dropping onto the bedroom floor with bloody flecks from her deflowering mixed with it.

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