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I sold my sister to the Devil for unlimited perks!

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Another story with more of my sisters in gangbang and pain while sexy girls give me head like their lives depend on it.

It’s been 5 years since i gave my sister to the devil a d he rapes and tortures her to death again and again and my life’s now so good like I’m a God!

Watching my cousin Akriti get gangbanged was my favourite part of the day. She couldn’t say anything because there was always someone fucking her face. It’s possible though that she was crying but it is a pleasure to watch her get violated. I then had the notorious idea to marry my other cousin Pakhi. She’s fair tall with wavy hair and curvy butt. My marriage with her is special. I have countless wives of all religions who r devoted to me yet Pakhi is one wife I share with other men. I married her while she had all the jewellery and holy dot and everything on she was naked. Then on the centre stage i had her gangbanged by my friends and then the staff while random girls took turns sucking my dick. Then i took her home and she told me how she didn’t enjoy the gangbang and she tried to clench her holes so they’d cum faster and made baby faces and sucked me then I fucked her ass while she still had all the jewellery on.

The other interesting change in the world was men were now turning gay except when i told them to fuck my sisters. And those I once hated. They got cursed to live in pain and misery. They got in debts. They became ill. Their dicks got infected. They hurt themselves by inserting stuff in their penis till the scarred it from inside and bled. They got skin infections all over them and the became the most unfortunate people. I made them fuck my sisters though.

So now pakhi works as a prostitute and everyday she comes and tells me the details of her day of how long and hard it was and she was surrounding by work (dicks). And how they looked like and what they made her do. Pakhi is now like the only prostitue who gets clients and she’s usually always wearing wedding ornaments and heena tattoos like a new hindu wife but in seperate situations she could be wearing fishnets or burqa as the clients demand. She tells me the accounts while she talks to me like a baby and sucks my dick then i fuck her ass and let other men smash her then. At other times I watch her “work” while my gfs give me head!

In continuation of the series I’ll write about how I fucked girls who once hated me and details of devil and Ayushi.

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