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I sold my innocent sister to the Devil! (Detailed)

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I sold my 12 year old sister to the literal Devil with horns!

My little sister Ayushi is 12 with braces, she is slim tall for her age with perky yet soft tits, she’s white as a European and has cute bubble butt. I never did anything sexual to her n never did any boy i made sure. But ayushi had begun lecturing me to not eat non veg or drink or smoke. She’d complain to principal i had cigarettes in my bag and she said she was trying to help me. I’m 17 and I love to explore the world and i travel a lot trying to find undiscovered places or ghosts n spirits. But with great luck I discovered a burned tree few 100 kilometres from my city where i went to do some photography. There while i was waiting to photograph it at night in the background of moon the devil spoke to me from the tree. He said “free me or i will kill you whenever i get out of this tree’s bonds.” But he realised death threat’s don’t work on me since I do so many risky things for little reward but I said to him I’ll make a deal. He asked what? I said I’ll free him n he won’t kill me that is there. My deal is he’ll make it so that i can get any girl i want and he can have my sister. The devil said to think about her so he can see her in my mind and i dis so so he could and i think he came in the tree when he saw her. He said alright deal. So i thrashed the tree and he started walking out of it coming into vision slowly like 8 feet tall blood red big horns on his head sharp teeth and red eyes and built like a body builder and he had like 12 or 15 inch dick idk it seemed to keep getting bigger. He said “if i need to take her you should remove any god’s protection from her. It’s not absence of protection that’s enough it should be deliberate so if she’s in a room turn all the gods statues towards the wall. And then you’ll be able to get any girl just try to get close to her and things will happen in your favour”. It was kind of vague how he said things will be in my favour but i am curious to see mythical things happening anyway so I would’ve let him have her for nothing too. Next day when i reached home ayushi had just returned from her school and she had dyed her hair blonde for a skit and she looked pretty. I took her to our room while she was in her school dress and did as the devil told. She was looking at me with curiosity and as i turned around the last statue to look at him cine take her she was gone. All doors were locked from inside she was absolutely with the devil. Now I was gonna try how it would happen. While everyone was looking for my sister the hottest girl in my class called me to comfort me. She said come to this restaurant where she’d like to buy coffee for me. I knew now it was devil’s doing. I went to have coffee n she said she once did a photoshoot in this hotel it’s her uncles n rooms are nice if i wanna check them out. I said yes and almost laughed she saw it too but she was determined to “show me the rooms”. Just as we entered the room 309 she closed the door behind me and started hugging and kissing while we both undressing us both. She had such an elegant body like crystal. That day i pounded her pussy, ass and mouth. She was a virgin too! And our moods matched with everything like we both enjoyed if stroked fast or slow. She lickef my ass and asked me to take pictures of her from my phone and she even took selfies with it. As great as the sex was i got bored and wanted to try who else I could get now. So i liked this instagram influencer I followed and i started watching her reels and liking her posts n stories. Not even 3 days after i saw her page since fucking my classmate she DMs me she’s coming to my city and wants me to photograph her at unique locations and I’ll be paid well. I couldn’t believe it, and the message was 10 hours ago which means she was already here so i dialled up the number she sent me and she picked up the call before even 1 ring was finished. I said “I’m interested” and she called me to her hotel and the hotel’s was across the street where i was having breakfast! I reached to the hotel in a minute clicked the button to call lift and the lift immediately opened and inside was her! She came down to greet me. Her room was on first floor so lift ride was small and just as i went in her room there were underwear all over the bed she said “i hope you don’t mind i was short listening the clothes i wanna get photographed in” I didn’t know what to say i was looking at a collection of panties n bras that would barely hide anything. She said “would like to try some poses now?” As she dropped her coat and she’s wearing nothing inside. Her ginormous tits popped out and she walked towards me while they were shaking. She said “you’re tall” as she grabbed my dick from above the jeans and then kneeled down to unbutton it and pull out my cock and began sucking it. In the course of night i found she was virgin too. It really is devils doing every girl i’d like to bang would want me too and when i bang she’ll be virgin! And 15 years later I’ve not grown a day older like vampire and i was gonna be better than Dan Bilzerian or Johnny Sins.

The drawback was every night I get visions of hell and my sister’s rape by the devil like I’m in the room. He keeps her in her mortal flesh and fucks her till she dies then brings her back to life all healed but with every memory and fucks her in another way. He keeps her in his bedroom and its grand but something devil could enjoy. In one vision she was tied down to a stone slab with chains naked (like in all visions) and bent over for easy access of devil to her holes. The devil walks to her and he’s steaming hot. He places his dick to her ass with his hand and i hear the sound of water hissing. His dick was hot as hell literally he impaled her with his dick hotter than fire and fucked her as she cries and screams just inches from death. Maybe he has made it so that she couldn’t pass out or die till he cums. My sweet little blonde sister literally getting boned by the Devil her face was pink too and after few minutes her mouth ran dry from coughing and crying and only sound of “uhh uhh” escaped her mouth. Devil fucked her ass for 15 minutes then he came in her and his cum was hotter than lava because her lower body then disintegrated burning as she screamed. He did a motion of his hand and she got healed and back into shape and life while tied to the slab. With all the memory and untouched the way god made her. She screams and cries because it’s all going to happen again while devil rested for few minutes the fucked her from the back in her pink cunt this time. In other vision he has her chained standing up and was just torturing her by peeling skin off of her private parts! He had opened up her vagina from the front and wrapped her chest with red hot wires while and then fucked the opening of her vagina. In one vision he’d bomb her cunt again and again. She’d die then wake up all healed and he’d place a explosive in her cunt then explode it and she’d die screaming then she’ll be brought back to life again lying their with her legs spread. In some visions he’d pleasure her dedicatedly where she’d moan nonstop and scream “yes yes more more”. I’d get these visions every night but then I’d wake up to some or the other girl I could not believe was so pretty doing something sexual to me who I’ll fuck and probably never see again. I guess if god takes me to heaven then id bring my sister too if i ask god to do something so devil has made my life better than heaven so I don’t ever need to bring my sister back from him. It’s obvious I would never break the deal. I’m enjoying every second every fraction of second of my life and the visions are just the only thing i need to see but i can live with it. With time my “power” as i like to call it, increased. I once saw this girl at a mcdonalds and she came to my bench and got chatty with me i took her home and on the way i found out i knew her through a mutual friend and I remembered she was a mother of 2 yr old. I thought well this is gonna be a time ill get a non virgin but i went ahead and when i reached home and to my bedroom i asked about the kid and you she said it’s not hers! Actually it’s her first time kissing someone n thats me! Reality was reshaping to make this girl virgin for me! At mcdonalds i saw her hair greying from the roots but 9 to 10 minutes later she was looking the best she would in her whole life! And so it was with every girl. This pornstar said it was deepfake and she’s a god fearing traditional girl who came to my party in bikini to impress me AND she was a VIRGIN! FUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! I even managed to pull my cousin sisters with the power. I never messaged them or looked in their direction but they bombed my phone with their nudes and videos of them masturbating to my pics and sending me conversations of them n their girlfriends how they’d like to have sex with me and every sexual act they’ll perform on me. At one point i needed to tell security to keep them outta my premises. Life was fucking perfect!

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  • Reply Anna ID:1ck8fqbznl7i

    Lol there is no way this is real, just a fantasy and I’m glad it’s not so I don’t reel ashamed.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:3yvnnkcd4

    Excellent I love it, ignore the haters with vanilla and boring sexual fantasies, may they suffer in mediocrity.

  • Reply The devil ID:1edw0y9gzxwx

    Would love to chat about this more on Wickr Knulltheking0

  • Reply Mariana ID:r0b2p5ydhw1

    Great imagination

  • Reply Me shade ID:1d8tzjficckb

    Needs a part 2

  • Reply Tuffany ID:7ylren4oic

    Where do you guys come up with this goofy shit.your weird ass fantasies.