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I rape my daughter

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Short story! My daughter is let’s say 12 yrs old, she is a beautiful girl with a heart of gold but sexy aswell which turns me on. I watch my daughter shower and bath as I set a camera in the room but it started turning me on to the stage of going in there and I’d just start kissing her, touching her little tits ,finger her tight sweet pussy and fuck her so god damn hard the poor girl would shout out stop dad stop,noooo but I just keep fuckin her rough until I either cum inside her pussy or cum in her mouth and face.
She told me she enjoys it some times but not when I force her to do things and fuck her to rough but the little bitch gets what she fuckin gets. Now I’m going to fuck her today when she gets home from school! I was raped by my mum when I was a 12 year old kid for about 4 yrs and I didn’t like it at first but git used to having a big dildo rammed up my arse hard. She would treat me like a little bitch and take photos of me naked with all sorts of things up my arsehole, she said shes still got the photos tucked away somewhere but cant remember where,that’s not good hopefully another family member doesn’t find them.

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  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Poor story, lacks details and depth, anything less than 800 words is a waste of time

  • Reply Charles ID:10o4bspbb0d

    Would love to play with some pre-teen little 12 yr old cunt. Wouldn’t stop eating out the little pussy for hours before raping both her mouth and cunt before dropping an humongous load on her cute young face.

    • Kendall ID:1lisj5aoij


  • Reply Bill ID:7ylren4oic

    I dont have to rape my own daughter, we both agreed to fuck.we fuck every chance we get when my wife is not around.your a low life fuck that’s all.