I exposed myself on the pool

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Quick description first: I’m a white woman, 30, 140 pounds, 5’10, with long dark hair and D-cup tits and big but firm ass. And I’m very perverted. I’ve always loved being naked. This incident took place last year. It was April and still too early to sunbathe outside, so I decided to go for a swim in a public pool in my building. Normally I like swimming pools, but what bothers me is the swimsuit. I’m always naked on a beach, so I’m used to my naked body swimming freely and being caressed by the sun, waves and breeze. However, given that even topless clothing is not allowed at the public pool, nudism is out of the question. That’s why I put my two-piece swimsuit in my bag and headed to the pool. In the changing room, I took off my yoga pants and the women who were there could see that I was not wearing underwear. I also took off my tracksuit and was just about to get my bra when a crazy idea came to my mind: What if I go swimming naked? What could happen? People would definitely look at me weird… but I don’t give a damn about them. What could the lifeguard tell me? Would the police take me into custody? Or would they just kick me out of the pool? This last option seemed the most likely and the least scary. I decided to see what would happen. I only took a towel and went naked through the corridor towards the pool.

When I got to the showers, a woman with two small children looked at me shocked, but didn’t say anything. I continued without hesitation. I reached the door and bravely stepped into the pool area. There were not many people, but there were enough of them and everyone stared at me, eyes-wide. Feeling their eyes on me made my clit rock-hard. It was standing up like a tiny, aroused prick. I continued to the small pool for non-swimmers because I wanted to swim in the warmer water first, before I went swimming in the big pool. I reached the glass door of the small pool and went inside. It was packed with screaming children and parents watching over them. I put the towel on the side and slowly entered the water naked.

I felt the warm water on my bare ass and shaved pussy. I sat down and leaned on the edge of the pool while some kids were playing catch in the water next to me. My bare tits stuck out of the water with nipples as hard as a rock. I touched my nipples and slowly began to wet my breasts with water. I could feel the looks of those present, but I felt too good to worry about it. I soon felt the need to masturbate. My hand went to my pussy by itself and a second later my fingers were already on my labia. I slowly played with my clit and looked around. The children quietly asked their mothers what the “lady” was doing there and why was she naked. A smile escaped me when I saw that they did not know how to answer that question. Now I was already in the middle of fingering myself and decided to go one step further. I stood up and the water was a little below the level of my butt so that my entire pussy was visible. I sat on the edge of the pool and spread my legs. I started rubbing faster and faster. I masturbated in front of everyone present with my pussy juice splashing all over the pool. I sat back in the water and rested my elbows on the edge. I looked at the people around me. Everyone looked away. I felt superior.

I turned around and saw that a lifeguard (a young woman, around 20 years old, with long blonde hair and sweet tits) walking over to me. I thought she was going to throw me out, so I was already getting ready to leave the pool, but she just walked past me, glanced at my naked body and quickly went on to warn two boys to stop pushing each other because they will fall by the pool.

I thought that I should have tried this a long time ago, but I lacked the courage. Why shouldn’t I bathe the way I want when I’m already paying the same price as everyone else? I started touching my pussy again and a little girl with a diving mask stood a few feet away from me and dived. I decided to be cheeky. I spread my legs as wide as I could and slipped my fingers into my used-up cunt. I masturbated right in front of her. I finished with a loud sigh and throwing my head back. Then I felt a need to do number one. Since the lady’s room was all the way at the other end of the pool in the corridor, I decided to pee there. I just spread my labia with my fingers and a stream of hot piss came out of me, turning the water yellow. I didn’t even notice that they have that thing that indicates when someone pees in red. Everyone around me was blushing. The lifeguard looked at me with a smile, and I smiled back at her and said that I couldn’t help it. She just nodded at me and blew me a kiss. What a sick little slut!

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  • Reply cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Fun story. I think the Life Guard thought you are hot.

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    Sick whore can do have a way for me to contact you i would love to hear to more

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Next seduce the lifeguard and play in the shower with her or one of the kids

  • Reply Naughty wife ID:1ardd6tbm1

    I love flirting and teasing in public. But i only do it in towns and cities away from home where nobody knows me. My husband is ok with it cause it turns me on immensely and gets my “juices” flowing and my husband loves sucking on those juices

    • James ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      Id have Ms Naughty Wife really fuckin in public [email protected] send a pic if you dare😘😘😘

    • James ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      Could the naughty wife handle it all???

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      What do you mean James

    • Horny boy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

      Naughty cab i get your email

    • Naughty wife ID:ndoolenv9d

      Leave your email naughty boy

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:9k0oovsz

    You really should move on to fucking in the pool in front of those little kids. Oh yes, corruption is beautiful!

  • Reply Exhib15 ID:5xrvgwwhj

    I’m 15 and an exhibitionist aswell wish I was there to witness it though. And maybe even stroke my dick with you.

  • Reply Daddy Rich ID:2e08ka68rd

    Such a good little slut is your pussy totally hairless