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How Delicious Dolly, a10-years girl was Gang Raped Deliciously [ Part 3 ]

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Training Dolly to abuse her, rape her, inflict extreme torture, and other perversions . . .

Dolly darling could not know that she was administered a sleeping pill . . . she arose late, around 8 a.m. She did not know what happened to her last night when she was in deep sleep. We all were sadistic people and wanted to train her in the good art of Fucking little girls, particularly BDSM, humiliation, and all forms of the worst abuse. After all, we were 9 sturdy males, and she was single and alone, helpless and vulnerable to our dark desires.
With advice from Mrs. Monty Motatka and others, we reached to a strategy. We also consulted some brothel owners, particularly those who kidnap and then force kids into prostitution or sex slavery. Generally, the kids/girls are rewarded first, and if they do not do what is expected from them they are beaten and raped.

We decided on a milder way to tame little Dolly.

According to this strategy, we decided not to fuck Darling Dolly in the very beginning. We decided that Dolly, in spite of her tender age Must know what is the pleasure of fucking. So we arranged and invited some preteen girls from other locations who were properly trained to fuck with older males past-60 and past -70 years. Three such girl-kids were selected and they arrived with their parents. . Money is a very powerful tool, and we spent it lavishly on this particular project.

Three girls were selected— ages: 10, 11, and 12. One was Hindu; one Christian and one Muslim. Their names were Sita, Mary, and Malala. Sita was accompanied by her Mom and elder brother, Mary was with her Mom and Papa, and Malala was also with her mom and a Maulawi.

It was concluded that Bhujang Bhushan Bhattacharya, a Bengali Hindu, would abuse Mary, the Christian kid; and two special male invitees — Maulawi Usman Ali and Sikh Sardar Khadg Singh were to abuse Sita and Malala. Here Malala was the eldest ( 12 y.o. ) and Sita, was the youngest, only 10, but looks like 7. So everyone among the three wanted to abuse Sita in their own perverse manner, and it was compromised that each one shall molest abuse and RAPE Sita. However, the first chance was given to Maulawi Usman Ali. He shall abuse Sita and Sita’s mom Sitara Bai would assist the Maulawi, Sikh Sardar, and Bhujang Bhushan in this adventure.

We will narrate how these three have to perform their sacred duty, of course of a deviant kind. in the next part of the story.



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