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Had to mak son’s bullies stop

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I love my son enough to do anything to stop getting him get bullied. Anything

Hi I’m Bella, I’m 34. I am a single mom of 14 yr old Timmy. I’m a realtor. Since it is a customer facing job, I make sure I look fit and good as well as dress well. Of course this garners a lot of male attention. But I haven’t dated since Timmy’s dad passed away 3 yrs back. i have been busy raising my son, so I’m celibate for 3 yrs now.

Anyways this incident happened when Timmy came home from school without his school shoes and a torn trousers. I asked him and he told that he was bullied again by Hunter and his friends. I don’t know what to do. I had already complained to the authorities but since Hunter’s dad is the chair of the trust committee nothing happens.

I need to talk to this kid and his parents. So I drove to his house and knocked on the door.

A 20-21 yr old young lad opened the door.
“Hi, I’m Bella Timmy’s mom. Is Hunter and his parent home?” I said.
“Hunter is but our parents are out, why?”
“And you are?”
“Mike, Hunters brother”
“Well, Mike, Hunter has been bullying my son for a long time now and I was here to talk to him and your parents and see if we can stop such kind of behavior”
“Oh my, that’s so wrong. Why don’t you come in and we can discuss this in detail and make sure such this does not happen again.”
“Oh sure. Thanks”

I went inside and saw there huge house for the first time. Hunter was playing video game in the living room with another kid.

“Well you already know Hunter and this is my other brother Nathan, he is 17 now” Mike introduced.
“Hello boys”
“Well boys this is Mrs Bella, she is here to complain about Hunter’s bullying behavior to our parents.”

They all laughed.
Mike calmed them down. And held my hand and pushed me down to the couch making me sit.
“See lady you cannot just come to our house and demand things to change ok. If you want something you have to say please first”
I was shocked and afraid by his behavior. I was intimidated. I was surrounded by the other two as well who had shut down the TV now.

“So Hunter what is that you have to say to his nice lady here?”
“Hey Bitch, SUCK MY DICK” Hunter held his crotch and gestured to me.
They all laughed.
“You boys are disgusting” I said and rose up. Mike pushed me down again.
“Easy Mrs Stiffer” Mike said. referring to me as a MILF. Well I never thought of me like that, but I get it. I am 5’8″, with 36 DD boobs. fair flawless skin, red head, thicc thighs and round ass. Hmmm.. I guess I’m a MILF.

“Hunter don’t be rude, she is here to solve a problem. Let’s help her out. She wants something from you. So you can ask her something in return. If both parties agrees we have a deal. What do you say?”

“I’m…I’m ok with it.. Hunter what will it take for you to stop bullying my son?” I said.
“I want you to ask me to stop bullying your son, politely”
“I can do that”
“I was not done yet” he screamed
“Ok sorry”
“I want you to ask me politely to stop bullying your son, while you are all naked on your knees begging with you hands joined.” he completed.
“That’s dope” Nathan said with a smile.

“You must be out of your mind” I shouted.
“Well that’s what it will take, else tomorrow I will make him walk naked in the school campus.” Hunter added.

“Ok Ok, please don’t do that. I will….. I will do as you say. But.. But Only you not your brothers.” I said with tears in my eyes and shaking hands.
“That seems fair enough “Mike said and took Nathan along with him, who was not happy to leave.
Now I was standing there with Hunter who was smirking at me and rubbing his palms.
“Comeon bitch don’t keep me waiting.” Hunter said.

I looked around and unzipped my dress and let it go, now I was in my purple lacy matching bra and panties. I undid the bra hook and let it fall to the floor. My huge boobs just pooped out and jiggle for the kid. I was so embarrassed. I tried to cover my boobs with one hand but Hunter gestured to let it go. I did. Then I slowly bent and removed my panties. Now I was completely naked in front of a 14 yr old brat. I went down on my knees and joined my hands.

“Hunter please, stop bullying my son and let him go. Please.”
Hunter pulled out his dick and started to stroke.
“This was not part of the deal” I said and tried to stand up.
“I never said what I will be doing bitch, just get back to your knees and beg again else your son will be naked too but in the school yard”
I went back down on my knees.

“Hunter please, please I beg you, stop bullying my son in school”

“That was amazing” Mike came in the room with his phone in hand recording me all naked infront of a child.

“What are you doing what is this” I tried to get my clothes but Nathan grabbed them from the floor and threw them away. I tried to cover myself up with my hands.

Mike stopped recording and said. “See you are an adult, naked and begging for a kids cock. That seems like jail time to me. Plus your reputation on the line” Mike said and laughed.

“No please, don’t do that… I have been co operative with you guys” I pleaded.
“Oh yeah you have been…. so now continue to be Co Operative to me and get on your knees and start sucking me and my brothers” Mike said and pulled out his dick. It was huge.
I was back on my knees surrounded by three cocks.

“If I obey you, you will delete that video right?” I said naively.
“We will see, first make sure you do a good job satisfying us” Mike said and held my hair and started to fuck my mount. He had a big dick. Other two took my hands and placed it on their erect cocks. I started to stroke them too.
“Aahhh.. doesn’t it feel right boys? The kid we are bullying, his mother is our bitch” Mike said and they all laughed.
“Yeah she is mine bitch though” Hunter said and pulled me by my hair and shoved his dick my mouth.
Miked laughed and said “Sure we will call her Hunter’s bitch”

Then they took turns fucking my mouth. I was so tired, I hadn’t had so many dicks on my face ever. And I hadn’t had any dick in like 3 yrs. I was wet down there. I knew it was wrong but my body didn’t care.

Then Mike lifted my up and said. “Time to get the real deal”
And bent me over the couch. I was on my hands and knees like a bitch on heat. Mike spread my ass cheeks and spit on my pussy.

“Hunter since she is your bitch, why don’t you have the first go” Mike said.
“Hell yeah” Hunter jumped to the opportunity.
He pulled my hair back and shoved his spit covered dick inside my wet cunt.
“Aaahhhhh” a loud moan came out of me involuntarily. I was embarrassed but not surprised.Nothing had gone inside my baby maker for a long time.
“See she is your whore, she loves it” Mike laughed as he stood on the couch and shoved his dick in my mouth.
Hunter kept pulling my hair tight and fucking my pussy like there is not tomorrow. he kept calling me bitch whore slut cum dump. To tell you the truth I was not offended. I was loving it. I didn’t say a thing.

Then they all took turns fucking my pussy and mouth again again. Slapping my ass like pinata. Groping my boobs red and biting my nipples like cherries.
These boys were serious fuckers. They had experience.

“I want more” Hunter said. “I want her to face time her sissy son and tell her she is now my whore”
“No please leave him out of it” I said, still enjoying the ride.
“Seems like a fun. Nathan bring her mobile” Mike instructed.
I was riding Hunter when he made that request. I was so embarrassing.
Mike made the call. Timmy picked up and saw me jumping up and down Hunters dick cowgirl style. With my boobs jiggling up and down, all red with groping and beating, my hair all messed up by the boys.

“Hey Timmy, look your mom is my new whore” Hunter said waving to the phone.
“Mom what is going on?” Timmy asked with surprise.
“Hey sweaty, don’t look, mommy is taking care of the bully problem.” Still bouncing on the hard dick.
Nathan came close and shoved his dick in my mouth again.
“See what a whore your mom is Timmy. She is a bitch, my bitch from now on” Hunter said trusting his dick deep inside me.
“Hunter you are a monster. You are evil that’s why your mom left you” Timmy said. I knew I was going to pay for that comment as soon as I heard it.
Hunter stopped and everyone went silent. Then Hunter pushed me to the side. He looked in the camera and said “Timmy you son of a bitch. I will teach you a lesson today”.
“Bend over.. I said bend over you bitch. “Timmy slapped the shit out of me. I knew I deserved it.
I went back to doggy position.
“You think you can talk about my mom you cock sucker. Bring the camera close Mikey” Hunter said still in rage.
“I will teach both of you a lesson. Bring your hands back and spread you ass you whore” Hunter ordered.
I was too afraid to disobey.
He spits on my ass hole and with a quick and hard motion shoves his dick inside my asshole.
“Aaahhhhhh” I scream and fall forward. This does not stop him. He falls on my back and keeps pushing his dick inside my asshole.
“Aahh aahhh aaahhhh ” I kept saying.
“See your mother has to pay for your disobedience. Because of you, your mother’s ass is getting destroyed.” Hunter said in anger.
Mike had the camera close, showing Timmy how his mom was getting ass fucked.
“Let go of my mom you bastard” Timmy said
“Let go? You are idiot. She is now my whore. Say it you whore. Say you are Hunter’s whore” Hunter kept pulling my hair hard and shoving his dick in my ass in anger.
“I’m Hunter’s whore” I said.
“Say I love taking dicks up my ass, because I’m a whore”
“I love taking dicks up my ass because I’m a whore” I repeated.
“Let’s show him that we own this bitch now… Let’s airtight her” Hunter said to his brothers.

Mike picked me up and let Hunter lay down, then placed me on top of him with his dick inside my pussy. Then he lifted my ass, and shoved his huge dick inside my asshole. And Nathan was on his knees shoving his dick inside my mouth.
Ok now I knew what air tight was.
Mike had placed the camera on the head of the couch making Timmy see as the boys ravished his mom. I was getting fucked in all my holes.
They kept going for some time after which they made me go my knees and they came in my mouth one by one. And made me swallow every drop of it. All the while pointing the camera at my face close up so that Timmy can see what a whore his mom is.

Then Hunter slapped me down to the ground and kicked my ass to show dominance and control over me even after the fuck feast.

He took the phone, and brought it close to my pussy and asshole and said to Timmy.
“See, your mom’s pussy and asshole. All destroyed by me and my brothers. Remember. I own you and your mother now. She will come to us when we want and spread her legs for us.You understand you son of a bitch.” Hunter said and kicked my thick ass again. I was trying to gather my clothes.

He cut the call and threw the phone at me.

“Ok Ok, enough fun for today” Mike said and continued. “My father will be home soon as I suggest you leave now. And remember you are Hunter’s whore. So when he calls you pick up the phone and do as instructed.”

I just nodded as I was wearing my clothes and getting ready to leave.

In the coming weeks they fucked me at their will. Made me do stuff. A lot of horrible stuff.
Even made me get them more MILFs by helping them blackmail them too. Maybe I will share that story some other time.

Until then bye.

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      Mom’s love to get used by their son’s bullies

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