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Going on vacation with mom part 4

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Mom was forced by dad to take me with her on her yearly vacation.

I heard mom screaming from the door “She’s only 12″! Well fuck her I’m going to show her I’m better in making love than she ever thought of being and began fucking my body even harder on Jack’s monster cock. I heard mom say ” No honey you can’t do this, your to young Please stop PLEASE honey get off him before you really hurt yourself.” And so on. I looked at mom who looked broken as she had slid to her knees as I continued my fucking of Jack’s wonderful cock. I was as happy as I have ever been, seeing my mom hurt, after the way she hurt me that night she spent with Jack and his friends.
Jack look at me and said “Maybe little one we should stop cause I hate to make your mom feel so bad, maybe she’s right you are too young, but in a year or two then .” I shut him up by fucking myself even harder on his huge horse like cock. When I heard him groan it was music to my ears. I was working my muscles around him. I took a look at mom who was sitting on her heals crying. I stopped for a second. I was shocked that I had made my cold hearted mother cry, well it looks good on her as I began fucking Jack to the best of my abilities which must be pretty dam good by the way Jack had his eyes rolled back in his head. It looked like Jack wasn’t to far away from filling me for the second time and I then realized, that I was so wound up with hurting mom that I hadn’t cum myself.
I started to relax and let my feels go when I heard the door slam shut. I looked over my shoulder only to see I was alone with Jack once again. Just as a huge orgasm racked my body I heard Jack say “Oh fuck, Here it cums little one” as his cum flooded deep inside of me for the second time that day. Jack rolled us over onto ours sides and remembered how hurt mom was when she came into the room. Jack looked at me and said “I hope she doesn’t say anything to the management cause they could bar me from the hotel.”
I said “Jack tell me the truth, do you love my mom or even me or do you do this kind of things to make us think you love us?” I thought it was a fair question and wasn’t shocked at the answer I got from him.
Jack looked at me for a minute, thinking I guess for the right thing to tell me and then said ” Little one it’s this way, women like your mom come here to find what they are missing at home. I guess you could call this fantasy Island. See for the time they spend here guys like me give them what they are looking for. Maybe it’s bad for men like your dad but to what I understand he is the one who tells her to come here, maybe so she doesn’t find someone like me where you live. That would mean it would be in your fathers face and maybe he couldn’t have that for one reason or an other. Do you understand, some women like your mom, to them this is a release for them.”
I thought about what he said for a long time and began to understand that maybe mom wasn’t doing this behind dad’s back and maybe there was a lot more to this then I could understand but what mom did didn’t feel right to me, but maybe Jack was right maybe dad does send her here so she can do this very thing which I can very much understand after what Jack and me just did. I had to find mom and maybe I should tell her that I’m sorry. I got up and told Jack I needed to find my mom. He said maybe you should clean up and get dressed first.
I found mom at one of the outside bars and she was well on her way of getting drunk. I sat down and the first words from her mouth was “So slut what the fuck do you want? To rub it in that you fucked Jack, well good for you cunt!” I knew she was hurt by what I had done and after what Jack told me I guess I kind of knew why. “Well, what have you got you say for yourself, that your better than I am? Is that it bitch! I never knew I raised a fucking whore like you turned out to be.” Her words were cutting to the bone but we had to get it all out.
I said ” Mom, I am so sorry you seen what you seen. Yes I was very hurt and angry with you after that night you left me in the hallway, so you could fuck a bunch of men. Mom do you know that I was forced to give 3 teenagers blowjobs that night, not that I believe you care, and all I wanted was my mom but you had me locked out so you could whore yourself to a bunch of men! Mom I do understand a lot more now that I talked to Jack. He told me that him and men like him are only here for women like yourself and maybe me now too. So how about I stay out of the room tomorrow, all day. And you and me spend the last night on this Island together before we go home? How does that sound to you?”
Mom looked at me from over her drink and said “You mean I can do what never I fucking feel like doing without having to worry about my fucking cunt daughter?”
” Ya that’s what I’m saying mom, the room is all yours and mom I hope you will forgive me in time.”
We went to the front desk and asked if they could send house keeping to our room as we went to dinner. That night we spent dancing with a lot of different men of which mom would remind them that I was only 12. We both slept the best night of sleep since we got to the Island. The next day I kept my word after we had breakfast, I headed to the beach with my sun screen lotion and a towel and mom headed for our room.
It was going on 5:30 when I headed to our room and met Jack with 2 other guys coming up the hallway. When he seen me I could tell he wasn’t sure if he should turn and run or what. So I walked up to Jack wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the mouth. I heard the other two asking Jack where he had been hiding this cute little piece of ass and when I let Jack break the kiss he told them to back off cause she only 12 years old. I said ” Thank you Jack, thank you for opening my eyes.” After one more long kiss in which I was hoping that what I was tasting wasn’t my mom pussy on his tongue I walked on by. I found mom in a bubble bath looking very happy so I stripped off and joined her.
Later we went for dinner and then back to the room to pack to head home in the morning. Jack drove us to the airport and kissed us both goodbye and as I watched mom slipped him a envelope. On the plane I asked mom what was in the envelope and she said just something to keep Jack and his friends happy until next year. She then turned to me saying you know, I think we better get you on some birth control pills before we go down again next year cause 13 isn’t to young is it? I just smiled at her.
It’s been almost 2 months since we left the Island and mom just took me to the doctor cause I seem to be sick all the time. She wasn’t happy to find out that I’m almost 2 months pregnant. I guess I should’ve told her that I got my first period back in Sept. but, I thought she knew cause dad kept me home from school for a couple days when I got my first one. I guess he never told mom. Now to decide what to do.

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    Part 5? Please don’t let this story end

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