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Frat Legacy

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Pi Kappa Alpha is notoriously one of the roudiest Frats in the US. Freddy is legacy and wants to get in non matter what. Scott couldn’t care less.

Luckily, the fag’s annoying gagging was almost entirely covered by the loud moans of the blond chick on the computer screen. She was being piston-fucked by her two ‘step-brothers’ and she was loving every second of it. Cliff pushed the fag’s head down to the base of his cock and held it there for ten… twenty seconds. The sissy cunt started to choke almost immediately and as the seconds passed he began to shake convulsively.

“Three years of this shit and you still can’t take my whole dick!” the twenty-year-old jock grunted through gritted teeth “How the fuck can you be this useless, bitch? How?”

The fag was literally turning blue and his bloodshot, watering eyes, filled to the brim with love, hopeless devotion and complete adoration, looked like they were just about to pop out. Cliff smirked and let go of his head. The fag slid backwards but just a couple of inches, adamantly refusing to let go of the straight boy’s meat. He only took a second to rest, then he started sucking on it like his life depended on it. Cliff was so close now. His balls were churning restlessly, his pulse was racing and testosterone was pumping through his veins by the gallon.

“If you don’t make me come in the next thirty seconds I swear I’ll fucking knock you into next week, you hear me?!” as on cue, the desperate young man who was down on his knees under Cliff’s desk, let out a choked sob and went on a frenzy. He started blowing him like a madman, deepthroating him, slobbering all over his cock, stabbing the back of his own throat ferociously to maximize the horny stud’s pleasure “Stupid faggot!” snickered the jock looking back up at that blond whore’s tits on the screen. They were so fucking huge and he saw himself groping them hard and squeezing them over and over again and… It all felt too fucking awesome…

He shot his entire load directly into that throat pussy, thrusting his hips back and forth on the edge of his seat and forcing the fag’s head down with all his might. Then, little by little he relaxed on the seatback, closed his eyes for a moment and enjoyed the rush. The fag’s mouth was still working on his dick, sucking slowly now, to squeeze out every last drop of his orgasm like he had been trained to do.

“Thank you for letting me drink your precious cum, Sir! It’s such a privilege, Sir! You are so kind to me, Sir!”

Cliff opened his eyes and looked down at that pathetic excuse for a bottom feeder who was actually beaming dotingly up at him. His face was completely plastered with spit, tears and sweat. The straight boy smirked.

“Yeah, you’re right, I am way too fucking kind to you, cunt, hehe!” he grunted, grabbing a cigarette from the packet on the desk. He lit it and took a long puff. He blew it out, enjoying the sensation “You done with all your chores?”

“Yes, Sir!” the fag replied eagerly “I went to your classes and took notes, Sir! Then I cleaned your room, changed your bed sheets, did your laundry, licked the bottom of all your training shoes clean then pressed all your clothes and put everything away in your closet, Sir! Everything’s in the chores report, Sir!”

“Impressive! And it’s not even four! Hehe!” Cliff snickered without even bothering to look at the neatly filled out form on his desk “Alright, you get to lick my balls for a while, faggot. They’re all sweaty from training so they should be suuuuuper tasty! Hehe!!” he conceded.

The queer’s face lit up like a fucking Christmas tree. He started drooling uncontrollably and went “Thank you, Sir!” before diving tongue-out and covering his hairy ballsack with saliva.

“Hey, bro!” Cliff looked up. Zach Taylor’s head was sticking in from the bedroom door that had been left ajar “You busy?” the bleached blond kid asked.

“Not really.” Cliff replied blowing out smoke and scratching one of his pecs “Just needed to dump a load before showering. What’s up?”

“The fags’ score charts are in! Cameron beat us all again!” Zach grunted with a bit of childish disappointment. Cliff chuckled.

“Yeah, well! No surprise there, man!”

“I know but, c’mon! Every fucking time!” the sophomore pouted indignantly.

“Hey, he’s the king, bro! You know that!” Cliff shrugged, then taunted “Not much a rookie such as yourself can do about it, is there?”

Zach made a face and flipped his buddy off. Then he simply added in a resigned tone “Whatever, man! I gotta split. Have a gig in an hour!”

“Alright, bro! Later!”

The younger boy left. Cliff shook his head, amused and closed the pornHub tab on his browser. He was curious now and checked his emails.

“Alright fag! Let’s see how you did!” he boomed cheerfully as he opened the pdf file “What? Fourth place?” He looked down between his legs and saw the expression on the cunt’s face go from delighted and even proud, to embarrassed and a little confused.

“I… I’m… sorry, Sir…” he sounded nothing short of mortified.

“What the fuck, bitch! You really are completely useless, aren’t you?! Why do I even keep you, huh? Do you even realize how lucky you are?” the straight boy wasn’t actually mad but watching the fag squirm was by far one of his favorite pastimes.

Suddenly the stupid fuck threw his face on the floor and started kissing Cliff’s bare feet.

“I’m so sorry, Sir! I… I tried to do my best, Sir! But I’m such a useless faggot, Sir! Please don’t throw me out, Sir! Please! I’m begging you, Sir! I’ll do better, I swear, Sir!” he sniveled between seriously wet smooching.

“Yeah, you better!” Cliff snickered, breaking the tension a little “Well, at least you did better than Hoffman’s.” he snorted then “That douche thinks he owns this fucking place, just cause he’s Cameron’s lap dog.” he commented sharply, then smirked again “And check this out! You got an A- in foot-licking! Well done, bitch!!” He put one of his feet on the cunt’s head and ruffled his hair.

“Mmmm… tnmmkkkmmmm…” his mouth was pressed too hard on his other foot for him to be able to speak.

“This has got to be one of the proudest moments of your life, right faggot?” the boy sneered as he enjoyed feeling that fucker’s head under his foot.

“Mmmmnnssshhhnnn…” was the reply he got.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome!” Cliff snickered distractedly.

Then he frowned. He noticed he had gotten an official email on the frat treasurer address. It was from one of their financial supporters. He opened it and read the content. He snorted several times before he was through with it “Yeah, in your dreams, fucker!” he muttered. Then he suddenly kicked the fag on the head, somewhat irked.

“Get on the fucking floor, face up!” the bitch obeyed instantly and Cliff planted one of his feet on his stomach and the other one right on his face “Lick!” it’s all he said before feeling, almost instantly, the slave’s tongue get to work. He clicked on the facetime icon, looked for the guy in his contacts and immediately started a video call.

A fifty something balding man popped up on Cliff’s screen and the first thing he did was bow his head and intoned:

“Thank you for considering my email, Sir! I am grateful!” in the most respectful and servile tone possible.

“What the fuck are you talking about, bitch? There’s nothing to consider! You don’t just stop sending money. It doesn’t work like that!” Cliff spread his arms like he was explaining something so easy it was ludicrous.

“I’m aware of that, Sir! But you see, I have something more valuable than money to give, Sir!” the man continued, even more subserviently.

“Oh, yeah? And what’s that?” the boy snorted doubtfully.

The man paused for a second. His face was ashened and it looked like he hadn’t slept in days.

“I’m… I’m proposing an M.O.K., Sir!” the man stuttered, almost shaking.

Cliff looked surprised for a moment. Then his lips curled into a smirk.

“Wow, I’ve never seen that happen before…” He took another long puff from his cigarette and looked down at the faggot sticking his tongue happily between his sweaty ass toes. It was all so fucking degrading and subhuman. Although he was used to it, sometimes he still couldn’t believe anyone could actually accept to live like that. He snickered to himself, blew out the smoke and looked back up at the man. “Alright, bitch! I’m listening!”

The silence was rather awkward. Or at least it was for Freddy. Which was a pity, really, since the day hadn’t sucked too bad for him so far. He was sitting in the sun sipping on his strawberry shake, glaring angrily at the other young man sitting opposite him, Scott Ackerman. The tall jock was munching on what was left of his fries while flipping through his phone. Apparently, not a care in the world. He probably didn’t even realize Freddy was upset with him.

“Could’ve just said ‘no, thank you’, you know?”

Scott looked up, his piercing green eyes were frowning.

“Dude, I did!” the boy replied, a little annoyed “Remember? I said ‘No thanks, I don’t wanna sign your petition against that bill.’ But then you asked why and I simply gave you a piece of my mind, that’s all.” he shrugged.

Freddy snorted loudly, in disgust and Scott rolled his eyes.

“Look, it’s not like I hate gays or anything, ok?” he explained “I mean, you wanna suck dick for the rest of your life, hey, it’s your business! I have no problem with that!” he paused and smirked a little “Hell, I might even let one of you go down on me if I’m drunk enough!” He stated, then continued with a more serious expression “But there’s no way in hell I’m ok with letting you raise a kid or even get married for that matter. It’s just weird, man and it’s… I don’t know… against nature, I guess.” he frowned for a second then continued “And, dude, of course I support that ‘don’t say gay’ bill…” he rolled his eyes again to the infamous nickname the Florida bill had been given by the gay-friendly press “I mean, why should kids have to hear that word, anyway? They shouldn’t, not in grade school. God knows it’s already weird enough when you’re a teenager!” he went on, so convinced of his own ideas it was difficult to stop him “It would totally confuse them and to be honest I’m surprised Florida is the only state that came up with it, cause it’s just the right thing to do. It’s about time they did it back home.” Arlington, Texas. Good old racist, anti-gay, misogynistic southern charm. That’s where the two boys had grown up. Freddy looked stunned once again by his words and Scott shrugged again “Hey, it might be an unpopular opinion, but at least I’m being honest and I’m not exactly the only one who sees things this way, now, am I?”

“Do you have any idea how homophobic and… and… old-fogeyish that sounds? This is 2022 for God’s…”

“Dude, dude, that’s where you’re wrong!” Scott cut him off “Why would you call me homophobic? I don’t get it! Doesn’t that imply I’m, like, afraid of you or something?” he asked rhetorically “Well, I’m not, I just think if you wanna be gay, do it in your bedroom. You don’t need to flaunt it in front of…”

“Wanna be??” Freddy replied outraged “It’s not a choice you meathead, I was born this way! It’s not like a switch you can flip!”

“Whatever, dude! Chill, ok? Can’t we just agree to disagree on this one? You’re not gonna change my mind no matter what you say, so…” Scott offered, shaking his head and sneering a little.

“How can you expect me to just ‘chill’ when you just admitted to my face that you wouldn’t let me near a kid? I mean, c’mon!” Freddy hissed, outraged.

“Not exactly what I said, but whatever…” Scott didn’t even look up from his phone which went to show how interested he was in the conversation.

“God, you’re so annoying!” Freddy grumbled.

“Then why are you hanging out with me?” Scott asked, almost amused.

“Cause you’re the only person I know, that’s why!” Freddy admitted in a small, angry voice “And I don’t wanna…”

“Excuse me!” Both boys turned around. A tall, lean guy who was probably a little older than them was swaggering towards them holding a black gym bag on his back. His chestnut hair was damp and he was wearing a tight wife beater that was showing very well trained muscles. “You’re…” he checked his phone “Toph and Ackerman, right?” he asked.

“Yes…” they both replied a little confused.

“Hey, guys! Name’s Jamie, Jamie Roland, I’m with Pi Kappa Alpha, we’ve been vetting this year’s freshmen and we might be interested in both of you. Don’t know if you ever considered Greek life but…”

“Yes! Definitely! I’m so into it!” Freddy cut him off suddenly, all excited “You know, my dad was part Pi Kappa Alpha back in the Nineties’” he bragged proudly.

“So I heard!” Jamie smiled “That doesn’t mean you’re in, though. Still gotta go through the whole pledge thing, I’m afraid.”

“Yeah, I know that! But I think I can definitely be Pi Kappa Alpha material!” Freddy stated confidently.

“Do you, now? Well, good for you!” the tall boy smiled at him then “What about you?” he asked Scott.

Ackerman shrugged “I don’t know, never really thought about joining a frat.”

Jamie’s smile widened.

“Well I could tell you that it’s pretty sweet but that would be asking you to take my word for it and we just met, so why don’t you just come check it out yourself?” He suggested simply, “We’re having an open house next Thursday. Someone will show you around.”

“I’ll definitely be there!” Freddy blurted out enthusiastically.

“Maybe I’ll come too.” Scott’s voice sounded halfhearted.

“Awesome!” Jaimie replied “Maybe I’ll see you there, then!”

“Definitely!” Freddy repeated eagerly.

The guy waved at them and caught up with a bunch of other guys who were clearly waiting for him.

“What’s with the ‘definitely’ thing? You said it like four times in less than two minutes.” Scott snickered.

“Shut up!” replied Freddy “Do you realize what this means? Pi Kappa Alpha is like the best frat in the country!” he stated.

It wasn’t. Not by a long shot. If anything, it was quite the opposite actually since it was in fact listed by many as one of the most out-of-control fraternities in the whole country in terms of… well, virtually every aspect of life, really. But Freddy Toph was legacy there. His dad had been talking about his old frat non-stop for the past couple of years. And there was pretty much nothing that kid wouldn’t have done for his dad’s approval. He was going to get in, period!

“If you say so, bro!” Scott yawned.

“How do you not know how lucky you are!” Freddy spat exasperatedly, “It’s a great honor that they even asked, man!”

“Fine, if it’s that important I guess I’ll go with you and see for myself.” He conceded so nonchalantly that Freddy had to use all his patience not to strangle him.

“Do what you want!” the gay kid said tartly “Why would they even want someone like you!?” he mumbled.

“Probably cause I’m sooooo annoying!” the other boy joked, smirking at Freddy who simply didn’t reply. He put the straw back in his mouth and went back to glaring at Scott Ackerman.

Scott had to admit it was really hard not to be impressed. The building was huge. An elegant staircase and four white Greek columns dominated the facade and on top of them those three famous letters stood out extravagantly so that you couldn’t miss them even if you wanted to. There were palm trees and the lawn was extremely well kept. Guys were coming and going, chatting among themselves. Most of them were jock-looking types, like himself which was not surprising, really. Pink hair was over the moon. That was mildly annoying. He was pointing at things and showed off everything he knew about the place. My dad this, my dad that. It was like his old man had owned the place a hundred years back.

“That palm tree over there, one time my dad and his friends…” he kept blabbering in his girlish voice. Why did he have to sound and act so fucking gay all the time?

“Welcome!” Freddy was finally shut up by the guy coming towards them. They had finally been noticed. “May I interest you in a tour of the Pi Kappa Alpha House?” he asked them with a smile. He must have been a junior or a senior. He had a buzz cut and was wearing a shirt, shorts and flip flops. “I’m Andy, by the way!” he pointed at the name tag sticker on his chest.

“Hi, Andy, I’m Freddy Toph and I would be delighted to see the house!” Pink hair shook his hand enthusiastically.

“Freddy Toph, you say? Oh, so you’re…” the boy asked.

“Yeah, I’m Dannis Toph’s son. Which makes me legacy, right?” if he bragged one more time.

“Yeah, anyway.” Scott cut in “We were invited by a dude named Jaime… something.”

“Jaime Roland!” said Pink Hair.

“Oh, of course! Jaime is one of our juniors. Captain of the water polo team!” the guy explained quite proudly “Well, if he invited you, you must have been chosen as suitable candidates.” Andy beamed “Which means I’ll give you the VIP tour! C’mon, follow me!”

The interior of the mansion was even more impressive. Hardwood floors, white leather couches, 65 inch 4k tv screens, a state of the art kitchen, a dining area, spacious bedrooms with a private bathroom. Scott thought that two swimming pools, one indoor and one outdoor, were a bit of an overkill but every second he spent in that place he liked it more and more. What was there not to like? Especially considering the depressing dorms he was currently staying at. Too good to be true.

“Look, this is all great but let’s talk about money for a second.” Scott interrupted Andy mid sentence as he was explaining the schedule for the sauna. Pink hair looked annoyed.

“Oh, well…” Andy replied, politely, “If you get accepted, the cost of living here is about 2 grand per semester.” Scott frowned. That wasn’t too unreasonable. Not at all, actually. “But…” Andy continued, “If you have a scholarship of some kind, then it’s free.”

“What?” Scott looked extremely doubtful “Free? You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I’m not!” the other boy assured, “As long as you keep your grades up you only pay for food and occasionally you’ll have to chip in for parties, but that’s it!”

Scott was not convinced at all.

“Dude, c’mon! There’s gotta be a catch.” he said “This is way too peachy to be…”

“What are you doing?!” pink hair mumbled angrily at him. Then he smiled at Andy “If he says it’s free then why would you not believe him?”

Scott rolled his eyes. Did gay boy have the hots for this dude? Barf!

“Yeah, well, I understand your disbelief but it’s not like everybody gets in, you know? There’s not that many members in this frat. That’s why it’s easier to pay for all expenses.” Andy explained. It didn’t really make much sense.

“Alright, what do you gotta do to get in?” Scott asked, half joking.

“Well, you gotta convince all of us brothers that you’re serious about it.”

The three of them watched as a tall guy with dark hair joined them.

“Guys, this is Cameron Davenport, the president of our frat.” exclaimed Andy quite pompously, like it was his own achievement.

“Hey, how you doing?” Scott shook hands with him.

“I hear you play ball?” Cameron asked him, smiling “Read your name on the roster for the tryouts.”

“Oh, you’re on the team?” Scott asked.

“He’s not just on the team, he’s the star quarterback and captain of the Golden Panthers!” Andy emphasized a little too strongly to be polite.

“Alright, sorry!” Scott raised his eyebrows.

“Haha! Don’t mind him! Andy likes to brag about the team!” Cameron ‘ruffled’ the other guy’s super short hair “Anyways, I hope you make it, bro! We definitely need some new blood!” he was smiling warmly at him and Scott couldn’t help smiling back.

“Thanks!” the boy said.

“It’s a real pleasure to meet you!” Pink Hair bleated, hurrying to shake the guy’s hand “I’m Freddy Toph my dad was…”

“Oh, I know who you are,” Cameron cut him off, “we vetted each one of you, remember?”

“Yes… yes, of course…” said Pink Hair, a little taken aback.

“Thinking of joining us?” Cameron asked the both of them.

“Yes! Absolutely!” gay boy replied eagerly. Jeez, he was annoying. Even Cameron half smirked at such enthusiasm.

“Well, I don’t know, man! I mean I still can’t believe I’d be living here for free if I ever got in.” mused Scott.

“Haha! Yeah, that’s the same reaction I got when they first came to me. I was worried my parents couldn’t afford it.” the guy admitted “But it’s all true, bro. As long as your grades are fine and you don’t get in too much trouble, it’s free.” the tall senior assured “And if you do get into a bit of trouble, the whole frat is gonna have your back!” he added.

Scott found himself liking this guy more and more by the minute. It was hard not to see the appeal.

“Alright…” Scott shrugged, “Sounds cool.”

“Awesome!” Cameron beamed, “Well, if you’re serious about it, Andy is gonna give you the entry test.”

“There’s an entry test?” Scott snorted, amused.

“You bet and there’s also an interview!” replied Cameron.

“You gotta be kidding me!” jabbered Scott.

“Ah, I wouldn’t be too worried about it!” Cameron said putting a hand on Scott’s shoulder “I’m sure you’ll do fine.” he smiled at the straight kid then added “Both of you.” looking at Pink Hair.

“An M.O.K.!? Are you sure?” the blond boy with a shaved head whispered incredulously.

“Yeah… I heard it… it was months ago anyways, it’s no big deal…” the olive skinned boy with a shaved head replied indifferently while unloading the dishwasher.

“No big deal? Are you for fucking real right now?” hissed the other one, while carefully drying a glass with a kitchen cloth.

“I wouldn’t hesitate for a second if my master told me to…”

“That’s cause you’re a fucking lunatic!” snorted the first boy still keeping his voice so low it was barely audible.

The other one turned towards him and stared him down. Little by little the first boy wiped his smirk off his face and looked down at the glass in his hands.

“I’m… I’m sorry…” he mumbled.

Two voices were suddenly getting closer. Laughing out loud. The first boy looked at the second in pure horror. “Please don’t report me… please…” he was shamelessly begging.

“What up, faggots!” Two boys walked into the kitchen. It was not unusual to see them together. They were notoriously good friends after all. Two gorgeous specimens of young straight studs. Master Justin and Master Zach.

“Sir!” The shaved head boys instantly replied in unison, while the other two were hardly paying any notice to them. They had opened the fridge and were picking what soda they wanted snickering and chatting without a care in the world.

The olive skinned boy was now pleading with his eyes. The blond boy with the shaved head mouthed ‘it’s for your own good’ leaving the other one on the verge of tears. He then walked away from the dishwasher, towards the boys at the fridge. He went down on his knees and prostrated himself, face on the floor not three feet from them in silence.

“I’m telling you, he must be fucking cheating, bro! I don’t know how but…”

Suddenly Master Justin stopped talking and turned himself towards the shaved-head boy.

“What do you want, bitch?” He said walking so close to him his sneakers were now less than an inch from his face.

The shaved-head boy immediately started licking the top of Master Justin’s shoes.

“Permission to speak, Sir!” he hummed between hungry licks.

“Go ahead!” Master Justin snickered.

“Thank you, Sir! I have something to report, Sir!”

“Uuuhhh! Someone is in trouble! Hehe!” hummed Master Zach, extremely amused.

“Hehe! Don’t you love it when they do this to each other? It cracks me up every fucking time! Haha!” Master Justin cackled and his buddy shook his head, snickering. The shaved-head boy kept licking those snickers devotedly. “Well, let’s hear it, bitch! Who are you selling out this time?”

Freddy couldn’t stop biting his nails out of sheer tension. It had been a week since the high council of the frat led by that crazy hot guy Cameron had spoken with him. Well, maybe ‘questioned him’ was a more appropriate choice of words for it. Five guys who were so blatantly the epitome of the handsome straight jock, who had never been bullied or pushed around or even bad mouthed one day in their lives had asked him all sorts of weird questions starting with:

“Hey, we noticed that in question 7, ‘What are you prepared to do for the honor of the frat?’, you put down B, ‘Anything that doesn’t get me in trouble’ instead of D, ‘Anything’. Now that’s not very cool, bro!”

Freddy had apologized but he had told them that he had been honest about it and no matter the circumstances he would have stood by his own principles. He had to admit that it wasn’t easy looking at those chiseled bodies and stay focused on their questions. He was eighteen after all and as much as he found them obnoxious, straight athletes made him weak at the knees. Not that he would have ever admitted it to anyone.

Anyways, all in all he didn’t think the interview had gone particularly well which made him so angry with himself. Why did he have to be so goddamn proud all the time? Would it kill him to just be a little more easy going every once in a while? And in the meantime, that guy Ackerman had gotten in just like that! He hadn’t even heard about the goddamn frat and now he was officially one the pledges. Unbelievable. It was fucked up. Of course he had wowed them with his stupid football scholarship and his stupid good looks. God he was annoying. Freddy checked the time. 11.43. If he didn’t get the email in the next seventeen minutes he was out. That’s what they had said. Why was every single thing so fucking hard in his life? He found himself thinking about it quite often. Nothing ever went smoothly for him and it wasn’t just him being a drama queen. It was true. And it was so unfair. It was probably a childish thing to feel but the boy didn’t care. He wanted to get in so fucking bad, though. He wanted it like he had never wanted anything in his entire life. It was all he could think about. He didn’t really understand entirely why he wanted to be a part of that so badly but he knew he did and the thought of not getting in was enough to…

The sudden buzz made his heart skip a beat. He grabbed his phone and opened Gmail.

‘Dear applicant, after reviewing your… bla, bla, bla, bla… doubts concerning your interview… bla, bla, bla, bla… considering your family history with the fraternity and… bla, bla, bla, bla… the council has decided to admit you into the pledge selection process.’

Freddy had to read it three or four times before realizing he had actually made it.

“Yes!!!” He screamed so loud his throat burned. He was so happy. He started laughing stupidly. He couldn’t wait to hear his dad’s reaction.

“Dude, did you bathe in perfume?” Scott asked, wrinkling his nose.

“Shut up! I simply shower regularly, which is something you might wanna try!” Pink Hair shot back.

“Ouch! That one burns!” Scott mocked him as they were walking up to the entrance of the mansion.

“Can I see your invitation?” a chubby looking guy with a buzz cut asked them.

They showed him the email they had received and he gave them a colored bracelet to wear. Blue for him and orange for Pink Hair.

“Why are they different colors?” Pink Hair asked. The guy smiled at him and simply went:

“You’ll see.”

There were about thirty, maybe forty kids in the entrance hall. Different ages, all mingled together, talking, drinking and generally having a good time.

“Hey, guys! Welcome!” The tour dude greeted them.

“Hi, Andy!” Pink Hair exclaimed all excited.

“May I get you something to drink?” he asked very politely.

“I’ll have a beer!” Scott said. Considering it was a frat party, beer had to be pretty much a given.

“Uhm… yeah, same for me, thanks!” mumbled Pink Hair.

“Be right back!” Tour dude replied cheerfully and left.

The two boys started to mingle. Well, Scott did. Pink Hair simply stared at everybody from a corner of the room throwing down beer. What a creep. The tall jock found he had quite a lot in common with many of the guys there. Not all of them, but the cool ones, most definitely. They were into sports, for starters, which didn’t hurt one bit.

But after a little while, someone called for attention and they all turned around to see that Cameron guy they had met a few days earlier, step onto a made-up little stage and then he started to speak.

“Hey, everyone! To all the new faces here, welcome to Pi Kappa Alpha!” the freshmen cheered “To the others… welcome back, mutherfuckers!” he joked and the rest of the guys raised their cups and laughed rowdily “Alright so let’s get down to business!” Cameron continued “Pledges!” he smirked “You’ll find that things here work a little differently from other fraternities. That’s why we have questionnaires and interviews before we accept your pledge request. You see, we know what we’re looking for and most importantly what it means to be a Pi Kappa Alpha.” the older boy smiled briefly at Scott “So we put you guys through a thorough screening process to determine which of you can actually join.” he made a pause. For effect maybe?

“Now, you might have noticed that you were given a bracelet when you got here.” all the freshmen instinctively looked at their wrist. “To those of you who got a blue one… well, congrats, boys, you just graduated from pledges to brothers.” The whole room exploded.

“What?!” Scott heard Pink Hair from his corner. He sounded completely outraged in his stupid sissy voice.

“Congrats, bro!” the two juniors Scott had been talking to, patted him hard on the back, smiling warmly. Their names were Blake and Jamal and they actually seemed pretty cool.

“Thanks, guys!” Scott replied, both utterly surprised and sincerely pleased at that turn of events. And together with him, two other kids were being cheered on. They looked both on the short side but they were fellow jocks, no question about it.

“So everybody give it up for our three new outstanding brothers, Alec Troy, Scott Ackerman and my very own baby brother Kit!” that Cameron dude bellowed “Guys, come up here!” Everybody was clapping and laughing and whistling loudly, pushing the three of them onto the stage.

“You gotta be kidding me!” Freddy stared in disbelief at what was happening right before his eyes. He had never been more annoyed. Honest. He snorted “Tsk! Nepotism much? His brother? Really? Is that even legal?” he vented to no one in particular.

“Legal?” Andy, the nice kid who had given them the tour, was standing right next to him and was looking at him with a profound frown. “Who do you think makes the rules here?” He said “The Davenport boys have been guiding the frat for decades. Every single one of them has been accepted into Pi Kappa Alpha and has gone up to become president at one point or another, even if just for a year. Seriously, this frat has had over fifty presidents since the 60s and there have been like seventeen of them! If you ask me it was obvious that Kit would be next in line. You’re looking at number eighteen right there, mark my words! It just makes sense. They simply have what it takes to be part of this frat. It’s in their blood, you see.” He said all that with clear, unmistakable admiration which made Toph even more uncomfortable.

“Well, I’m legacy too, you know!” the gay boy retorted defensively.

Andy smiled at that.

“Yeah, but you’re a different kind of legacy…” he implied and immediately looked like he regretted it.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, I’m sorry, forget I said anything…”

“No, I wanna know…”

The cheering slowly died and Cameron went on.

“For those of you who were given an orange bracelet, don’t worry, it’s not over yet!” he yelled encouragingly “Now, line up over here!” There were five kids, Freddy included, who were looking at him like their life depended on it and, a little tentatively, they obeyed “I gotta tell you guys, you didn’t impress us in your interview, right, brothers?” He asked the room and got some ‘boos’ in response “Which means that getting in won’t be easy…” he warned them “But you’re here tonight because we wanna give you a chance!” Cheers from the audience “And I assume if YOU came here it’s because you totally want this no matter what, am I right?”

“Yes…” some of them muttered half-heartedly.

“I don’t think I heard you!” Cameon said theatrically “Did you hear them, Alec?” He turned to one of the newly appointed brothers, a hot blond surfer dude type.

“Nope!” the boy replied smugly.

“Scott?” continued Cameron.

“Can’t say I did, man!” Ackermann was smirking so widely that Freddy wanted to punch him.

“How bout you, lil brother?” continued Cameron.

“I think these losers should learn some manners!” Now, the look on this one’s face was terrifying.

Everyone in the room cheered to the freshman’s cocky words and Cameron slapped him on the back, laughing heartily.

“Hahahaha! You know what, I think you’re absolutely right!” boomed Cameron “What do you guys say?” He turned to the other two newbies who approved with gusto.

“Alright, so rule number one!” the president started “We’re brothers, you’re just pledges so every time you talk to one of us you call us ‘Sir’! Understood?” he said. The whole revolting pledge nonsense had officially begun and Freddy had a feeling he wasn’t gonna like what was coming.

“Yes, Sir! They all shouted in unison!” The audience cheered as the look of enjoyment on the three new brothers was priceless.

“Much better!” snickered Cameron.

“Now, as you know, every frat has ‘hell week’ for pledges!” the handsome dark haired young man continued, “Well, like I said, we don’t follow the same rules here.” snickering from the older members “You see, the period of time you will be tested to see if you’re worthy of being a member here is exactly 68 days. We call it the ‘taming’ and it’s that long cause that’s the year our frat was founded.” Freddy thought his eyes were gonna pop out. The trio next to Cameron was cracking up.

“Seems fair!” Commented Ackerman, widely entertained.

The five freshmen with the orange bracelet were standing there, motionless, with ashened faces.

“We’re gonna have so much fun with them, bro!” Alec snickered to his new buddy Kit.

“You have no idea!” replied him, sneering so evilly.

“Alright, listen!” Cameron called for silence “I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you it’s not gonna be tough, cause it is!” he leveled with them “And if I’m being completely honest I don’t know that any of you can actually make it. But let’s be honest, I’ve been wrong before, right Andy?” He turned to the nice tour guy Freddy had spoken to before and actually grabbed the guy and threw his arm around his neck, in a brotherly gesture. The guy looked embarrassed but definitely happy “Three short years ago, Andy here was a loser just like you all!” Cameron continued “But then he took everything we threw at him, like a champ…” laughter from the members “…and now he’s proud to be part of our frat!” more laughs “Isn’t that right, Andy?”

“Yes, Cameron!” the boy promptly replied with what at this point was clearly sheer admiration for a hero or something “I couldn’t be happier. The taming is worth every second, guys, trust me! You can do this!” Cheers and more laughter from the older boys in the room. He sounded like he was trying real hard to convince them.

“Yeah, and how bout Marty! You were wrong about him too, remember?” a really tall guy with piercing blue eyes pushed a short kid with a shaved head into the limelight.

“You’re totally right, Cliff! I didn’t think Marty could make it either!” agreed Cameron “And yet here he is!”

The guys in the room were cackling and cheering and god knows what. It’s like they were sharing an inside joke none of them could understand.

“It’s true, I agree with Andy! It was so worth it! Every second of it! I’d do it again in a heartbeat! I’ve never been happier!” recited the shaved-head kid. More laughter.

“There! You see!? You actually have a real chance here!” said the guy named Cliff.

“Sorry guys, I don’t wanna do this anymore!” one of the five pledges said suddenly and everyone turned towards him. He was heavily booed by the whole assembly.

“Hey, hey, now!” Cameron calmed the crowd “If he doesn’t wanna do it he’s absolutely free to leave!” he shrugged nonchalantly.

“Yeah, man, I’m with you!” the pledge standing next to Fred spouted. More ‘boos’. The two boys simply left the frat house without even looking back, accompanied by a chorus of every single name in the book.

“Alright, only three little piggies left, hehe!” Cameron cackled “Now, let me explain what your life is gonna be like for the next ten weeks or so.” He was smirking so intensely. Freddy swallowed hard “It’s actually pretty straight forward. You will move into the frat house and you will be our little slaves!” he announced with overwhelming simplicity, and everyone laughed again.

“Is he for real?” mumbled the kid who was closest to Freddy.

“You see, there’s only one way for you to convince us that you wanna be brothers and that’s how far you’re willing to go!” Cameron explained “So, bottom line, for the next 68 days you will have to do ANYTHING we brothers tell you.” The three newly appointed members were having the time of their lives “And of course you’ll be judged on your performance, exactly like you would in a test.” The handsome president continued, “At the end of the taming, we’re gonna evaluate your grades and see if you pass.”

There was a pause filled with hard disbelief from the pledges.

“But… like… Sir… what kinda… things are you gonna make us do?” the same guy who was standing next to Freddy asked.

Cameron’s face lit up in a huge grin.

“Oh, now, I wouldn’t wanna spoil the surprise…” he crooned and his audience roared with laughter “…but it’s nothing that would put your life in danger, that I can guarantee!” he carried on. Now, strangely his words didn’t really make Freddy feel any better. There was still a shitload of unpleasant stuff he was gonna experience. His heart was racing but his mind was set and he was dead serious. There was nothing they could throw at him that would make him quit.

“I’m in, Sir!” he heard himself say. Rowdy cheers and encouraging whistles was what he received in response.

“Alright, that’s what I’m talking about! We got an eager little pink-haired bitch, here!” Cameron jeered. Everyone laughed, particularly Ackerman. What a jerk.

“Me too, Sir!” Another boy said with confidence “I wanna do this!”

“Awesome!” Cameron smiled at him “How bout the third little piggy?” the senior asked the kid that was standing next to Freddy.

“Screw this! You guys are nuts!!!” he retorted in response “I’m outta here!” and he stormed off among everyone’s ‘boos’.

Freddy turned to the only other boy left. He was probably 5’8’’, not fat but not super fit either. He had dark blond hair and brown eyes. All in all, he was quite unremarkable, to be honest. But he had a determination in his eyes that was second to none. Freddy realized in an instant that he was the competition in that surreal situation. He could just feel it and so he decided that he wasn’t gonna let this kid ruin his dream.

“Well, well, well! Looks like we only got two slaves left, guys!” Boos, cheers and laughter had pretty much been the soundtrack of the whole evening and this latest remark fueled some more.

“Hey, Cam! I got an idea!” Freddy turned around to see a slim guy holding a beer. He wasn’t particularly tall, built like a runner, and had a long face with handsome features.

“Sure, let’s hear it from the vice president of the frat!” yelled Cameron.

“I say we give these two…” the guys walked behind Freddy and the other and put his hands heavily on their shoulders “…to our new brothers! Let them evaluate their performance!”

Scott was grinning from one ear to the other. He loved this kind of camaraderie, he had grown up with it. It came with the whole being a jock thing. These guys seemed alright. He had good instincts, and he was starting to think that this frat thing was gonna be pretty sweet. Maybe he should have thanked pink-hair. He laughed at the thought.

“Good thinking, Noah!” Cameron smiled at the VP, “It’s actually not a bad idea!”

“Hey, that’s not fair! I wanna use them too!” Someone complained from the crowd and everyone laughed.

“Well, duh!” replied Cameron “We’re all gonna use them, of course but let’s just say these three are in charge of their performances, ok?!” He explained “If they do well it’s gonna be you guys who will have to reward them and if they screw up… well…”

“You punish them!” Noah finished the phrase, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Cheers and screams of approval. Scott couldn’t stop cackling. He was gonna be in charge of that proud little faggot. Oh, that was gonna be sweet for real!

“What do you guys say?! Feel up to the task?” asked Cameron.

They answered almost in unison.

“You know it!”

“No sweat.”

“Fuck yeah, big bro!”

“Hahaha! That’s the spirit!” said Cameron “Alright, Pink Hair can go with Scott here cause I’m pretty sure they already know each other so that’ll be fun!” Cackles everywhere. The faggot looked disgusted. It was way too easy. “And you guys will have to share this other loser, got it?!” Everyone agreed.

“Alright, let the taming begin!”

Freddy was drunk. Maybe not can’t-even-stand drunk, but still pretty drunk. This whole ordeal was gnawing at him annoyingly and to shut it up he had decided to get wasted. So far it was working. A slave… What did that even mean anyways and how could the campus allow this sort of behavior in the frats. But then again he had volunteered. Why had he, now? Right, his dad… to make his dad proud. It had always been his number one priority after all. His head was spinning and he reckoned getting some fresh air was probably not the worst idea. Everybody there seemed to be having a good time. Him, not so much. He had been fetching drinks for every guy in the room several times for the previous two hours. Also the other pledge. Just like a couple of servers. No, a server gets a ‘thanks’ every now and then. None of them had even acknowledged their presence. But it didn’t really hurt that bad right now. He was drunk after all. He snuck out onto one of the terraces, hoping no one would call him back, especially his new ‘master’, that annoyingly handsome prick, Ackerman. Unbelievable, of all the people. Who would’ve thunk?

“Hehehe! Totally, dude! She’ll be sucking on your dick in less than two weeks, trust me!”

Freddy heard a familiar deep voice on his right and stopped in his tracks before someone could see him.

“Haha! Well, you’re the authority on the subject, even though Justin is getting daaaangerously close to your numbers, bro!”

There were two boys standing next to each other in a stance that was unmistakably the one a guy assumes at the urinals.

“Shut up, man! I’ll admit he’s good but I’m pretty sure he’s still a few dozen cunts behind me!”

“If you say so, prez!” They both laughed.

Ok, so, Freddy was now pretty sure that one of them was Cameron and the other… maybe that Noah guy, the VP? But there was something weird about that whole scene. Were they pissing on the floor of the terrace? No. What the hell was going on? Freddy squeezed his eyes. It was a little dark outside. Impossible. Yeah, he was drunk, and that was definitely the reason why it looked like there were two people kneeling in front of the two frat brothers. He could make out their legs and torso from the space between the frat brothers’ spread legs.

“Hey, can you believe they always fall for it!” Noah sniggered.

“Haha! I know, right?! Every single time!” Cameron replied “Did you see that pink-haired faggot? ‘I’m in, Sir!’ Hahaha!” he mimicked in a girlish voice.

“Haha! Yeah, that was pretty fucking pathetic! He’s the M.O.K. loser, right?” Noah asked.

“Yep, in the flesh!”

“Poor son of a bitch!” he cackled.

What the hell were they talking about?

“How they can believe we’re actually gonna make them brothers, I’ll never understand!” Cameron said, starting to shake his dick like you do after you’re done pissing.

“Well, they’ll still be part of the frat! Look at these two!” joshed the other, copying him.

“Yeah, part of the toilet facilities, you mean! Hehe!”

“Thank you for letting me drink your precious piss, Master! It’s an honor I don’t deserve!”

Two voices came out almost in unison. Feeble voices. Beaten. Completely submissive.

“Yeah, no shit you don’t!” Cameron snorted and then clearly spit in one of the kneeling boys’ faces.

“Hey, what about that party next week? The one at Rinaldi’s? Do you wanna go?”

“I dunno, bro! Sounds kinda lame, besides…”

Freddy didn’t hear the rest of the conversation. The two boys had turned around right after zipping up and had walked back into the party, leaving the two guys kneeling on the floor. Freddy was confused. No. He simply couldn’t believe his eyes. Wait. One of them was… Andy? The tour guide? No way. That was too much to process. His head was spinning even worse than before. He needed to lie down.

The longer Scott hung out with these dudes the more he felt at home. Sure they were fellow jocks and they obviously had loads in common with him but it was the way they saw the world that was doing it for him. Simple divisions that were common sense, really, for guys like them. Divisions that uncomplicated the world a hell of a lot, the most important of which was the undeniable fact that there were winners and losers. It was simple, really. Sure it wasn’t politically correct and shit, but it was so fucking true. Now, as cocky as it may sound and although he didn’t have much life experience to go by, the young man knew he was part of the former. Him and most of the guys he was chatting with. His brothers. There was no doubt about it. There was Cliff, the super tall basketball player, junior, who was apparently the treasurer of the frat. He was friendly and everything but Scott suspected he wasn’t someone you’d wanna mess with. Zach, the guitar dude. He was a year older than Scott, he played in a band or something and he was supposed to be pretty awesome. Now that was one funny guy. He said the weirdest things, kinda like he was a little high on something. And he was best buds with Justin, another junior, who, from what Scott had gathered, was quite the fuckboy, keeping score of the dozens of chicks he had banged. Then of course there were the other two newcomers, Kit and Alec. Mischievous was probably the word that best described them and although they had just met each other, it kinda looked like they’d already become super tight.

“And then one day she tells me she’s pregnant…” Alec was saying “And I’m like ‘Fuck! Get rid of it!’, but she says she’s against it and that she loves babies and shit so I simply dumped her!” he shrugged, drinking from his cup.

“And she let you walk away, just like that?” Zach asked amused.

“Well, not much she could do about it, dude! I was fifteen and she was my teacher! She couldn’t tell a soul!” Alec replied, smirking impishly “Got a bunch of As in Math that year, though!” Everyone laughed.

“So what? She kept it?” Asked Scott.

“Yep, but when she realized I wasn’t gonna fuck her anymore she moved like a million miles away. No idea where she is now.” the blond boy shrugged, highly unconcerned.

“You did the right thing, bro!” said Kit.

“No shit, man! She was the adult and she should have been more careful, period!” agreed Cliff.

“Yeah, she was clearly taking advantage of you!” continued Justin, though his tone was a little on the sarcastic side.

“Oh, totally! I felt soooo abused!” snickered Alec, obviously joking. More laughter as he flipped through his phone “Check this out!” He showed them a pic of a hot thirty-something with cum plastered all over her whore-face. Now they were seriously cackling “You guys have no idea how slutty she was, hehe! I’m serious, she’d do pretty much anything I wanted her to, and I mean ANYTHING!”

Whistles and laughs of admiration, even pats on the freshman’s shoulder..

“Well, good for you, man!” Zach wrapped his arm around Alec’s neck, in a brotherly gesture “Chicks can be such a drag when it comes to sex!”

“Yeah, tell me about it!” snorted Kit “So, I’m dating this girl sophomore year, right? She’s hot and we’ve been going out for like over a month but she’s only giving me handjobs and I’m, like, tired of that shit. I wanna fuck her, you know!?” he says a little annoyed and frustrated which Scott could definitely relate to “So one night my ‘rents are out, I invite her over and she says yes! Now, what does that tell you?” he asked rhetorically.

“That she’s ready to put out!” quipped Cliff.

“Thank you!” exclaimed Kit like someone was finally getting it “That’s what I thought too but when I start feeling her up she’s like ‘No, I’m not ready!’. Fuck, that pissed me off!”

“So what did you do?” asked Scott.

“Fucked her anyways and she totally loved it! She even started to moan like a little bitch in heat after a couple of minutes!” Kit told them and was clearly pleased to see the mirth on everyone’s face. “But then, like, a couple of weeks later, completely out of the blue, she accused me of raping her and said she wanted to go to the police.” he rolled his eyes like it was completely ridiculous “It was bullshit. She was just jealous cause I had already moved on to a new chick!”

“Fuck, they always do that, don’t they?! Get jealous I mean!” Scott vented.

“Totally!” agreed Zach.

“Yeah, and it’s fucked up!” continued Kit.

“But how did you convince her not to go through with it?” Justin asked, genuinely interested.

“Didn’t have to.” Kit replied “My dad had a talk with her family and made it all go away.” He sounded like a spoiled brat, and he probably was.

“Daddy’s boy through and through, huh?! Just like your big bro!” Justin commented but there was no malice in his words.

“Oh, I’m a saint compared to Cam!” The freshman chortled “One time he…” but he never finished his story. He got distracted when a tall, buff dude with dark hair that Scott hadn’t been introduced to, walked towards them dragging Pink Hair by the arm.

“Ackerman, right?” he said to Scott curtly.

“Yes!” the boy replied.

“Is this your slave?” he yanked the little faggot who was struggling uselessly to get free.

“Let me go, you ape!” he squeaked in that annoying girlish voice.

The dark-haired guy threw the fag down unceremoniously on the floor, right in front of Scott. The boys snickered.

“Yep, he’s mine alright!” replied Scott.

“I caught him trying to sneak upstairs without permission. He said he wanted to go to bed.” The tall guy accused and the other brothers shook their heads, snorting in complete disapprovement.

“Uuuhh, that ain’t cool!” taunted Zach.

“Yeah, you think?!” snorted the tall guy with heavy sarcasm “We don’t let this kinda shit fly around here. You need to punish him, man!” he wasn’t giving Scott an order, it was more like a tutoring session.

“Cool!” snickered Kit.

“Blake’s right, bro! You need to show him who’s boss!” Cliff encouraged him.

Scott laughed a bit and shrugged.

“Alright, sure! Got any ideas?”

Freddy was livid. That giant brute had dragged him around like he was made of butter. How strong was he? And now he, the proud Freddy Toph was on his knees, surrounded by cocky frat boys that were smirking down at him like he was some kinda joke. And Ackerman was supposed to punish him to boot. What the fuck?

“Well, since he’s down there, let’s start with the basics!” suggested a stupidly handsome third year who was standing next to Scott. Freddy believed his name was Justin and he watched him lean in and whisper something in Scott’s ear. Of course Ackerman started cackling like a monkey.

“Haha! That is so fucking nasty, bro!” he cringed “He’s never gonna do it!”

The super handsome guy snorted.

“He better! If he doesn’t he’s out, pronto!”

Freddy’s heart sank.

“Alright! Hey, pledge!” Scott taunted, smirking visibly “Get on all fours!”

Freddy glared at him for a very long couple of seconds. But then he obeyed.

“Nice, hehe!” cackled Alec.

“Now, crawl over here, bow your head down and apologize to me for what you’ve done!” He sounded so commanding.

Freddy’s breathing was getting heavier. ‘Mind over matter… mind over matter…’ He complied and got closer to the soccer player who was towering over him. He lowered his head and was about to talk but…

“Lower! Put your face on the ground, bitch! C’mon! Do it right!” Someone up there yelled. Again, Freddy obeyed which made everyone laugh again.

“I’m sorry for what I did…” Freddy started.

“What did you do, bitch?” Scott switched to this new nickname which was probably gaining him points in that little posse.

“I didn’t ask you permission to go to bed…” he said.

“That’s right, you didn’t!” Scott agreed, “And why is that bad?”

‘Fuck youuuuuuu!!!’ was what Freddy wanted to shout but didn’t.

“Because you’re my master and I have to do what you say.” he recited in a flat tone.

The apes laughed.

“Pretty good answer, bitch!” sneered Scott “Now, go ahead and ask permission!”

“May I please go to bed, Sir?”

“Sure, just kiss my shoes first.” Scott ordered.

“Hahaha! That’s fucking awesome!” cackled Kit.

Freddy looked up and glared at the stupid meathead again.

“C’mon, dude, you’ll be doing it like a million times a day from now on. Better get started!” The bleached blond tattooed guy who played in a band said. Freddy’s mouth was dry and his mind wasn’t really that focused.

“D… do I have to?” he slurred a little while he said that, looking up at the handsome prick. He was smirking so widely.

“You bet, bitch!” he replied “C’mon! Get smooching!” They all laughed and Freddy wanted to go to bed so badly. He simply didn’t care anymore.

He pressed his lips and kissed one of the boy’s Vans and then the other.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Haha!” smirked Kit.

“You learn quick, bitch!” hollered one of the older boys.

It was over in a second and it hadn’t even been that bad.

“Can I go now?” Freddy asked a little petulantly. Looking up again.

Scott simply couldn’t stop laughing. That little faggot was begging on his knees. That was just priceless.

“Sure! But I think you should thank me for letting you kiss my shoes. What do you guys say?” he found himself saying. He had always been good at being part of a group. They all liked the idea. All except for Pink Hair but he didn’t really matter.

“Thank you for letting me kiss your shoes, Sir!” he kept using the same flat tone that was a little annoying “Can I go now?” he added.

“Whatever, get outta here!” Scott said.

“You guys are rooming together.” explained Justin, then he turned to someone in the corner “Yo, Tom!” he shouted. An olive skinned guy with a shaved head walked towards them instantly.

“Yes, S… Justin…” He cleared his voice embarrassed “What’s up?!” he added awkwardly.

“Show our new pledge his room and teach him the ropes!” Justin instructed.

“Y… yes… Justin…”

This guy didn’t really look like he belonged there but Scott didn’t pay too much notice, he was still smirking at the faggot.

“C’mon, let’s go!” he mumbled and left with Pink Hair.

“Wow! Is he your slave or something?” Joked Alec and we all laughed.

“Well, you see, Tom went through the taming himself last year but I gotta say it’s kinda hard to stop bossing him around even if he’s part of the frat now, hehe!” explained Justin.

“Yeah, I’ll bet!” joked Scott “Once a bitch, always a bitch, right?”

“Haha! Yeah, man! Couldn’t have said it better myself!” replied Justin and Scott had the distinct impression that he and Cliff exchanged an amused look.

The party went on for a couple more hours before Scott felt it was time to call it a night. He was tired but he honestly couldn’t remember the last time he had had that much fun. He passed a hand through his hair. He was sweaty and felt pretty gross. He still had to get used to that kind of humidity, besides those guys could party hard. He had met quite a few of them and his throat was actually slightly sore from laughing. He didn’t know much about them but there was time. He was gonna live with them. Unbelievable how things change in a second. He didn’t even have his stuff with him but they had insisted he sleep in his new room. It was tradition. Someone had even lent him a phone charger. Now the same guy who had taken Pink Hair to their room was guiding him. Justin had pretty much ordered him to do so. What a fucking a pushover.

“The whole house is completely automated: lights, AC, heating, all you have to do is to say the right command…” the pushover said.

“That’s pretty sweet!” Scott commented, impressed. He was definitely not used to that kind of luxury. His dad was a truck driver and his mom worked at a diner so although they weren’t starving by any means, superficial things were not a thing in the Ackerman household.

“Here we are, Si…. uhm… Scott…” the pushover looked embarrassed. He couldn’t even look him in the eye.

“Hey, if you wanna call me ‘Sir’ that badly, go ahead and do it, I don’t mind!” Scott joked. The other smiled briefly but he looked nervous.

“Uhm… I’m gonna go now…” he whispered then “Goodnight, Scott…” and left.

The freshman snorted a little and mumbled “Weirdo.”

“Lights on.”

Freddy’s pupils shrank so fast he had to shut his eyes for a second.

“What the fuck! What are you doing down there?” the handsome prick asked, widely amused.

Freddy squinted his eyes and sat up.

“Apparently I don’t deserve a bed just yet. Frat rules…” he replied tartly and watched Ackerman’s smirk get wider.

“Oh, that’s too bad cause mine looks pretty damn comfy, hehe!” he pointed at the only king size in the room.

God it was so frustrating.

“Yeah, well, you’ll see, I’ll earn my bed!” Freddy told him as Scott was kicking off his shoes “In no time!” he added.

“Well, I’ll be the judge of that, remember? Slave, hehe!” the prick cackled, taking off his shirt.

Freddy really wanted to flip him off or something but didn’t really think it was the smartest thing to do. Besides the guy’s chiseled, smooth chest made his mouth water almost instantly.

“First rule: you can look but you can’t touch!” Scott dabbed his pecs with the balled up shirt and then threw it at him, snickering.

Freddy snorted “As if I would ever wanna touch you. Don’t flatter yourself!”

Scott snorted even louder.

“Please, you’re drooling right now, I can totally tell!” He unzipped his pants and took them off. He was only wearing his boxers now. Freddy couldn’t stop gawking at his body. He was gorgeous. His straight chestnut hair wasn’t short, parted in the middle and tucked behind both his ears. He had chiseled features, full lips and the most beautiful piercing green eyes. Why was Freddy noticing all that? He was mad at him, he shouldn’t have fancied him. It took him a little too long to recover and Scott snickered again and went: “Yeah, that’s what I thought, gay boy!”

He made sure to scratch his considerable crotch blatantly. Freddy lay down again and turned on his side as he heard his ‘roommate’ laugh softly.

“C’mon, I’m just teasing you a little! What’s with the sour puss!” said Scott amused.

“Easy for you to say!” shot back Freddy “They made you a brother the second you walked in here!”

“Hey, what can I say, they have good taste!” he boasted cockily.

“And I’m supposed to be ok with being your… your…” Freddy struggled with the word.

“Slave?” Scott provided.

“How can you even throw that word around so freely? Especially after what our country has been through, I mean, that’s gotta be…”

“Chill doctor King, it’s just a little frat hazing!” Scott cut him off, exasperated, “I just happen to be on the fun part of it, that’s all! Besides, what the hell are you complaining about? You wanted to join the frat, remember? I mean, don’t get me wrong, sucks to be you right now, big fucking time but you can quit if you don’t wanna put up with this shit. I know I would!”

Freddy didn’t reply to that. It stung because he knew Scott was right. He sulked, staring at the white baseboard right in front of his face. He had been told he was to sleep on the hardwood floor, right between the bed and the wall which was a pretty narrow space. Not to mention uncomfortable and humiliating. He didn’t care. He just wanted that day to end. That’s not how it was supposed to go. How was he gonna explain that to his father? The man wasn’t gonna be pleased.

Freddy heard splashing noises from the bathroom as he tried to contain the pang of anxiety he felt in his stomach. Then a stream of foaming piss hitting the toilet water and a couple of farts. He was clearly sharing a room with ‘prince charming’, no surprise there. Ackerman was, after all, an insufferable meathead. He had always been. Stupid popular jock. Every girl had been fawning over him since seventh grade. Disgusting. Yeah, that was what his brain was telling him and it was all well and good but as much as he didn’t wanna admit it, and he was never gonna, Freddy was hard right now. Just the fact that Scott was pissing, dick in his hand, not ten feet from him… well, that was enough to feel an uncomfortable pressure in his crotch. And immediately his mind went to what he had witnessed on the balcony only hours before. Had he actually seen guys drinking frat boys’ piss? What was that about? Maybe the two guys on their knees were into some weird fetish or something. Or maybe they had lost a bet. Still it was weird and it made Freddy uncomfortable.

The soft clammy squeaking of bare feet on the hardwood floor dominated the silent room. It stopped in the vicinity of Freddy.

“Sorry slave, need to use that socket.” Scott said amused as he walked in the extremely narrow space between the wall and Freddy’s body. His feet stopped literally two inches from the gay boy’s face. He didn’t move or talk. He wanted to keep sulking but he couldn’t help notice what was basically touching his face. They must have been a 10.5 or an 11. Veiny, with long fingers. What the hell was wrong with him?

“A little hazing, you say!” Freddy grunted “Sugar coating much? It’s bona fide abuse, that’s what it is!”

“You know, maybe if you got off your high horse and stopped being such a snob you might actually have fun in life.” Scott suggested from up there. He leaned forward to reach the socket, lifting his heel a bit and Freddy saw very up close the veins shift on the side of his right foot. It was nice to watch. The straight boy connected his phone to the charger.

“What do you…” Freddy started but got cut off.

“I’m just saying, you really shouldn’t look down on everybody the way you do cause YOU are far from perfect, you know?” Scott continued to make small talk while flipping through his phone. Freddy didn’t reply. He was a little distracted. Why were those feet so captivating? If he was being honest they were pretty sexy as feet go. Slim, supple and slightly arched. They also smelled quite strongly but for some reason Freddy didn’t recoil. It was probably the sheer exhaustion of such a weird and disappointing day.

“I know I’m not per…”

“Good, then we’re definitely making progress, here! I mean, need I remind you, you litterally went down on all fours and kissed my fucking shoes in front of everybody just cause you wanna get into this frat. That doesn’t really scream ‘perfect’, bro, it’s just plain nasty, that’s what it is!”

“You think I liked it?” Freddy said tartly, still not moving.

“How should I know? You gays are weird!” Scott replied, clearly amused “All I know is that I would NEVER be caught dead doing that kinda shit!” he stated. That smell was so masculine. Freddy almost felt mind-raped by it.

“I… I don’t wanna quit… it’s… it’s important…” he confessed.

“For sure…” conceded Scott, distractedly “I dunno, though. I mean, I’ve been feeling your breath on my feet for the past five minutes and I know they gotta be stinky as shit after running around all day in those old Vans, but you haven’t even budged.” Freddy felt a small pang in his stomach. He looked up at that semi-naked hunky jock, smirking down at him. He was so close, he could feel the warmth of his body. “Maybe you DO like this shit! Hehe!” Scott snickered then lifted his foot and lightly patted Freddy’s cheek. The sole of his foot was moist. “Wanna kiss the real thing this time?”

“Stop it!” Freddy pushed it back with one hand sounding irked, while the other was hiding his unmistakable erection.

“Hehe! Relax, man! I’m just kidding!” Scott said and simply walked away snickering.

Freddy was now extremely annoyed. With himself.

“…the kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned and so have most of the gardens, Masters. Number 6 and Number 8 are cleaning up the bathrooms on the first floor and…”

Zach Taylor blew out a couple of smoke rings. He and his buddy Justin were listening to the bitch’s report. Out of all the slaves in the frat house, this one was the one he pitied the most. He was such a dumb fuck. Always getting in trouble cause he thought he could get away with stuff. As if any of them could resist the Slave Training. No, that’s not another way of calling the Taming. Slave Training or ST for short was what happened after the famous 68 days were over and the ceremony had taken place. Well, to be fair, some of the ST instruments were also used in the Taming but still. Anyways, this very peculiar, not to mention super effective method had been perfected over the previous fifty years or so by generations of brothers and sooner or later the bitches who received it, well, they all cracked eventually, no matter how strong they were. Not that any of them were. They were a bunch of sissies to begin with so submission was pretty much a given, really. Zach snickered softly. He would have probably felt sorry for them if he gave a shit. Too bad he didn’t, it was too much of a drag. Chilling and indulging in the perks of being a straight alpha was way easier and it felt good meaning it was a no brainer. It was almost three in the morning and the boy was fully enjoying the buzz. This new dealer had some pretty good shit. He felt so fucking relaxed. His bare feet were finally cooling off, crossed at the ankles and resting on his own slave’s back while the little faggot was slobbering on the rubber soles of his red Nike’s. That was pretty impressive: footstool AND shoeshine at the same time. Talk about multitasking. The sophomore took another puff from his joint and scratched one of his pecs.

“…so sorry that we are taking this long to finish but we had to wait till the three new masters went to bed before starting…” the report slave yapped on. He was on his knees, as per usual, almost naked, except for the cock cage and the pig tail butt plug they all had to wear. The number five was tattooed in the middle of his chest over the Greek letters that identified their frat. He was branded. They all were. The slaves obviously, not the brothers. Which was only practical, really. Zach thought they all pretty much looked the same once they shaved their heads, so the numbers helped a lot. The only one he actually recognized was Olly, the guy he had met as a fellow pledge about twelve months before and was now happily licking, as previously mentioned, the muck off the bottom of his shoes. Happily being the operative word. He absolutely loved being treated like that. It was pretty clear by the sheer amount of blind love he put in every single lick. Now, saying he was his own slave wasn’t entirely correct. Zach didn’t own a slave, yet. He was only a sophomore after all, but he had been the one to break him. It hadn’t been that hard to be honest. The faggot had barely needed any training at all, which was absolutely fine with the boy who, for obvious reasons, kinda felt like he had dibs on him. And the bitch couldn’t be more thrilled about it. He kept looking sideways, excitedly, to see if his master was looking at the great job he was doing, clearly in hope of being praised by him. That was pretty funny. That app was totally awesome, no question about it. Or scary, depending on which side you were looking at it but Zach honestly didn’t really care one way or the other. He was comfy. And that was all that mattered to him.

“Taste good, bitch?” the straight kid snickered softly while report slave was still talking.

“Yes, Sir!” fag Olly whimpered all excitedly “Thank you!! Thank you so much for letting me do this for you, Sir!! It feels so good!!”

“Sure, no problem, hehe!”

That whole exchange had happened without interrupting report slave. Not because what he was saying was important but because it was supposed to be an intimate moment between a worthless faggot slave and his godly straight master. Two sides of life. No gray areas allowed cause that’s how the world works. It was one of the main teachings of the frat and it was the first one slaves were made to learn. In any way necessary.

“…whereas the inside pool and the sauna will be cleaned right after lunch and will be spotless by the time you come back from class tomorrow, Master Justin, ready for inspection.”

“Wow, you said all that without even breathing! Not bad, bitch!” joked Justin and Zach laughed with him. “Hey, what do you think about the newcomers?” Justin asked.

“Sir, the new masters look godly, Sir, and it just feels completely natural to submit to them, Sir!”

Justin snorted.

“Yeah, no surprise there! How bout the slaves?”

“One will be easy to deal with, Sir… the other one, the one with the pink hair… well, he claims he’s a proud gay man and…” but he got cut off.

“Oh, that’s just fucking great! Hehe!” Zach cackled.

“Haha! Yeah, Blake’s gonna lose his shit! Did you see the way he threw the fag on the floor?”

“Haha! Totally, bro! I thought he was gonna start using that bitch’s head as a soccer ball, haha!”

They cackled for a few seconds. Then Justin asked him.

“What do you say? Did he earn his ration?”

“I guess.” Zach shrugged, smirking.

The slave bowed his head till his face touched the concrete floor of the basement.

“Thank you so much, Masters! You are so kind to me!”

The two boys snickered. They had been in charge of handling the bitch’s punishment for his latest screw up, disrespecting the masters while talking to another slave.

“I see the ten days of SDC worked their magic, huh?” Justin jeered. Slave Discipline Correction. Each master could add his own twist to it and that was actually a lot of fun for Zach because the boy knew that if they actually got to that point, the slaves really deserved every bit of what was coming to them and some! I mean, the frat brothers weren’t unreasonable. At least he wasn’t. He gave rewards and punishments when need be. Not that he had to punish fag Olly that often. As previously said, the bitch was completely hooked on being a slave so…

“Alright, piggy, go eat!” Justin ordered.

“Yes, Sir!” the slave replied and crawled over to the corner where there were several dog food dispensers with two empty metal bowls on the ground each.

“Can you do it, bro? My phone’s dead.” Justin yawned, stretching his arms up.

“Sure…” Zach lazily reached for his own, opened the app and followed the usual path. Slaves, 5, dispenser 2. He clicked on a red icon and magically some brownish dog food squirted out of the dispenser into one bowl and water in the other. The bitch started to wolf it down like he was starving which he probably was since, according to the app, he hadn’t been fed since early that morning. Stuff like that happened, sometimes. After all, frat brothers weren’t probably the most reliable bunch when it came to keeping pets. But it was all good.

Number five was feeling grateful. He had been eating dog food daily for a good portion of the previous year and the truth was that it was probably the nicest thing the slaves were given to eat in that frat. Not that he was complaining. Not at all. He was never gonna do that again, EVER! Not even in his mind.

“Hey, did I see you making out with two chicks at the same time last night? I was so high I can’t tell!”

“Haha! You bet, bro! Exchange students from Spain!”

“D’you fuck them?”

“Tsk! Dude, you need to ask?”

“Hehe! Just checking. Stats?”

Something had changed in him since he had been reported by number 3. The two straight alpha gods chilling on the couch, drinking, vaping, and cackling had found an extremely innovative way of correcting him. He had been punished before by other masters, of course, but he kinda felt like he had learned more in the past ten days than in the whole year. It was more than that. He actually found himself partial to it. Not because he enjoyed it. It was pure torture but because he felt like he was learning so much about his place in life which was something he had been struggling with.

“Well, the blond one I’d say overall a 7, pussy 8, ass 6, mouth 6 minus… but she was pretty so… The other one, overall 8, pussy 7, ass… mmm, let’s go with 7, but her mouth, dude, you have no idea! She sucked like a fucking hoover, bro! That’s gotta be a 9, even 9 and a half.

“Nice, bro! Did you tell Cam?”

“What do you think? I texted him a pic of both of them licking my balls!”

“Hahaha! That’s pretty dope!”

“I know, right?”

Number five had finished licking the bottom of the food bowl clean and started to drink avidly. The water was fresh but lately the bitter taste of the drug they used on them was a little stronger than usual.

“Think you ever gonna smash his record?”

“Hard to say, he’s a year older than I am.”

“Know what you should do? You should try and have threesomes every night! That way you’d save time!”

“Haha! Yeah, easier said than done, bro!”

Their voices were almost hypnotic. Number 5 would have listened to their guy talk for hours. It was prodigious, really, because it kept giving him compelling reasons why these two specimens were so obviously worthy of being worshiped. How could he have ever doubted that. He was so stupid. Something irresistible came over him as he felt blood rushing through his veins. He stopped lapping up the water from the bowl and crawled back in front of the two gods that were still cackling. Number 12 looked at him curiously, still hungrily licking Master Zach’s shoes. He prostrated himself at their feet, as humbly as he could and waited in anticipation. Twenty minutes passed by, twenty minutes full of sex and sports and all the things young men talk about, twenty minutes before either of them acknowledged his presence.

“Is there something you want, bitch?” Master Justin asked, still snickering at Master Zach’s joke.

“May I have permission to speak, Sir?” he asked in trepidation.

“What’s up?” replied Master Zach, amused.

“Masters, please, let me express my gratitude for the Slave Discipline Correction you have administered on me…”

“Hehe! Sure! It was pretty funny, hehe!” said Master Zach.

“It helped me understand how worthless and inferior I am, Masters!”

“Well, that’s what we were going for, bitch, so that’s good!” Master Justin added.

“Yes, but Sir! I… I…” he swallowed hard. Was he actually going to say it? “I think I need to be punished more…” he sniveled.

“You’ve already been punished for ten days bitch, why do you want us to keep doing that to you? Did you like it that much? Hehe!” Master Justin inquired.

“No, Sir! It was so painful, Sir!” number 5 replied sincerely “I… I don’t know, Sir… I can’t explain it…” he whined “I think I need to keep learning to be able to serve you in the best possible way…”

“How much TS did you put in his water?” asked Master Justin.

“Dunno! The usual. I always click on the red square thingy!” said Master Zach.

“What?! Dude, d’you wanna fry his brain? That’s like three times the regular amount!” Master Justin sounded a little too amused to be worried.

“Is it? Oops! Hehe!” Master Zach cackled.

“Oh, man! We better not tell Cam about this!” Justin kept sounding entertained.

“Whatever! It’s not like that shit is dangerous, right?” replied Master Zach.

“How the fuck should I know?” Master Justin shrugged.

The way they were talking about the whole thing… He was nothing more than livestock to them… if that! And for some reason that felt so appropriate. No, it was more than that. It actually felt good and every fiber of his being was boiling at the thought. They were so handsome, the both of them. Master Zach with black earlobe expanders, a nose ring, messy bleached hair, tattoos everywhere and an impish smile that spoke volumes. Master Justin on the other hand was simply a modern reincarnation of the god Apollo. He had to be. Perfect features, light blue eyes and light brown hair. And his smile. Dear God. He could’ve easily been the next Hollywood heartthrob and Number 5 simply couldn’t contain himself anymore.

“Please, Masters! I’m begging you to keep punishing me…” his blood was on fire.

They both looked at him highly entertained.

“Oh well, guess there’s not much brain left to fry, is there?!” said Master Zach and shared a snicker with the other.

“Alright, fine, bitch!” conceded Master Justin “Let’s see, how much longer do you think you should be punished?”

Number five, was literally choking, trying so hard not to say what was in his mind. But he lost the battle miserably.

“T… two… more weeks… S… Sir!?” he whimpered, somewhere between excited and desperately terrified.

“Haha! What?” Master Zach cackled “You sure you can take it, piggy?”

Number 5, crawled forward and started to kiss the bare feet of that bleached blond god in front of him, sprawled on the expensive leather armchair, smirking cockily.

“Mmmm… please, Sir!! I… I need to… mmmm… I want to… mmmm…” the smell of Master Zach’s feet was pungent, which is why he simply couldn’t stop kissing them.

“You’re so gonna regret this when the drug wears off, bitch!” commented Master Justin and Master Zach joined in the laughter “Alright, you got it! Two more weeks coming right up!”

“Might as well start now. You still owe me from last week!” said Master Zach looking at his buddy.

“What are you talking about? I kicked your ass fair and square!”

“Yeah, right! We said no special moves and you totally cheated when I…”

“Excuse me? I didn’t do any of that…”

They kept arguing back and forth for maybe a little over a minute and number 5 started licking the straight boy’s feet impatiently. They tasted revolting but, again, doing it felt so gratifying.

“Fine! We’re settling this now! Best outta ten matches!” stated Master Justin.

“You got it! I’m so gonna pummel you!” replied Master Zach.

“Yeah, in your dreams!” then Master Justin turned to the slave “Set it up, bitch!”

Number 5 acted instantly. He turned on the 65-inch flat screen that was in front of the boys, then the PS5 and handed them one controller each. Number 12 in the meantime hadn’t stopped washing Master Zach’s soles for a second. Number 5 found the fighting game they had been talking about and slid the disk into the console. The speakers blasted some solemn music.

“Oh, right!” Master Zach grabbed his phone again and fiddled with it for a moment. A mild electric shock spread from his cockcage and the slave moaned loudly “Piggy’s connected.” Master Zach said distractedly.

“Hey, c’mere!” Master Justin ordered as he kicked off his sneakers “Take my socks off, you can chew on them while we play.”

“Oh, Master! Thank you!!” number 5 threw his face on the floor and removed the straight boy’s ankle socks with his teeth. They were warm and damp and didn’t either look or smell even remotely clean. He stuffed them inside his mouth gratefully. Not surprisingly they didn’t taste good but the slave’s mouth started watering instantly as he kept feeling his own caged dicklet getting bigger and bigger which hurt. He reached for a large roll of black body shop tape and sealed his mouth. He then took a pair of headphones and put them on. Suddenly external noises disappeared. He could see the two boys talking to each other but their voices were so far away and muffled that he couldn’t make out the words. It didn’t matter. Cause a young male voice had started to ring in his ears.

“What’s up, faggot! Master Tate here! It’s June, 3rd, 1998 and today I wanna talk to you about what it really means to be a slave.” Number 5 didn’t know Master Tate personally. He just knew he was an alpha brother who had been part of the program and had recorded his take on the experience. There were hundreds of recordings like that one, some dating back to the early seventies. Number 5 wasn’t sure he had heard this one yet and was actually pretty…

“Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!” his line of thought was interrupted as a searing pain starting from his balls shot through his entire body. They had begun to play.

“Now, let me start by saying I’ve hated faggots all my life. Even when I was a kid in grade school, before I even knew exactly what a queer was, I could tell who they were. They were the sissies. the ones who sucked at sports and any other normal “guy” stuff. Most of them were quiet and whiney, and they usually had that nasally-sounding kinda voice.”

A second electric shock and then a third one caused the slave to twitch and flex every muscle of his body. He saw Master Zach get up and the pain stopped for a moment. He was breathing heavily.

“It used to crack me up when I heard adults say that bullies were cowards and that they picked on smaller kids mainly because they were jealous.”

His hands were being handcuffed behind his back.

“Shit! I used to bully fags all the time and it sure as hell wasn’t cuz I was jealous of ‘em. I hated their guts, and I loved to torment them cuz they deserved it. Plus it was fun. Well, maybe not exactly “fun” but certainly entertaining.”

The second Master Zach jumped back on his armchair and took the controller back in his hand the slave’s balls started being electrocuted again. Number 5 writhed, crawling on the floor of that basement, screaming pointlessly in his spit-soaked sock-gag. The shocks weren’t all of the same intensity. Just like the vibrations in the masters’ controllers, they followed the game. The hardest one character would punch or kick the opponent, the higher the voltage.

“The first time I ever took money from a fag was when I was fourteen. There was this fat kid named Billy who was in my gym class. He had pimples all over his face, and all us jocks used to torment him, calling him “zit boy”. We flushed his head in the toilet one day just for kicks and there wasn’t a damn thing that fatboy could do about it. I was gonna do the same thing the next day just for the hell of it, but he started crying and begging me not to. He offered me twenty bucks. I took the money and flushed him anyway. I told him I’d expect twenty every week from him thereafter just cause I was superior. If he didn’t come up with the cash, his fate would be far worse than a swirly. It was easy money.”

Ten, twelve, thirteen shocks. Number 5 was gonna lose count momentarily. He always did. The pain was too strong. His eyes were tearing up like crazy and he was sweating like a proverbial whore in church. But his rock hard dicklet wanted to come out of that cage so badly it was about to explode. He slowly crawled towards Master Justin’s bare feet which were resting on the floor.

“Eventually I began to refer to Billy’s weekly payments to me as “fag tax”. It was a concept that I was surprised had never been thought of previously. Its purpose actually was multifaceted. Billy was a good-for-nothing, useless faggot. His existence was meaningless before he started paying me.”

He began to rub his face obsessively on the straight boy’s feet, like they were his saving grace. More shocks hit him. His balls hurt so bad.

“But now that he had begun to serve me, he suddenly had a reason for living. It also made life easier for me. It was a steady income that I could take for granted. And probably most importantly, it was a constant reminder to both of us who was Superior and who was the pussy.”

The more he smelled Master Justin’s feet, the better he felt. The pain was excruciating but he deserved it. Every bit of it. Master Justin lifted his foot and the slave flipped on his back looking forward to what was coming. The straight boy’s sole covered his whole face, pressing heavily on his face. He was an object. He belonged to the brothers. He was born to serve them. It was his only purpose in life. It couldn’t possibly get ANY better than that. Not for him. And as Master Tate’s cocky voice kept educating him, Number 5 kept silently screaming his lungs out, rolling his eyes to the back of his head in pure agony and could finally appreciate how immensely fortunate he was.

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