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Devil in train

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This story is about how I fucked a vendor on the train mercilessly. Leaving her filled with cum on the floor of toilet.

Hello friends, I am Ajay. Today what I am going to tell you happened when I was 19 year old. I was going to college after winter break. I am 6’2″ tall with well built body. I was going to college and had my seat booked in sleeper class. It was first time I was travelling in sleeper class. I boarded my train and most of the journey was uneventful. I was going to travel to the last stop Pathankot. Most of the train got empty after Ludhiana. My coach was almost empty. As I was resting on my berth I saw some vendors selling some sweaters. Most of them were old ladies but one was young and very beautiful.

She was 5’5″ tall, with fair colour and golden hair. She was wearing salwar suit. Her figure was about 34-26-34. Her Red thick lips were looking like rose petals. She was 23year old and married. I was getting hard looking at her. During this time an old couple asked her to show them sweaters. As they bought couple of things, her companions moved to other coach. She was left behind. I was so hard, I decided to fuck her on the train. I got out of my berth and went to end of coach where I knew she would come. She came there after sometime. I asked her to show me some product. She was mostly having sweater and some salwaar kameez. I asked her name she told me Hina.

I said I think you are very beautiful. She blushed a little and asked me if I wanted to buy something. I said yes I wanted to buy salwaar-kameez for a friend. She asked me if I liked anything. I said yes, I like the one you are wearing, How much for it. She was little pissed at that and started to walk away. As she walked past me I grabbed her and pulled her inside the bathroom. She was angry and tried to get out of room. I pushed her on side and closed the door. She was now begging me and asking for mercy. I told her train is almost empty and no one is coming to help.

She started to struggle harder and tried to slap me. I grabbed her hand and twisted it. She turned to other side and was facing wall. She was begging me to let her go. I said not before I make you pregnant. Her face was filled with shock on hearing that. Her eyes were filled with fear and tears. I was trying to remove her clothes but she kept on resisting. It pissed me off and I ripped open her salwaar kameez. Now she was standing only in her bra and panty. She asked me to stop but I started to massage her pussy. She started to moan softly.

She tried to push me away. I grabbed her neck and pushed her down. I removed my pant exposing my 8″ long and 3″ thick dick. I told her to suck my dick but she kept resisting. she turned her face to other side and said this will not fit in my mouth. I will die let me go. I was not going to listen to these kind of pleas. I pulled her hair as she opened her mouth to shout. I pushed my dick inside her mouth. It was so good warm and wet. I stated to fuck her and she kept on struggling. Her struggles made me even harder and I decided to punish her. I started to push faster and deeper. She was struggling for air but I didn’t care went on going deeper. I could feel her tonsil. After few minutes I felt she was about to pass out. So, I pulled out and let her gasp for air.

Then again I started to deepthroat her. Tears were rolling down her eyes. Her make up was running wild. I kept on feeling her throat until she was about to pass out and then pulled out letting her gasp for air. This happened 4-5 times more and then I released in her mouth. Filling her mouth with cum and making her drink all of it. She was disgusted at what happened with her. I pulled her up and removed her bra, exposing her round firm tits. I grabbed her tits and started to massage them she looked disgusted. With her ruined makeup she looked so sexy. I sucked on her nipples and bit them. I gave her hicki all over her body. I kissed as I pulled her panty exposing her pussy.

She knew what was about to happen and asked me to not do this. Her husband is only 4″ and she can’t take my big dick. I told her, I don’t need ur permission and Your opinion don’t matter. I placed my dick over her pussy and started to push. She was about to shout in pain. I closed her mouth and pumped her hard. I started to enter her slowly with few hard pushes I was about halfway in. She was struggling to get away but I kept her pinned against wall. She was crying but I kept on going hard. After about 10-12 pushes I entered her completely. Her pussy was bleeding from what entered her. I could feel my dick reaching her womb.

I released my hand from her mouth and started to fuck her. She was moaning loudly and I enjoyed her moans. I kept on going rough as I kissed and bit her on neck. She was asking me for mercy but I increased speed of pumps even more. I loved how sexy it felt. After fucking her for 15 min I released all of my seeds in her pussy. She said now let me go, you did what you wanted to. I said, I have 2 hrs more of this. I grabbed her and started to pound her again. She was begging for mercy but I kept on pumping and after about 40 min I had released in her pussy 3 times. Her pussy was dripping with my cum.

She was almost senseless with all the orgasm she had. Now flipped her and bent her exposing her ass. I stood behind her with my dick pointing at her ass. Then I placed it on her ass and started to push. As soon as she realised what was happening. She tried to push me away but I kept her pinned. Then I gave her hard pushes and started to tear her ass and slowly enter it. She begged me but I kept on entering. She soon passed out from pain but I didn’t care and fucked her for about 10 min. Filling her ass with all the cum. I enjoyed it completely then I fucked her in pussy from the behind while I roughly played with her boobs.

I fucked her pussy for 3-4 times. As She was regaining consciousness. I decided to fuck her ass until she passed out. She soon passed out due to pain and I roughly fucked her ass and filled her with cum. Soon we even reached our destination. I picked a suit out of her collection and ripped suit. I left her nude on the floor with 500 rs stuck to her ass. Then I left the toilet and went to my seat. I picked up my lugggage and left the train with satisfaction. I also knew she will get pregnant from all the rough fucking I did today.

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  • Reply Sounds fun and hot ID:1ejk1cy1mgee

    Lil D

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    You sound like a homosexual.

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  • Reply Dewbury ID:cq0usmkqk

    Jan you were so lucky to have a first t class ride

  • Reply Jan ID:1e42llfmxpen

    When I was 17 I was on my way from London to Darlington
    A guy chatted me up and we went into the toilet. I took my dress off and he fucked me as I sat on the sink
    I got off the train later and met my boyfriend. The guys cum was leaking into my knickers

  • Reply anonymus ID:sjfq1k0b

    i dont event know what to say if someone would did it to my wife i would cut her body parts one by one

    • 6924cm ID:zddce9fia

      So basically you would punish the victim huh?

      What a great man you must be ( that’s sarcasm btw )