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Daisy, Daisy, Daisy

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My ex-boss fucked up my career, so I decided to fuck his daughter to get revenge. But revenge turned to love.

I’m 52 years old, been with the company for over 30 years, then some young college graduates come in with their fancy new degrees and modern skills, and my boss fires my ass, and gives my job to an inexperienced, cocky little 20 year old.

I’d know Phil for many years, we were good friends, I spent a lot of time at his home with his family for dinners and holidays, they were like my own family in a way.

He invited me over one evening for dinner, said he had something important to discuss with me, I thought I’d finally be getting the big promotion I’d been promised, but instead, he told me he had to let me go, that instructions had come from high up and he had to make cuts.

My boss, my best friend, gave me the fucking shaft, and he didn’t even seem like he fought for me to stay, just flat out told me not to come in the following Monday because there was no job for me.

Well, I hit the fucking roof and told him exactly what I thought of him, I apologised to his lovely wife and kids for making a scene, then I left his apartment.

The lift wasn’t working for some reason, so I took the stairwell, some of the lights were out and it was kind of dark, but bright enough to see enough, and I only went down one floor before stopping and punching the wall in anger.

I don’t know why but whenever I got angry I also got horny, I had a throbbing angry erection in my pants, so I pulled it out and started jerking off angrily in the stairwell.

I heard footsteps approaching, then she appeared, “Hi Uncle Charlie.” She said, it was my ex-boss’s 11 year old daughter, Daisy.

I quickly turned to face the corner of the wall, still with my cock in my hand, “Hey kiddo, what are you doing here.” I said to her, I wasn’t really her uncle but I’d been part of her life since the day she was born and she and her siblings all called me Uncle Charlie.

“Lift is broke. I had to take the stairs…” she replied, then I could see her looking at me curiously, “…Are you having a wee?” she asked.

“No. Why do you say that?” I asked back.

“When I came around the corner, it looked like you were – holding – your thing.” She replied.

It was then my brain went crazy, started thinking all manner of very naughty things, I wasn’t myself anymore, I was angry, vengeful, and horny as hell, I turned around and looked down at her, she came face to face with my cock, “You caught me. I could never hide anything from you, could I.” I said.

She stared, wide eyed, at my cock, “Have you ever seen one of these before?” I asked her, she slowly shook her head indicating no.

I reached down and took hold of her hands and then placed them on my cock, curling her small fingers around my shaft, “Here. Touch it.” I said.

She gasped when she felt it, I motioned her hands up and down and she took over the motion and started stroking my cock for me, she looked up at me with her pretty big brown eyes, “Shush – I won’t tell if you don’t.” I said.

I knew Daisy, I knew how curious and willing to try new things she was, she was a smart girl, but gullible, easily influenced, she smiled and looked back down at my cock, continuing to stroke it.

I enjoyed her small hands stroking my cock for a few minutes and then I ejaculated, shot my load all over her hands, and a long stream across her forehead and top of her head over her hair, she flinched back when I came and looked stunned, “Ouh – Clever girl. Look at you, let’s wipe this off you.” I said, using my shirt to wipe all my semen off of her head and face.

I tucked my cock back inside my trousers, “Don’t tell anyone about this, okay. Can I trust you?” I said.

“Yep.” She replied.

“Good girl. Okay, off you go, get yourself inside where it’s warm.” I said, then I gave her a hug and she went on her way up the stairs, “Bye Uncle Charlie.” She shouted back at me.

I went home that night with a smile on my face, I knew exactly what I was going to do, my boss fucked me, so I’d decided I was going to fuck his little girl, his little princess was going to be riding me by the end of the week.

The next day, after clearing out my office, and kneeing my replacement in the dick as I barged out of the building, I got home and started messaging Daisy on chat, we exchanged a lot of messages, I told her how pretty she was, and what a great job she did in the stairwell last night, and I messaged her a lot of innuendo’s, getting her young impressionable mind focussed on sex.

She told me her daddy was mad at me for swearing in their home, and that he’d told her not to talk to me anymore, so I convinced her to keep our chats a secret, “I still love you, darling. I’m still your Uncle Charlie. We can still talk, just don’t tell your mom or dad. I’m here for you.” I said.

Later that night I was in bed thinking about how Daisy’s little hands felt when she was stroking my cock, so good, so I started to message her again, and after a while I convinced her to send me some photos, naughty, nude photos, which she did, I jerked myself off looking at her sexy little body, her body was flat, straight lines, not many curves on her yet, but she looked good naked, her little bald pussy stood out beautifully in HD photos.

The next day I messaged her just before school was out, “Hey cutie, you want to come for a ride with me after school?”, I knew she normally gets the school bus home, and I’ve picked her up from school before so no one would question it, she responded excitedly, “Yes Yes Yes xxx”

So I pulled up outside the school at home time, she jumped in to the front passenger seat, threw her backpack in to the back, and I drove off, we drove around for about 20 minutes, she was telling me about her day at school, how she liked being with and talking to me, and something about her daddy buying her a big 4-foot teddy bear.

I drove along a quiet road and parked up at the side, no one was around, I rubbed her little legs, “Do you remember what you did that night in the stairwell?” I asked her.

She smiled and blushed, “Yep.” She said.

“I really enjoyed it. Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“Yep.” She replied.

“Would you like to do it again? – I’d really like it if you did, it would make me so happy.” I asked.

“Okay.” She replied.

I took off my seatbelt, unzipped my trousers, and reached in and pulled out my cock, “There it is.” I said, she turned around in her seat then reached across, gripped my cock and began to stroke it, damn it was good.

“Uncle Charlie. What was that white stuff that came out of your thing?” she asked.

“Its called a cock, darling. You can say it, it’s just you and me here.” I replied.

“Okay. Cock.” She said with a giggle.

“It’s very special baby milk…” I said, then I looked at her and figured it was time to step it up a notch, “…Would you like to try some? – It’s very nice, and good for you.” I said.

“Yes please.” She said.

“Okay, but it’s best if it goes straight in your mouth when it comes out, otherwise you’ll get it all over your pretty face again…” I said, she giggled again remembering what happened last time, then I instructed her to kneel up on her seat, face me, and bend down, “…Just put it in your mouth, darling, and suck on it. Not like a straw, like a lollipop.” I instructed.

She leaned over, opened her little mouth and slid her soft cherry lips around it, I groaned with delight feeling my cock slide over her wet tongue, I leaned my head back on the headrest, placed one hand on the top of her head, stroking her hair while her head bopped up and down, and I put the other hand up the back of her skirt and rubbed her tight little butt over her panties while she sucked, amazing well, on my cock.

“Here comes the milk, get ready to drink it all down…” I groaned, helping her bopped her head up and down faster, “…Here it comes. It’s coming – Ooooah – Ough – Ooooah – Ooah – Oh.” And I shot my load in to her mouth, she had a lot of my cock in her mouth and most of it shot straight down her throat, she lifted her head off, coughed, then sat back in her seat.

“Taste good?” I asked.

She nodded, wiping semen off her lips on to the sleeve of her school cardigan, “Mmm – Good.” She replied, then I drove her home, dropping her off at the end of the street so no one saw her getting out of my car, “Speak to you soon, darling.” I said as she ran off up the street.

3 days later, having not seen each other in all that time, she messaged me telling me how much she missed seeing me, and that she wanted to show me her new teddy bear, she also told me that her mom, dad, brother and sister had gone to the water park and that she was home alone, “I’ll be right over.” I replied, and I got in my car and drove over.

She answered the door and immediately jumped up in to my arms, “Hey, Uncle Charlie.” She said, very happy to see me, and she gave me lots of kisses, then she jumped down, took my hand and walked me through the house to her bedroom.

I walked in to her pretty pink bedroom, everything was pink, the rug, the curtains, the bedsheets, and she showed me the big brown 4-foot teddy bear her daddy had bought her, and it was bigger than her, “That’s a big bear.” I said.

I sat on the end of her bed and she sat on my lap holding one of her smaller teddy bears, “So, did you miss me?” I asked her.

“Yep.” She replied.

“I missed you too.” I said, squeezing her tight, giving her a big hug and then a kiss, but I wasn’t there to just sit, the time had come to get my revenge, “I really like those photos you sent me of you with no clothes on. You look so beautiful in them.” I said.

She blushed, “Thanks.” She replied.

“I’d really like to see you like that in real life. Will you show me?” I asked.

“Naked? – Now?” she asked.

“It would make me really happy.” I said.

“Okay.” She said, then she jumped off my lap, placed her teddy bear on the floor and started taking off her unicorn t-shirt and small white shorts, then she took off her trainers and socks, she giggled a lot doing it.

“Don’t stop. Panties off too.” I said.

She blushed and went shy for a moment, “Alright…” she said, slowly pushing her pink panties down her skinny little legs and off her feet, “…There.” She said, standing in front of me completely naked, such a small smooth beautiful body.

“Come here.” I said, holding out my arms, she picked up her teddy bear and walked over to me and I picked her up and sat her back on my lap, gently rubbing my hands over her bare naked body, “You’re so beautiful. So beautiful.” I said, then I kissed her and continued kissing her, her body relaxed and her teddy bear slipped out of her hands as she put her arms around me, she didn’t know it, but her body was surrendering to me.

I turned around and laid her down on the bed on her back, still kissing her, she kept her eyes closed enjoying the kisses, I took off my shirt and tossed it aside, then unbuttoned my trousers and pushed them down, along with my boxers, my erect cock sprung from my boxers, ready to go to work.

I moved my lips off hers and kissed her chin, then her neck, her collar bones¸ her little nipples, then her belly, her belly-button, then I tongued her small clitoris, and she gasped with a brief moan, “Ohmf.”, I spread her legs, licked my tongue all over her pussy then pushed my face between her legs and ate her out, munching on her juicy flaps and burying my tongue deep in to her folds.

“Oohm – Uncle Charlie-e-e-e – Ooh.” She moaned.

“It’s okay, darling, its okay.” I said.

I ate her little juicy pussy until she orgasmed, and her pussy got soaking wet, then I kissed and licked my way back up her small body and kissed her on the lips while manoeuvring myself between her legs, touching my cock to her pussy, I looked down at my cock laid across her belly, it was almost half her size, it made me smile.

Daisy had become completely submissive and she didn’t complain about anything I was doing to her, then I pushed my cock in to her pussy, and she yelped, making a sound like a dog that had just had its tail stepped on.

As soon as I penetrated her, her legs sprang open like she was doing the splits, and I was inside of her, already enjoying her tightness, she was moaning like crazy, but I could tell she was enjoying it, her moans were moans of pleasure, “Ung – Ooh – Mmf – Aah – Mmm.”

I leaned over the bed and got my phone out of my trouser pocket and I recorded a video of our love making, making sure I got a good shot of my cock inside her, and plenty of her moaning.

She stretched out her arms above her head across her bed, grabbing for stuff, anything, she managed to grab one of her teddy’s and she held it against her chest, squeezing it tightly, she looked so cute holding that bear while I fucked her, I’m supposed to be parenting this little girl, telling her a bedtime story, or telling her to brush her teeth and eat her vegetables, not going balls deep in her on her own bed, but damn it was good.

She never cried or told me to stop, not once, she is such a brave girl.

I put the phone down and thrust in to her harder, she had an orgasm and dug her nails in to her teddy bear, tearing it open as she moaned out so loud, “Oooh – Ungh!!” her little body shaking and covered in sweat, cotton stuffing from inside the teddy bear flying all over the place.

I tenderised her pussy for nearly half an hour, and then I just exploded in her, ejaculating and filling her void up with my special baby milk that she loved so much.

Afterwards, I struggled briefly to get my cock out of her, her tight was clinging on to it for dear life, I guess putting something so big in to such a small hole created a vacuum or something, I had to wait for it to shrink a lot more before I could pop it out.

I sat up and looked at her laying there, breathing heavily, dripping with sweat and covered in stuffing, with my semen trickling from her pussy on to the bedsheets beneath her, any thoughts of revenge completely vanished from my mind, I wasn’t vengeful anymore, I was in love, “Oh god – Oh Daisy – I’m – What have I done. I’m so sorry, darling.” I said, realising the full reality of what I’d just done.

I turned away and sat on the end of the bed holding my head in my hands in shame, then I heard her speak but didn’t quite catch it, “What?” I asked.

“…Again.” she gasped out.

I thought I misunderstood her, and misheard, “What?” I asked.

“Do it again.” she said.

She sat up then crawled down the bed to me, and she put her arm around the front of me and started rubbing my limp cock, “Do it again, Uncle Charlie. That was fun.” She said.

“Are you serious?” I asked her.

She jumped off the bed and started dancing around on the spot, bouncing on her feet in a circle, “I feel good.” She shouted out with a giggle.

This story has been long enough already, so lets just say that my cock needed a very long rest after that afternoon, the girl just wouldn’t stop, but we had too because her dickhead father and mother would have been home soon.

Her daddy, my ex-boss, has to this day, no idea that I’m still banging his little princess on a regular basis, she’s 13 now and her breasts have sprouted quite rapidly, and her body is getting curvier by the day, she is so much more sexy than she was at 11, and still amazing in bed.

She’s certainly keeping my old cock up.

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