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Daddy and Me

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Mommy and daddy got a divorce when I was 10, something about mommy not trusting daddy. She tried to get full custody of me, but she was an alcoholic so the court only let her have one weekend a month with me. I hated that weekend. She told me how mean daddy was and how much she hated him. But I loved daddy. And I hated that she talked so mean about him. Daddy and I were close. We slept in bed together, showered together. We did everything together. We cuddled all the time. I loved daddy and he loved me. He’d even give me massages. He’d rub my back, my legs, my face, all over my body. We were watching a movie one night, and cuddling, and these people were kissing a lot. I thought it was icky, but daddy said that’s how people showed their love. I immediately asked to kiss him because I loved him so much. He smiled and we kissed. We kissed a lot after that. He would kiss me anytime he could. He kissed my lips, my cheeks, my forehead, my belly, my thighs, pretty much everywhere. One day in the shower, he even kissed my princess parts. I really liked it when he did that. He said he would do it more when I was a little older. I thought that was silly. We started to kiss with our tongues a few months after our first kiss. I liked daddy’s tongue in my mouth. One night, daddy showed me a different kind of movie. He told me big girls watch movies like this all the time. We cuddled and there was a daddy and his daughter on the tv. They kissed like me and daddy but then they got naked. The daddy started to touch her on her Princess parts and she was making strange noises. I started to feel funny and asked daddy to turn off the movie. He turned it off and I told him I felt funny. He told me that a bath would make me feel better. So we got in the bath. But this bath was different. Daddy turned off all the lights and lit candles. He held me in his lap like he always did. He massaged my legs, slowly getting higher and higher. Until, I felt his fingers on my Princess parts. He was doing what the daddy in the movie did. It felt really good. I made the same Strange noises As the girl in the movie. He kissed me while he touched me, his hand moving faster and faster and faster. I felt my body tense and I said I felt like I was going to pee. Then I felt really really good. I could barely breathe but daddy said he loved me even more now.

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  • Reply TightsRsexy ID:alz0ihra

    Very sexy I always wished I had had a daughter we would have had great fun together

  • Reply April ID:1e91yu9bk8i3

    I was 13 when I gave my virginity to my dad. We ruined the mattress and sheets.

    • Jim ID:71ou0taghl

      As long as you had fun, that was the main thing

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    So hot I would love to hear people’s incest stories message me on Kik my Kik is robrich9inch

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    Very nice story. Would love to have a girl that age that I could teach and play with. My Kik us AdultRP

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      Can I join your group

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