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Craving bbc part 2

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To my surprise my wife was still awake when he took me home. My boi pussi full of his seed. When I got in she asked me how everything was. I told her that it was so amazing and wonderful. Then she asked me if I going to see him again. I didn’t even hesitate to tell her that I was. After we talked more about it and other things we went to bed. The next morning after I got up I went to the bathroom and noticed the hickey’s on my neck. Then went out to the kitchen for coffee. She said that she didn’t notice the hickey’s last night saying that it was very sexy. I said okay that I glad she wasn’t mad about it.
She said that she had talked to Dave just before I got up. She told me that he really likes me alot. I said that I did him to. Then she asked me what I thought about being openly out and public with him. I said do you want me too. She said that everyone knows you are Paula full time 24 7. So why not let them know that you like men also. I asked her if she really wants people to know that I was extremely bi-sexual she said yes. Then she said that everyone knows that she gives up her pussy easily to anyone who wants it. I said ok but Dave has to be on board to. She said that he was one that mentioned it to her. Well she said that we all should go out tonight to the bar. I said ok.
That night we got ready and dressed very sexy and suggestive and went to the bar. We got there before Dave did. Someone said something about my hickey’s on my neck which makeup up didn’t do good I did it so sshh would not. The comments to my wife about them and she said that she didn’t give them to me. Then they asked who. We both at the same time said you will see. She said that she approved of this 100%. Dave finally showed up about 20 minutes later he came over and kissed me passionately saying that he was sorry he was late. I told him that it was ok. He went an to go get us drinks . When someone said that they didn’t know that I liked men also. I said I sure do and I love being completely a woman with them. I even told them that he was the one who gave me the hickey’s on my neck.
When he came back he sat beside me and everyone was talking about different things. Dave and I danced together kissed an necky. When I heard a person ask my wife if it bothers her seeing me kissing and knowing that I was sexually active and being fucked by him. She said that she thought it was wonderful that he an I were. Then they asked her what happens if Dave and I get feelings for each other. She said that is what she wants us to do. Well the conversation went on. Then Dave and I am my wife danced a couple of songs. When we were out there he said that he would get a motel room for him and me since his roommates are home. When she said that he didn’t have to get a motel room for us that our house and bed was fine. He said okay.
We stayed for a couple of more hours by the time we were getting ready to leave my wife was talking to a man. I told everyone that Dave and I were going. Someone asked if we were going to another bar. I said no an Dave said that we were going home to spend the night with each other as we held hands leaving. We got to the house and I noticed that one of my nosey neighbors was looking so I made sure we kissed very passionately. Then he said please don’t get mad at me please but I am completely happy and falling for you deeply and love you. I put my arms around his neck and before I kissed him I told him that I loved him.
We went in an straight to the bedroom and while kissing undressed then we very long passionate love. With my legs wrapped around his waist his thick 9″ cock in my bio pussy. We made love over and over for a most of the night. Till we fell asleep in each other arms . The next morning I got up and made coffee and breakfast for us.
After we ate we went back to the bedroom . We didn’t hear my wife come in. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and his big black cock in my boi pussi I was moaning in pleasure. She watched him slowly fucking me then laid down beside me. She whispered in my ear telling me that I was his for now on. Then she kissed me and left the room. Then after he shot his load deep inside of me. With my legs still wrapped around him and his bbc still in me. He whispered in my ear and said that he knows that I am married. Then he said that be honest with me and asked me if I rather be with him then my wife. I said yes. Then I asked him why he asked me. He said that it felt so good us spending the night together and he wants me to be with him everyday and night . I said that I would love to also.
He said that he better get dressed and go. I told him to wait a couple of minutes and I got up and went to go talk to my wife. Before I got to say a word to her. She kissed my cheek and said yes.

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