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Cheating Alcoholic Wife Destroyed Our Marriage

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My alcoholic wife fucks my brother-in-law – a true story.

My story starts and ends not so well. I had been married to Laura for nearly 10 years and for at least 5 of those she had been a stay-at-home alcoholic. As a result of back surgery after a car accident five years into our marriage, she got addicted to opioids, then turned to alcohol when her doctor weaned her off of them. Within a couple of months, I would often come home from work to find her passed out on the couch and the house a mess. We stopped going out because she would get drunk and embarrass herself and me, and she obviously could not drive (I sold her car after she got a DUI).

Our sex life stalled to almost nothing, and surprisingly it was actually because she would get so aggressively horny when drunk that it was a turn-off. When we did have sex, she was vulgar and rough – hardly a turn-on as I loved the sensuous, intelligent woman I married who loved to be romanced and seduced. Sober, Laura had little interest in having sex with me and on the rare occasion we did, she was cold and passionless. Over the last few years, I mainly had sex with myself.

Things had gotten so bad that at the point the following incident took place, I had already contacted a divorce lawyer, as I was done.

In July 2019 her sister Julie and husband Tom came to stay with us for a couple of days on their way to Disney World. The first night Laura was on her best behavior, sipping her rum and Cokes all evening but not doing or saying anything too embarrassing. She was passed out on the couch by 9:30.

The second evening didn’t go so well, as when I got home from work, they had all been in the pool all afternoon and Laura had been pouring Patron shots since lunch. While Tom and Julie were tipsy, Laura was absolutely smashed, slurring her words, dropping F-bombs in every sentence, and even flashing her $12K tits at Tom when Julie went to the restroom. I ordered some pizzas, and by 9:30 Julie went to bed while Laura kept the shots coming for Tom and me until I finally tapped out at 11 as I had to go to work the next day. Tom said he was right behind me and Julie said she was going to have another drink (or 10) then clean up and come to bed.

I woke up at midnight to find myself alone in bed which was not unusual. Venturing into the hallway, I started to worry a little as the house was dark. I went to the back bedroom and cracked the door to look inside only to see Julie in bed but no Tom. Assuming they may be in the spa, I moved to the dining room windows and peered through the blinds, praying I wouldn’t see anything bad, but what I saw was worse than bad. In the dim light, I saw my sweet wife perched on the side of the spa with Tom holding her legs in the air as he fucked her silly.

I was enraged, but still glued to the window – I wanted to look away but couldn’t. Ten feet in front of me my wife was fucking a relative because she was a disgusting drunk ruining what was left of our marriage. Tom quickened his pace as Laura grunted loudly, then he groaned and tensed, no doubt filling my wife with his seed. Both of them went limp for a moment then Tom stepped back, his heavy penis and several globs of cum dropping from my darling wife’s gaping cunt – a picture I will likely never be able to purge from my memory. I gripped my cock to arrest a climax welling up like a wave and I felt a wave of shame and revulsion at the fact I was sexually excited by what I just witnessed.

I went back to our bedroom and climbed under the covers waiting for my miserable drunken slut of a wife, thinking of what I was going to say and do. In a few minutes, the door quietly opened and closed, then the bathroom light came on. I called out, “Sweetie, you just coming to bed?” She answered, “ Yeah, I’ve been straightening up. I’m going to take a quick shower and I’ll be in.” “C’mere first, I need to talk to you.” I’ll be there in a minute,” she said. “ I was sweaty this afternoon – I need a shower.” “No, come here. We need to talk. Now.”

Laura came into the bedroom wearing the tee shirt and yoga pants she had on earlier. “What?” she asked angrily.“Come closer,” I said. As she approached I caught a whiff of booze and sex. In the dim light from the bathroom, I could make out what looked to be a dark damp spot forming on the crotch of her tan yoga pants. I reached out and turned on the lamp on my nightstand. “Did you spill your drink?” I asked while staring at the growing spot. “She looked down and the color drained from her face. “Yeah, I guess I did – I’m so clumsy.”
“Are you sure you’re not just wet and horny from not having any sex for a while? I’m sorry I didn’t want to fuck the other night, but I’m up for it now” I said as I threw back the covers, exposing my throbbing hard-on. Laura nervously looked back at the bathroom. “I’m tired, let’s do it tomorrow when I haven’t been drinking. I know that’s what you like.”
“No, I’ve made you wait long enough judging from the way you’re soaking those pants,” I said as I got up and tightly embraced her, rubbing my cock against her damp crotch.

Laura pushed me back and sat me on the edge of the bed, then quickly got on her knees and started sucking my cock. “No, no. I’d rather fuck” I said, as she started sucking and pumping my cock faster. As much as I didn’t want to, I pushed her aside and stood up. “Seriously, I want to fuck. You’ve been bugging the crap out of me to fuck you, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

I pushed her back onto the bed, gripped the waistband of her pants, and yanked them to her knees as she attempted to stop me. “STOP!” she hissed. As I pulled off the pants, she tightly clenched her knees together. “This is going to happen whether you want to or not,” I whispered into her ear. Laura relaxed, spreading her thighs and revealing what she had tried so hard to conceal. Laura stared at the ceiling, not saying a word.

“What do we have here?” I asked as I dipped two fingers into her creamy folds, scooping out a glob of my brother-in-law’s generous gift. I opened her mouth with a finger of my left hand and inserted the two gooey ones into her mouth without resistance. She closed her mouth as I withdrew my now-clean fingers. “Taste that and tell me if you know what it is and where it may have come from,” I said. A tear rolled down her cheek as she silently stared at the ceiling.

I felt betrayed, angry, repulsed, and yet still strangely turned on. I pulled off Laura’s shirt, freeing her heavy, perfect breasts. I then rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips, placing her on her knees She buried her face into the pillow as I moved behind her and pressed the tip of my straining cock into her swollen, glistening folds. A thin rope of cum spurted from her fuzzy lips as I slowly pushed my cock into her, eliciting a loud, muffled grunt from her. I didn’t move for a few seconds, savoring the incredible feeling of my wife’s amazingly slick, lubed cunt.

I slowly started pumping, lifting her butt into the air with every deep thrust. I couldn’t hold back the massive climax rolling through every muscle in my body. Accompanied by Laura’s loud and profane pleas to be fucked, I pounded into her with all my strength as if to punish her for what she had done. I gripped her hips as I pumped wave after wave of cum into her as she screamed loud enough to wake the entire block. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard or that much. To this day my mattress still has a large stain as a reminder of that night. I rolled off and fell asleep to the sounds of Laura’s quiet sobbing.

The next morning I felt like shit and called in sick. Tom couldn’t look me in the eye and Laura was already drinking, hateful, and mean. Thankfully, Laura and her sister went shopping leaving Tom and me to sit around in an uncomfortable silence. Finally, I spoke up: “So you fucked my wife last night?” He down and said nothing. “You know, I should beat the shit out of you for taking advantage of her – she was nearly blackout drunk, you fucking asshole.”
“Yeah, we did but I’m not the villain here,” he said. “The truth is I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to Laura sucking me off. I know I should have stopped her but I got past the point of no return. We went outside so we wouldn’t wake Julie. I’m begging you, please don’t tell Julie.” Knowing my wife when she drinks, I knew he was telling the truth. We proceeded to get drunk.

After the incident, Laura’s drinking got worse and I was sure she was fucking around, likely out of spite as I wanted nothing to do with her. Finally, I came home from work one night and found her passed out in bed, half a tube of Astroglide on the nightstand, and a full used condom in the trash. I felt the same kind of anger and crazy excitement as the first time. I fucked her for over an hour, then moved out until the divorce was finalized.

I’m presently dating a sexy slightly older woman who understands and enjoys my newfound kink.
The above is an absolutely true story to the best of my recollection with names changed.

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    Good news is you have better pussy now, bad news is it happened to me also lol! Cris was a brunet with a nice body, tits and pussy but her love for pills and booze was just to much. She came home at 3 in the morning all fucked up and yanked the pillow from under my head. I grabbed her head and skull fucked her mouth them threw her out the bedroom. The next day I fucked the neighbors 12 year old daughter on our bed making sure to wake her then moved out that evening.