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Carrie’s Little Sister – Part 5

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Carrie’s Little Sister – Part 5

Chapter 9….

When Kyler woke up at about 8:00 Monday morning, she lay in her bed thinking about what she had overheard Carrie saying to Doug after they had sex. She was going to talk to her about sharing their bed, she was thrilled and surprised Carrie was so wild. She got out of bed, and padded naked down the hallway to the bathroom and took a quick shower, afterwards her body tingled and she felt refreshed. Then once back in her room, she put on a short blue linen skirt and a multi-colored tube top, with no panties. Everything she wore emphasized her simple youthful beauty, from the tight top showing off her always hard nipples, and exposed her tautly muscled belly. Her skirt swayed as her taut, round, little naked ass wiggled in a graceful fluid motion, as she walked out her bedroom door on her way to the kitchen to fix herself breakfast.

Carrie came in the kitchen a few minutes later dressed in a terrycloth robe and yawning, to fix breakfast for the both of them, taking over what her little sister had started. “Did I wake you?” Kyler asked.

“Yeah… but it’s okay,” Carrie replied with a smile. “I usually sleep while Doug is at work, then I get up mid-day. Until you start school in a few weeks or so, I’ll just have to get used to having you moving around the house… the pluming can be a little loud in my room.

“I’m sorry…,” Kyler started to say.

“Really, it’s alright, I’m usually getting home about now, and I wanted to talk to you about a few things, but I got off work early,” Carrie replied. “However, I’ve got a few errands to so do, so since I’m up, I’ll do them this morning. We’ll talk after lunch, then I’ll take a nap. They ate breakfast and talked about each other’s plans for the day. Kyler wanted to go for a ride on her bike, looking around the neighborhood for kids her age. Which Carrie thought was a great idea.

Kyler pulled her strawberry-blond hair into a ponytail, and used a large pink bow to hold it place, which complimented her look of youthful innocence. Her ponytail swaying jauntily as she walked to stand by her sister at the table. Her hair glowed and glistened in the sunlight streaming through the kitchen windows.

She bent down and kissed Carrie’s cheek, then turn with a giggle and said, “Have a good day… I’ll be back after lunch sometime,” then turned again, and headed out the door to the garage. Once she got her bike on the driveway, she mounted it, knowing the seat would be pressing just right on her bare pussy. She wondered if she might just ride around awhile and get off that way. She hadn’t done that in ages.


After Carrie had watched from the kitchen window as her little sister left on her bike, she headed for her master bathroom and showered. Using the pulsing setting on the shower head, she enjoyed the feel of the spray on her quivering pussy. She imagined Kyler was sneaking away to play with some little girl, licking at her tiny pussy, it was a wild fantasy. She had enjoyed licking Kyler’s pussy so much yesterday… then she thought about their plans for Friday, and her little friend, Tammy. She was so aroused now, that she began to use her fingers on her clit, while she used the pulsing water from the shower head to stimulate her excited cunt. “Ooooohh Fuck…. Kyler,” Carrie cried, as her orgasm surged through her body moments later.

A few minutes later, she was in her car driving to the grocery store….


Kyler was being careful not to flash everyone she passed, as she pedaled down the street to a small neighborhood park. But then, as she was halfway there, she wondered what it would be like to actually flash some kids. Would they enjoy it? She knew if it was a boy, he would love it, but she wasn’t interested in giving any boy a glimpse of her charms today. Another girl, perhaps, would be great. The younger the better, though not too young. Really young girls might tell.

A few minutes later she entered the park and noticed a girl about her age on the playground swing. She rode over and started circling the cute girl.

“Hey, whatcha doin?” Kyler asked.

“Just swin’.”

“I’m riding my bike,” Kyler said.

“Yeah… I see that.”

Kyler was frustrated that the girl wasn’t paying her much attention, so she stopped her bike at the swing set and was facing her, one foot up on a pedal, which was positioned at the highest point of the gear to allow the best view for the girl, and said, “I just moved in down the street…,”

The girl stopped swing, and looked up at her. At first, she didn’t notice that Kyler wasn’t wearing panties, but then she saw. It was obvious to Kyler from the sudden widening of her eyes, and the way she quickly looked down at the ground.

“What is it?” Kyler asked.

“Nothin’,” the girl replied, her gaze intent on the ground.

“You noticed, didn’t you?”

“Noticed what?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about,” Kyler giggled.

“Okay, so I saw you aren’t wearing panties,” the girl giggled. “Why aren’t you wearin’ any?”

“Cuz, it feels great like this. The air hits my pussy and makes it tingle.” Kyler playfully giggled.

“Oh… my mom says ‘Pussy’ is a bad word.”

“So…?” Kyler said and looked around. “I don’t see your mom here anywhere.”

“No, she’s not. She’s at work. My sister is watching me… she’s sixteen.

“You should try going out in a skirt and no panties sometime. It makes you feel grown up. I’m Kyler… by the way.”

The girl looked up at Kyler. “Grown-ups don’t go around with no panties on,” she said, as her eyes drifted to Kyler’s bare crotch. “Oh… and, I’m Ellie.”

“Sure, they do, Ellie. When they’re feeling naughty.”

“Are you feeling naughty?” Ellie asked.

“Promise not to tell?”

“I promise…”

“Yeah… I feel like doing naughty stuff all the time,” Kyler playfully giggled.

“Yeah… me too sometimes,” Ellie giggled, and shyly grinned.

“Maybe you could come over to my house… would you like that?” Kyler softly asked.

“And do what…?” Ellie replied, with a mischievous grin, that said she hoped it might involve doing something naughty… and naked.

“Who knows… maybe something really naughty,” Kyler giggled, with a sly grin of her own, as she started to pedal around the swing set again. She turned to take a look at Ellie, who was watching her closely. With a wild giggle she flipped up her skirt, so Ellie could see her bare butt. “My momsi lets me go around our house naked… if I want.”

“Momsi… wuz that? Ellie asked.

“I live with my older sister and her husband, Doug… she’s my momsi now, since our parents died.”

“Oh… but she doesn’t mind you going naked? What about, Doug?”

“Naw…. she even lets me play with my pussy anytime I want, and he doesn’t know,” Kyler playfully giggled, as she looked at Ellie intently. “But if you tell anyone, I’ll say you’re lying, and suggest you might be doing naughty things, to be saying that.”

“I won’t tell,” Ellie replied. Then she changed the subject, at least a little bit. “I know my mom wouldn’t like that… but my sister, Tanya… might like it, though.” Then she started to giggle bashfully.

“Who says your mom has to know?” Kyler asked, as she thought she had a really good chance to seduce Ellie. “So… do you wanna to come over to my house… we could have a lot of fun together?”

Ellie looked over her shoulder, at her house on the other side of the park, then back at Kyler. “What kind of fun?” Ellie bashfully asked. “Would it mean taking off my shorts and panties?”

“If you want to,” Kyler softly replied. “But you’d have to swear never to tell anyone, though. We could get in a lot of trouble.”

“But you said your older sister is ‘Okay’ if you go around naked.”

“She is… but I’m talking about your mom.”

“Oooohh yeah… right. She’d be really unhappy, if she knew we were playing naked games with each other.”

“Have you ever played naked before?” Kyler asked.

“Yeah… aaaahh… but I’m not supposed to tell.” Ellie softly giggled, as she nervously looked down at the ground.

“That’s cool…,” Kyler said, and instantly knew she had a playmate for the day. Also, she would know who Ellie had been naughty with before she went back home. “So, do you wanna go to my house and play?”

Ellie giggled again, and playfully smiled. “Sure… just let me go home so I can tell Tanya where I’ll be.” Then she pointed across the small park. “I live just over there.”

“Okay, I’ll walk over with you. So, she won’t be uneasy of you playing with a new girl in the neighborhood.” She was very eager to get Ellie over to her house… they could talk about other stuff later. “Okay, let’s go tell her you’re coming over to play at my house.”

“Okay,” Ellie giggled, and shyly put a hand over her mouth. Then they hurried over to Ellie’s home to tell her sister where she would be.


About twenty minutes later, Kyler unlocked the backdoor and opened it, with a noticeably nervous Ellie standing next to her. The little girl was shifting her weight from one foot to the other and looking over her shoulder, as if afraid of being seen entering Kyler’s house.

“It’s okay,” Kyler said. “If you don’t want to come in and play, I’m fine with that.”

“No,” Ellie said. “I want to go naked in your house with you.”

The young girl of about 10 looked so innocently adorable, she had light brown hair that looked stylishly unkempt cascading over her shoulders, and down her chest and back. She had sparkling blue eyes, with cute freckles across her nose, and her plump baby fat cheeks, with a small pouty mouth and a little pug nose. She had a slight and slim golden-tan body with shapely and finely muscled legs, that looked so good in her pale blue t-shirt and green shorts. Kyler could see the sweet little girl was very excited, her nipples were just tiny hard points pressing at her t-shirt.

“Well, come on in then,” Kyler said, as she led the girl through the kitchen, and over to the sofa in the family room, making sure the curtains were closed, in case a neighbor could see in the window.

“Okay… let’s get naked.” Kyler playfully giggled.

“Aaahh… yeah… but I’m kinda nervous about it,” Ellie shyly replied.

“Why are you nervous?”

“Cuz we would get in trouble… like you said… if we’re caught.”

“Yeah, but don’t worry… we’re alone now,” Kyler said, knowing full well, she would only be in trouble if she didn’t make sure Ellie wanted to be naughty with her. She also needed to make sure Ellie wouldn’t feel any guilt over what they did, regardless of how little, or how much they did. Ellie, though, could get in a lot of trouble.

“Ellie, how did it make you feel to see my… pussy?”

“I was embarrassed at first.”

“Did you feel anything… well… physically?”

“You mean… down there?” Ellie asked, obviously meaning her pussy.

“Yeah… did you feel kinda, well, funny down there?”

“You mean did I get the tingles?”

“Yeah, did you?” Kyler softly asked.

“Would it be bad if I did?”

“No… you can’t help how your body responds to stuff.”

“Well, yeah. That’s why I was embarrassed at first. When I saw… your coochie, I felt mine kinda, well get tingly.”

“When you did things… before, did you feel tingly then, too?”

“Yeah.” Ellie giggled, and sweetly smiled at the memory, her cute innocent smile was a delight to Kyler. She was missing one of her front teeth, with her adult tooth just beginning to fill the space. “That was fun.”

“What did you do… who were you playing with?” Kyler asked.

“Aaaahh… well, we were supposed to be practicing on how to kiss boys… but.” she giggled, as she squirmed nervously on the couch beside Kyler. “And… well, we started to get naughty… I was at a sleep-over with Kim and Stacy.”

“Did you like that…?” Kyler asked, already knowing the answer based on Ellie’s face. “What were you doing?’

Ellie playfully grinned. “Well… we got naked and…”

“Is that all… did you touch each other?”

“Noooo… we just got naked and tickled each other. It was fun,” Ellie wildly giggled.

“Nooo…” Kyler asked with a little disappointment. “Have you ever touched yourself?”

Ellie nervously giggled. “Well… uuuhh, I just…” Ellie mumbled and looked shyly at the floor.

“It’s okay… you can tell me… I do it all the time,” Kyler replied, as she started to tickle Ellie’s belly.

“No… Nooo… Hahahoooohh… stop tick… Stop Tickling Me!” Ellie playfully squealed as she rolled into a ball on the sofa. “I’ve touched myself a few times… after I saw my sister do it…”

“Really…?” Kyler asked with a sly smile. “Did you like watching her do that?

“Yeah… it looked like fun so I tried it later.”

“Did she know you were watching her?”

“Noooo… I was hiding. I was scared of her catching me.” Ellie nervously giggled.

“I love rubbing myself until I orgasm…” Kyler giggled, as she let her fingers roam over her skirt.

“Aaaaahh… what’s an orgasm?” Ellie innocently asked, as she watched Kyler intently.

Kyler was a little surprised by the girl’s total innocence. “Well, it’s the wild feeling you get when you come… silly,” she replied. But she could tell Ellie still didn’t seem to understand. “Don’t you feel all wild when you rub yourself?”

“You mean… down there?” Ellie asked, obviously meaning her pussy.

“Yeah… didn’t you feel kinda, well, wild down there?”

“You mean did I get the tingles?”

“Yeah, but a lot more than that?” Kyler softly replied. “When you watched your sister rubbing herself, did she kinda get all trembly, and start to breath kind of hard, in like, gasps?”

“Uh-huh…. Yeah…. but how do you know that?” Ellie asked with a giggle.

“Well… I just made a guess,” Kyler giggled. “Now back to your sister…. did she sort of grunt, like in a rhythm, and did she get all shaky?”


“Then she was having an orgasm.”

“Is that all it is? Just some breathing and grunts… an’ some shaking?”

Kyler had to stifle a laugh, but a chuckle still broke through. “Well, it’s more than that. You see, it’s… well, it’s a peak of sexual release. It’s a really BIG Tingle in your pussy – or for a boy, his dick.”

Ellie’s jaw dropped. “Wow… it is?”


“Okay… so, you mean it feels real good?” Ellie asked.

“Oh, yes. It feels… Amazing!”

“I wish I could feel one,” Ellie said. “Do you feel them?”

“Yeah… like all the time.”

“When did you feel your last one?”

“Well…. uuumm, it was yesterday, when I was having fun with… uuumm, my sister.”

“Wow, really… you do stuff with your sister? Who else?” Ellie asked with genuine surprise.

“I can’t tell you that. You see, I can’t tell you about them, any more than I would tell anyone else about you. What happens today is just between us.” Kyler said. “So… do you want to get naked with me, now?” She could tell Ellie was a lot calmer now… and she was very curious about orgasms.

“Yeah… Okay…” the cute little girl squealed, and jumped off the couch, then she danced around in a circle.

Kyler stood up and pulled her multi-colored tube top over her head. She looked at over at Ellie, and saw her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was hanging open.

“Wow! I like your little boobies!” Ellie giggled.

Kyler laughed. “There’s more. Do you want me to continue taking off my clothes?”

Ellie just nodded, her mouth still hanging open and her eyes bulging.

Kyler reached down and tugged her short blue linen skirt to her knees then let it fall to the floor, now she was completely naked before the cute little girl’s eyes. She smiled playfully at Ellie.

Ellie stared at her hairless crotch intently. That word — Pussy — went through her mind. I’m looking at Kyler’s pussy, she thought to herself, and felt her own pussy swell at the sight. It was what she had always thought of as getting the tingles. Now, she knew there was more to it than that. She hoped she might find out exactly what that was soon. Maybe today, in fact, if she could talk Kyler into sharing more about orgasms.

“Your turn…,” Kyler said.

With total innocence, Ellie began to undressed there in the family room. She took off her t-shirt and shorts as fast as she could, then she hesitated only a moment before sliding her blue, lacy satin panties down, too. Seconds later, they were both naked. Her small body had a sudden erotic appeal to Kyler. She loved to play naked with little girls.

Ellie was very pretty, and just a few inches shorter than Kyler; she had a slight slim build with a golden all over tan, except for a pale white bikini bottom area. Her taut butt accented the begging’s of the curves to her hips and ass. Her slim legs were shapely and finely muscled with knobby knees. She was flat chested, she didn’t even have a hint of her tits swelling yet, her small areolas and tiny nipples were a light pink, and the size of a dime. Her tiny nipples stood out stiff, and Kyler suspected it wasn’t just because she was cold. The girl was very aroused. Her lovely little mound was puffy with baby fat like a toddler. It was smooth and bare, with a hot pink blush around the slight bulging of her little pussy-slit.

Kyler tried to make her appraisal of Ellie’s young body seem natural and innocent. She looked up into the girls’ face, and saw her sly smile. “You’re very cute and sexy.” she said.

Ellie giggled and blushed all over, as she made no move to stop Kyler from gazing at her naked body. Kyler reached out and gently turned Ellie around as she slid her hands over Ellie’s taut little butt. Then she gently spread her butt-cheeks, so she could check out Ellie’s asshole and pussy. The girl just had a tiny dot of an asshole, nice and pink too, and just below, the tightly closed lips of her little pussy. Kyler slid her fingers all over Ellie’s bare pussy while the little girl began to moan in appreciation. Then she pressed her middle finger gently at the girl’s tight little asshole.

“Kyler Stop It!” Don’t touch me there!” Ellie groaned at her, then sweetly giggled. “That’s too naughty.”

Kyler stopped her advances, she just stared at Ellie’s little butt, which was beginning to gain a rounder shape, but only barely so. It was the perfect example of a cross between a child’s butt and a teenager. It made Kyler’s mouth water. She hoped she could control herself, and not attack the little girl, her little pussy was throbbing wildly.

Then Kyler decided she would take a chance. “Ellie?”


“We’ve agreed that what happens here stays here, right? That we tell absolutely nobody what happens today?”

“Yeah, why?”

“If I show you something, well… really naughty, do you promise not to tell anyone?”

“Sure,” Ellie said, her eyes widening again.

“This is something, like, really adult. You sure you wanna see it?”


“Okay, come with me.” Kyler said, and turned to walk out of the room. Ellie followed her as she walked down the hall, and into sister’s bedroom.

Chapter 10….

Ellie stopped to stare at her fiend’s sisters’ bed, while Kyler stopped to stare at Ellie’s creamy-white butt, it made Kyler’s mouth water. She hoped she could control herself, and not attack the little girl, her pussy was quivering wildly.

“Wow… your older sister sleeps there?” Ellie softly said. “Is she pretty?”

“Yeah…,” Kyler replied. “Maybe you’ll meet her soon…. since were friends now, right?” Kyler said, and walked over to older sister’s walk-in closet. Then she went to the left side wall and opened a drawer. It was filled with DVD’s – Sex Movies – Porn. Real teenage boys and girls having real sex… and real orgasms.

Ellie stared into the open drawer. “Are those movies?”

Kyler smiled and nodded.

“Of… sex?”

“Yeah…,” Kyler giggled.

“Can we…” The question led to something so forbidden in Ellie’s mind, she couldn’t say it.

Kyler finished the question for her. “Watch some?”

Ellie looked at Kyler, her face stunned at the prospect of watching a movie where people had sex with each other. She nodded.

“You sure you want to? Remember, you can’t tell anyone. And you have to be ‘Okay’ with watching them. No deciding later you shouldn’t have, and getting all guilty about it.”

“Okay…” Ellie eagerly said. She was so interested and curious about the DVDs, that she would have promised anything.

“Let’s go back to the family room,” Kyler said, as she grabbed several DVD’s.


When they got there, Kyler slipped a ‘Hustler, Barely Legal #14’ video into the player, and started it up. Then she sat on the couch and pulled a naked Ellie down next to her. Within seconds, they were watching two teenage girls, both gorgeous and with bald pussies, kissing each other as they fingered each other’s pussy.

“WOW… girls really do that?” Ellie asked, as one girl moved to lick the others pussy.

“Yep… you’re watching two girls do that, aren’t you?”

“Do you do that with your older sister…?” Ellie boldly asked.

Kyler was anticipating the question and told the truth. “Yeah… we’ve done stuff like that… and more.”

Ellie looked at Kyler with what could only be described as awe. “Wow… you like doing that with her?”

“Yeah… I love doing stuff with her.” Kyler replied. “And she loves doing that with me, too.”

“Doesn’t it taste like pee?”

“Well, you can taste the pee a little, but mostly you taste the girl’s juices.”

“Juices? What juices?”

“The juices from her vagina. You have them, too, you know.”

“I do…?”

“Yeah… doesn’t your pussy ever get kinda wet when you’re feeling the tingles?”

“I thought that was pee.”

“Nope. It’s from your vagina. The inside of your pussy… and it’s delicious.”

“It is?”

“Totally…” Kyler said, this was part of her seduction, she wanted to share the girl with Carrie in the future. He wanted Ellie to think about giving it a try, she felt the girl needed to learn some things about life, things that she’d been sheltered from. The most she’d ever known was getting tingly with her friends and watching her sister. Ellie deserved to know about the pleasure her body could provide herself and others. At least, the others Ellie was willing to share her body with. And Kyler hoped Ellie would share her body with her often.

“Have you ever licked a girl as young as me?” Ellie asked, and Kyler knew where this was heading, and she welcomed it, of course.



“Again… I can’t tell you. You know why.”

“Oh… well, Okay.” Ellie softly said, as she continued to watch the movie intently.

They both snuggled as they continued watching, until the teens on screen were coming.

“Are they having orgasms?” Ellie asked, her curiosity coming off her in almost physical waves.

“Yeah… and I’m so envious. I want to have one right now.” Kyler whimpered. The poor thing, thought Kyler. She would just have to teach her everything she knew. “Yes… all girls do. It’s where all the pleasure is for sex. It’s the source of the tingles. It’s just a matter of finding it… or having someone show it to you.”

Ellie took her eyes off the screen to stare at Kyler. “Really?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve needed one since I met you at the park this morning.”

“Wow… really?”

“Yeah…. I’d really like to rub my pussy on yours and have an orgasm,” Kyler purred.

They were both silent for a moment, and for the first time, Kyler knew what was meant by ‘A Pregnant Pause.’ Finally, Ellie asked the question Kyler knew she was considering. “Would you show me?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” Kyler said and giggled.

She got off the couch and knelt between of Ellie’s knees. “Spread your legs a bit more,” she said, and Ellie complied. Then Kyler added, “But only if you want to…. remember that. If I ask you to do something, and you don’t want to do, just say so, and you don’t have to do it, Okay? It’s completely, and totally up to you what we do. I won’t be upset or anything. Just be honest with me. That’s all I ask.”


“Now, can I touch your pussy with my finger?”

“Yeah…” Ellie softly giggled.

Kyler reached in and spread the girl’s outer lips, and the inner lips unfurled like an exotic flower. Kyler could see a fair amount of moisture covering the inside of the girl’s pussy already. She slid her fingertip to where Ellie’s clit was and massaged the spot for a minute. She could feel the tiny nubbin of nerve-packed flesh quiver.

Apparently, Ellie could feel it. too. She shivered at one point, her legs becoming restless and scissoring back and forth.

“I’m rubbing your clit… does it feel good?” Kyler asked.

“Uh-huh,” Ellie moaned. “So Cool… is this what an orgasm feels like?”

“Well, yes and no. It’s kind of like an orgasm, but it’s not one yet. An orgasm feels like this, but like so much more.”

“Wow…,” Ellie sighed, leaning back.

“Do you want me to lick you there? It feels like a hundred times better.”

Ellie nodded without hesitation, as if she’d been hoping Kyler would ask that.

Kyler moved toward the child’s center of sexual desire. When her mouth was less than an inch from the girl’s clit, she reached out with her tongue and licked Ellie’s little button. She reveled in the fact she was the first person to ever do this to the little girl.

Ellie’s reaction was immediate. Her hips raised up from her seat on the couch, and she gasped audibly. Kyler took that as a sign to do more. She locked her lips and tongue on the girl’s clit, and began massaging it with her tongue, bathing it with her saliva and batting the tender ball of nerves back and forth.

“Ooooohh… I’m gonna pee!” Ellie squealed, nearly in a panic.

“No, you’re not,” Kyler said, removing her mouth just long enough to say what she needed to. “That’s your orgasm approaching. Just let it go. Take my word for it. You won’t pee, but if you do, and it wets the couch, I’ll tell my sister it was me. Just let it happen.”

“Okay…,” Ellie purred. She tried to relax and let whatever was happening to her body take place.

Kyler returned her attention to the girl’s little pussy.

Within minutes, Ellie felt a rush of pleasure seize her. Spasms of absolute joy rocked her, and she experienced her first orgasm.

“AAAAaaaahhhoooooommmuuunnggg…. that feels sooooooo good!” Ellie squealed, she had no doubt what was happening to her, and she relished the thought that it was happening with Kyler. She wondered vaguely, if this would be the only one, she would ever have, and hoped at the same time, that she would have millions in her lifetime.

As Ellie’s orgasm subsided, Kyler moved to be next to her on the couch.

“That, Ellie, was an orgasm.”

“Wow…. oooohh, Wowsie,” Ellie panted, she was doing her best to catch her breath.

“And now I want to have mine. Is that, Okay?”


Kyler thought about asking Ellie to help her, buts he thought, maybe that would be something they could do another day, after the girl got more used to having fun.

She sat back and continued watching the movie, while also taking a quick look at Ellie. Who was more or less sitting spread-eagle on the sofa, her wonderful mound in plain view, and even slightly open because of the way she sat.

Ellie herself was watching the movie, but was watching Kyler a lot more.

Kyler had her finger’s rubbing at her quivering clit, stroking it in a bit of a frenzy of sexual need. She saw that Ellie was watching her masturbate, and she began to come. It was an orgasm that was pent up, from nearly an entire day of denying herself the pleasure. It gripped her hard, and sent her headlong into ecstasy.

“OOOooooohh, Fucking GOD… Coming!” Kyler cried out, as her juices seeped from her little pussy, she loved knowing Ellie was watching intently. When she finished, she licked her fingers clean as she staired into Ellie’s pale blue eyes.

“Oooohh Wow… that’s yucky!” the little girl squealed.

“No, it isn’t… here try some,” Kyler said, as she wiped some of her juices from her puffy lips, and held her fingers up to Ellie’s face.

The girl reached out tentatively with her tongue, and took a small taste. She found she did indeed like it after all. “Mmmmm… Yummy!” Ellie playfully giggled.

Kyler used her fingers to scoop up more of her juices, eating some, but mostly letting Ellie licked it from her fingers. Kyler knew this would be only the first of their secret encounters, she was already planning for the next afternoon they shared.

“We have to get dressed now,” Kyler said reluctantly.

“Okay…,” Ellie answered sadly. “But do I have, too?”

“Yes… your sister might wonder what you’re up to,” Kyler replied. “We can do this again anytime you want to.”

“Yeah… Goodie… Yeah!” Ellie squealed, as she jumped off the couch and began to dance around the room naked. “I like being naked with you, Kyler!”


When Ellie left for home, she was a little less of a child than when she had arrived. She, too, was planning to have more fun with Kyler one day soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Then she began to wonder if her older sister might like to play with her. She certainly hoped so. As she walked home, her mind was swirling with so many naughty thoughts of her sister….

Part 6…. Coming soon
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  • Reply GRWJ ID:1cuiwvky7tgs

    Great read Jesse, sexy provocative and exciting. As far as the one negative comment well you need assholes to make the rest of us look even better. Keep the stories coming

  • Reply Greg ID:7ylren4oic

    Parts to a story suck.this is not a fucking movie.did not read this neither.to long.

    • Hellish ID:3057hetqra

      Dude, stfu. The longer the better. But I guess you wouldn’t know that with your shrimp dick would you?