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Carrie’s Little Sister – Part 4

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Chapter 7….

Carrie Thomas knocked on her sister’s door at around 6:00pm Sunday evening, and when she heard Kyler say, “Who is it?” she opened the door and popped her head in. “I over slept… I ordered a pizza for you guys. I’m just gonna get a burger on the way in.”

Kyler looked up from her phone, she was laying on her bed texting with her friends. “Okay… I’ll let Doug know… Bye. Have a good night at work.

“Thanks… ooohh, and we’ll talk more in the morning.” Carrie replied, as she looked over her sister’s sexy little body and her pussy quivered. Her afternoon dreams had been filled with them making love by the pool. She hoped she could get things worked out with Doug soon… their new family could be so wonderful; he just needed to relax and accept the situation.


As Kyler and Doug ate, they talked about what she did over the summer with the Thompson’s, and what she planned for the last few weeks of summer break. Doug had apologized for his reaction to seeing she had moved-in while he was out, so their conversation wasn’t strained or awkward.

After their supper dishes had been cleared away, Kyler took a shower to relax after a long day, and when she come out of the bathroom, she was dressed so sexy. She had on a tight crop t-shirt that barely covered her burgeoning tits, showing of her taut belly, with skimpy hot pants. Doug did his best to ignore how sexy she looked; he knew she was just playing with him… it was just a sexy game for her.

They sat on the couch, and watched the last the last Star Wars movie. “I’m not sure how I feel about Disney taking over the franchise…,” Doug mumbled, as he felt Kyler snuggle closer to him on the couch. The little minx was doing her best to drive him crazy… he felt his cock throb wildly. He hoped she wouldn’t notice.

But she did, her little pussy was quivering fiercely, but she was going to wait for him to make the first move this time. She knew she had the patience to work on him… it wouldn’t take long to drive him crazy with desire. “Yeah… I like Ren, but Kilo just seems to be sooo stupid. I liked the guy with the red and black spiky-head more from the old movies.” Kyler said, as she snuggled closer to Doug.

The conversation went on sporadically until the movie was over, then with a hug, and a kiss on Kyler cheek, Doug sent her to get ready for bed. He sat on the couch thinking… for the first time since high school he had a raging case of blue balls. Kyler was just a nasty cock teaser… but he had to think of a way to deal with her.


At about 2:30am Monday morning, Carrie stood in the open doorway of her bedroom, staring at her husband’s hard cock. She had gotten off early because the workload on the cardiac floor was low, and she didn’t want to float to another floor. She must have made too much noise coming in the house, because Doug was staring back at her, he was sitting up on the bed masturbating.

She did her best to ignore what he was doing, and asked, “How was it… did she give you any trouble?

“You know full well that isn’t the problem,” he groaned.

“No… I understand… you don’t want the responsibility,” she said. “But you’re going to have to man up, and be nice to Kyler. I won’t put up with any bullshit, Doug.”

“I’ll tell you… what my real problem is… you’ll find out eventually, I guess.”

“Okay… well, what is it” she asked.

“Well…,” he said, as he watched her begin to undress for bed. “Kyler isn’t any angel. I know you think she is, but she’s not by a long shot.”

“Oh, come on, Doug,” Carrie said. “Kyler is a very lovely and obedient child.

“Carrie, I’m trying to tell you, she’s not an angel.”

“Okay, tell me about it,” Carrie said, seeing the seriousness in his eyes.

“Last summer… aaahh… Kyler took her panties off, and showed it to me. I mean, all of it.”

“You mean her pussy?”

Doug nodded.

“She did that… no way, that’s bullshit,” she groaned.

“Yeah, she did…,” Doug said. “She said, if I didn’t do what she wanted, she would tell you that I had forced her.” Then she made me take my cock out…

Carrie’s eyes widened and she felt herself trembling. “Oooohh My God… what all did you do? I mean, with her?”

“I didn’t do anything,” he replied. “I didn’t do anything at all. She pulled my zipper down and took it out and played with it until I came. I was too scared to stop her.”

“Oooohh, My God,” Carrie groaned with dread. “She jacked you off…?” She was standing by the bed with just her plain white bra and panties on, she was suddenly very aroused… she knew there was a wet spot spreading on her panties. She knew he was telling her the truth. After what they had shared yesterday, she knew her little sister was capable of seducing her husband, or anyone else for that matter. She was a very desirable girl, a sexy little thing who literally made her mouth water, and her cunt twitch. She had the strongest feeling of wanting to touch her little sister at that moment, to caress her satiny young flesh, feel her, eat her up… actually devour her.

Doug nodded, and said, “I had to let her, Carrie. She said, she would say I had forced her, and you know she can be very convincing.”

“I believe you, Doug,” she said in a soft whispery voice. “She’s a sweet little thing, isn’t she?”

“Oh, she’s pretty enough, Carrie,” Doug agreed. “It’s just she’s not the little innocent girl, she makes everyone think she is.” Then his mind began to wonder to how she had come to his bed later, during that long ago summer night….


Doug stirred and mumbled in his sleep….

Ten-year-old Kyler stood at the side of his bed, wearing just a tight t-shirt and bikini panties, which had a small but growing wet spot. It was a little past 11:00 pm; the dim light from the window beside the bed was just barely enough to let her see him. He was on his side, the sheet and blanket kicked to the foot of his bed… she was gazing at him lewdly, he was just wearing an old t-shirt and tighty whities.

She stood over him, looking at how his t-shirt was bunched around his waist leaving her ass and taut thighs uncovered. She was wildly aroused and threw caution to the wind, she had a plan… carefully she placed her small hand on his firm ass-cheek, then drew her hand back when he stirred. She waited a moment, then she cupped his hard cock, squeezing it gently…

Doug came awake suddenly….

Kyler quickly placed her small hand over her mouth, “Shhh!” she whispered. “It’s me, Doug! I’m sorry I woke you… I… I was… aaaahh just.” Then she sat on the edge of his bed, her other hand slipping into his underwear, and gripping his hard cock, massaging it gently.

“Oooohh God… Kyler, you shouldn’t be doing that,” he groaned.

“I don’t care… I’m horny,” Kyler giggled. “You don’t want me to tell Carrie… do you?”

“Oooohh… don’t start that again,” Doug groaned. “You shouldn’t be so naughty.”

“Just shut up and play with my pussy, Doug,” she purred softly. “I know you want to.” Then she shifted her hips, so now her brother-in-law had access to her small, tight hairless pussy, his fingers moved lightly on her panties, pressing gently. “Mmmuuummmmooohh… I see you’re not afraid of touching me anymore,” she wickedly giggled.

Doug could feel how moist his little sister-in-law was becoming, “Do you want to play with my cock again?” he whispered, as she lay down next to him on the bed.

“Okay yeah,” she softly whispered back, as she helped Doug pull down his underwear, then her hand slowly moved up his thigh, with a hot tickle that made him shiver in anticipation. Her small hand slowly moved over his ball sack, then her fingers curled around his throbbing cock-shaft.

“Ooooooohhmmmmmmaaaahhh… Doug, your dick feels so goooood… mmmmmhhhooo,” Kyler whispered.

Doug lay still, he was completely naked with Kyler now… he knew it was so wrong, but at that moment he was too consumed with lust. He was letting Kyler jack on his cock, her hand was so soft, it felt so good, “Aaaaahhhhmmmuuunggg… Yeah Sis, mmmmuuunng sooo gooood,” he whispered, as he moved over and reached for the bedside lamp, turning it on.

Kyler gazed down at his large dick, squeezing it, making the big head bulge, which made her giggle softly, “Mmmmmaaahhh… Oooo Hey, why did you turn on the light?” she moaned, shielding her eyes with her other hand.

“I wanted to see you… you’re so pretty,” he mumbled.

“Aaaahhhhooooommmmm,” she coed, almost endlessly now, she had gotten used to the light now, and liked what she saw by it. His large dick felt so good in her hand, it was so hard and hot, it gave her tingles deep in her small, wet pussy. This wasn’t her first time holding a throbbing cock, she was always fascinated by how incredible caressing a cock made her feel. “Aaaaahhhooooommmmuuunnnggggmm,” she sighed.

Doug gave a deep throated moan, “Ooohhhhaaannnnnngaaahhhh… oooohh, God Yeah… your hand feels so good…”

“Oooohh Doug… do you wanna see my little pussy,” she softly whispered and slyly grinned, as felt him stiffen, and looked at her with such an odd face.

“Aaahhhooommmm Yeah, show me your pussy, little Sis,” Doug whispered softly, as he moved on the bed to help her to pull off her tight panties. He was so eager to see more of her small, tight hairless pussy, and to feel of it.

Kyler released his large dick, and sat up on the bed, one foot on the floor and the other up on the mattress, her knee bent. Then she lifted her t-shirt further up her waist and slipped her tight panties off, with Doug’s eager help. She spread her legs wide, holding her t-shirt at her waist.

“Doug, do you wanna play with my pussy?” she breathlessly asked. “I like you calling me sister, Doug… do I look… sexy, like Carrie?”

Doug gazed at Kyler’s little pussy intently. It was pink and moist looking; it was so small and hairless. Her slit was puffy and fully exposed, her puffy inner-lips tucked inside. He could see a hint of her small clit, peeking from the tip of her slit. “Yeah… you look really goooood… sexy,” he groaned softly.

“You wanna feel it, Doug… mmmmmmaaahhmm,” she softly moaned, just having him stare at her exposed little pussy was giving her incredible tingles again, deep in the depths of her belly.

Doug moved his hand along her satiny smooth thigh, giving his sister-in-law goosebumps under his fingers, then he felt of her delicate hairless pussy… it felt soooo soft, hot and wet. “UUUhhhnggooohh… Sis your pussy feels so gooooood,” he softly moaned deep in his throat.

“Aaaaggguuuhhhmmm… Yeah,” Kyler whimpered softly, as she moved her fingers down, opening her pussy-slit for him. She was so excited, the tingles in her pussy were sharp; she loved to be finger-fucked. Her own daddy had been the best at it.

“You can put a finger in me, too… mmmmaaannnuuuuggggmmm, but not too deep. Yeah, like that. Oooohh, My GOD… mmmmmm!” she moaned from deep in her throat, as he inserted his finger into her tight hole… she hoped he could scratch at all the tingles she felt.

Doug slipped his finger into Kyler’s tight little pussy-hole, and marveled at her reaction when he did it. Her little pussy was very tight, very hot, and wet. Kyler wiggled and squirmed her little ass, as he poked in and out of her pussy, finger-fucking her deep. Kyler squealed softly, “Aaahhmmnuunnggooommm… Yeah scratch me there… mmmmoooooohh.” Then she grabbed for his hard dick again, with a tight, soft little fist she stroked hard on it.

“Can I make you squirt, Doug,” she softly whimpered, like she was an innocent child. “I can play with it until you squirt… if you want me too,”

“Huuuummmmuuunnggoooohhh, God… Yeah, make me squirt my cuuuumm… just keep stroking my cock… mmmmuuunnggg! Can I make you feel good too, Sis… can I make you come, toooo!” Doug groaned harshly.

When she heard him say that… her little pussy quivered like it never had before, she thought maybe… yeah maybe. “Haaannnuummmggg…. Yeah, make me come, Doug,” she softly whimpered… it felt so right.

“Mmmmmaaaahhh… I sure will, Sis,” he grunted, as he rubbed at her stiff little clit.

“Mmmmoooooohh… Yeah, make me come! Mmmmmm Yes… and I’ll make you squirt… mmmmmoooo, squirt your cum!” she grunted loudly.

“Oooohh God… mmmmuuuuhh… sooo close,” he grunted, as he fondled her little pussy. He liked the feeling of her pussy-hole… it was so tight and wet. He wanted to make her come really good. He sprawled on his back, and Kyler sat up at his side, her legs wide apart so he could continue to fondle her cute little pussy.

Leaning over, Kyler gripped her brother-in-law’s large dick tighter, it was an impressive size of eight inches at least, she thought. With her other hand, she caressed his silky-smooth ball sack, the rest of his small patch of pubic hair around the hilt of his cock was trimmed short. She began to stroke harder up and down on his dick, and caressed his balls gently at the same time. She made soft squealing sounds, as her soft fist raced up and down his dick.

“You’re soooo hard, Doug!” she mewled, bending over for a closer look, she saw her brother-in-law leaking a little fluid, “Oooohhh look, you’re leaking your stuff… yummy?”

“Ahhhhhhooommmuuunnnggg… I’m sooooo close, Kyler…” Doug grunted, as he began to stroke harder at her satiny pussy, while she caressed his ball sack and jacked on his dick.

“Do you want me to kiss it… Doug?” Kyler asked, barely loud enough for him to hear. “I could kiss the tip of it, if you want me too.”

“Aaahhhoooommmm… Yeah, that would be great, Sis,” Doug whimpered back, he liked having his cock sucked a lot. Kyler lowered her cute face, and quickly kissed the head, his hard cock and hips jerked at the contact of her silky lips. They were so much softer than her hand, wetter, and soooo good.

Her lips were coated by the clear fluid from the tip, liking her lips, she tasted his seminal fluid and liked it… it tasted better than her fathers had. “Mmmmmooooohhh… hold still silly, yeah it tastes sooo good… I love it,” she softly whimpered, as she looked up at Doug, with her deep blue eyes sparkling… she saw he was watching her closely.

She lowered her face again, and began to kiss the head of his cock with her velvet smooth lips closed. Her small, soft fist stroking up and down, brushing at her lips. Her blue eyes remained opened, and Doug watched her face. He could see the pleasure she was getting from jacking him off, and kissing his hard cock. He continued to probe at her cute little pussy with his fingers, and heard her moan softly.

“Ahhhmmmmuuunngggmm,” she moaned, as she shifted her ass so he could push his finger in deeper, and her brother-in-law began to finger-fuck her a little harder and faster. He felt the wetness growing about his finger, and her sweet little pussy-slit glistened. She was wiggling around on the bed like crazy, and lifted her ass up and down, depending on where Doug’s fingers probed her.

“Touch and lick it with your tongue, Sis!” Doug grunted roughly.

Kyler licked at his piss-hole, tasting more of the clear fluid there. Her eyes closed briefly, savoring the pleasure from the taste that rushed through her, making her pussy tingle wildly. She swirled her tongue over the smoothly swollen cock-head, and kept stroking her soft, tight little fist up and down. Her lips began to glisten, she kept kissing and licking now at the head of his throbbing cock. She had scooted her fine little ass toward his hand a little more, her legs very wide.

“Oooommmmuuuuhh, Doug, I like the way you play with my pussy!” she squealed. “Your fingers feel sooooo much better than mine!”

“You wanna make me come this way, hugh, Sis?” Doug asked teasingly.

“Ooooooohh Yes, I want to see it squirt out!”

Doug was now arching his hips in pleasure, “I’m soooo close!” he grunted.

“You’re gonna squirt cum on my face!” Kyler gasped, “Is that what you’re wanna do, Doug? “Ooooohh Yeah… squirt your stuff for me… squirt your cum… for me!”

Nodding his head, Doug stabbed his finger in and out of her cute little pussy faster, wishing Kyler would put her soft lips completely around his throbbing cock-head.

Closing her velvet smooth lips and placing them against his piss-hole, she stroked his dick faster, “It’s Okay, if you want to squirt on my face, Doug.” she whimpered.

I’m about to come…. mmmmaaahhhhooomm, Sis!” he gowned loudly.

Her small, soft fist jerked swiftly up and down, her other hand gripping his balls. She kept her lips closed, and pressed against his piss-hole. Doug began to make a gurgling noise, “GggUUnnRRunnngg,” pushing up with his hard cock, trying to slide the head past her lips, but Kyler refused to open her mouth.

With a grunt and a thrusting up of his hips, he came, “Aaaaahhhhaaannngg… mmmm… YEAH, I’m… COMING!” he cried out.

He watched as his cum squirted around her pressed lips, it ran down his throbbing cock and over her small fist, dripping onto his stomach; he hadn’t squirted this much cum in a long time, it was going everywhere. Kyler kept stroking him, pressing her closed soft lips hard against the head of his gushing cock. She was no longer writhing her tight little ass, but sitting still with her legs open, so he could wiggle his finger inside her tight, little pussy-hole.

By the time he recovered from his powerful orgasm, his cock, her small fist, her lips, and his stomach were smeared with his cum juice. He remarkably was able, through it all, to continue to finger-fuck her pussy, she was so close to her own orgasm now.

Looking up at him with her deep blue eyes blazing, she eagerly licked his cum from her bruised lips… she loved getting facials. A rush, more powerful than from licking the clear fluid from his cock-head, surged through her petite body. Her tingling pussy erupted into a powerful orgasm, she grabbed Doug’s hand, and tried to shove it up her hotly pulsating pussy.

She went ridged, grunting loudly as she came powerfully, “OOOhhhhaaahhhhmmuuugggnnn, MY GOD… Yeah… sooooo good… come… come… coming… COMING!”

She kneeled there at Doug’s side, panting with her head bowed, after a few moments, she recovered enough from her powerful orgasm to look up at him. Doug watched her with pending interest, stroking her silky thigh; he made eye contact with her, and with a crazed look in her blue eyes, she licked her hand clean, followed by his shriveling cock, and the puddles of cum on his stomach. The whole time shivering and softly moaning, “Mmmmmmsooo… good… mmmaaahhh, cum… cum… your cum is so good!”

She loved the taste of his cum so much, the next time she had her hands on brother-in-law’s cock, she would eagerly suck him off… then eat his cum… mmmmmm, it was so good. By the time she had finished licking up his spent cum, her crazed look had faded, she slumped down on the bed next to him. They both lay on their sides, facing each other, Doug leaned over and shared a passionate kiss with her.

He could taste some of his own cum on her soft lips, he found it pleasant and exhilarating. Deeply they kissed, their tongues entwining, swirling in each other’s mouth. After a while of kissing, they began feeling up each other’s body. Kyler holding his limp cock while she caressed his hard muscled and hairy chest, and Doug petted her smoldering pussy, while his other hand roamed under her t-shirt and pinched at her puffy hard nipples.

Pushing at Kyler, he got her to lay on her back, “You lay back,” he whispered, and when she did, he pulled her t-shirt all the way to her chin. She then removed it the rest of the way. She felt a shiver… she was now completely naked with her sister’s husband.

“Mmmmmm… you have cute nipples, Kyler. I bet your boobies will be nicer than Carrie’s someday soon,” he whispered softly in her ear. “Oooohh, soooo hard,” he moaned, as he stroked and pinched her pointy, hard nipples gently, then he leaned down and licked and sucked them.

“OOOoooohhhaaaahhhhmmm… oooOOHHH… YEAH SUCK MY NIP’S! MMMMoooohhh, YES… YES… YES… mmmuuuhh!” she moaned shrilly, as she felt a familiar, tingling deep in her pussy… she wanted to Fuck so badly.

She lay still, looking up at him playfully. Her budding breasts had just begun to swell, the puffiness was not noticeable as she lay now though. Her budding tits were capped with light brown small areolas, with pink never endingly stiff nipples (just like her mother’s). Kyler was thrilled that Doug liked her swelling tities.

“Do you like it,” Doug whispered teasingly, as he pinched harder at her nipple while sucking the other.

“Mmmmmooooohhhhaaammm, Yeah,” she moaned softly.

“Lie still… I’m gonna lick your pussy, Okay,” he whispered softly in her ear.

Kyler began to breath heavily, as her brother-in-law sucked and licked at her puffy nipples, sliding his hand up and down her slim flat chest and taut stomach, loving the feel of her silky-smooth flesh. He stroked the insides of her thighs, as Kyler lay there and purred, spreading them further apart for him. He caressed her succulent little pussy-slit, still distended from her recent orgasm. He started to lick his way down her firm silky torso, and over her stomach pausing to lick at her bellybutton.

“Mmmmmmaaammmm… Yeah… Yeah… Yeah, I like that,” she moaned shrilly.

Doug moved between her spread legs and lay on his stomach, so close to her smoldering pussy. Kyler leaned up on her elbows to get a better view of him between her spread legs. He kissed and licked his way down her right thigh, teasing her and inflaming her passion further.

Doug wanted to see if her cute, little 10-year-old pussy tasted as good as Carrie’s. Her lips were puffy and her clit was no longer hidden inside her slit, she was still hot and swollen, from her recent orgasm, and from him playing with her budding tits. He found the scent of her wet pussy fresh and pleasant. Leaning down, he darted his tongue through her puffy lips, and up to her inflamed dark red clit.

“AAAHhhhmmmmuuuUUGGNNaaahhmm… Yeah lick my nubbins… mmmm, SHIT Yeah!” she cried in delight, her hips jerking upward. She pressed herself harder on his licking tongue, “Oooohh Doug, that sure feels soooo good!”

Propped up on her elbows, Kyler stared down her body at him, her deep blue eyes huge with excitement and passion. Doug opened his mouth wide and covered her sweet little, fiery pussy with his lips, his tongue lapping up and down her swollen pussy-lips, and back to her tiny clit. Kyler began to cry out in pleasure, beating at the bed with her little fists, her hips twisting and grinding.

“OOOooohhh Doug… mmmm, Doug, soooo Good… mmmYESmmYES,” she gasped, as his tongue penetrated her tight pussy-hole, darting in and out. “Ooooohh, that feels sooo good, Doug! Mmmoo… do it some more to meeeee!”

Kyler began to arch her ass up and down, her hands now clutching at the back of his head, straining her small pussy onto his face. She sobbed as she flung her head about wildly, churning her pussy frantically against his sucking mouth and darting tongue.

Doug sucked and licked at her cute little pussy in a frenzy, drawing out the sugary nectar from it, he sucked it into his mouth, and swallowed. He dug his fingers into her tight ass-cheek kneading it, urging her to wiggle and thrash as much as she wanted. Her hot little pussy made wet slapping sounds, as she began to pound it onto his face. Doug clung to her ass tightly, letting her fuck his tongue with her hot pussy.

“Oooohhh Doug… it’s gonna happen… I’m soooo close… mmmmoooo,” Kyler whimpered, grinding hard at his face. “Mmmmmmm… you’re gonna make me come… mmmmm.”

Doug ran his tongue as deep into her pussy-hole as he could. He sucked at her smooth, hairless pussy, his mouth filling with her sweetness. He felt her pussy starting to pull and grip on his tongue. He started tongue-fucking her as fast as he could, clutching her bunching little ass.

“Doug… ooooohh, Doug… mmmm,” Kyler sobbed softly.

Then her spasms struck, and he felt Kyler’s pussy pulling at his tongue with quick convulsions. Kyler thrashed her ass about wildly, crying out with rapture, clawing at the back of his head, as she strained to get her pussy as tight as possible against his licking tongue.

“AAAhhhhuuugggnnnaaaahhhmmmmuuunggg… YEAH… YEAH… YEAH, LICK MY PUSSY!” Kyler cried, as her orgasm went on and on.

When she finally calmed down, she lay sprawled out, arms and legs flung wide, gasping and moaning. Doug soothed her, caressing her nipples gently. “That was soooo good, Doug” she whimpered, burying her face into his shoulder.


Then Doug was jolted back to the here and now when Carrie sat down on the bed…

Chapter 8….

Carrie didn’t find it difficult to believe Doug’s story… her little sister was so bold with her body, there was no denying the effect Kyler had on her yesterday. She pictured Kyler in her mind, with her little panties dangling at her knees, holding her dress up, showing her cute little pussy to Doug. A shudder went through her, and she sat down hard on the edge of the bed.

“Was her little pussy… cute?” she asked in a low voice.

“What…?” Doug asked, but he knew he was in the clear now… it was turning out just as he had hoped. “I didn’t get a real good look at it… because I was so surprised by her boldness, I was also worried I’d get into trouble.”

“You won’t get in trouble,” Carrie said.

“What… are you saying?”

Carrie turned on the bed and began caress his naked chest. “I’m so horny Doug… I want to fuck.”

“We better do it quietly,” he warned. “We don’t want to wake, Kyler.”

“I don’t care,” Carrie said softly, leaning down and running her tongue over his hairy chest playfully. “But we’ll be quiet.”

With a wicked laugh, Doug grabbed for her small tits, pulling her bra down. He sat up on his bed and fondled her tits, making her nipples peak out with a rubbery hardness. Carrie moaned, and clasped his hard cock tightly.

“Suck them, honey,” she purred softly. “Suck my tits.”

Eagerly, Doug closed his mouth about her rigid nipple, sucking on it with pleasure. Carrie twisted and whimpered as his lips pulled, his tongue swirling. She jacked on his cock until her desire became too powerful to ignore. She pushed him gently to the bed. She stared at his upright cock hotly for a long time, then removed her bra and wet panties.

Doug watched her with enormous eyes, and when she was finally naked, he groaned as a wild, burning sensation filled his balls.

Carrie grinned lewdly, as she watched his cock jerking. “Does that mean you want to fuck me?”

“Damn Carrie, you’re so sexy!”

“All we have to do is figure out a place to put your cock,” she moaned softly and lay down beside him. Then she rolled onto her back, spreading her legs. She lifted her hips, then slid her hands over the soft flesh of her bare cunt, as Doug moved between her feet, his eyes glazed as he watched. “I shaved just for you Doug… do you like me hairless like a young girl? Carrie purred, her eyes slitted in smoldering pleasure as she rubbed at her cunt for him, opening her wet pink pussy-lips, pushing them together, dipping her finger in, and then rubbing at her inflamed clit.

“Yeah… I do,” he replied, as he sat on his heels between her spread feet, his throbbing cock gripped in his fist, as he watched her masturbate.

Carrie pulled her knees back slowly, bringing them to her naked tits. She lifted her ass, twisting it with wicked invitation. Doug gulped with excitement, as he gazed into her vulnerable crotch. Her hairless crotch framed by her puffy cunt-lips, and the crinkle of her asshole fascinated him.

“Touch me,” she whispered harshly, holding her knees against her small tits, looking up at him. “Touch my cunt, Doug!”

Doug shot his hand out, still clinging to his cock with the other, and began to feel her silky-smooth hairless crotch. He poked at her cunt, and rubbed the pucker of her asshole, then stroked the spreading cheeks of her ass.

Carrie held her ass up high, writhing at the touch of his hand and fingers, her pussy quivering more and more. Juices seeped from her cunt, and ran to her asshole, making the smooth inner surfaces of her asscheeks gleam in the dim moon light. Excitedly, Doug started stabbing his finger in and out of her cunt. Carrie twisted her uplifted ass with pleasure, and suddenly his finger stabbed forward, penetrating her asshole.

“Ooooohh!” she loudly groaned. “Fuck me now, Doug!”

Doug leaned forward, his cock standing in powerful hardness, slipped effortlessly into her cunt. Leaning over her, he pounded in and out, grunting, listening to the wet slapping sounds. “Oooohh Yes, Doug,” Carrie cried softly, as his bare balls bounced and danced hotly against her ass-cheeks. She squirmed her ass about for him, making throaty squeals, the sensation of his hard cock stabbing deep into her cunt radiated throughout her naked body.

He gazed at her small tits, watching them jiggle as he pounded into her searing cunt. He enjoyed seeing them wiggle, his eyes were bright with excitement. Carrie lifted her crotch higher, and Doug had to push with his feet to keep his cock thrusting into her cunt.

“Aaaaahh, it feels very good, darling!” she sobbed softly. “Your cock is so fucking hard! Oooohh, give it to me! Fuck me, Doug! Ooohh darling, my cunt is going to eat your cum up! I love it… I love to feel your hard cock in my cunt, fucking me!”

Somehow, she managed to keep her knees along her shoulders, as her hands raced down his back to his ass. She clutched his firm asscheeks with hot fingers, jerking him down hard. Doug gasped, as he strained to bury his prick deeper into her scalding, tight wetness. He lunged powerfully, the hilt of his cock smashing the swollen lips of her fiery pussy.

“Yes… Yes… Yes,” Carrie squealed over and over as her inflamed clit scraped and rubbed along his hard cock-shaft. His cock was creating a raging fire inside her belly, and she began to twist her head about wildly, her hair flying. She choked as she tried to keep from screaming her ecstasy.

The friction was driving Doug wild, too.

He was thrusting hard, his head lifted up, his mouth open. Carrie, even though she was about to go out of her mind with rapture, stared up at him, urging him on.

“Fuck it! Fuck that cunt! Ram that hot pussy, darling! Stab me in the fucking cunt hard! Ooooohh baby, I love it so fucking much! I love your cock, your hard cock! My cunt is so hungry for your cum! My cunt is going to fuck your cock… suck your cock! Aaaaahh, give me your fucking cum!”

Doug heard her nasty words; they heightened his already overwhelmed emotions. Her cunt was flexing on contracting on his cock each time he thrust in deep. It was the most delicious feeling he had ever experienced. His balls kept banging against the searing heat of her spreading ass. “Ooooohh Fuck,” he groaned, as his hips swung up and down. While her fingers clawed at the cheeks of his ass, squeezing them and pulling at them. He felt the tip of her finger near his asshole, and that increased the fury of his ecstasy.

“Carrie, I think I’m about to Come!” he gasped.

“Oooohh, Yes, Yes!” she cried out, squirming her ass with furious motion. “My cunt… Doug! Oooohh, dear God… Come deep in my cunt!”

Doug thrusted vigorously, as Carrie’s cunt began to grip him tighter, flexing. She lifted her head and bit into his shoulder, muffling a scream.

Her pussy gripped about his cock with contractions that were more powerful than ever. The spasms seemed to shoot along her thighs to her toes. She crushed her open mouth into his shoulder to muffle her shouts of ecstasy, her naked ass squirming at him as she came. Her cunt exploded in a wild, burning series of orgasms that surprised and delighted her. Her clit was gripped with the most fantastic sensations. Carrie felt her asshole clench and suck inward, and for a crazy, dizzy moment, she wondered if it was going to disappear into her body completely.

Doug was still thrusting, his cock jerking inside the satiny interior of her convulsing cunt. He held his head up, his eyes squeezed tight, his mouth gaping, “Aaaahh! Oooohh…aaaahh, Carrie!”

She hardly heard his loud wail of agonized rapture.

“I’m gonna Come!” Doug groaned. “I’m gonna come deep in your cunt! Oooohh, now! Now!”

“Ooooohh… not so loud, I don’t want to wake, Kyler,” Carrie groaned against his shoulder, as the searing juice of his precious hot balls spurted deep into her insatiable cunt. The rapid spasms seemed to tear the tender lips of her pussy, as he was filling her cunt with his cum, and she loved every sweet spurt of it.

“Fuck Kyler!” Doug growled, as he continued to stab his cock hard into her cunt.

Her cunt clung to his cock long after he finished, flexing and contracting. She still had her knees at her shoulders, but it was her husband’s weight that held them there now. She felt weak, very weak. She stroked his back as his breath singed her naked tits, her own panting coming under control slowly.

When Doug finally rolled from her, sprawling across their king-sized bed, Carrie lay for a while, gasping. She was thinking of how his finger had accidentally shot up her asshole earlier, thinking of the unexpected pleasure she had felt.

“Would you like to Fuck… Kyler?” she softly asked, her eyes dreamy. Wildly erotic thoughts and images were swirling in her mind. Kyler didn’t look like a girl that would initiate such things with a boy… or man, she thought. But then, what girl did? Kyler was sugary sweet, with enormous blue eyes and a lovely cute face, slender but filling out wonderfully. Carrie had seen the small swellings of Kyler’s budding tits when she’d played with them yesterday.

“What… are you serious?” he asked, as he smiled inward.

“Yeah, I mean it… it would be exciting,” Carrie softly said. “I’ll talk to her.”

Neither Carrie nor Doug heard the soft footsteps outside their bedroom door, as Kyler sneaked back to her room, a grin spreading on her young, sweet face.

Part 5…. Coming soon
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