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Carrie Raped By Contract

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Sexy UK slut Carrie agrees to be raped by contractual home invasion to satisfy her wildest fantasy!

Carrie was on a chat for Home Invasions. She wanted to have her home invaded and herself used any way the invader wanted.

She spoke to a black guy called Damion who agreed to do it. So, Damion had her sign a contract and notarized it on what could and could not be done.

Damion broke in on Friday night. It was 2:00 AM. Carrie’s boyfriend just fell asleep. Damion used a cellphone blocker and knew there was no landline in the house.

Upon entry using the key under a rock near the front door, Damion walked slowly to her room. The door was ajar. Opening it quietly, Carrie she lay naked with her boyfriend sprawled near her. He was not in the plan. Damion used chloroform on him first. In if he resisted, the stun gun was in place. No resistance. Her boyfriend was out like a light. Then Damion walked around and did Carrie. She was a heavy sleeper, easy to knock her out.

The boyfriend was taken to the living room, then strapped to a Kitchen chair with duct tape after using a trash bag on the chair to prevent tape residue on it to clean up later. This was a contract with the victim, not a crime. So shit, why do anything we have to tend to later? Forget that plan ahead.

Finally strapped in place, a gag was on his mouth and blindfold on his eyes.

Damion brought out Carrie and did not have to undress her, she had sex before going to sleep and was fully naked with her boyfriends cum leaking out of her used pussy.

Damion used a fuck pillow and laid Carrie on it, then cuffed her hands behind her and put a gag and blindfold on her.
Spreading her legs wide with a BDSM lumber leg parter, Carrie’s pussy was open and could not be closed up

Damion lubed an anal vibe and shoved it up Carrie’s virgin asshole. The pain caused her to awaken and her eyes went wide with terror as she saw the predicament she found herself in.

Then Damion fingered her g-spot and trained her to orgasm on command. Going deeper, he trained her to cum on command. Her boyfriend started to move.

Damion had Carrie positioned so her boyfriend could see him fucking her and hear her loving it.

Damion put a cock suction toy on her boyfriend to get him hard, then put a fake pussy on his hard member so he was machine fucked while he saw Carrie being fucked.

Removing his eye cover during his orgasm, Damion proceeded to fuck Carrie’s ass and pussy with the two vibrators as she moaned wildly. Then, he took her to the next level, and pulled out the anal toy from her butt and pushed his cock inside in its place and Damion fucked her ass for the first time in the flesh. She loved it! Damion pulled out, took off her gag, then fucked her ass some more and she was shouting “Yes, Fuck my ASS!” Trying to complain, her boyfriend only came in the sex machine, He was being trained to just watch his beautiful girlfriend Carrie being turned into a complete slut.

With cum oozing out of her twitching ass, she willingly sucked Damion off, his cum, her shit licked clean by the dirty Sex Slave Queen Carrie.

Damion shoved in the vibe to her ass again, her pussy already squirted and was about to squirt again.

Damion pulled out her pussy vibrator and was doused in backlogged cum.

A puddle on her carpet. Damion was now ready to take her use Carrie over again and he fingered her pussy to orgasm, thumping her g spot good. Now, she was orgasming madly, so he entered that hungry pussy and fucked her like she was his.

Trying to be mad, her boyfriend just blew another load.

Now, her boyfriend was all down to see his girl had by a real man.

Orgasm after screaming orgasm, Carrie loved Damion’s huge black cock. It went up in her cervix and took her even though her boyfriend he was not.

As her boyfriend had another orgasm, Damion removed his gag and shoved a mix of his cum, her boyfriend cum and Carrie’s cum in boyfriend mouth, then re-gagged him. “Swallow and watch!”

Then Damion had Carrie ride him like a cowgirl. She did, not knowing it was a home invasion, she fucked Damion good.

Then, Damion pulled off the sex machine from her boyfriend dick. Had Carrie suck him, then Damion fucked her from behind. That is when she knew she was being home invaded, the sex was amazing and she had more cock to suck. Damn, she loved swallowing and was amazed how hot her boyfriend was seeing another man fuck her better.

Then as Damion had her ride her boyfriend on the chair, he had her boyfriend up her ass, Damion used that opportunity to fuck her pussy at the same time, giving Carrie her first ever double penetration, at her pace. Fuck it felt good.

A bit taken hard, Damion pulled her off after her boyfriend moaned and shot another load up in her ass.

Damion took Carrie to the bathroom and fingered her as she sat on the toilet. Then he put her in the shower to wash her up, douche her pussy and and take her back to bed. With a bit of chloroform, she laid asleep again.

Her boyfriend was just jizzming on himself by hearing all the sex his girlfriend had. Damion, drugged her boyfriend with chloroform, washed him up, and put him in bed. Then chloroformed the boyfriend one more time before cleaning up the mess.

Leaving, Damion slept like a baby

In the morning, Carrie and her boyfriend fucked like no tomorrow, they thought they had a wet dream and all they could do was fuck.

Damion had a chat with Carrie two days later, “Fuck happy, your ass is stretched and you suck great, perhaps next time without your man and we will call it our sex date.”

Carrie agreed and felt her pussy getting wet just thinking about the next time she is used by his black cock.

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