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Betty goes further

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Betty realises she’s hungry for filthy sex and gets plenty of it

It was Sunday afternoon when Betty final emerged from her apartment, almost two days since her first ever gang-bang. As she walked through the corridors towards the coffee lounge she could swear everyone new what she’d been up to, of course this was just her own guilt showing through.
She’d always enjoyed her coffee afternoon and until today had never taken to much notice of thing going on around her, but today would be totally different. The first person she saw was Malcolm sat legs crossed smiling up and chatting easily to the coffee girl. There was always two of the cleaning staff who stayed behind on a Sunday to serve coffee and tea before and after lunch.

Betty took in the woman as she approached her to take her order, she was round about thirty pretty face adorned with thick make-up, her figure was more than impressive large firm tits contained in her to small white blouse the bright pink of her skimpy bra showing through the worn material. Her short black skirt tight over her hips, showed off her slender and firm stockinged legs tottering on patent high strapped heels. She also realised there and then who she was…Jenny she realised the same Jenny who’s place she had taken on Friday night….and she also knew that Jenny knew exactly who Betty was.

After a few minutes Malcolm joined Betty, and the first topic of conversation was Jenny. Yes she was that Jenny and yes she would be there on Friday…two models Betty asked, a little disappointedly. Malcolm kept a constant eye on Jenny as he relayed to Betty a brief history, Jenny was 29 and was married to Reg. Reg required certain things from a wife, something Jenny hadn’t realised when they’d got together. Yes she had been with and enjoyed other boys and men before Reg and really enjoyed it, but he was the one for her and the good sex was a bonus.

They had been married for only three days, and were on honeymoon at a large holiday complex in Trinidad, Reg straight away had got friendly with a group of black dudes and got in on a poker game on the second evening.
On the third night Jenny was getting fucked by two of the card players, while Reg waited for her to arrive back at their room. This happened every night more and more men fucked her, by the end of their honeymoon she was a black cock slut, willing to do anything for these men day or nigh and loving what Reg had turned her into. She would go out in the skimpiest bikini’s during the day, really just three triangles of material. At night she went with them to clubs in super high heels and body hugging dresses big tits and ass on constant show. All Reg needed was for Jenny to tell him everything that they had put her through while she fed him deposits and wanked and sucked his cock.

Jenny would always do anything for Reg, and when they returned from honeymoon her new life style continued. She fucked all his friends and work colleagues and many others in the first year, one weekend she even fucked his father and two brothers while he listened in the other room, something that was repeated many times. Finding the job at the apartments and then the camera club, was great for both Jenny and Reg she got to entertain some of the residents in their flats after her shift finished, and she grew to love her Friday MODELLING job and so did the photographers. Reg loved the anticipation awaiting his slut wife the thoughts of her bringing him home her well used body, her gaping holes full of cum for him to taste and savour.

From that moment Betty saw Jenny in a different light, she watched her now serving coffee and biscuits and understood her tight provocative clothes, and imagined how she dressed outside of work. Betty was deep in thought after Friday she realised what a slut she had become, and felt her heart sink… not because she new what she’d become…no the fact she had wasted all those years, she had enjoyed the sex so much on Friday she wanted more and more. Malcolm was watching both women with a smile on his face, Jenny made her way through the lounge clearing up as everyone began to leave. They both watched as she sauntered to one table, a couple in their fifties smiled up at her. The Grants owned these apartments along with many others, and would come and visit every so often. Jenny was one of the reasons they came….Betty was in shock as she watched the women’s hand glide up the back of Jenny’s seamed stockinged leg, Jenny’s legs parted for easy access. Malcolm squeezed Betty’s thigh….yes they’ll both fuck her all afternoon…lets leave them and go to my room. Betty followed eagerly.

Betty stood in front of the large mirror in the community centre ladies bathroom, she could hardly recognise the person in front of her. Jet black wavy hair hanging down to her shoulders, eyes surrounded by swirls of bright red and yellow make-up, her lips glossy and very black and thicker than she could ever imagine. The thick black lipstick that adorned her lips matched the leather collar round he neck, a collar with large silver letters one word “SLUT” below it all she wore was a quarter cup silk white bra with matching skimpy crotchless panties and white sheer hold up stockings. On her feet ridiculously high probably 6” black patent high strapped heels. Her finger and toes painted in the same gloss black colour.

Stood next to her Jenny, a younger version of the same woman with blond hair. Tits a little firmer ass not so fat with cellulite, but yes the same filthy slut as herself. Jenny smiled at Betty who smiled back, Jenny’s skills surprised her she looked and felt as sexy as she’d wanted to, could it be true she was really looking forwards to what was going to happen to them.

The two of them entered the room, holding tightly to one another’s hand. The first thing Betty noticed was the amount of men, so many more than last time, upwards of twenty she thought, and not so many camera’s in sight no real pretence this week. The second think that stood out was the stage, made up like a road repair sight with cones road signs and two big black construction workers complete with yellow jacket, hard hat and heavy boots. The only other thing they wore were tight figure hugging underpants. It was obvious to Betty that both men were large, Kenny and Arnie had cocks the filled those pants, in Kenny’s case he was looking at the women and his cock was over flowing over the top.

The girls were guided to the stage, and a few posed pictures were taken before Betty was helpfully pushed to her knee’s and presented with two of the biggest cocks that you could imagine, big cocks, black cocks both more than twelve inches long and fat like a baseball bat. Her tongue darted out first one then the other she tasted her first ever black cock, for the next twenty minutes she lick sucked and ate those black cocks savouring every second while looking forward to getting them both between her legs opening her sopping cunt. Would they double fuck her could she take these two monsters at the same time.

Jenny and some of the other men had other ideas for Betty, she was lifted from her hefty meal reluctantly, and carried to the same solid old wooden table were she had spent so long last Friday.
Lay flat on her back across the blanket on the table, Jenny went to work, she’d done it before and loved just the thought of it. Opening Betty’s legs wide allowing everyone full view, she started pushing her fingers into her eager cunt giving a running commentary…look boys look at the slack old bitch, what a cunt this slag is sucking my hand in, shall we fist the whore. The crowd roars..open the bitch stretch that cunt, make the slut scream. Jenny was laughing shall I fist you honey you want stretching wide.

Betty never answered, she couldn’t. she felt herself building to her first orgasm of the night as Jenny balled her fist up her, so deep her bracelet had entered that gaping hole. The noise was obsessive shouting cheering laughter, filth poured from the men’s mouths hands has started to touch both women, tits were squeezed nipples tucked and sucked. Betty’s legs were now alongside her ears, Jenny was screaming out…you want her arsehole opening ready boys…more cheering…using the juices pouring from Betty’s cunt she began to lather up that brown ring, running her fingers round that inviting hole. Then like her cunt she pushed her fingers in one at a time, allowing Betty to accommodate each new size. It took almost fifteen minutes before Jenny laughed in triumph, she was washing her hands one up her cunt one up her arsehole stretching her more and more pussy and anal fluids adorned her arms. Betty was in seventh heaven loving her holes being stretched like this.

After some ten minutes and with Betty growling and moaning like a wounded animal, Jenny stood back removing both her hands, her eyes filled with lust she smiled back at the men, this sluts all yours, and so am I. For the next two hours cocks used her every hole, she had forgotten all about Jenny in her own needs, she loved the filthy names they called her, she loved being their filthy cum bucket, slut, whore, all the time begging for more. The more she begged the worse they got, stuffing two cocks at a time in her cunt or arsehole, stretching them to new limits. Others opened her mouth spitting into it and all over her face covering her in spit and spunk until she looked like she’d been dipped in a creampie bucket.

Then a guy climbed and squatted over her face, his arse opened up revealing a caked and slimy arsehole Betty eagerly accepted his arse onto her cum soaked face. Her mouth started feasting on his filthy hole like she had never eaten all day, all the time he was beating his cock and slapping her battered and bruised tits. He didn’t last long before he was adding more slimy sperm to her face and tits, his arsehole was soon replaced by another, in fact Betty had a queue for ass licking treatment. Betty was accepting all the treatment they dished out, in fact her cunt was constantly quivering and contracting around another nasty fat cock buried in her cunt. Betty was clearly loving it, cumming almost continuously. She was being treated exactly as she wanted, fulfilling all her fantasies.

Men continued squatting over her face, and she continued lovingly cleaning every filthy anus offered. Her other holes and hands were constantly in use by so many different cocks. She noticed throughout that the camera’s clicked and even a video was being used taking some close ups of her filthy performance.
Her body was almost completely covered in layer after layer of spunk, as one layer dried another was added, face neck hair, tits thighs ass cheeks, it was becoming hard to recognise our Betty.
She must have been fucked more than fifty times totally a lot of the men had started to disappear some had only fucked her once, some twice and just a few lingered over her body getting ready for thirds or fourths. The black men had both fucked her but Kenny while he fucked her he promised they’d D.P. her cunt Betty was up for it and begging for more. Jenny had also entertained quite a few of the men and Betty could see her body, sweat and cum dripping from her, eyes were full of lust and hands stroking a giant black cock while the owner only had eyes for Betty.

I think we need to try something new Betty what do you say, this was Kenny the black man who’s cock she’d sucked and fucked earlier. I think you’d like to try fucking TWO black cocks slut…am I right. She wanted to think she’d say no, but her cunt told another story dripping not just spunk but her own juices showing her eagerness for more….must pee first…bursting…..Arnie pushed Jenny forwards.

Jenny without hesitation shot forwards falling to her knee’s piss for us baby piss ON me, Betty firstly felt revulsion, but it didn’t stop her piss and sex juices shot from her pee hole filling the mouth of an eager Jenny, her hands caught it lavishing the hot yellow acrid liquid onto her body, Malcolm also came forward and used his cupped hands to catch yet more piss and poured it into Betty’s open mouth. This wouldn’t be the last time the whore Betty would drink fresh piss.
Has she finished Arnie and Kenny lifted her bodily, this bitch likes to be full lets try this for size.

They walked her across the stage and lowered her onto a large red and white traffic cone…god Betty had enjoyed the sex tonight but as her cunt opened to take this monster she new this would top the lot. Those who watched including Jenny were in awe, without any pushing her cunt had opened to take the top section almost to the white line, then the black men started to lift and lower Betty faster and faster she was gasping and moaning with lust. With no pressure more than three quarters of the giant dildo were inside her her cunt stretched further than anyone could deem possible and Betty was still begging for more.

Betty woke up in a king size bed in a room she didn’t recognise, the sun shone brightly through the window. The last think she remembered was the traffic cone and multiple orgasms….and black men, god yes black men. She saw a door and went into a large bathroom, she showered thinking how much her body ached, and when she looked in the mirror she had bruised tits belly and thighs. Betty was starving and as she walked down the stairs she could hear voices, she entered a room and immediately saw Kenny smiling up at her. There were half a dozen black men sat round the room………..thank god it was Saturday, she thought could be a long weekend……Betty smiled to herself.

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