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Being her pet

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A young girl keeps a adult male as her pet.

Sarah smiled and looked at the 34 year old on his knees licking his own cum out if a dog bowl. She had fucked him with a strap on he had bought her. Licking her lips she strutted naked to the fridge.
She was barely 12 and was supposed to be with her friends. Instead she had meet up with someone she meet online. Being 4 foot 5 with brown hair, blue eyes, A flat chest and bald little pussy she had tan skin. Pulling out some gold fish crackers she filled a bowl and patted her thigh. Calling her pet over.
Smiling as he eagerly crawled over she turned and set the bowl down before setting a cracker over her little pussy. Knowing what to do her pet licked his treat off her.
Moaning softly she put a dab of chocolate syrup on her clit she spread her lips and watched her pet lap at her pussy, Moaning softly as his cock bounced around. Holding his head he kept eating her out as she whined, grinding against his face as the tag on his collar jingled softly. “Good boy.”
Moaning again she came all over his face before panting softly, walking around him she slapped his ass before rubbing his cock. Tugging his balls with her small hand. Giggling she.smeared his pre along his cock.
She loved hearing her pet moan, it made her feel grown up as she tugged his cock faster, pointing it at the bowl. Smiling she knew he wouldn’t talk, she yanked his balls if he did. Licking her lips she knelt down, watching his cock bounce faster. Pointing it straight down she bit her lip.
With a moan her pet started to cum, covering his snack in thick cum. Giggling ahe stepped back and licked her hand clean as her pet pushed his face into the cum and food, eating it like a good boy should. Fingering her tiny pussy she moaned again, watching him degrade himself for her.
After a few minutes and panting more ahe squirted her cum over his food before ducking her fingers clean. She planned to bring her friend over. He liked boys and girls so she was sure he would love having sex with her pet well ahe fucked him with her strap on. Grinning slightly evilly she spanked her pet before going to get dressed. She needed to gather friend after all!

Hello! If any young girls want a pet message me on Kik and lets talk. Send your name and age. A pic to prove you are real. I prefer naked but you are the owner so its up to you. My Kik is AdultRP

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  • Reply gramps ID:45xyvrle20j

    luv being dominated by little girls. had the pleasure of 3 lil blk girls i met on line, talked me into meeting with them when i found they lived a couple hrs from me. 10,11,13 tied me to the motel bed and raped me for 6hrs allowing me the honor of their cherries…all parties went home very sore… a true story and the best sex i have ever had.. cant wait till our next meeting !

    • AdultRP ID:85d6uoij

      Love the idea of that. Would love to meet them or see pics of you all together!