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Amanda Deelight sex diaries #2 Canton Texas

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Canton Texas was a 9 hr ride from our house,so I got bored and started flashing all the truck drivers. Since it was dark ,we had the over head light on so they could get a good look at my tittie’s. My husband talked me into showing them my pussy and playing with myself for them. As I removed my jeans and panties,I positioned myself. With my left leg up on the dashboard,my right leg up over the passenger seat,with by back to my husband. I placed a flashlight on the seat pointing straight at my pussy,I reached up to my mouth and got i spit into my hand, bringing that moisture down to my pussy as I started to rub it inside. My fingers found my wet hole as we pulled up beside a semi ,my husband drove along besides it as I started to finger my pussy, sliding 4 fingers inside all the way up to my thumb. I pulled them out and licked them off and waved bye to him. We drove on catching up to the next truck, they were going crazy on the CB radio, some telling us to speed up, while others were saying hell no you will have to slow down and wait your turn. I was really starting to get turned on by this,my pussy was staying so wet. Truck after Truck we caught,it was like a convoy with everyone getting to watch me finger fucking myself. I had several orgasms but saved the best for last when I put my whole hand inside of me up to my bent wrist. I began to fist myself, never bringing my fist out of my pussy, showing the drivers without having to force it inside my pussy everytime. For 250 miles and 4 straight hours of me playing with my pussy. Shit we still had 300 miles to go. When it got daylight it wasn’t the same but still I was enjoying myself. My pussy was so swollen and sore but my desires to show off over rode my pain. We must have passed over 200 trucks on our way to Canton. When we got to the flea market,as my husband set everything up I went to take a shower. I picked out what I was going to wear for the day,a low cut short summer dress. This dress is very appealing and Canton a different crowd of people. As I approached the shower facility ,a man came out of the men’s and made the comment,do you need anyone to scrub your back? I looked straight at him and said that I would love that he was about 25 years younger than me. We entered the ladies shower room as if husband and wife. We went inside the first stall,every stall is private. As the stall door closed,he was all over me,he didn’t know what to do, this was like a fantasy come true for him. When I got down on my knees and unbuttoned and slid down his pants and underwear all at the same time. I watched a 6″ soft cock swell up and grow to a 9″ woman pleasing dick. I bent over and started to suck on his cock as my hands were squeezing on his balls,I have found a way to make any man cum more sperm at one time in their life, it’s all on not how much you suck but what you do with them balls. It didn’t take him 1 minute to cum in my mouth,the most sperm that I have swallowed from a man at one time in a long time. I kept sucking and squeezing his butts until he was empty. I stood up and licked my lips and reached over and kissed him putting some of his sperm into his mouth tastes good don’t it I said. Now how about that back scrub, and undressed and went to the shower. As we showered together ,as my butt rubbed up against him I could feel him starting to get hard again. He pushed my head forward so my butt was up,he guided the head between my butt cheeks until it found my pussy. He was fast,once he entered me he started fucking me very hard and fast,I felt my orgasm building and building as I could tell he was about to cum inside of me I exploded the same time I felt his hot sperm pumping through my uterus,he continued to fuck me. When he stopped,I turned around and grabbed his head and pushed it down towards my pussy. He knelt down as I strattled his face , placing my pussy straight to his mouth. He started to eat my pussy with his sperm running back out. This young man had never tasted male sperm but a passionate moment with me I changed his world 🌎. We fucked again, finished our showers got dressed and said goodbye. When I got back to my husband,he asked how was that shower… incredible I replied getting me a good fuck from a 17 yr old young man. That day we made lots of money selling,the flea market closes at dark. We were relaxing smoking weed drinking I took my Xanax ,I was fucked up when we went to take our showers it was so late my husband asked me to come in the men’s shower room. There was a bunch of guys inside and it didn’t take long for me to see a black man with the biggest cock cock that I have ever seen in a human. . It was soft hanging down to almost his knee and the size of my wrist. When he looked up and saw me standing there staring at his cock I watched as it started to move without being touched. This was my husband’s plan for me to come in the men’s knowing that I will get fucked in there. I walked towards him and the closer I got the bigger his dick got . My hands went straight to it what a wonderful cock like on my horse 🐴,it was so big that I couldn’t get much pass the head in my mouth as I stroked up and down on it with my other hand squeezing on his big hard balls,I knew that I could get him to cum very quickly only a trained pornstar would last longer. As I squeezed and lightly rolled them together I could tell that he was going to cum.. uhhhhhhhhh I felt the first blast of sperm hit my throat uhhhhhhhhhh another uhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhh swallowing every drop . By then there were several other black guys standing with their dick in their hands. One after one I gave everyone a blowjob 7 guys in all swallowing their sperm. Then the fucking started,I was laid on a big papped bench my legs being held wide apart by 2 black guys while that monster cock forced his way inside of my pussy . He was so big that it felt like a baby being pushed up inside of me instead of me pushing it out. Oh my God I was being fucked so hard that I was about to pass out being stretched like giving birth. With both of my legs being held apart I was defenseless as he ravaged my insides,if I could have reached his nutts I could have made him cum much sooner but had to endure about 10 minutes of intense fucking when he finally finished I was absolutely out of it when they flipped me over and started fucking me up my ass and the time I tried to walk out of there everything was hurting and I barely could stand up to get a shower. I was no longer thinking about sex but recoup. The next day I was about useless because I was so sore but wouldn’t change anything it was just another chapter to my sex diary

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  • Reply LOVIELEE ID:fzq5o4whl

    Can’t wait to hear about Bonnie and Clyde’s in Arcadia. My parents hometown that I still frequent yearly.

  • Reply AK-J ID:5u1d7cdv99

    I have actually been to the Canton flea market probably a hundred times. Wish I had known about the showers…. great story, like all the rest you have. Interestingly, I had a quickie with an older women there in her camper when I was a teenager in the late 80’s.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1crjxlbxel06