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A teacher and track coaches story

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I m a teacher in a high school and I also coach the girls track team. I 5′ 7 30yrsold with 30 c tits and I m always in shape, one day after school we had had track practice both guys and girls the guys gad there coach and I had already sent the girls in so they could leave and the guys coach and me were talking about some things I was wearing my gym shorts and a tshirt only,he smiled and asked if I could meet him in his office after the guys left and I said yes.

About a half hour later I went tohis office over in the boys locker room, we sat there in his office chatting about some coaching things when I said I needed to use the bathroom and he smiled and told me where to find the onein the lockerroom so I went and used it and came back he was standing there and he smiled as he took mein his arms and kissed me at first I was shocked and he kissed meagain as I felt his hand slide into my shoerts and caress my ass it felt nice and we kissed again as he slid his finger into my assand pumped it I felt hot ,we soon were undressed and I was on my knees sucking his 9″ dick ,he smiled and had me lay on his desk as he ate my pussy and then he pushed his cock slowly into my tight pussy it felt nice and as he fucked me I was very horny soon I felt him unload his hot sperm deep inside of me itfelt great and he pulled out.

I laid there with my legs spread as he kissed me and caresed over my stomach ,then he smiled and asked if I would letsome of his guys fuck me at first I was sure buthe said it would be ok and he asked me to come back the nextday after school.

The next day after school I went to his office I was wearing a skirt and top and went into hisoffice, he asked me to close the door and when I turned around there were two young black guys from the track team they were both 17 and he smiled and had me go with them I was nervous but I followed them to a room in the backwhere the wrestling teamed used ithad padded floors ,they smiled as they kissed me and soon they whispered for meto undress and I did and they did as well,the two boys were hung for there age they both had 12″ soon I was suckin there dicks and after they were hard ilaid back andspread one o them smiled as he got down between my spread legs and positioned himself aboveme and he started pushing is dick into my wet pussy I moaned as I felt himgoing deeper soon he was into my cervix before he stoped,he smiled as he started fucking me I felt his dick in mycervix with each thrust I tightened my pussy around him soon he was shooting his hot sperm in my cervixfilling it with hot sper as I moanedhe slid out as I laid there,the other boy had me lay on my stomach and he started to push into my ass iwasvery tight there andsoon he was all into me and he started fucking my ass iwanted him a hewent and he soon was shooting his hot sperm deep inside of my ass,after they finished they both kissed me and told me they were going to keep fucking me regular as I laid there with there with there sperm leaking out I was hot soon I dressedand went home.

I had sex with several of them there regular through out the school year and loved it.

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  • Reply Woody1 ID:1el10oyxoq6v

    What kind of teacher are you? Last I remember, a teacher had to graduate college with some type of certification. Please go back to the short bus that spawned you.

  • Reply Tina ID:7ylren4oic

    Bull shit story.you don’t even know your grammar.such lies.

    • Joe ID:1ekdzo3nytg9

      hello. i agree with you. lol.
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