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a story of how i was raped by my camp counciler thanks to my mom part 4

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the final night at camp and it was by far the worst one

it was the final day. my friends and i played all day as i tried my best to stay away from any counciler, i didnt trust any of them at this point. the camp was being decorated with some of the arts and crafts stuff we did during our stay and everyone was either excited to leave or wanted to stay. my friends wanted to leave and were sad i couldnt spend the final night in their cabin, i only wish they knew how much i wanted it too.

as the evening came we all had to pack our things before our final meal. thankfully Lee wasnt in the cabin while i packed, instead i was with a woman who couldnt care less about her job.

during the meal i also didnt see lee or Gary, and allowed myself to have a laugh with my mates and make plans for when we got home. i remember they kept talking about hating gays for a little while which made me nervous but the convo went on to other childish things.

sadly, night eventually came. Lee was in the cabin already when i went to bed. he told me not to get comfy and go take a shower, the hot water was ready. i didnt argue or anything, i did as he said. during the shower he came up behind me but he was still dressed so i didnt think he woild do anything. “bend over gay boy and hold your cheeks apart” he said. i tensed up and did as he said, he took the shower off the wall and removed the head bit leaving just the tube thing. he then pushed it in my ass. the swelling feeling was weird, didnt hurt like him fucking me did bit still uncomfortable. “right, hold that in for 10 seconds then push it out into the toilet”

he did this about 10 times until he said i was nice and clean. he then sat down on his desk to finisb some work but this time he made me sit on his lap. he was writing stuff with one hand and playing with my cock in the other. he didnt talk to me or look at me the entire time. just played with my cock for a bit, made me suck the fingers every now and then until he went back to my cock.

suddenly the door opened. it was Gary. “looks lile everyones having fun in here, is it my turn”

“bout time man, its almost 1 in the morning”

“sorry sorry, wasnt easy getting out and the others wouldnt go to sleep, too much paper work”

“yeah man i get ya, i still have some left. you take him to the birch an ill meet ya there”

“alright, dont be long”

Lee made me get dressed and then gary took me out. we walked into the forest nearby and oh my god i was petrified. i couldnt see anything, it was cold and i knew this guy was going to do stuff to me. at that moment i would of screamed for hrlp if i could, but the fear of it all, i couldnt open my mouth.

we walked for a little while and ended up near the boat house with all the canoes in it. we went inside and he turned the lights on.

“alright, sorry that took so long but i do have a present for you to make it worth it”

he pulled a pair of girls knickers from his pocket. he must of stole it during the packing earlier or he had them anyway being the twisted fuck he is.

“put them on, im gunna pop outside and turn the heating on. i want you in nothing but those by the time im back.”

i did as i was told. i was crying but i did it. the knickers felt weird. tight and small to the point it dug into my hips and i couldnt stop it giving me a wedgie.

he came back in and looked me up and down. “haha i knew you would look good in those”

he came up and started kissing me, forcing his tounge into my mouth while he groped my ass cheeks, pulling the knickers up and giving me more of a wedgie. he stopped and told me to pull down his jeans and underwear and kiss his cock hello. slowly i did it. he then kicked his clothes off his feet and turned around. “now kiss my ass hello too” i was shocked but gave both his cheeks a quick peck. “no no, kiss my asshole, dont use your hands but bury your face into my ass amd.kiss ot hello”

as i very slowly moved my face forward, i statyed to really cry when the smell hot me. it didnt smell dirty like shit or farts, just a smell i cant describe and hated. i landed a kiss put he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it further. “keep kissing baby, use your tounge and really kiss it, stop fucking crying and lick it”

he stopped when i started slapping his legs amd trying to push away for air. i fell down to the floor catching my breath. when i opened my eyes i saw his ass coming towards me with his balls just dangling there. he had squated his ass onto my face, sat his ass right on my mouth and told me to carry on. as i did this he began to finger my ass. real brutally, spreading it wide, spitting onto it amd then rammed his fingers inside. again he stopped, he stood up and opened the door a little amd looked out. “Lee will be here soon, are you ready for the real fun?”

he then sat on the edge of a canoe on the floor, his ass just that little bit hanging off so he made get on my hands an knees with my head real low so i could countinue licking his hole. he stroked his dick amd kept slapping the back of my head with it.

Lee arrived shortly after. “wow, now thats a fucking nice view to walk into. little gay boy ass in panties just begging for me to fuck him”

gary lifted my head up so i was just on my knees while Lee removed his clothes.

“ok gay boy, heres the game. you are going to suck both or dicks now. while you suck one, you keep the other one in your hand and stroke it nice and slow. you want to get them nice and wet because they will be going up your bum again. and i swear if you fucking make any noise, ill throw your gay ass into that river and youll never go home”

finally broke. tears were STREAMING down my face but i didnt cry out. couldnt if i wanted too. as my lips started to quiver lee grabbed my mouth and forced his dick in. fucking my mouth the shallowest he could. Gary slapped my cheek with his dick a few times before grabbing my hand and placing it on there. they kept swapping for what felt like forever.

they eventually stopped and Lee forced me back onto my hands and knees. gary positioned himself back infront of me and continued to fuck my mouth. Lee slipped the knickers to the side and began fucking my ass.

at this point, despite the pain and not being able to breath, i went into my own world, trying my best to keep my mind away from it all.

Lee eventually pulled out and came over my ass. Gary then flipped me onto my back, soready my legs and entered my hole aswell. Lee sat on my face just like Gary did but Lee wanted his balls be licked an sucked. Gary started to twist my nipples and choke me while calling me a little fag.

when Gary finallg finished he shot his load insode me. Lee was upset and took me outside. he made me squat and push the cum out. he took this time to continue fucking my mouth.

Gary got dressed and told Lee not too take much longer and get me back to the cabin. Lee decided it best to go immediatly an follow Gary back. we all got dressed and headed back. Gary went his own way when we arrived at the camp site and Lee took me back to our cabin. the moment we were back Lee removed both our clohes, threw me onto the bed and started to fuck me. “wen you go home, if you tell anyone about this, i will find you and fucking kill you, and before that all your family and friends will hate you and hurt you for being a little gay boy” he kepy fucking me while saying this “your friends will hate you, your family will hate you, your teachers will do the same to you as i am and then they will call me, i will find you and kill you”

he shot his final load over my face. he rubbed his cum into it and slapped me a few times. he reminded me again not to tell anyone and that way noone will ever know i am gay. he slept in his own bed that night. i eventually fell asleep but the pain and crying lasted a while. but thankfully, it was the final night at that evil camp.

next part will be the final part of what happened to me. wont be as long, but to anyone reading about my past it will be a kind of closure to it all.

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