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Young cousin and I

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My little cousin spent the weekend over and I was super horny so she sucked my cock

This happened about a year a ago, I was 21 living with my mom unfortunately, long story but whatever. I had my own room, and she would leave me alone.. when I wasnt working I was with my girlfriend or smoking. My girlfriend is younger to me, 18 and she is freak.. I love the idea of her being younger then me but didn’t really pay alot of attention to it. One night I my mom said my cousin, Grace, 10 years old, would be staying for the weekend. I was upset where was going to sleep, how am I going to smoke.. I saw my mom pull the air mattress into my room and I was angry. My mom told me calm down it was only for a two nights.

I was at work when Grace came over. It was late I got home took a shower and went into my room. I paused, using the light on my phone i saw Grace on the air mattress, I was standing there in my towel looking for my underwear. Grace was only wearing a shirt, I couldn’t tell of she had underwear on. I saw her ass cheek hanging out of her shirt and I started to have these thoughts. Never had I wanted to see her ass before, but I do now. I left the room noticed no one else was up went back to the room and locked the door.

I dropped the towel and started to play with my cock. I stood over my 10 year old cousin jerking my cock to thought of me fucking her.. would she like it, how tight is her pussy, I bet it feels so good. I bet she wants to suck it. I pulled her shirt up exposing her ass.. she wasn’t wearing underwear. I grabbed her little ass snd squeezed it. She was laying in her side , and moved over to her heard. I reached over her little body and grabbed her ass again . I took the tip of my cock and started to rub it on her mouth. The tip of my dick rubbing her little mouth felt so good. I thought about how it would be so nice to have her suck it .. or to fuck her.. I started to think that I was a perv my girlfriend is young, maybe I like younger girls… fuck I do.. I’m a pedo… I want to fuck my cousin.. and damn it I came. I started to cum as I was standing there jerking off next to her face .. my cum went all over hair, the side of her face and on the air mattress.. Grace didn’t wake up, and took the rest of the cum one that was on the tip of my cock and rubbed it on her lips. I cleaned myself up and went to bed…

The next morning I tried to make at as normal as I could. Grace didn’t say anything about last night and my mom didn’t mention she heard anything… I couldn’t stop thinking of her ass.. anyways off to my girlfriends house and to work. While I was with my girlfriend I asked her if she would have date me if she was younger and she said yeah, I said what if you were like 11 she laughed and laughed and said sure… fuck I thought how cool would it be to have 11 year old girlfriend… I went to work and went home after, around dinner time. I went to my room and I wanted to jerk off .. grace was watching tv and mom was talking about dinner. I closed the door and grabbed one of graces little kid undies.. I got naked and started to jerk off. My eyes were closed and I was thinking of grace little young pussy.. it has to be so tight, would my cock fit, I wonder if knows about sucking… I woke up to the door opening, fuck I thought I locked it, I threw the blanket over and grace was standing there.. I told her to close the door.. she pushed it shut but it didn’t latch.. grace started asked why my shirt was off and why my underwear was on the floor .. I told her I wasn’t feeling good and she said I can be your doctor…. Holy fuck, I thought.. this is it.. I said sure and grace asked what hurts, my stomach I said.. she said I’ll look at it and pulled the blanket down… yes.. I was naked .. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk off. I said doctor this helps when my stomach hurts I’ll do this and it pain goes away… my heart was beating so fast .. grace laughed and and gibbered something, I told her to help me and she grabbed my cock. Her little hand couldn’t wrap around my cock.. she started to squeeze it and jerk me off .. omg I’m being jerked off by a 10 year old .. I thought about how bad this was but how good it felt. That if she didn’t want to do it she didn’t have to .. I told her to sit between my legs and to use two hands.. she laughed got between my legs and grabbed my cock with both hands.. she started to play with it and my balls. I loved it. Grace said anything else, I paused I said yes can you lick it and suck on it .. grace started to ask questions and I explained how… she slowly moved her head down and stuck her tongue out.. omg omg my heart was beating so fast. Grace started to lick my cock both sides up and down. I told her to suck the tip and she opened her mouth.. grace started to suck the tip of cock, she was good at it. Yeah like that I said, I grabbed my cock and started to jerk it while she sucked the tip.. I closed my eyes and every thought of fucking her races through my mind I wanted to feel her little pussy.. her mouth felt so good.. I was being sucked by a little kid!!! Cough cough excuse me dinner is ready. I opened my eyes and looked up, that was my moms voice.. she was standing at the door. That didn’t latch… mom stood there for a second or two longer and repeated herself . Dinner is ready.. i was laying on my bed naked with my 10 year cousin sucking me cock…grace didn’t even stop!! . Of fuck! She walked away, closed the door ..i jumped up grace stared to laugh she said do you feel better.. I do I said come on dinner is ready.. grace left and I got dressed..

I went out to the kitchen and sat the table… my mom had to seen .. my room wasn’t dark there was plenty of light, the bed was off to the side so my mom had a clear view of my cock in graces mouth … fuck I’m in trouble.. dinner was normal, mom didn’t mention anything, we talked about normal shit and after dinner I left to go my girlfriends house… I had to leave … when I came back home my mom was still awake, grace was sleeping. Mom asked how my day was and I said great , she said do you like having your cousin over, I knew she knew why would she ask, I said yes I do. She said that’s good, glad you two are getting along. I said yes, and started to walk away… my mom said one more thing, she said well tomorrow I’ll be gone most of the day, it will just be you two here alone.. I said ok.. she said do I need to call you when I’m 5 minutes away and just looked at me. .. I knew she knew .. she just saw me getting a blow job by a 10 year old .. I said she yes. Call me when your on your way home. She said ok, and by the way grace is tucked in you bed she didn’t want to sleep on the air mattress so I took it out. … omg I thought grace was sleeping in my bed.. she didn’t have underwear on last time i wonder if she is naked… my mom said you two have fun goodnight and walked away… I raced to my room!!

*part two coming up** please leave a comments below.

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  • Reply Rick ID:fx7itbc40

    I’ll bet anything your mom was sucking and fucking when she was 10 or younger and remembered how much she loved it. That’s probably why she didn’t get mad when she saw Gracie sucking your cock. It brought back fond memories

    • Gonzo ID:7ylren3hri

      I agree, the two sisters I am fucking right now both started at 9 as did the mom loosing her virginity to her uncle. This story reminds me of their mother which not only loves the idea of me teaching them both but let me fuck her a few times so far. Every time they go out I get to watch the girls and mom walks away with a grin every time.
      teach and breed them well, they deserve the best treatment.

    • Bro uk ID:1360jplzrb

      Loved eating my sis

  • Reply Iloverough ID:5rhv9j5u8l

    Post more please!!!

  • Reply R ID:1ckmls8alcni

    When is part 2

    • Hornypervboy ID:1e6wjxz8b80v

      Part 2 is out

  • Reply Kinky old man nothing like fucking ID:upy1mp43

    Want to fuck little grattle gs out there

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Hope you get to breed little grace

  • Reply bonestt ID:3ynzgpw9499

    this is hot i want to write about my true stories of cousins but its long , i also so fucked alot of cousins even get one pregant

    • A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

      So write it and break it up into different part, especially about the one you bred

    • Anonymous ID:5ri3x7joij

      Would love to hear your story