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Wrong place wrong time. Or…..

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When you are in the wrong place at wrong time your life changes

Hi. I am preetha. I live with my parents and my elder sister. Note I am 17 and this happened two years ago. Both my parents are working. One day in school there was some VIP visiting all of a sudden so the lower classes till class 8 was dismissed. My sister who was in class 10 was still in school. We were dropped back home at 12 instead of the normal 4 pm. I had a spare key to the home and when I entered I was shocked.

My maid Rekha was all naked in the guest room. Our society watchman babu was fucking her pussy, electrician Sreejith was fucking her mouth. Kumar who used to supply milk was taking video on his mobile and praveen Rekha’s husband was sitting on the sofa drinking beer. I was shocked and just stood there. Though I had seen photos and some videos on the internet, I had never seen a real cock in my life ever. Not only was it mesmerising, the whole scene looked amazing. The men realised I was there only few minutes later when kumar saw me.

What are you doing here so early- he shouted.

Then I realised and tried to run. But praveen immediately stood and held me. When I tried to shout he just closed my mouth. I tried to get away and was trying to kick him. But he got angry and got me in my stomach. I fell down crying.

“If you don’t keep quiet I will beat you so hard that you will never be able to stand again. Understand? “ praveen said

Meanwhile Rekha also came to me and started telling that this is natural and nothing to worry. She is doing it as per her choice and nothing to worry. She explained to me that I should not tell this to anyone. And after a 30 minutes I understood and said that I was sorry to interrupt. All the time I was seeing the 4 men and Rekha naked. The dicks were all hanging, though limp was fascinating. Secretly I was watching them. Finally Rekha told me to go to my room and not come out till they finished. I left to my room and for 10 minutes I had changed to my pyjamas and was trying to sleep, but I could not take my mind off. I slowly came back to the guest room. The same thing was continuing. This time praveen was being sucked, Babu was sucking her breasts, kumar had his Dick in her pussy and Sreejith was taking video.

Sreejith was the one who saw me and asked me to go back immediately Rekha also told me to go back. But then praveen asked me if I wanted to watch them. When I nodded he asked me to come and sit inside. They continued their round. Sitting there I started feeling the heat. My pussy was getting wet. Unknowingly my hand was touching it over my pyjamas. Babu was the first one to notice it. He came next to me and whispered in my ears.

“It is okay. You can remove your dress”

It was like being in trance and I just did it. He then took me next to Rekha and made me sit there. He started fingering me. Sreejith came and started taking my video. My small 28 size breasts were looking so small compared to the 38DD size of Rekha. By the time praveen had cum and white liquid was flowing out of Rekha’s mouth. Came near me and started kissing me. She poured all the things inside my mouth and closed her mouth on my mouth. I felt weird but I drank it out all. Meanwhile fingering made me hot and I started moaning. Rekha signalled something to kumar. He immediately came mouth and pushed his thing inside. It was the first time I had anything that big inside my mouth. 6 inch long was making me choke. I took it and in few seconds he also came. I was also having my first orgasm simultaneously. Second load of cum and me also coming together was so satisfying. I lay there panting. In couple of minutes I lay there exhausted.

Few minutes later I was woken again when I realised someone had started fingerling me again. It was praveen. Sreejith was now pushing his thing in Rekha’s ass. Kumar was taking the video. Babu came near me and signalled me to take his thing in my mouth. I did. He was bit smaller than kumar. It still stretched my mouth. It continued and continued for how much time i don’t know. But I had come two more times and finally I swallowed his entire load. Just after that Sreejith also came and pushed his 6inch thing in my mouth and it was the Fourth load I drank. I was completely exhausted.

When praveen tried to fuck me in my pussy, I did not stop but Rekha told to do some other day and not today. So he made me suck and my fifth load was deposited in my stomach. This time babu had made me come using his mouth. Kumar had finger fucked my ass also.though it was paining, it was very enjoyable.

Finally 2 hours later all of them had gone. I slept in the guest room itself still naked. I was woken at around 330 pm by Rekha who was now completely dressed. I went in my room, I took bath and dressed back in my pyjamas.

My sister Divya came back after her usual class and everything was normal. I don’t know if I was at the wrong place at the wrong time or was it that I was at the right place at the right time.

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  • Reply Anon ID:1cxcv6ekhysb

    Similar thing happened with me. When I was 13 and lis sis was 10, our househelp raped us and threatened to kill everyone in our family if we told anyone. He took sis’ virginity and was especially surprised when found out i wasnt his first. He raped us both day in and day out during our summer break when dad wasnt home. We became his rapesluts and got addicted to his rough style of fucking. We both got pregnant from him too.

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      You deserved it

    • Pervert Master ID:1dv3resa7tga

      How old are you and your sister now. How old are your children

    • Anon ID:1ecr7kyr3bxy

      Yes daddy. We deserved it because we used to dress too provocatively around him. I just turned 15 and sis is 13. My son is 1 and sis is currently in her first trimester.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

      Love the way you describe yourselves as ‘ rapesluts ‘!

    • Dewbury ID:1dmoi3jn3bjm

      Be thankful, you were trained so well . Now you can fuck for the world.

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    Just a shame you never got fucked . I hope you continue with the next part and take cock in your young pussy

  • Reply Mallu boy ID:19iequx2opte

    Story kollam.

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Da es dir gefallen hat warst du kleine Schlampe wohl zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort

  • Reply George ID:3igh4jpd3

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