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Wedding 3some

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So we’ll start at the reception…

I was sitting at my table with Greg on my left nick on his left, Alicia and Catarina on my right after Wes and Kirsten danced I uh apparently sighed to loudly because Greg goes “what’s wrong”
Abby “I uh. I just miss tj”
Greg “who’s tj?”
Me staring at my champaign flute “oh uh.. my boyfriend and best friend he didn’t get to come with.”
Greg “I’m sorry to hear that I’m Greg this is my friend nick. We’re wes’s dnd buddies”
Abby “oh uh cool… you guys uh-” (have any funny dnd stories was the rest of that)

Dj “ok now we’re going to do a slow song so everyone who brought someone special get on the floor”

I sip my champagn “stupid tj now I’ve gotta sit here sad but happy for wes”
Greg “I’d be happy to dance with you if you don’t think tj would be upset”..

Imh “he’d just be happy I was dancing lol”
Abby “yeah he’d be cool with that”

so we go out and he put his hand on my hip, I put mine on his shoulder. We slowly danced to the music he smiled and whispers “your very beautiful, your boyfriend is very lucky”
I blushed and said “I’m the lucky one. He’s so sweet and carrying and wonderful. I hope he and col are having a fun evening”
Greg “col?”
Abby “col’s mine and tjs uh… well friend with potential benefits” I felt like my face was on fire from saying it
Greg “oh so you and tj see other people sometimes”
I chuckled “we had a threesome but we’ve discussed swinging yes”.

The song ended we sat down. He talked to nick while I went and talked to Wes and Kirsten…

Greg brought me a second flute of champagne. Nick followed behind him

nick “Wes uh can Greg and I ask you something a little weird”
Wes “uh sure?” The three go off to a balcony idk what they talked about but Wes comes back and whispers “someone’s got fans” and chuckled so I think they asked him for permission to hookup with his sister 🤷🏻‍♀️

Way later it’s like 8:30 we’re finishing up everything I’ve had 3 ½ flutes of champane from nick and Greg…And like 2 bowls of ice cream.
We all say goodnight to Wes and Kirsten as everyone waves glowsticks in the night sky as the two walk out around and vanish down a stairway of the balcony/terrace.
Greg “hey Abby if uh if your not tired nick and I were wondering if you’d come hangout with us”.
Abby “sure” I was pretty sure it was a sexual thing but I don’t like to assume.
Nick “so how old are you?”
Abby “23. You guys?”.
Greg “26”
Nick “25”
I grabbed my phone from my room and took my meds(with water) before following them to their room and nick and Greg started kissing my cheek, and neck before we got the door shut all the way. I just moaned and rub their arms as they run their hands all along my body then… the slight enevetable happened
Greg rubbed between my legs I moaned and he goes “oh.. um you…you have a?”
Abby “oh… right. That.. um yeah I haven’t had bottom surgery..”
Nick and Greg look at each other I’m starting to think I’m about to go walk back to my room sad and horny when Greg goes “first time for everything” and gets on his knees and starts licking my legs as nick goes to the mini-fridge and gets out a bottle nick “don’t tell Wes but we borrowed some of the champagne from the rehearsal yesterday”
Abby “mmm…my lips are sealed.” I moaned as Greg was now nibbling on my thighs nick popped the cork and drank some then as he lifted it to my lips
I was like “wait I should let tj and col know I’m well and that stuff” so that’s when I texted you two
He lifted the bottle up to my lips again it was a little hard to drink while Greg was nibbling my thigh and nick was squeezing my butt but I didn’t get any on my dress (woo-hoo! ) and then they both lead me to the bed and I sat down as the two of them started taking off my black boot/heels I wore. Then my socks. Nick “aaww you’ve got cute feet” I giggled at that. He started kissing my feet and sucking on my toes as Greg kissed me with tounge for about a minute…before getting a drink of the champagne and then lifting the bottle to my lips again I drank a bit before they stood me up and stripped my dress off they started groping and licking me all over as I wiggled and moan. Then they got undressed. I be the polite obedient slut I am got on my knees and started sucking Greg while jerking nick, switching every few seconds. Before they stood me up
Greg “lay on the bed”
I sipped some champagne and did as told. Laying on my back head hanging off the bed Greg started gently pushing into my butt as nick started pushing into my mouth they did that for a while before they pulled out Cumming on my thighs and face I giggled. Greg and nick passed the champagne between the two of them before I sat up and drank some. Greg sat beside me on the bed as nick rubbed his cock between my feet I jerked Greg off until he came on my belly as nick came on my feet. I laid there covered in their cum for about 10 minutes before I kissed Greg and asked “my turn?”
Greg “ive never uh before”
Nick very excitedly goes “I HAVE!” And immediately started sucking my dick as Greg and I kissed for a bit until I cummed in nicks mouth nick smiled and said “mmm salty” I chuckled.

Greg nick and I fucked like that for awhile before I had cum dripping out my butt, down my chin and chest and down my thighs. We cuddled with me between the two of them then this morning Greg and nick have been licking me and groping me.. They’re so sweet.

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